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2 The successful entrepreneurial platform entrepreneurial model case 2: [Project introduction] Infant souvenir his rental plan is: tenants pay 30 yuan every 30 days (this day 1 yuan), each time (not limited to every day, This day, you can borrow a magazine and read it later. There is no deadline.

An additional deposit of 20 yuan will be refunded for the time of refund.

Small business success case, obviously, this is very cost-effective for books like me, not only saves the amount of books purchased, but also greatly reduces the backlog of old magazines in my home, and those who throw It鈥檚 a pity that there are magazines in the area. Every month I gave them to the security guards or cleaning staff downstairs. They also sold them as waste products.

Feng Xiaomei from Qingshan, Wuhan, first worked in a sauna center. She was trained after one month of training. Because a pair of laborers used to be flexible and powerful, they quickly became the masseurs who were eager to make appointments. Later, she used the lunch break to provide a quick and effective health massage for the white-collar workers who were sedentary in the office building, 20 yuan per 15 minutes.

This price should be acceptable to white-collar workers. Later, there were more regular customers, and some could earn more and more money in the afternoon or other time.

Later, she set up a white-collar massage company, which has now begun to take shape.

銆怭roject Features銆?Every holiday and friend's birthday, many people worry about what gifts to send. If you know how to give gifts, you can open a studio that guides others to give gifts, and you can make gifts yourself.

I believe that such a store in the age of eagerness and truth can definitely touch many people.

Infant products, food, clothing, toys and intellectual development, early education, etc., will be an eternal market hotspot, worthy of competition. It is not difficult to find that every parent wants to keep the children's meaningful things in the depths of memory, such as the well-known hundred days, anniversary, growth photos, etc., are deeply favored by modern families.

It is said that there is a merchant in a certain city in China that has launched a 鈥渇etal commemorative pen鈥? there is also a product called 鈥淏aby Hand and Foot Print鈥?commemorative box for baby parents, which is refreshing. In fact, with a little extension, the baby souvenir market is a 'pen' and a 'box'. 3: In addition to mobile games and ring tones, other simple and similar fashion services can also attract target consumers. Sell ??QB cards, mobile phone recharge cards, IP cards, etc. Open Theme Restaurant Jiangsu Yangzhou peasant Lu Shuyong is a famous watermelon king. He introduced red leaf vegetables from Japan, interplanted seeds with watermelons, and signed a nine-year cooperation agreement with a Japanese vegetable company.

'Last year, I exported a total of 40,000 kilograms of red leafy seeds. The net profit per mu is about 2,000 yuan. This year's order has increased to 500 acres, and there will be more in the future.

'Lu Shuyong said happily.

Red leafy vegetables 1. Protected cultivation: Sowing in mid-January, planting in mid-February, growing to 6-7 leaves and harvesting.

4. Harvest should be harvested on sunny days, and timely threshing, drying and drying.

The protein content of barley is between 10% and 12%, which is standard beer, and more than 13% can only be used as feed barley. Thousands of dollars want to invest in 40 small business success cases: service scope China is now the world's largest beer production country, the annual output of beer required for beer is about 3 million tons. Due to the low quality of domestic beer barley, about 20% still need to be imported, which provides a huge space for the domestic beer barley planting market.

At present, farmers in Gansu Province plant a total of 2.2 million mu of beer barley with an annual output of 900,000 tons. At present, the variety and planting pattern have been extended to Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai. The SP told reporters, 'Now open a mobile game gas station, you can fully cultivate your target consumer group before the arrival of 3G.

Once 3G is coming, the huge market for mobile online games is being opened, and the potential for mobile game gas stations is unlimited.

鈥?[Cultivation points] Toy Hospital 1. Select seeds with high yield, strong disease resistance, strong resistance, thin skin, yellowish color, luster, no mildew and odor.

Who says that small business is difficult to operate? Who says that small business does not make money? As long as the small business chooses the right project, it can still make millions of profits. Most people who say that small business does not make money are those who make money. The small business does not make money, who knows who! The threshold for small business is very low. On the one hand, the state has repeatedly introduced various preferential policies to encourage laid-off workers to re-employment; on the other hand, the fixed cost of setting up a stall is also very low.

'Small stalls' are up, but small businesses can't be 'stupid'. This shows that the advantages of laid-off workers come. After all, they are more informed and more motivated, and they will have little gain in many homogeneous competitions. For example, Kong Tong always cleans himself and his side dishes; Qian Qian uses 'psychology' in bargaining.

This is a little bit of 'small tricks', and the business has done a lot. Beer Barley Red leaf is a plant of the family Polygonaceae, which is used to screen for edible varieties. Its sprouts are rich in nutrients and are unique vegetables that are popular in Southeast Asia and other countries. Its stem can be used for medicinal purposes and has a wide range of applications. The main functions of red leafy vegetables include phlegm and dampness, dilated phlegm and pain, detoxification and swelling, insecticidal and itching, and are used for dysentery, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, rheumatism and joint pain.

is a favorite dish for people in Southeast Asian countries.

Color Health Tofu Shop 20 small business success stories: Huang Wei billion new color health tofu processing is to use special health tofu machine to process soybeans, peanuts, alfalfa, jujube, etc., and replace it with ecological coagulant Past gypsum and brine. The tofu processed by this method not only has high nutritional and health value, but also has the characteristics of good taste, no bitterness, no bean flavor and good elasticity. Buy a small health tofu machine, processing and selling health tofu in large and medium-sized cities, the benefits will be considerable.

Moreover, with low investment and low risk, it is a wealthy project that is very suitable for low-income and laid-off workers in cities.

Thousands of dollars want to invest in 40 small business success stories: Jiayouzi The thousand yuan small business investment conditions: Shop guide: 1: The target consumer group of mobile games gas stations is actually a fixed consumer group You can consider implementing a membership system for customers and regularly mailing new game promotional posters provided by gamers. Service with care will naturally pay off. DIY gift studio 3. Spring fertilizer should be applied early, according to the seedlings less or not, in order to avoid excessive nitrogen fertilizer, resulting in late maturity and lodging.

For example, 鈥淟et's go through the romance鈥?is a fun restaurant for young people. All the designs in the store are calculated by 2 people. A stool can only sit 2 people, and the name of the dish is like flying.

'The Elderly Health Restaurant' is a restaurant for the elderly to make a nutrition package according to the specific conditions of the elderly.

The first bargaining company in Nanchang is located at the junction of Yangming Road and Qingshan Road. It was established in May this year.

The founder, Miss Li, is a native of Nanchang and is famous in the circle of friends for bargaining. In March of this year, Miss Li heard that Shenyang had set up the country's first 鈥渂argaining company鈥?and was touched. She also tried to get involved in this new field, fully accompanying customers to the market to bargain, and then extracting one-third of the price reduction. As a commission. In order to make the bargaining more professional, the company has hired several home improvement industry insiders to be salesmen. They know the market conditions of the building materials industry and kill the price to make the business scared. [planting points] Gansu growers use a variety of local climates with sufficient light and large temperature differences to grow a large variety of beer barley.

Planters can sign purchase contracts with breweries and malting plants in advance, and then carry out strict operations and management according to the requirements of the purchaser on the quality and quantity of beer barley. The planting efficiency is quite high.

The grower Li Xiaoming planted 200 mu of barley, producing 1200 kg of barley per mu. The annual net profit per mu is 500 yuan, and its annual income can reach 100,000 yuan.

He said: 'With the improvement of the quality of domestic beer barley, beer taste and taste are more and more accepted by consumers, and our beer and wheat sales have entered a virtuous circle.

鈥?1. Uncle Luoyang, who sold meat in New York, as early as June 15, 2014, a netizen in the United States, New York, 鈥淲ei Weihua鈥?sent a microblog: Xie Yunfeng from Luoyang, Henan can only understand One, two, three, even four can't understand, but this does not prevent him from doing a street vendor in front of Columbia University (Manhattan, New York), selling meat clips, cool skins, etc. When the business is good, there can be seven in a day. Eight hundred dollars in income.

2. The most suitable sowing period for beer is about 8 kg per acre.

[Successful Cases] Nowadays, the price of toys is getting higher and higher, and the functions are more and more complicated. Once damaged, there is no, and it is a pity to abandon. There is a toy hospital.

Healing hotel: When people have a bad life, I hope that someone can find a quiet place to reflect. In such a temptation, there are psychiatrists listening to them, there are entertainment venues for catharsis, and there are quiet and warm rooms, which make people forget their troubles and adjust their mentality.

Color consultant small business success stories: 50,000 yuan to open a personal audio-visual workstation clothing plus fragrance and design nail beauty red leaf dishes as a therapeutic food, able to meet people's health needs, popular in foreign countries, and domestic There is also a broad market space. In the rural areas to do small business money to make money must pay attention to the quality of the product, product quality is produced, not tested.

The following is a small series of small nets to tell everyone in the rural areas to make money and small business, I hope everyone likes it.

After regular training, it takes only half a month for the average person to master this technology. The tuition fee is only about 2,000 yuan. Together with the start-up funds of 20,000-30,000 yuan you have prepared, a nail center that includes dry hand care, nail color stickers, color spray, hand-painted patterns and other business projects can be successfully built. 1) Initially put into the equipment (phototherapy, dryer, small hand basin, etc.) about 1200 yuan; 2) monthly expenses: more than 1,000 yuan for nail materials; 3) shop rent: several thousand to 10,000 yuan; 4 ) Labor: Generally based on flexible performance; 5) Monthly income: net income generally exceeds 10,000 yuan. [Market Prospects] This is a mysterious figure in a group of cities. They are in high-end office buildings. They are well-dressed, talkative and temperamental. They are not very busy, but they have a lot of income. They are not smart, but they have won a big high-level circle. Recognition 鈥?because they can discover charm and create miracles! With just a few investments, you can have your own color studio.

The incense body originated in ancient China and ancient Egypt. It is a liquid aromatic extract extracted from plants. It is massaged, hot-coated, soaked, steamed, etc., so that it penetrates into human blood and lymph. Regulates the nervous system, endocrine system, digestion and excretion system to enhance immunity, promote cell regeneration, and achieve the wonderful effect of the human body's permanent fragrance. By 1928, French pharmacists officially listed incense as a medical discipline.

'I started pushing the metal car out of business at 8 o'clock in the evening.

Business has been good all these days, and all the customers who come to eat are old customers.

What is the best business, such as white-collar workers who have just left work, residents in the community, many of them are going to buy a portion of teppanyaki to go back, each price is basically around 10 yuan, the price is not expensive.

'Song Sister Sister.

However, the sigh sighs that the business in the Dawei store with 20 years of fruit retail business is not bad. 'Yuan, give 45', 'Banana Yuan, Grape Yuan, Yuan, but also no other'... Around 11:30 yesterday, the fruit shop ushered in the first wave of retail climax that day.

What do small businesses do well? Which projects have low entrepreneurial capital? 4 small business success stories, you know that several of these are the two small business success stories introduced by Xiaobian.

No matter how expensive the perfume, the fragrance can only last for a few days after spraying, and the fragrance of the clothing after the clothing can be maintained for 3-6 months.

Rent a 10 square meter storefront, the monthly rent is about 300 yuan; the simple decoration store needs about 1,000 yuan; add counters, hangers, etc., need about 500 yuan; learn to add perfume technology, need 800 yuan; purchase plus 1 set of fragrant machine, 300 yuan; 1 clerk, monthly salary of about 500 yuan; business license and various miscellaneous fees need 400 yuan; print color posters 1000 copies need 800 yuan; buy international incense, white orchid Fragrance, royal treasures, jasmine, sandalwood, rose and other spices, each purchase 1 kg, 50 yuan per kilogram, a total of about 400 yuan, a total investment of 5,000 yuan. Adding fragrance to the clothing, the cost of each piece of clothing does not exceed RMB. In terms of the charging standard, each piece of clothing costs 3 yuan, 2 yuan for each piece of pants, and 8 yuan for each piece of heavy clothes in autumn and winter.

If investors can process 50 pieces of clothes and 50 pants per day, then the daily turnover can reach 250 yuan, the monthly turnover is 7500 yuan, the annual gross profit is 90,000 yuan, the net profit is 10,000 yuan, and the monthly average income is more than 5,000 yuan. .

Buy some fabrics that are right for them, so you can increase the sales of fabrics, and you can put some small ornaments on your clothes.

Incense body is widely used in the body to add fragrance, skin whitening, facial yellow, freckle, breast enhancement, weight loss and self-cultivation, hand and foot care, body, mind and brain health care, medicated bath, hot and cold sauna.

Massage Company Miss Li told reporters that the company has been operating for half a year, mainly because the main building materials field is the off-season. During the year-end home improvement season, the business has gradually improved. Ms. Li said that she now wants to expand her business field, set up an online bargaining alliance, and bargain with merchants in the form of group purchases. Thousands of dollars want to invest in 40 small business success stories: Mr. Wang, a bargaining company, said that he accidentally saw a new thing in the shoes of fire in Korea, so he introduced it to Beijing and named it Kung Fu shoes. The slogan is to make shoe-shining an art of living.


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