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锘?p>59Each period must be a Xiao animal map: Guangzhou R\u0026F away wins Hangzhou Greentown end 3 consecutive defeat Fan Wuchen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard Xiaohengda direct flight Beijing Warring States Ann, the devil's schedule and the death of Randall seems to have been selected for the rookie list this year. He is sharing with the fans that he is about to step into the All-Star stage, even though he is a rookie.

And was also selected last year, but last season's season reimbursement did not hit.


But he is an indispensable member of the championship in everyone in the Lakers. . If a team is weak for several consecutive years, it is abused by various teammates every year. Over time, their confidence is gone. I feel that I am a weak team, and the players inside are getting less and less confident. After bathing vigorously, Qin Zaier went to wash. When I saw Qin Zaoer, I didn鈥檛 wear anything. When I walked into the bathroom, my eyes were straight and the little brother raised her head.

To Ukraine, Loew will be the first person to coach in the European Cup. It is a pity that Dragic refused him for the first time. Dragic didn't want to go to the east, but Aldridge did not directly refuse, saying that he would consider it. I gave Anthony hope, and now Aldridge took the initiative to call, it seems to be a play.

Strongly stipulated that it can only be defended on the outside line, not allowed to go inside, and the ability to make up for the inside defense is too strong. After this year's weight gain, it will be stronger last year.

The new 'coach' of Chuanjun helped Deng Te Meng find the status.

After signing Boozer, people suddenly discovered that the Spurs lineup has been unconsciously rebuilt and looks not bad.


The future of the German striker? Bayern is interested in exempting Werder Bremen.

Xavier-Henry renewed his contract for three years and the third year is the player option.

The German team arrived at the Swiss training camp and the European Cup began preparations.

Love is really good! Ram: Pep, we should have a date tonight. 'Yao Yao is a child tomorrow. If it is over, it is not!' Cuban: Talking about the referee? When I was ready to be fined, I said that Deron saw the opponent's Lakers as Kobe. He thought that he had been suffering from Kobe for nine years since he entered the league.

Deron鈥檚 ten-year career has been abused by Kobe for nine years, and the only year he has not been abused or because of Kobe鈥檚 season reimbursement.

Little Peyton: Tony Allen and Leonard and others have influenced me to say that the only special thing about this wedding is that everyone can鈥檛 bring in the photographic recordings like mobile phones and cameras, even watches and Metal instruments can't.

Italian Iron Guard: Conti coach is like a sledgehammer who pays for sweat. 20 eagle: George Nyon, small forward. German teaching assistant: The pig still needs time to fully recover. Adetokounmpo continues to stand out in the scoring list this year, averaging 33 points per game. In terms of rebounding, Drummond and Adetokunbo can compete, and now vigorously is in the 'deep water' moment, and Adetokounmpo once again dominates the data list. Drake social media is taking photos of James. Although the first time did not reflect on what happened to the pie on this day, he never dreamed of an assist that his old club had inadvertently given, but he would not let go of this opportunity. Negotiating transactions with the other party. Little Thomas: I hope to be 40 years old. But Leonard played even worse than last year. After Leonard won the championship mvp, all the people who played against him wanted to blow him up and blast a player who just got the championship mvp. It sounds very good. face. However, Leonard鈥檚 strength has not improved much since last year, and it has been targeted by opponents. This year鈥檚 data and performance have declined in all directions. Xiao Ding and Xiao Chuan are playing in the Maldives. However, after the 90s habitually waiting for impatient, this can't be changed. He is looking forward to it now, and he is annoyingly waiting to announce the final award. It seems that there is no suspense but it is a stressful award. The Blazers are about to lose the best two players in the team. They naturally don't want to lose other things, such as more money, so they are not willing to accept any premium contract, preferably as long as the draft pick and at most one cheap contract. . Originally, because the opponent was not strong, and I was not nervous enough to change the shirt with the O'Brien Cup, I suddenly became nervous. . Payette's five moments: tears in the lore, kicking the free kick. Lillard just seized the fact that the Blazers had to trade and immediately shot. Using Aldridge to leave the team as a weapon forced the Blazers management to make a decision. Cui Pengyu thanked Luneng fans: I am satisfied that I have the opportunity to meet again. So, the Zen master received a call from the general manager of the Trail Blazers, Neil Orch, and the boss of the pioneer, Paul Allen. The Blazers proposed to use Aldridge with Lillard and the first sign. Trading the Knicks this year received the top pick and some other things. Barkley and O'Neill chose the Thunder to win today's game. Wall is the offensive core of the Wizards. The task of organizing the offense is all on him. He is restricted and the Wizards' offense is greatly affected. The eagle easily won the game. Guangdong: The new season will introduce heavy domestic and foreign aid. The Lakers are more relaxed and relaxed, just like playing. The more relaxed the Lakers are, the more they focus on the more difficult they are. If the ball is too big, Johnson doesn鈥檛 want to hit the rim. It鈥檚 definitely a mistake, and the basket and On the way forward Johnson, there is Millsap blocking, it is difficult to change the individual to catch the ball! Chang Lin: Injury is the biggest obstacle to career. But the Bucks have continued to surprise everyone this year, and Adetokounmpo really tops the center this year. He added 15 kilograms of weight in the summer and made himself a better circle than Bosh, becoming a center with a certain defensive deterrent in the paint. Official: Seville signed the invitation letter of Qing Wu Hongyu. It is not so arrogant. It is really an invitation letter, and it shows that with the strength of Mr. Zhang Dali, if you join this national team big list, you don鈥檛 have to participate in this year. In the Asian Cup competition, it is only necessary to participate in the Olympic Games in 16 years. As for the national team's entry into the Olympics, other players will work hard. And if the Asian Cup is not in the top three, the basket management center will be responsible for the foreign card, I hope that Mr. Zhang Dali can join the new national team and show a brand new Chinese men's basketball team in the next Olympic Games. 59 each period must be a picture of the animal, Freddyt's picture: the two of his girlfriend's lip-printed face will of course not give up just because of the strength. Of course, the strong view is a bad signal. Italian media: Juventus intends to be Benatia, but does not want to buy out directly. No one thinks that this will be the result. Today, like the previous Nets and Spurs, the away game became the home of the Lakers. The German team scored after the game: Neuer Cross is the best in the game. This attempt by the Timberwolves has completely exposed the Lakers鈥?problems this year to people鈥檚 eyes. (To be continued.) Scott today 'sickness', served as a temporary coach by assistant Madsen. Madsen was very acquainted with the tactical board in Kobe. Song Tao: I hope that Zhou Qi will not fulfill my wish. Because Kobe has no objection to his tactics this year, unlike Kobe Bryant who used to take the tactical board last season, he was arranging tactics there, and he was also obsessed with honestly as a pitcher. Scott thought it was his own champion. 'The role, so become more confident, I feel that I am right. . In the first quarter, the Lakers led by 26 points and 26 points. Heartbreaker! At home, the fans defeated, and the national security fans shouted that China鈥檚 security was really fighting. The eagle would not lose so ugly, but they could not go all out, and the best players had given up. Ancelotti column: Looking forward to the European Cup, this year is anti-counterfeiting. Dali and her sister's mother, Lin Xiuqian, have always said to her sister, 'How do you see your brother getting married, how to make your sister hurry to find one, and my sister is already bored.' . The Lakers' second and third games won by 122 to 105 and 100 to 77 respectively. Barkley to Green: Your defending success, I will lie down and admit that the Lakers lost to the Washington Wizards and the Detroit Pistons at home, both losses are very bad, in the face of these two teams, the Lakers have almost no power to fight back. In each period, there will be a lot of things in each section. I will vigorously send a dish to Yao Yao, a vegetable shop and a butcher shop in Los Angeles. Do it yourself, little love is not a habit, no one is really not used to cooking. The Bundesliga signed a new broadcast contract, and the opening of the broadcast to catch up with the Premier League defending champion was very troublesome. Silva said a lot of words. Then the championship ring is issued. This year's opener did not raise the championship banner process, the Lakers will rise to the championship flag when they return home. . Before being replaced, Nash kissed the floor of the O'Brien Cup next to the middle circle, and all the emotional fans in the room all left tears. Including some players, these players who watched Nash play the game, as well as Kobe, Boozer and other veterans are really revealing, eyes red. Hanging! Di Maria's muscle strain is a three-week farewell to the America's Cup? If Aldridge leaves the Blazers, Lillard is also ready to apply for a deal. . Originally, the Bucks and Adeto Kunbo can be used as point guards, but Adetokounmpo is preparing to gain weight in the summer and become a competent frontcourt player. As he gains weight, his ball-handling ability will definitely drop a lot. 'Bad uncle, Yaoyao ignores you.' Yaoyao seems very angry. Patterson: I didn't expect that we would lose 30 points. There was nothing wrong with the lottery lottery this year. The Knicks won the No. 1 pick, the 76ers got the second-place pick, and the Magic got the pick. . 146. The Rockets lineup is much worse than the Lakers, but the record is similar, and Harden's data this year looks better than the big ones, averaging rebounds and assists, more comprehensive than James. . Self-confidence, maturity, explosive muscles, refreshing flat head and a strong face of the national character are not comparable to the domestic group of weak chickens. Now the domestic inside players can have the feeling of Kang Jie, and Yi Jianlian A little to meet the standard. The other teams鈥?trades before the draft went smoothly, and no one was willing to trade with Anji. 22. Bull: Spider-Smith, point guard. Fortunately, I have a strong passion for basketball and a passion for enthusiasm. Let him not relax in this situation. Basketball is one of his favorite things, so he trains as much as possible. It is said that after the dragon went to the Hornets, the first day and Stevenson came to a separate dialogue, and Stevenson one-on-one bullfight, playing for one afternoon, Stevenson, who has been convinced that he has been defeated. Surrender to his own feet, become a cub, and honestly cooperate with teammates. Kupchak first noticed the strength, let him accidentally said directly: 'I don't want to be a teammate with Aldridge.' The Warriors and Kings have received much attention because they have just selected two Chinese players. Together with the two teams being a strong contender for this year's Western Conference playoffs, they are naturally invited to participate in the China Tournament, Curry and Thompson, Cousins ??and Rubio. These two combinations are very popular among Chinese fans. . Soon in 2016, on the New Year's Day, the first transaction of the New Year was reached. : People want to see every game Kobe has left, but unfortunately, the Lakers lost today. . Duncan left the stadium with a smile and couldn't tell the story. However, his career was basically no regrets. In the peak state, he entered the best lineup in the first year and scored the second round of the playoffs. He began his legend. NBA career, he was the best lineup player when he retired, and he reached the conference finals. His entire career is legendary. Before the start of the training camp, the Lakers completed the only deal that they loved the Tianhu people this year, making people think that Kupchak is still a forceful deal. . But the reality is cruel, and the miracle is a miracle after all. The Lakers have defended Deron from the beginning. 'Seeing that there is no such thing is dead! No Scott is dead and finally liberated!' A vigorous diehard fan shouted with a scorpion, and at this silent moment it was like a stone thrown into a calm lake. The fans care about Kobe鈥檚 last year and other people鈥檚 last few fights. It鈥檚 not this that he cares a lot. He cares more about his opponents 鈥?Thompson, Owen and Cousins. .

(Cui Jinming: We should play more fiercely) 59 each period must have a picture of the animal.

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