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Over the years, he quietly came to her world time: 2012-11-10 Source: Original Author: Yan Zi reading: Loading .. Wen / Yan Zi chapter1 Hey, this Hello, classmate.

Ye Musen squinted and seemed to be teasing a girl. Cut, I said Ye Musen, we played from childhood to big, can you not be so bored, go home! Xia Xiaoxi rolled his eyes.

Ha, does that mean that we are happy? Lin Musen said very thickly.

I see you looking for death.

When finished, Xia Xiaoxi lifted his legs up. Haha, bye, I don't want to go home. Ye Musen took the opportunity to laugh and run away.

Ye Musen, you dare to say later, be careful of your ass! Xia Xiaoxi completely shouted at the image.

Xiao Xi, pay attention to the image. Lin Lin, standing next to Xia Xiaoxi, patted her.

Lin Lin, nothing, this lady has temperament.

Xia Xiaoxi took care of her hair, let's go, we went shopping.

When you finished, you took Lin Lin鈥檚 hand and walked out of the campus.

Xia Xiaoxi, female, Breeze Middle School senior (7) class students; Ye Musen, male, Breeze Middle School senior (8) class students.

The two played from big to big, often teasing their mouths. The result was that Xia Xiaoxi lifted his legs up and then Ye Musen rushed to escape.

They have been fighting for more than a decade.

Lin Lin, Xia Xiaoxi junior high school classmates, but I did not expect high school to be in the same class, after which the relationship between the two is getting better and better.

chapter2 On Saturday, Xia Xiaoxi and Lin Lin walked on the street.

Suddenly there was a scream in the distance - the thief, grab him! Xia Xiaoxi turned around and saw a young man running over.

Hey, dare to grab things in broad daylight and don't want to live.

When she finished, she was ready to stop.

Let go, you are looking for death! The thief rushed over to Xia Xiaoxi.

Xiao Xi, be careful.

Lin Lin said with concern.

Ah, he won't really hit me.

Xia Xiaoxi thought, a little regretted being a hero.

At this time, two meters away from Xia Xiaoxi, a boy rushed out and took a leg toward the thief. Then he grabbed his hair and hit his knee on the thief's stomach.

Ah. . Soon the thief was subdued and fell to the ground.

The boys took a clap and walked towards Xia Xiaoxi.

This classmate, nothing.

Ah? Oh, nothing, thank you - thank you, nothing.

Also, I don't like to hear the word thank you.

The boys are ready to leave when they are finished.

Ah? Hello - what is your name? Xia Xiaoxi just reacted.

Qing Chennuo, three (2) classes in the wind.

Qing Chennuo did not return, and said as he walked.

Qing Chennuo? wind? Wow, it turned out to be the same school, my senior.

Xia Xiaoxi said happily, Lin Lin, he is my senior yeah.

Xiao Xi, you will not make a fool, you rarely do.

Do I have it? I do not have it.

After finishing, I took Lin Lin into a food store.

Qing Chennuo. . Lin Lin silently read.

chapter3 Xia Xiaoxi and Lin Lin walked on the playground of the school. They went to see boys playing basketball.

In fact, it is Ye Musen who let them go to see him play.

It鈥檚 just out of school now, and two people are bored and have nothing to do, just take a look at him.

When they arrived at the stadium, they saw the handsome back of Ye Musen.

At this point, he is making a layup.

Xiao Xi, I didn鈥檛 expect him to play well.

Lin Lin said with a smile.

He is playing handsome.

Xia Xiaoxi said nothing.

Then two people came to the audience and watched the boys play while chatting.

Of course, it鈥檚 all about nutrition.

Hey, two of you, okay.

Ye Musen just finished playing and saw them from the court.

Come again.

Xia Xiaoxi is facing a white eye with Ye Musen.

Ye Ye Musen seems to be still so smiling.

After three people sat in their chairs and chatted about the sky.

Not long after, Qing Chen, wearing a white casual dress, walked into the stadium, and Xia Xiaoxi soon saw him.

Qing Chennuo.

Well? Qing Chennuo stopped and looked back.

I am here, come over.

Xia Xiaoxi is still the same old look, regardless of the image.

But during this period, Ye Musen has been frowning.

When Qing Chen saw it, he thought about it or walked over.

See you again, Qing Chennuo.

Xia Xiaoxi extended his right hand.

Well, hello.

Qing Chennuo is ready to hold Xia Xiaoxi鈥檚 hand.

But very quickly, the right hand of Xia Xia was photographed by Ye Musen. Who is he, Xiao Xi? Ye Musen said with dissatisfaction.

What are you doing? This is my senior, Qing Chennuo.

Xia Xiaoxi feels that she is losing face.

Hello, my name is Lin Lin.

Qing Chennuo turned to Lin Lin, saw her smile at herself, stunned, and then returned a hello. The next time, four people sat in the chat, but the atmosphere seemed a bit depressed, and the two handsome guys seemed to be incomprehensible. More than seven o'clock, the weather is getting late, Ye Musen under the pressure of Xia Xiaoxi let him send Lin Lin home, and she wants to go to dinner with Qing Chennuo, then, the two went far in Ye Musen's resentful eyes. Chapter4 The people on the street at night are really quite a lot, and Qingchenuo and Xia Xiaoxi are on the road. Xia Xiaoxi is lightly loaded, her upper body is off-shouldered, and her lower body is super shorts, which makes her legs look beautiful. Can Qing Chennuo does not seem to look at it, holding his arms slowly. After the meal, the two walked on the road where there were few people. Under the dim light, the shadow gradually became elongated and looked very romantic. However, they have gone the wrong way. This road is a rogue and mixed activity venue at night. Coincidentally, when they walked and said, there were a few punks in front. Hey, what is the phone number? A punk whistle and said to Xia Xiaoxi. When Qing Chenuo saw it, he whispered to her and said to them. Then the two are ready to leave. Oh, don't go. Beauty, your legs are so beautiful, let me touch it. After talking about the mix, I reached out and touched the legs of Xia Xiaoxi. Ah, don't come over. Xia Xiaoxi shouted in fear. Ah, my hand. Suddenly, the gang screamed with his own hands. Qing Chennuo kicked his hand. Dare to beat me, brothers. After that, other gangsters rushed up, and surrounded by Qing Chennuo, Qing Chennuo also counterattacked. what. . In the process of fighting, Xia Xiaoxi was knocked out by several of them and fell to the ground, and then they were black and fainted. Xiao Xi, bastard! At this moment, the alley in the distance rushed out of a person, holding a wooden stick in his hand, actually Ye Musen, he rushed toward several mixed, and the wooden stick in his hand also hit several of them. . . Chapter5 Don't touch me, don't. . what. . When Xia Xiaoxi woke up, she found herself lying in the hospital. Ah, why is the head so painful? She frowned at her head and tried to remember what happened last night. Was it that Qing Chennuo sent me to the hospital last night? But what about others? So many people beat him alone, is he not seriously injured? Xia Xiaoxi thought about it. At this time, the ward door was pushed open, a nurse came in, and you woke up? Well, can you tell me what happened last night? That's it. Someone took you to the hospital last night, when you were already fainted. It was the head that was hit and it should have hit the stone. hug me? Then who is that person? Oh, this he did not say, he was hurt, and he left after bandaging. gone? Thank you. you are welcome. You should be fine, you can leave the hospital in the afternoon, do you want to inform your family? Oh, no, I am renting a room for one person. Well, you have a good rest. After the nurse, I will take care of other patients. There are still a few hours in the afternoon. In the meantime, Xia Xia has been thinking about how Qing Chennuo is doing. The injury is not serious, and she is anxious to let her go out and look for him. Helpless, she had to keep sleeping with her eyes closed. Finally arrived in the afternoon, Xia Xiaoxi walked out of the hospital and stopped a taxi to the school. Now it鈥檚 a little faster, I haven鈥檛 reached class time yet, Xia Xiaoxi came to the high school (2) class. At this time, there were only three or four people in the class. Qing Chennuo was not there. So she asked a classmate who said that Qing Chennuo likes it. Go to the roof of the school building. When Xia Xiaoxi came to the rooftop, she saw Qing Chennuo blowing a wind against the wall. At this time, Qing Chennuo also saw her. You came? Do you feel better? He smiled at Xia Xiaoxi. Well, much better, it鈥檚 no longer painful. thank you. I don't like to hear that word, but you don't have to thank me. Qing Chennuo still looked at the sky in the distance, the breeze blew, and the bangs covered his eyes. Your hand is green. Xia Xiaoxi looked at his right hand. Nothing, a little hurt. Yep. . That, can you be my boyfriend? Xia Xiaoxi finally got the courage and whispered it out. Yep? Qing Chennuo raised an eyebrow, why do you say that, you are very active. I like you, you help me like this. And, this is my first time. Xia Xiaoxi was so shy that she really wanted to find a seam and drilled in. Do you agree? Qing Chenuo pouted, seemed to think of something, then nodded, um. Really? Great. Xia Xiaoxi said happily. But you have to tell me about friends around you, like Lin Lin, so that I can treat them. Well, no problem, you listen to me slowly. Xia Xiaoxi boldly held the arm of Qing Chennuo, then leaned against the wall with him and said Lin Lin鈥檚. Chapter6 After school, Qing Chennuo and Xia Xiaoxi walked on the playground. Lin Lin smiled and walked away. She understood what was going on. Just as she left the school, Ye Musen walked toward Lin Lin. Lin Lin, have you seen Xiao Xi? She is at the playground. Oh, then let's go find her. This. . Let's go, what are you doing? When Ye Musen and Lin Lin came to the playground, Qing Chenuo and Xia Xiaoxi were sitting on the grass. How are they going together? Ye Musen frowned. Xiao Xi, how are you? Yep. Yes, Ye Musen, now Chen Nuo is my boyfriend. I am more in love than you, haha. Xia Xiaoxi was full of pride, then took hold of Qing Chennuo鈥檚 hand. what! Have you actually talked about it? Ye Musen couldn't believe it. Yeah. Also, why didn't you come to class today, and your family is free, regardless of you. Yep? How is your hand wrapped around a white cloth? Xiao Xi, in fact, Ye Musen him. . Nothing, accidentally hurt. Lin Lin is trying to talk, but she was interrupted by Ye Musen. Deserve it, who makes you so careless. Xia Xiaoxi rolled his eyes. Well, I deserve it. Ye Musen has no expression. Huh? Why don鈥檛 you talk back to me today? The sun came out from the west. Xia Xiaoxi was a little surprised. Nothing, I will go home first, bye bye. After speaking, Ye Musen turned and left the playground. What happened to him, no matter what. Chen Nuo, you send me back. Yep.

Finally, Xia Xiaoxi and Lin Lin said goodbye, and then walked happily with the arm of Qing Chennuo.

Let Lin Lin stand alone, she looked at the back of Qing Chennuo, it seems a bit.

chapter7 After school on Saturday afternoon, Ye Musen packed up his books and prepared to go home. At this moment, Lin Lin panted and ran to his class. When she saw Ye Musen, she said anxiously: Ye Musen, you are going to see Xiao Xi And Qing Chennuo, some people want to fight Qing Chen \u0026hellip; not waiting for Lin Lin to finish, Ye Musen ran out of class.

At this point the students and teachers in the school went back.

But in the 7th class, there was a burst of voice.

Qing Chennuo, don't you know that I am chasing Xia Xiaoxi? Do you dare to be with her? Hello, enough, what happened to me and Qing Chennuo? No way, you can't promise me, I can't let you be with others.

Who do you think you are, can you manage me? Xiao Xi, leave them alone, let's go.

Qing Chen Nuola took Xiao Xi鈥檚 hand out of the classroom.

Want to go? Qing Chennuo, I have long seen that you are not pleasing to the eye.

At this time, the three boys ran forward and wanted to catch Qing Chennuo.

Qing Chennuo pushed him away from Xia Xiaoxi, turned and walked into the classroom, picked up the chair from the position near the back door, and smashed the face to the three people.

The three seem to have not played too much, and the reaction was very fast. They quickly evaded and then rushed toward Qingchen Nuo. At the same time, Ye Musen ran in from the front door and picked up a blank expression. Put the chair up and walk on it.

The three boys feel that things are getting too big, and they can't take care of anything, just holding a chair.

Three people played against each other like this \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; Perhaps it was Ching Chen鈥檚 failure to pay attention to the back, but it felt dangerous, but it was too late to react.

Be careful! Xia Xiaoxi ran to the back of Qing Chennuo, blocking the flying chair for him.

鍛淺u0026hellip; Suddenly she felt dizzy and fell to the ground.

Xi Xi \u0026hellip; Ye Musen and Qing Chennuo both made a sound at the same time, when they were ready to fight again, the three people had already left the chair and ran away. One of them did not forget to drop the next sentence when you left - two of you, waiting .

Qing Chennuo is about to pick up Xia Xiaoxi, but is pushed away by Ye Musen on the side, rolling! Then he left Xia Xiaoxi to leave. When he walked to the door, he stopped and said softly, thank you.

When finished, he turned down the stairs.

Lin Lin walked into the classroom at this time.

Are you okay, Chen Nuo? I am fine \u0026hellip; chapter8 is getting darker, Ye Musen is holding Xia Xiaoxi on the quiet forest road.

Ah? what! Why are you doing it, let me down.

When Xia Xiaoxi woke up, she found herself being hugged by a boy. She thought it was Qingchenuo, but after seeing it was Ye Musen, she shouted to come down.

Who knows that Ye Musen does not look at her.

Don't call, close your eyes, I will send you to the hospital.

Who is going to the hospital, let me go, you can't hold me, I have a boyfriend.

Suddenly, Ye Musen鈥檚 footsteps, his eyes were covered by bangs, and he could not see what kind of eyes he was. Then he gently put down Xia Xiaoxi.

When watching Xia Xiaoxi finishing his clothes and hair, he whispered: Xiao Xi, don't be with Qing Chennuo, OK? Why? Xia Xiaoxi gave a slight glimpse, then frowned.

No, I want you to break up with him.

Ye Musen, you are like this, I am going to be with him, can you manage it? Xia Xiaoxi seems to be very angry, she feels that Ye Musen is as shameless as the three people.

I am not sure if I am not sure.

Ye Musen grabbed Xia Xiaoxi's shoulders with both hands and was a little excited.

Let go! Don't worry about my business.

Goodbye, I am going home.

After finishing, Xia Xiaoxi turned and walked out of the forest path, stopped a taxi, and went away.

Ye Mousen stood in the same place, watching the taxi go away, and then his mouth was slightly raised, self-deprecating.

The night falls quietly, the lights are on, and the moonlight falls on this quiet night.

On a rooftop, a boy's hand was inserted in his trouser pocket and he looked at the moon against the wall.

The long oblique bangs cover his eyes, and he doesn't know if he can see the moon.

For a long time, he took out a tone piano from his arms and blew a soft and beautiful song on this calm and beautiful night.

But, it comes with two lines of tears.

He doesn't know why he is crying.

Yes, he doesn't know \u0026hellip; chapter9 days are spent in peace, and the four of them are as usual. They are often together after school, just between Ye Musen and Xia Xiaoxi, it seems a bit embarrassing.

Now, Xia Xiaoxi feels that Qing Chennuo seems to be getting better and better for herself. The reason is that she has a breakfast every morning on her desk, and her class health in the morning has lost her share when she arrives at the class. The class was cleaned very cleanly.

Xia Xiaoxi thought that such happiness and sweetness would always be there, but the cruelty of reality or the will of God, broke her dreams in life, and the one that revealed in the bottom of my heart. Strong \u0026hellip; chapter10 Xia Xiaoxi walked on the way home at night, and suddenly received a text message from Ye Musen, which said at 8 o'clock in the evening, the breeze river, not to see, although there are gaps between them in the past few days, but as From childhood to big people, Xia Xiaoxi decided to go.

At eight o'clock, there was silence around the breeze, and Xia Xiaoxi walked by the moonlight on the riverside. The fresh air made her feel extraordinarily cool.

Yes, she suddenly heard a piece of piano sound, which is the sound of the tone piano. When I turn it, it flows like a flowing water slowly into the human heart, and then it stirs up a ripple.

Xia Xiaoxi listened and walked. After a while, she saw a figure. He leaned against the tree. The slender body looked more slender under the dim light, but it was very embarrassing.

The sound of the piano is from him.

At that moment, the calm water in the depths of Xia Xiaoxi鈥檚 heart seemed to be gently touched, and then slowly spread out and spread out \u0026hellip; this sudden feeling made her stunned, the next second, she 鐢╃敥Head, try to forget these.

After the piano sounds, Ye Musen opened his eyes and saw Xia Xiaoxi look at him ten meters away. He smiled and walked toward her. Every step was so light, so soft, so silent \u0026 helli; Looking for me something? Xia Xiaoxi looked at Ye Musen at the moment, it seems that he has changed, but he does not know where he changed.

Remember this piano? I gave it to you, I always took it with me.

Ye Musen鈥檚 mouth hangs a shallow smile, stroking the blue tone piano with the eve, Mu, which was the birthday present given to him by Xia Xiaoxi.

The dim light shines on the piano and reflects on Ye Musen's face. Everything is so harmonious.

鍡痋u0026hellip; Xia Xiaoxi unconsciously looks away, feeling like he is in a temporary shackle.

Xia Xiaoxi, do you really like him? If you don't like it, break up with him, can you? You still said! I certainly like him, he is so good, so handsome, I certainly like it.

? Why are you mad at me, just for him? Is it really him in your heart? Tell me! Ye Musen couldn鈥檛 calm down at the moment. From his eyes, not only the dim light, but also the anger of the silk.

Enough, why do you have to manage so much, don't you think that you are nosy? busy body? Xia Xiaoxi, I heard clearly, I like you! I like you \u0026hellip; I like you \u0026hellip; Xia Xiaoxi can't believe it with big eyes and look at Ye Musen.

At that moment, her body was stiff, and the original reddish eyes became more red, but the light was too dark and others could not see it.

But Mu Musen saw it, and he saw the tears in her eyes.

Xia Xiaoxi doesn't know why he is uncomfortable.

When she was still in a daze, she suddenly felt her lips wet. After reacting, she pushed Ye Musen hard and gave him a slap, then licked her lips and turned and ran away.

It鈥檚 just a moment of turning, tears finally fall down \u0026hellip; and Ye Musen, still standing in the same place \u0026hellip; chapter11 Qingshui Community 201 room door was opened, by the light, Xia Xiaoxi went to the room, unable to fall The bed, just like this, fell asleep \u0026hellip; she had a dream.

In the dream, she experienced the previous things.

At that time, Ye Musen gave her a bunch of keys and said that this is the key to the room I rented, and I will go if I want to go later.

Xia Xiaoxi gave him a blank eye and did not say anything.

The key is now in the drawer of her desk, and I have never taken it to open Ye Musen's room.

This dream is very long and long. Xia Xiaoxi has a smile on his mouth, but there is tears in his eyes and \u0026hellip; she doesn't know, this dream can only be regarded as the only memory \u0026hellip; chapter12 second After school in the evening, Xia Xiaoxi did not see Ye Musen. She never worried about her. At this moment, she was worried that he would be surprised by Xia Xiaoxi.

Maybe, just because he is the one I played from childhood to big, she thought so.

Yes, when two people are together for a long time, leaving more is dependent and habit.

Xia Xiaoxi came to the rooftop on the fifth floor that met with Qing Chennu every night. However, today she saw Lin Lin with him.

How are you together? Xiao Xi, I have something to tell you clearly, I like Lin Lin.

The sky seems to be raining, and the wind swayed the flowers and leaves, seemingly to break their dreams.

And Xia Xiaoxi鈥檚 heart hurts a little, and he can鈥檛 help but step back.

What! ? Sorry, Xiao Xi \u0026hellip; Lin Lin apologizes to Xia Xiaoxi.

Enough! Chen Nuo, I ask you, why do you promise me? In fact, I just want to know Lin Lin through you.

You lied to me? No, in fact, Ye Musen is very good to you.

Ah? What do you mean? You listen to me slowly.

Ye Musen knew that when we were together, he looked for me and he did a lot for you.

Remember that I walked with you on that very little road that night? When you passed out, Ye Musen came out to help me. He didn't send Lin Lin to go home, but he followed us.

And he took you to the hospital regardless of his injury.

There is breakfast every morning in the desk, and the hygiene of the classroom is arranged by him. He gives your classmates some money and lets him do it every day.

He said to me, don't tell you this.

I asked him at the time, is it worth it? At that time he just smiled.

Then, I asked him again, why didn't you tell her? At that time, he only said \u0026hellip; Qing Chen Norton, said that these years, he came to her world silently \u0026hellip; heartache, accompanied by tears, constantly impacting the strength of Xia Xiaoxi's heart. Finally, the vertigo came, she squatted on the ground and slowly wept, why \u0026hellip; why not tell me \u0026hellip; Xiao Xi, in fact, those things in junior high school, Ye Musen did for you, and he chose this high school, too For you \u0026hellip; Lin Lin also shed tears. Don't say \u0026hellip; don't say \u0026hellip; Xia Xiaoxi shook his head and didn't want to believe it all. Xiao Xi, go find him. Qing Chennu walked over to her and fell down. He \u0026hellip; he must have been hurt by me \u0026hellip; he likes you, so he will forgive you. Do you like him? I? I don't know \u0026hellip; Xia Xiaoxi red eyes, shaking his head. go quickly! I \u0026hellip; um \u0026hellip; Xia Xiaoxi stood up and turned and walked a few steps, then looked back at the Qing Chen, who just stood up, and squeezed a smile. Lin Lin, Qing Chennuo, you have to be happy! Then, gradually go far \u0026hellip; go far \u0026hellip; can they be together? Lin Lin stepped forward and looked at Qing Chennuo. Days are destined \u0026hellip; chapter13 Although it is summer, the wind of the night blows on Xia Xiaoxi's body, but it is cold. She thought she could exchange his forgiveness, but it was just a bad news, just like a blue sky, breaking her strength thoroughly. Crying, heartache, dizziness \u0026 hellip; that night, after Xia Xiaoxi left, Ye Musen walked by the river, but met the previous few gangsters, several people beat him one, unfortunately, he was hit by a crowbar There were also several stab wounds on the head and body. He fainted and fell on the breeze, not waking up, only the dim road lanterns covered him, and the blue tone organ \u0026hellip held tightly in his hand; the next day, Ye Ye Ye from the field I was told that I need to send Ye Musen to a bigger city for better treatment in the hospital. There is a blood clot on his head, and if he does not take care of it, he may be in a long-term coma. Secondly, if you wake up, you will also experience amnesia. Therefore, Ye father Ye mother arranged for Ye Musen to leave the city - Su Jiang, and sent him to the city hospital in Jingbei. Perhaps, this treatment will be a long and long time \u0026hellip; Maybe, this is the day destined \u0026hellip; chapter14 鍜?\u0026hellip; with the sound, the Room 302 room of the Red Maple Community was opened, which originally belonged to Ye Musen's room, can now come in, only There is Xia Xiaoxi. She gently closed the door and went to Ye Musen's bedroom. It was very clean and neat. There was a laptop on the desk. Next to the computer was a photo frame. Xia Xiaoxi picked up the photo frame. The photo was a smile. She, below, there is a line written by Ye Musen - the summer solstice sunset, only the leaf love. Xia Xiaoxi smiled \u0026hellip; However, she smiled with tears \u0026hellip; she slept on Ye Musen's bed and dreamed that he was coming to her. He said, Xiao Xi, you don't love me \u0026hellip; in the dream, her heartache, reality, she also heartache. She frowned in pain, gasping, as if she couldn't breathe, but she didn't wake up \u0026hellip; sweat on her forehead \u0026hellip; tears in her eyes \u0026 helip; but she couldn't hear the sigh \u0026hellip again; The smile of the teenager \u0026hellip; Xia Xiaoxi, who she loves, the whole world knows. It鈥檚 just that person, but there鈥檚 no chance to know that \u0026hellip; chapter15 has passed away, and it鈥檚 been like this in a year. At the beginning of September, Qing Chennuo was a sophomore student, and Lin Lin also got a university notice. She and Qing Chennuo were in the same school. As for Xia Xiaoxi, she decided to leave Sujiang, leave the city, and go to the city where her parents lived. The breeze blew, the breeze river at night, Xia Xiaoxi looked at the fireworks in the distant sky, so beautiful \u0026hellip; However, after reading this fireworks, it fell into the sadness of that place, but behind the happiness, but fell asleep sad. Today, she looked up and stared at the night sky, so as not to let the tears flow down \u0026hellip; the leaves have drifted, but drifted into the distance \u0026hellip; the sunset drops blood, dripping on the breeze river. Leaves have drifted \u0026hellip; sunset drops blood \u0026hellip; Breeze Riverside \u0026hellip; Musen, where are you? You know, Xiao Xi really miss you \u0026hellip; chapter16 In the morning, Breeze Middle School High School (8) class is taking classes. Report. The sound is not big, but it is very soft. Well, classmate, you are a newcomer, what is your name? Oh, teacher, my name is Ye Musen. Well, you come in and find a place to sit down. Thank you. Today, Ye Musen has recovered, but temporary amnesia, he can't think of too many things. During the year, he often dreamed of a girl, but he did not know her name. The only thing that was remembered was the Breeze High School (8) class in Sujiang. So he asked his parents to help him transfer to this school. Ye Musen held his arms and smiled and walked to an empty position to sit down. He borrowed a book from the classmates in front of him. When he was ready to open it, he accidentally saw the words in the lower left corner of the desk, which was deep and deep. So, I gently read it out \u0026hellip; summer \u0026 hellip; small \u0026hellip; eve \u0026 hellip;

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