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I said, 'The leopard was just as fierce as the little monkey. Why is it now shrinking its tail?' 'Because there are two monkeys!' Later, the boy took a little bloody mark on the little girl's arm.

The little girl still has not issued any signals to stop or ask the parents for help.

'Mr. Amy, the elephant is too odious.

'Yes, but the elephant's head is bigger than the hippo. What should I do?' 'Amy teacher, let's talk about it soon.'

鈥?When the second book talked about this page, I asked in a heuristic question: The little monkey was in trouble, who would he go to? The leopard looked at the little monkey and looked at the monkey mother again. He moved the position and said to the little monkey: 'Well, you can stay here.

鈥?2. Children鈥檚 drama (communication, interaction) At this time, I asked a question: 鈥淭he leopard was rushed away, but which guy actually sat on the trunk? This part is also the favorite part of the children.

They actually experienced a change from 'repression' to a sigh of relief. Know where the boundaries of 鈥渘o鈥?are. When I was young, my neighbor鈥檚 children bullied him. He went to find his father. The animals jumped into the pond together, whether it was a big man or a small one. Monkey mother said: 'I am going to find him with you.' How to change from a gas package to an initiative? Give an appropriate counterattack in an emergency.

There are quite a few books about guiding children to learn to protect themselves. Here I would like to recommend a book that will benefit kindergarten children a lot: 'Don't just obey others.'

When the two monkeys jumped over, the leopard's tail immediately shrank. Whenever I read this, the children will take a deep breath with me.

The monkey mother whispered something in the ear of the little monkey. Large toys such as slides, climbing frames, small castles, trampolines, swings, pressure plates, etc., have hidden dangers. Whenever the teacher leads the child out of the activity, the teacher should promptly remind the child to pay attention to the corner.

The title page, the little monkey is sleeping. When talking about the hippo driving the lion away, several children are very dissatisfied: the lion has sharp claws! The Lions are yelling! One summer, I saw a couple of three or four-year-old children playing together in the park.

Moms watch mobile phones and chat a little further.

Have your own good friends; Dad said impatiently: What do you say? Do you want to kill him with a knife? The first book Lion, leopard, monkey and monkey mother jumped into the pool together.

Monkey mother said: 'This pond is very big, whether it is a big man or a small one, you can come in and play together.

It鈥檚 not right to bully it, it鈥檚 fun to share it together! Before I start talking about children's self-protection, let me tell a story of a friend. Teacher: Look at the teaching pictures with the children, ask the children to point out which are dangerous actions. What should we do? The monkeys found the mother. The hippo has driven away the lion. As stated in the book Anti-Campus Bullying Handbook, effective ways to avoid being bullied include: seeking help from classmates; seeking help from parents; seeking help from a teacher; giving appropriate counterattacks.

Later, the lion drove away the leopard.

Now, the child knows clearly that he is going to find a mother when he is in trouble. Winnie: The same way to find the police. The police is your friend. You have to tell the children that the police are your friends. Some parents in the country feel that the police are not good. The children also said that our kindergarten police are bad. I don't think I should give the child something negative. Good behavioral habits and self-protection skills are closely integrated.

For example, Xiaoban just entered kindergarten, the young children are young, and some conventional cultivation can not form a habit.

So, the image tag helps the child.

Just starting school, children are often crowded with toilets and drinking water. I keep reminding, but it is not effective.

What should I do? Occasionally, I saw that the children always like to go to the place where there is a picture when they go up the stairs, so I put a small footprint on the baby's urinal, sink, and insulated bucket.

Let the children understand that only when stepping on the small footprints can they wash their hands and pick up the water. If there is no small footprint, they will wait for a while. After a period of time, the crowding phenomenon has decreased.

When I went to the toilet, I found that Miao Miao and the children said to the children in front when they waited: 'Are you washing after I wash?' The children in front said happily: 'Okay.

'I promptly praised the two children and told other children about this sentence. After that, I often heard this sentence when children went to the toilet and washed their hands. That is, they cultivated good moral behavior of children, while children The code of conduct has also been developed, and it is clear that the hidden dangers of security have also been eliminated. Fourth, the formation of homes together to consolidate the results of 'self-protection' education.

Let parents in addition to kindergartens, families are also the main places for children to live and study. The self-protection awareness and habits formed by young children in the park must be consistent with their homes, consolidate the educational achievements of self-protection, and carry out educational activities from the park. Extend to the family.

First of all, parents should understand the importance of letting children 'self-protect'.

Therefore, kindergartens hold special 'family education lectures' to let parents really understand that the self-protection of young children is very important to protect the safety of young children.

The educational behavior of young children in kindergartens is truly a good habit of growing up with their children. Second, parents are an important educational resource.

Parents come from different jobs and work in different jobs. Teachers should give full play to parents' educational resources and enrich the content and form of safety education. When children are allowed to distinguish between safe and unsafe things, parents can be asked to find out together with their children. Parents have come up with various pictures or use various modern equipment to provide security materials, enriching the educational content of kindergartens.

Again, through the home contact column, open up a 鈥渟afe, self-help, daily question鈥?knowledge park, through these columns, raise the awareness of parents to cultivate children's self-protection ability, enhance parents' sense of urgency and responsibility, and achieve The homeland of safety education is consistent.

After a series of safety education, we found that the teachers' reminders are gradually decreasing during the activities, the reminders between children are increasing, and the children learn to actively defend. At the same time, we also feel that cultivating children's self-protection awareness is not a one-off event. We need to persevere and truly make children develop self-discipline, so as to obtain harmonious development of mind and body.

The elephant is coming.

Leo didn't want to be kissed, but Aunt Karin still kissed him. The little monkey said: 'This trunk is very big, enough for us to stay together, let us share it like a friend! You can't bully me anymore!' When I told this story, I could feel his heart. Lonely, I understand why there are so few friends now.

Unfortunately, few children, including three, four and five years old, can say it out loud: go to find a mother.

This is 'Aber', 'Aber' is to teach us to learn to say 'no' correctly. The final outcome is this: Get unconditional help from your parents at any time; Imagine if the little girl goes to tell her mom that the boy is bullying himself, and the mother returns, 'How are you so timid? You won't fight back?' It鈥檚 not protection, it鈥檚 a blow.

They can: I am more and more aware of the importance of a sentence: no problem children, only parents with problems.

'Don't bully me' When you tell this story to children, you can divide it into two parts.

The turning point in the middle is the key point that touches me to write this article. 'Don't just obey others' In the book 'Don't just obey others', the little master Leo drew a picture, his painting became a villain called 'Abu', Abu step by step church How does Austria say 'no' and what is the limit of 'no'?

The key character monkey on the title page appeared.

It turns out that there is always a lion in the child's little heart that is very powerful, can't be defeated, and can't be scared. In two classes, I used different methods to lead my child to read. When I was reading in a class, I showed my title page and guided the child to observe the contents of the title page: a small monkey on the trunk. Before the transition: Everyone may be bullied and self-protected: every child has to face the subject of the teacher's attention at any time; many years ago, when I was not a kindergarten teacher, the scene in front of me left a deep impression on me. .

He said to his father: I can't beat him.

'Mom, the leopard bullies me. He let me roll down the big tree.

'What will the mother say at this time? Most of the children said: Mom will say, you must be brave! However, the little monkey is still very scared.

What should I do? Everyone is silent, don't know what to do? The children replied slyly: looking for a mother, looking for my good friend, looking for a father, looking for a teacher, looking for grandparents... When children in early childhood are in contact, there will be many opportunities for 'confrontation.' When you wash your hands, you will fight for toys when you are in the game. The conflict will happen at any time. The situation of 'big bullying' will also happen.

For the child's long-term psychological and physical health, I don't encourage children to endure, hide, or fight back when they encounter setbacks.

I want my child to ask for help and solve the problem in a friendly way.

A little boy is holding a small stick. If the adult does not pay attention, he will go to the little girl.

The little girl has no reaction except to dodge.

After telling the story, I asked the children: If someone bullies you, what do you do? The story in the picture book can bring the child into the actual scene, let the child know, what is the boundary and principle of protecting himself and saying 'no' to others.

First, provide a safe and good learning and living environment for young children, reduce the risk of safety hazards, young children, security awareness is very weak, but also lack of self-protection ability, as the guardian of the kindergarten - class teacher, should be the most subtle work First, we must first create a safe learning and living environment for them. First of all, the morning inspection is an important part of our safety hazards found in our daily work. Through the observation, touch and investigation of young children, our teachers can discover and confiscate dangerous items brought by young children, such as lighters, melon seeds, small beads, A knife, etc., can also find out if the child's nails are too long to hurt other children, and find out if the child is sick and needs to go home to rest.

Secondly, considering the child's curiosity, small objects will be put into the mouth, so our teachers must use larger objects when choosing and making the children's activity materials, and avoid poisonous, sharp, sharp, etc. Unfavorable materials keep children away from dangerous goods. In the end, young children don鈥檛 know how to be modest. No matter which event venue is always there, you will be pushed by me. It is prone to safety accidents, especially in the bathroom, before the water dispenser, on the big slide, etc. A burst of screams and cries. Therefore, we will always remind young children not to be crowded, waiting in line, the effect is still very obvious.

Children have good behavioral habits and safety incidents are reduced accordingly. Second, guide young children to discover the hidden dangers around them and enhance their safety awareness. Although our teachers try to create a safe learning and living environment for their children, children are still young, and it is impossible to follow the teacher's teaching at all times. Therefore, we should also be in daily life. Guide young children to discover the hidden dangers around them, so that they can understand the damage that surrounding items may cause to themselves, and stay away from them or make corresponding protective measures.

For example: the corner of the activity room will break the head, try not to chase in the activity room; the door seams, drawers and glass windows will be caught in the hand, to be gently and slowly closed and opened; There is electricity in the small hole of the socket, you can't put your hand in it; the activity room and the washroom that have just been towed through the ground should be slowly walked to avoid slipping; the stairs up and down should be slow, you can't push me to squeeze, etc. Always remind children to pay attention to safety. After reading the class on the title page, after hearing my question, I said in unison: Little monkey. The elephant drove the hippo away.

The appearance of the monkey mother makes the story a major 'reversal. What a loud sentence, how to make the child feel safe! This is the 596 original sharing of the children's book mother, today is the director of Amy's picture book If the column goes on like this, the girl is likely to form a psychological habit of forbearance and rebellion.

A child said: But the hippo's head is bigger than the lion! 5 Does this equality have benefits for young children? Kindergarten children can understand and apply these methods. Episode reversal: being bullied, how to deal with 'Everyone guess, what will mom say to the little monkey?' 'You go away, this is my place.

鈥?(This is the first reaction of the children, but please don鈥檛 worry, the children will quickly adjust their counterattack method.) Mom gave the monkey a try to counterattack: take a deep breath.

Since then, he has been bullied by others, and he never dared to mention it with his father.

He hid in his room for a long time, trying to minimize social interaction. This page also laid the groundwork for the object 'lion' to counterattack.

Dad said: You are playing with him.

Later, the leopard made a small monkey and a monkey mother. The lion had a leopard, a monkey, and a monkey mother. The hippo also went to the elephant with a lion, a leopard, and a monkey. Let's first read the first half of the story with the children.

If you don't read the class on the title page, you start to guess. Some children say it is a squirrel, and some say it is a bird.

Nowadays, as a kindergarten teacher, the expression of a little girl's embarrassment and fear often appears in my mind.

A child who does not know how to resist and protect himself will face many challenges in the process of growing up.


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