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锘?p>When it comes to cold, people first think of winter, winter is cold, not only can't bear people, animals can't stand it, flowers and plants can't stand it. The winter is cold, the snow in the north is loose, and the south is biting.

In fact, in the morning and evening of late autumn, the weather is already cold and add clothes.

What is the feeling of cold, shivering, what is cold in the cold. Describe the cold sentences and see what you say.

1. The weather is so cold that the lake can form thick ice. 2. The water that has just been boiled is frozen as soon as it falls. 3, the cold wind, rolling snow fluttering. 4, the weather in the north is very cold, dripping into ice, cold wind and bones. 5, the cold winter, the river changed the past lively, seems to sleep quietly. 6, since the ninth, the hurricane blows, the cold is pressing, this is another cold winter. 7, snowflake crazy roaring, hitting the face like a needle, cold and biting. 8, the yellow leaves with the cold wind of Xiao Xiao, have joined the mother of the earth. 9, that winter, that cold, freezing people with a sore nose, two feet like two pieces of ice. 10, that snowflake is as white as jade, is it a small heavenly man sent by the Tiangong, or is it the jade leaf that falls on the laurel tree of the moon palace? 11, the north wind anger, like a dislocated horse, wrapped in debris in the air raging, hitting his face like a whip pumping pain. 12, hexagonal snowflakes are all kinds: some like silver needles, some like fallen leaves, and some like shredded paper, 鐓?is good-looking. 13. When the twilight of the dawn has not yet arrived, I feel so chilly that I rushed back to the dormitory and took clothes. 14, winter, the outdoor willows covered with frost and snow are all tree hanging, like a silver bar hanging from the tree, extraordinarily spectacular. 15. People are wearing thick cotton coats, like cotton bags. He (she) performed morning exercises with beautiful music. 16, the snow is floating in the sky, the ice is thousands of miles, the cold wind whistling north and south, a branch of a crow curled up his head, shivering. 17. In the middle of the night, the weather is very cold. Under the pale moonlight, the sand dunes are like a grave made of silver. There is no movement. 18, last winter's winter was unusually cold, dripping into ice. People who traveled had to wear masks and the hot air exhaled immediately frosted. 19, early winter, like a beautiful noble and reserved princess, dancing her magical veil, sent a burst of cold wind. 20, the wind smashed up, the blizzard came. At a glance, the dark sky was smashed with the snowy sea, and everything was invisible. 21, winter, a thin layer of white snow, like a huge soft wool blanket, covered in the vast wasteland, flashing cold silver. 22, my little face was frozen, some tight, and some itching, although very cold, but this cold is covered by my happy mood. 23, the artificial lake is covered with a thick layer of ice, some naughty little classmates play and play on the lake, from time to time from the lake came bursts of laughter. 24, a few cold days, frozen snow, the whole world has become a large refrigerator, the mountain is cold and trembling, the river is frozen and stiff, and the air seems to be solidified. 25, the biting cold wind blew and screamed at me from time to time. And, occasionally, naughty little snowflakes are falling down like dancing. 26, the heavy snow has risen and fallen, the snow flutters in the air in various poses, or fly, or hover, or straight down quickly, laid down on the ground. 27, the cold winter has come, after a heavy snow, the entire oriental red has become a world of powder makeup. The willows are covered with silver bars, and the lawn is covered with silver. 28, snow makes people feel only one word, cold. The earth is silvery and clean, and the snow is still like catkins, such as cotton, such as goose feathers floating from the sky. 29, ushered in the winter, my first feeling is cold and lonely. It鈥檚 the coldness of winter, let me know how to calm down, I understand, not all the cold will be frustrating. 30. I saw only one piece of whiteness between the heavens and the earth. The snow fluttered from the sky, and the white tents were pulled around. The earth immediately became silver. 31. My mother and I are very sturdy and ready to go out to enjoy the snow. The wind is biting, but the air is fresh, so I can't wait to see the traces of this snow. 32. The winter morning is cold. The cold wind blew, blowing to the face like a knife cut, people who walked wearing thick hats, put on a warm cotton coat. 33. The snow-like snow is intertwined into a messy oil painting. The boy groaned in a sloppy thatched house, his teeth shuddered, his hands shivering because of the cold. 34. In the morning after the snow, I came to Beishan Park with a sledge. I saw the white snow. I really couldn't bear to step on it. When I walked on the stone road in Beishan, I heard a creaking noise. 35, the snow comes with the cold winter, the street is like a silver cast, so bright, then there is a splendid, long icicles like a crystal dagger hanging in front of the raft, the pedestrian's breathing has turned into a white smoke. 36. The goose-like big snow is falling, intertwined into a messy oil painting. The boy groaned in a sloppy thatched house, his teeth shuddered, his hands shivering because of the cold. 37, the work has been really fast, the West has exposed the white belly, and the differences, the Sun Gonggong exposed the smile. At a moment, my sister has been quiet and retired. At this time, the campus is warm and tempting. 38, winter, very cold. To be honest, I don't want it to come, but when it comes, I have a different feeling. Ah, I love winter, because the winter winds know the grass, I love its character. 39. When the snow is falling, it is a rare sight that I have seen in ten years. Those small snowflakes are so white and so pure. The mountains and trees houses are all covered with a layer of snow and thousands of miles into a world of powder makeup! 40, the wind is getting bigger and bigger. The little cloud turned into a thick white cloud, slowly rising up, expanding, and gradually covering the sky. It鈥檚 snowing. Suddenly, a large piece of snow flakes came. 41, snowflake like a beautiful jade butterfly, like a dance drunk; like a dandelion blowing; like floating like a fly; like a small white flower that angels reward; suddenly scattered and gathered, fluttering, light and full, innocent is The masterpiece of the earth! 42. The fall has not yet left, but the cold winter can't wait to come. It also brought cold rain, freezing people in the cold, feeling the immoral warmth, and making people's hearts anesthetized. 43. Listen to the teacher, this summer is the hottest in Changsha, hot like a stove on fire; winter is just the coldest, cold like a refrigerator. It鈥檚 winter, it鈥檚 so cold that we wear four pieces of clothing before we dare to go outside. 44. The roof broke several holes, and the continuous rain, such as the roots of the twine, was intensively and ruthlessly fell into the house, wet the whole poor cottage, the air was full of cold, almost all of my eyebrows You can put on a layer of frost. 45. In the morning, the winter fog is filled, and after the fog is scattered, there is a beautiful scene immediately. The pine needles are covered with a thick layer of hoarfrost, like a tree of white autumn chrysanthemums. The yellow and yellow leaves have fallen. 46. ??When it snows, the snow flakes are not too big, and they are not too dense. For example, the catkins are light with the wind. As the wind blows more and more fierce, the snow becomes denser and the snow is getting bigger and bigger, like a white net. I can't see anything from the distance. 47. Winters dances happily on the frozen campus, and we can only enjoy her solo dance in the thick cotton coat. With the proximity of the spring footsteps, Winters hangs down the stage and waits for the next The arrival of a winter. 48, the leaves are no exception. The cold air numbs them, but everything is in place, only the winter wind. A gust of wind blew and the leaves were active. Some leaves can't stand the tingling of the cold wind, falling from the tree and sleeping forever. 49. The raging snow fluttered down in abundance, and the cold wind blew through it. On the road, the neck was narrowed, and the pedestrians who hurriedly tightened the neckline of the clothes swelled cold and dry everywhere. This weather almost ruled this winter. 50. In the winter of that year, the climate was extremely abnormal. In the late autumn and early winter, the extremely rare blizzard opened the prelude to this winter. In the morning, wearing headphones, stepping on the fairy tale world of snowflake casting alone, fascinated by fascination. This bleak winter, bright sunshine can warm the heart. 51. Look, this is another pretty style. The fiery red maple tree, it is always full of energy, the enthusiasm of fire like me, encourage me. You see, the cream on it is as clean as jade, as white as silver, as light as smoke, as soft as catkins, it is really beautiful. 52. I saw that the whole campus has become a world of silver makeup; the building is covered with a clear and plain dress; the branches of the small saplings are made into obsessed silver bars; the green leaves and the petals of the red dragonfly are filled with crystal frost. flower. It鈥檚 really hard to describe in words, it鈥檚 really good to see and enjoy. 53. Still speechless, I resisted the cold, but the cold wind was even more unscrupulous, rushing, whistling, like a group of devils holding a big knife, the momentum rushed.

I have been in my bones all the time, my hands and feet are numb, and then my heart is numb.

The gums shivered involuntarily.

54, February is extraordinarily cold, it seems that even the air has to be frozen, and even the birds have hid early.

My father took me on a motorcycle to buy shoes. The motorcycle is like a black horse, flying on the road where the snow and ice have not melted.

The cold wind is like a sharp sword, and it is meticulously drilled into my sleeve, and I am cut and bruised.

55, the annual winter run also began in this cold season.

When the queue of our long-distance running stood on the playground, I felt that my hand could not stand out normally, and the cold made the ten fingers already bent and stiff.

My face is sorely wet, the heat from my mouth vents in the sun, and I linger in my eyebrows.

56. This winter, the weather is unusually cold.

The northwest wind knife smashed the face of the pedestrian, and the dead branches squeaked, making the final struggle.

The people who went out to work in the coats tightened themselves and hurriedly walked on the road.

The lively and active children also hid in the warm home early and did not want to come out to play.

57. This winter, the weather is unusually cold.

The world wore a white coat, and the water droplets on the wires were iced, which became a crystal staves, and the pine leaves were solidified by the frost.

There is no wind at the moment, the world seems to have stopped this moment, and the river has stopped. Only the chimney has a hot fire.

People's fingers are frozen into red peppers.

58, such a cold day, not only can't bear people, the animals can't stand it, and the flowers can't stand it.

The little birds that used to sing in the branches were gone, even the mosquitoes and spiders that I hated were missing.

The flowers are dying, and the grass is yellow.

But, only the cypresses on the side of the road are still green, and injecting a few lives into this lonely land.

59, there is really beautiful over there, but the winter sister's good structure; silver big playground.

The big playground at this time is different from the past. It seems to be dancing with thousands of pears. It is like a jade in the face of the present.

This situation is what I want in my heart, like a piece of euphemistic and euphemistic music, and like a poem that is light and light.

You met, not mad at it.

60, this day, it鈥檚 too cold.

There are even small flowers and grasses on the roadside that are tightening.

The north wind of the dragonfly screamed and roared like a roaring lion.

The wind wants a knife, hurts me ruthlessly, and the wind is like a naughty child. I have already tightened my clothes, but the wind can still run into my body.

Pedestrians on the street shrank their necks and walked backwards. The children playing on the road also ran back home.

There are fewer pedestrians, and I also rushed back home.

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