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have tempered? I

University Progression Banquet Hosting Words Admissions Banquet Hosting a guest, friends and family, lovely classmates: Everyone is good at noon! Autumn wind is cool, in this ripe season of fruit and fruit, The college entrance examination xx took xx with excellent results, and the news went without a hitch. It was quickly spread throughout the north and south of the Yangtze River. Inside and outside the Great Wall, people rushed to tell each other and gathered together to celebrate the event. Today, I came to attend the banquet xx students, my father xx colleagues and comrades, mother xx primary school students, xx school students, and my family's relatives and friends. On behalf of xx, I would like to express my sincere welcome and heartfelt thanks to all of you.

Here, we welcome the college students xx and their parents to the debut with the warmest applause. Plum blossoms came from bitter cold, and Bao Jianfeng smashed out. After more than ten years of hard work, xx finally got the title of the gold medal, the achievement of the score and the teacher's teaching, his own efforts, the help of the students can not be separated, but also can not be separated from friends and relatives. The care of my friends, there must be a lot of words to say at this moment, please ask xx to give a testimony. Just now I saw the child’s eyes with tears, full of sentimental expressions, and thanked the mother’s accompanying reading and her father’s long-term expectation and concern. I hope that she will continue to work hard in the university and strive to get the inspirational scholarship for the family. Glory for your hometown. The child is about to leave the parents' side and step into college life. The following is full of friends, parents must have a lot of intimate words to say. Here is the mother to talk about the truth. Give high hopes to children and thank you for coming. This feast was greatly supported by the joyful homeland, and xx students were invited to give gifts and blessings to the xx classmates. Let me, on behalf of all my relatives and friends, wish xx students a step closer, learn the skills, build the country, and reward everyone. We wish families and children, children progress, good health, and good luck, time is not early, just right, drink Don't drink it. Fire cannon. Thank you for your support. Full of wine, high toast, a total of wishes, share. 123 Cheers to promote the banquet hosted the second words of the distinguished leaders. Distinguished guests and friends: Good afternoon! Now I announced the XX University Admissions banquet banquet: fireworks! In this beautiful season, good times, everyone gathered together to participate in XX Mr. and Ms. XX's Aiko XX Gold List title thank you banquet. Here, I talked about the friendship, on behalf of the leaders and their loved ones, the leaders, colleagues, friends and family expressed a warm welcome and Heartfelt thanks! Good! Let me first introduce the gentleman who stands by my side, looks handsome, tall and handsome, handsome and handsome, he is the protagonist of today's banquet -----XX. As the saying goes, the biggest happy event in life is the night of the house. When the gold list is titled, XX students have studied hard through ten years of hard work, and they have made great efforts to enter Southwest Jiaotong University. Let us all congratulate the talented person with warm applause! 1 Tao Li is the world's glory for teachers. On the day of the season, the season of sweet and sweet, we have invited the teacher of XX to give the admission notice. Book and speak. 2Admitted to the Southwest Jiaotong University with excellent results, and exchanged his own hard work for his great future, and won the color for his family. Below, please ask my aunt to be the outstanding nephew. I have to take care of and care for his grandparents in the growth of XX. XX before the age of 4 was unable to take care of her parents because they were busy with work. The care of his heavy responsibility fell to the shoulders of grandparents, XX can have today's achievements can not be separated from the encouragement and support of grandparents. Grandson thanked him today. 4 Wang Zicheng is the common wish of every parent. When I look at my love son and walk into the university auditorium, my heart must be beautiful. The applause is for the parents of XX to take a seat. The success of the child is hard to come by, and the hardship of the parents is hard. Words. It is because of the careful parenting of the parents that they have the title of XX today. Next, please XX to the parents to show their gratitude! A glimpse: Thank you parents for raising the grace! Second 鞠躬: Thank you parents for your care! Sanchao: Do ??not take the doctor to go home! 5XX smart and sensible, diligent and eager to learn, hard work, respect the teacher, Honoring parents is a well-recognized student and a good boy. However, the reason why today's achievements, in addition to their own efforts, can not be separated from the teaching of teachers, can not be separated from the care and care of friends and family. Next, please say a few words to the XX students who are about to enter the new school. Please XX to thank all the guests! Thank you for your busy schedule to congratulate you: I wish you good health and good luck. I wish all the pupils here to learn to grow and thrive. Congratulations to the younger brother for giving flowers! 7 Next, please give a congratulatory message to President Jiang. 8Please ask XX's father, Mr. XX, to give thanks. We sincerely hope that XX will live up to the expectations of all relatives and friends who care about him in the future college life and life course. Study hard, grow up healthily, and create a good personal development. The future, to achieve your own personal ideals. The thank-you ceremony ended here. The owner specially prepared a thin wine vegetarian dish, and the wine was not intoxicating, but also a great week. Please come to the guests to have a drink and share the friendship! The scholarship hosted the words Sanmei Liquor ushered in a good day, and laughed and congratulated the gold medal title. Ladies and gentlemen, all the guests and friends, Hello everyone! Today is August 20th, 2014. The hotel is a Jintang Huazhang, a golden and beautiful singer filled with ear-filled guests, a festive scene. This is really: academic performance of the spectrum of Huazhang, the cold window to study hard at the university; friends and family to celebrate, push the cup for a happy atmosphere. On the occasion of this beautiful scenery, I announced that the celebration ceremony for a certain classmate is now starting.

First of all, let us use the warm applause to invite a certain classmate and his parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Friends, first of all, please allow me to express my warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the parents of a certain classmate for their arrival.

There is a way: the mother in the hands of the line, the wandering clothes, the line of tight seams, fear of delay.

When a certain classmate is about to enter the university hall, his parents must have a lot of blessings and many concerns about the farewell. The following is the father of a certain classmate [mother], everyone applauds.

The words of a certain father [mother] show the parents' enthusiasm and wishes, fully expressing the parents' ardent expectations for the children.

A certain classmate, the water active tree has roots, don't forget the parents raising the grace.

Now ask a certain classmate to your parents.

A glimpse; thank the parents for raising the depths of the sea; swearing again; thanking the parents for teaching enthusiasm; Sancha: thanking the parents for their love; [If a teacher is present, you can squat together, and the latter two 鞠躬 [parents] Teacher and relatives.

Being able to take the university's hard-working training in addition to the parents, it is inseparable from the teacher's hard work and the love and help of friends and family.

Now a classmate of Qing is a visitor to all the guests.

The friends here are stunned, the friends in the middle are squatting again, and the friends here are three.

After more than ten years of hard work, his posture is more straightforward, his eyes are more wise, his face is more convinced, and his path of study makes his figure more high-spirited, and his unremitting efforts will make his future brighter.

At this moment, certain students must have a lot of words to say to their parents and everyone. Now let us use a warm applause to ask a certain classmate to express their feelings.

Everyone applauded.

A happy family, please friends and friends to celebrate; come from afar, with three words or two words.

Please speak to the guest representative.

Everyone is welcome.

Thank you for your congratulatory message.

Applause to send a certain Mr. [Ms.] There is a congratulatory message from a certain classmate, and everyone applauds.

Thank you for the wonderful congratulations from a certain classmate.

Happy students on the palm.

Friends, today is an auspicious day. At this time, it is an intoxicating moment. The host prepares a rich banquet, let us hold up the wine and raise the glass. I sincerely wish a certain classmate and wish him in the future. In the days of academic success, all the way to sing; I wish all the guests present at the party happy and happy, and also thank the owner and all staff of Mo Mou Hotel for the excellent service for this celebration, I wish a certain hotel: Cai Ruxu Tengyun It is like the spring tide with rain, Jixing is shining, everything is fine.

Friends, the ceremony for the celebration of the school is completed.

I am today's host Cui Yan, I hope my host can leave a good memory for everyone.

I announced that the banquet is starting now.

The firecrackers rang and applause.

Celebration banquet hosted four distinguished guests, gentlemen, ladies: Hello everyone! Dan 墀 countermeasures three thousand words; gold list title five colors spring.

In this hot summer, in this day of Daji, Da Li, Daxi, Dashun, and Dafa, we gathered in the beautiful continent to celebrate the joy of Mr. Feng X, Ms. Wu, Ms. .

To share the joy of a gold medal title, taste a sweet harvest, and save a memorable memory.

On this behalf, on behalf of Mr. Feng Wei, I would like to express my warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the guests. On behalf of all the guests, I would like to extend my warm congratulations to Feng Ke and his parents! The palace is folded by Jingui and the carp is Yuelongmen.

A few years in the spring and autumn, Lin Yin Road left his footprints for school; a few hot and cold, the desk next to his table sweat drenched his hard work.

A decade of hard work, and a scent of ink.

This year he won the Southwest Jiaotong University with excellent results. In the face of laughter and joy, Gao Peng is full. I think at this moment, there must be a lot of words in his heart to tell everyone, ladies and friends, extend your passion. Passionate hands, with the warmest applause, please come out today's protagonist Feng x classmates on stage to express their feelings.

The words of Feng X’s classmates just now show us his gratitude to his parents, his gratitude to his friends and relatives and his confidence in the future.

A few years of cold weather have been reported, the spring breeze is proud of horseshoe disease.

Let us give him the blessings! I hope that he will have a promising future and a brilliant career on the way to college. All the guests and friends will extend your hands to welcome Feng X students.

Today, the teacher and the students are happy.

Because blue is better than blue, watching the students grow up, the teacher feels gratified, and the applause has been asked by Mr. Huang Dazhao, a former teacher.

Teacher, evangelism and confession; the teacher, the enlightenment of the mind shop is also smooth; the teacher, burning himself to spread the light also.

Extending grateful hands, let us give thanks to all the hard-working teachers on the occasion of Teacher's Day! I wish you good health, smooth work, good luck! Friends and relatives come to congratulate each other. The applause was kindly requested by the guests on behalf of Mr. Luo.

Parents are most happy when they are on the gold list.

Look, Feng Wei and his wife are happy on the face, happiness is flowing in the heart.

In the face of teachers, classmates, relatives and colleagues who have been caring for the growth of their sons for many years, Mr. Feng must have a lot of words to express in his heart. The following applause will be given to the excellent father with warm applause.

Having friends come from afar, it’s a pleasure.

The Beauty Island Hotel is a special gift for the blessings and heavy guests of Feng X.

Please ask the staff to give flowers and welcome the congratulatory message from General Li.

Visiting guests, friends, today, Mr. Feng Wei’s family is thanking everyone for their presence. Specially prepared a sumptuous banquet to share with you the joy of the son’s gold medal title.

There are people who are full of wine, toasting together, and condense our most passionate congratulations, good wishes, and heartfelt blessings in this glass of wine, let us share the beauty of this life, and share the Feng x classmates gold list The joy of the title! Cheers together!! Ladies, gentlemen, ladies, and finally, I will send you a couplet: Eat, eat and eat delicious on the table.

Drink, drink and drink, don't get drunk.

The horizontal batch is: Eat well, drink well, everyone is really good.

Welcome all the guests, friends: Dongcheng West, Nantong Bei Da, Shang Shang Yi Yi, right and left, happy every day, good health, monthly financial resources, generations of gold medal title! I announced the official start of the banquet, Please raise your glasses and have a drink.

Thank you all! The banquet of the banquet is hosted by Fan Wenwu. Dear leaders, distinguished guests, fellow travellers, fellow folks: Good afternoon! The flowers are beautiful and laughter, friends and family are happy.

Zhao Jiatian's rewards guests, the gold medal titled the school banquet.

In the beautiful season of red, green and sweet melon, in the beautiful moment of the golden autumn, we gathered in the xx restaurant to celebrate the xx, xx love son xx gold list title, share the joy of harvesting, store warm and beautiful memories. .

I am honored to be entrusted by the xx and xx couples to speak a few words here.

First of all, on behalf of the xx, xx couples and today's protagonist xx, I would like to express my warmest welcome and sincere gratitude to the friends, colleagues, classmates, and neighbors who came from all directions in the heat. The baby son xx carefully cultivated by the xx couple, after a hard reading of more than ten years, finally achieved a positive result.

In this year's college entrance examination, xx played well and sang high-profile songs, and won the Jilin Animation Academy with excellent results.

This is the glory of the xx and xx couples, the glory of the Zhao family, and the glory of the fathers and sisters of Shuangquan Village in Taishan Town! For this reason, I propose, let us give him xx and hardship with warm applause. The parents xx and xx who raised their parents expressed their warmest congratulations! The hard-working process of the children is also a journey of hope for their parents.

xx, xx couples provide us with the successful experience of cultivating strengths and avoiding weaknesses, cultivating students, and giving up. We should learn from them and pay tribute to them! Welcome to today's protagonist, tomorrow's college students xx debut! xx is a The introverted child, facing the high-ranking high-friends, such as the cloud's victorious friends, he is really embarrassed to speak.

Here, on behalf of xx and his parents, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers who have been teaching xx for many years, to the friends, classmates, and neighbors who have always given xx enthusiasm. Without you, there is no Thanks to xx today! Thanks to a lot of guests, xx and his parents can't give everyone a drink and thank you.

xx can only give everyone a thank you.

A glimpse, thank the parents for their love, and then thank you for your selfless teachings; Sancha, thank you for your support and support! Yesterday, Huai Zhizhi, Panshan, honing wings, saving energy; tomorrow, exhibition, Create a great career, let go of the dream, the wind and Gao Xiang.

After another month, xx is about to start his new college trip.

We sincerely hope and sincerely wish xx students: with parents and relatives and friends on the road, casting a dream with gratitude.

Treasure the beautiful university time, keep up with the times, laugh at the wind and rain, study the test, and sing all the way! We believe that xx, we will continue to improve ourselves, learn our skills, and write hard and beautiful life with hard work! Thank you again. Come to Hexi.

I wish you all the best: Zi Chenglong, female Chengfeng, life on the road, a dream, generations of gold list are famous, things that can be thought of! Can also thank xx restaurants for the comfortable environment, superior service, I wish you a hotel business Red fire, financial resources rolling! The cold window is hard to read the spectrum Huazhang, the gold medal title is sung.

Family and friends are happy to gather together, and auspicious wines are shared.

Now I am announcing that the xx semester will be a hot feast! I hope everyone will leave a deep blessing and take home the auspicious joy! 'From: Link: http:///show/.

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