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Today, Henan Meiye people are working together to make progress, stick to the 'connotative, distinctive, international' road to school, and make unremitting efforts to build a high-level art school with distinctive characteristics.

'I didn't steal her money!' Xiaoying said coldly. I was blindfolded all the time. How could she lie and be so open-minded? I just wanted to help her solve the problem. She actually played me.

I forgot that I鈥檝e got married and gave birth to a child, and my life experience is richer than us.

She didn't want to offend others, so she went to the end.

+I was like a fool, and I was transferred by her group. The embarrassing scene, I am a little sad now. Because the price at that time was not as high as it is now, the teacher at the school said that when I got a job in Shanghai, I was able to get more than 1,000 wages. I was so excited that I felt that my salary was high and high! I am thinking that when I was in the technical college for two years, I could go to Shanghai to make a better life. I still spent a lot of time.

'Do you have evidence? Why do you say that there is a skill to let Aqiao come to confront.' When she said this, the expression was still cold.

I will call Aqiao out of the way.

'A Qiao, are you telling me that when you see Xiaoying going to your bag, do you suspect that she stole your money?' I looked at Aqiao.

Before meeting beauty, I haven't been to college, I didn't go to college. When I didn't graduate from high school, I dropped out of school.

First, because the results of learning are not ideal, they are not very interested in learning. Moreover, the conditions at home are not good, parents are farmers, and farming is at home. Somehow, I dropped out of school.

In short, I am very good to each of them. I usually teach them a lot of professional techniques and beauty knowledge. I will start with them and go out to do propaganda. I will explain clearly to any work step skills.

When they are slowly getting started, the business of the beauty salon is getting better and better, and more and more new and old customers are getting there. Even on the weekends, when there is often a busy life, if the beauty salon business has been doing so well, it is a pity that it is not like that.

Recruiting employees I am very confused, how can I lose money? The beauty salon is also a few of us.

'Would you like to be out?' I asked Aqiao again.

'Impossible, I saw it in the bag when I took my aunt's paper in the morning,' she then plunged into my ear and said softly, 'I guess it must have been stolen by Xiaoying.' /p>

I put it with her bag, and only she was close there.

'' Are you sure? 'I asked her very surprised.

'OK!' She told me in my eyes. Afraid of the parents' obstruction, he lied to go to his classmates for a few days, and simply took a few clothes and was ready to elope to Shanghai. Originally, I wanted to have a classmate, but I was afraid that my parents would interrupt her legs when I found out, and I would send me to the train bound for Shanghai. Now I think that I was just 18 years old and I was really bold and too heartless. I am not afraid of the danger of the future and I don鈥檛 worry about the feelings of my family. I am impulsive and go out alone.

First, you can learn the theoretical knowledge of the system; Xiaoyu and Xiaoying are good friends, and Aqiao and Xiaozhu are also good friends.

Light rain is among the four employees, the tallest and the most beautiful face, and the show is very smart, I have always wanted to train her to become the beauty salon manager; Aqiao is the only one of the four employees. Born a child, but she still looks very young, the skin is well maintained; Xiaoying is very hard, the others are doing very well, that is, their hands are rough, many customers do not like her very much. ; Xiaozhu's words, lively and witty, many customers like her very much. When I am free, I like to browse some information on the Internet, and I often see some doubts from partners who are eager to invest in business and open beauty salons. Indeed, the hardships of the first venture to open a beauty salon and the bumps that will hit the wall are endless. Here I will talk about the love that I and the beauty salon can't tell! It is also a kind of memory and record of the lost years. I hope that these stories will have some different understandings and help for the friends who want to start a beauty salon. Qin Qin knows my troubles and is very enthusiastic to help me out. When I was frustrated and ready to give up, it was because of her words that encouraged me. Now I really want to thank her.

When she realized that I was hesitant and wanted to give up, patiently helped me analyze the advantages of opening a beauty salon. 'This is the best time to open a beauty salon. You have to know that there is no such store when you miss this village. If you don't open it now, if you open it later, you will be more competitive and your business will be harder.' /p>

'After listening to the piano sister, my heart has become firmer. With the support of family and friends, the driving force for opening a beauty salon will be much bigger! Employee management has become a people's The industry, there are many people who study beauty now, and there are many beauty training schools. There are two ways to study beauty in the future. One is to choose a regular school, the other is to choose a beauty shop to study; but the mainstream is still the choice. Regular beauty training school to learn, follow the master in the beauty shop, can not systematically learn the beauty technology, and the store is for profit, no one teaches you, no time to teach you, can't learn anything. There is no opportunity for hands-on operation, so study beauty is still a good beauty training school, today Shenzhen Beauty School Xiaobian for you to introduce a good beauty school in Shenzhen area - Shenzhen Xinyi Beauty School. However, wait until we graduate At the time, the school said that it would be fine to arrange for us to work in Shanghai, but each of us needs to pay a 1,500 yuan guarantee fee. I was really dizzy at the time. One thousand and five hundred pieces were not a small number at the time. So I thought it would be better for me to forget. I just had an aunt in a bay in the factory in Songjiang District, Shanghai. I thought it was better. Going to her to do things. The first encounter between the transformation from the beautician to the beauty salon owner and the beauty: as a beautician in the beauty salon, I remember that it was the summer of 2005, I told my family about my thoughts. .

In fact, when I came to work in Shanghai, I earned money but didn't save money. My mother told my thoughts to some of my relatives. Although there are not so many deposits at home to help me, I still support me.

Especially for a family with good family conditions, I can borrow 30,000 from me.

I was really touched at the time, like finding a straw, at that time 30,000 was not a small amount. So, I will discuss with Xiaoxuan, it is better to open this beauty salon than our partnership, and the money earned is equally divided. Enrollment target: 0 Basics want to learn the refresher course start form: full-time class time: Monday to Sunday 9:00-11:30, 1:30-5:00 pm, teaching method: the disciple class teaches 15 people, Hands-on teaching, practical operation, supplemented by theory, the curriculum of the church is introduced from the zero-based course, suitable for white-collar workers/institutional students, all kinds of beauty lovers, as long as they want to improve their aesthetic awareness and enhance their personal In the image and intrinsic temperament, the learning content is mainly aimed at the individual's own conditions, the overall design and clothing mix of the design, including the introduction of image design, color aesthetics, basic makeup, skin care and care, clothing and matching skills, can make The students quickly learned and mastered the fashion personal makeup techniques and costumes in a short period of time.

Second, enrollment targets: want to become a wedding makeup artist, studio makeup artist, study studio makeup class: full-time study time: Monday to Sunday 9:00-:11:30, 1:30-5: 00, teaching methods: the disciples class teaching 15 people a class, hands-on teaching, practical exercises, supplemented by theory, the church is the entrepreneurial direction: the country's major wedding photo studios, wedding photography studios, STUDIO self-employment, bride orders Single-class work course features This course is designed for professional photographers and fashion photographers who have fashion photography brides and fashion wedding brides, such as fashion photography brides and fashion wedding brides, and combine with fashion and market trends. The students have the aesthetic consciousness and creative consciousness of the international fashion bride makeup. Third, enrollment objects: 0 basics want to learn makeup, want to become a fashion free makeup stylist, advanced fashion courses start form: full-time class time: Monday to Sunday 9:00-11:30, 1:30-5:00 pm Teaching methods: small class teaching, practical operation, theory as auxiliary employment direction: advertising company, media company, fashion photography studio, makeup company, TV station, personal image design, fashion free makeup stylist, etc. [manicurist class] : Learning period 20-35 days can reach intermediate + advanced level Employment wages 3500-8000 yuan is suitable for starting from zero basis, in the future, I want to master all aspects of management and technology from theory to practice to management. [Almighty manicurist class]: The learning period is 30-65 days, which can reach the primary + intermediate level + advanced level. The employment salary is 4500-10000 yuan. It is suitable for starting from zero basis. From the comprehensiveness of technology to the ability of management and management, I want to be a store manager in the nail industry in the future. Not only high salary or entrepreneur Korean semi-permanent eyebrows: 1, basic knowledge of tattoo, 2 natural eyebrows (root eyebrows) 3, 3D eyebrows (fog + root simulation eyebrows) 4, 4D eyebrows, meteor eyebrows, seaweed eyebrows Wait for all eyebrows 5, red, blue eyebrows to change color 6, (upper and lower eyeliner, without tail) 7, doodle lips, jelly lips, all kinds of lip design, driving lips 8, turning lips, lips Color selection (how to apply metaphysics to raise the price) 9, facial facial features Feng Shui 10, facial eyebrows real life design 13, color material selection, matching, coloring 14, Korean semi-permanent makeup postoperative notes 15, Korean Semi-permanent makeup sales skills 16, late sales and after-sales processing 17, gift: Korean pregnancy and eyelash surgery 18, gift: Korean pregnancy lip surgery 19, gift: tattoo technology 20, gift: MTS skin management train constantly on and off, But the people inside the train But it does not increase or decrease.

It takes twenty hours from my hometown to Shanghai. When I am hungry, I ate a little biscuit. I don鈥檛 know who to talk to. I don鈥檛 know why it鈥檚 easy to get stuck. I have to embrace my own feet. sleep.

At night, if you are awake, you may be awakened. Suddenly I heard a man asking me: 'Little girl, where are you going alone?' I was stunned at the time, would he be the bad guy who sold the little girl, the more I felt more and more afraid. 'I am going back to school. I have been studying in Shanghai. I have been studying for a year.

'I pretend to smile. I just want to let him know that I am very familiar with the train and Shanghai, but I can't deceive me. Haha, the idea at the time was really fun!' No doubt about her! 'A Qiao pretends to say nothing about this. The next morning, I finally arrived in Shanghai, which I dreamed of.'

When you walk out of Shanghai South Railway Station, you can feel the deep breath and the air in Shanghai is good! The sky is so blue, looking around, it feels so beautiful! There is only a little more than a hundred yuan left on the body. I don鈥檛 have a mobile phone and I don鈥檛 remember the contact information of the aunt who worked at Shanghai Songjiang Dafeng Electronics Factory. It was a bit confused.

Being a clerk is good, stable and easy, but not very free. I also don't want to work forever, thinking about traveling around.

With a little savings, I went to learn crafts, so I went to the beauty school to study beauty.

After resigning my first clerk job and learning to be perfect, I started looking for a new job.

At first, I was really a little inferior. I was afraid that no beauty salon would be willing to hire a young beautician without any experience. Moreover, it is still from a girl in a rural village who does not have a high degree of education. Therefore, when interviewing, I will not ask for the level of salary. I just want to ask for me. Beauty is more than just facial beauty. If you only study facial beauty, one month of study is enough.

But beauty covers a wide range of topics, including beauty, makeup, tattoo, body, hair, aroma, management, consumer psychology, and Chinese medicine.

There is a lot of learning content, and it takes a long time to practice and theoretical knowledge to be proficient. The experience of working in a beauty salon made me grow very fast. After working for one year, when I was 20 years old, I suddenly wanted to open a beauty salon myself.

Working in a beauty salon has familiar me with all the processes. They can open a good beauty salon. Why can't I? Xuefei Nisi front desk photo Fortunately, I was finally seen by the manager of a beauty salon, and a beauty salon was willing to hire me. After working in the beauty salon for a period of time, in fact, my progress is still quite large. I quickly adapted to the working environment of the beauty salon. Slowly, the sales performance has steadily increased to become the object of the president's morning meeting.

Originally, my comprehension ability was good in the field of beautician work. Because I don鈥檛 want to stay in my hometown again, plus the temptation of Shanghai to me, I decided to go to Shanghai for development despite my family鈥檚 opposition. However, my parents did not agree with me. I didn't even have the money to buy a ticket, and I didn't pay the price to others. Moreover, my friends didn't have much money at the time. Just, I think of the lucky money I received in the New Year. Although not many have two or three hundred, it is enough to buy a ticket to Shanghai.

Xiao Yan was persuaded by me, but I finally agreed to open a beauty salon together.

After I decided, I started looking for a store for the beauty salon.

I didn't think that a suitable storefront was so hard to find, not that the environment was not so good, that is, the store rent was too expensive.

When I was unable to do anything, I met an enthusiastic Qin sister. In fact, she was also a colleague who worked in a beauty salon before, because we were still living in a dormitory, and after playing slowly, we played very well.

Original title: How do I step from the beauty apprentice to the beauty salon owner? It was the first time in my life to take the train. It was really unforgettable! Because the train ticket was not bought in advance and was anxious, it was only possible to buy a station ticket.

That corridor and aisle is really a shoulder-to-shoulder, bustling, full of people everywhere.

I didn鈥檛 stand for a while and my legs were soft and sour. I couldn鈥檛 care for so many image problems. I saw that there was no garbage on the floor of the train. I simply sat down.

One day, Ah Qiao came to me and whispered to me that the money in her bag was less than 500.

(Because this thing makes me sad, so remember more clearly) I was surprised to hear this news. The beauty salon has never lost anything, and the beautician in the store has someone who will take someone else's money. I told her that I would not look carefully, maybe in another grid of the bag.

She said very firmly to me, 'I have been looking for it many times, no. I am sure that it is gone.' It is really not easy to recruit employees. Those excellent beauticians rarely come. Working in a family-style beauty salon, they will feel that the platform is too small and there is no big future. Therefore, the employees who can be recruited into the beauty salon are also newcomers who have just learned. There is no way to open a beauty salon, so I have to bring more. As long as they are willing to learn to practice, they will soon become skilled, so I found four new employees for the store. Looking for a storefront However, I forgot to find an employee who can't recruit a friend who is a friend.

The four employees seem to have been assigned the same, two or two combinations. In the beginning, they worked hard and learned very well.

However, some things that happened later made me realize that it is risky to recruit friends and employees. I also realize that the beauty salon opened is small, and the employees will bully the boss! The family actually wants me to study at the university. I am not a material for reading. However, my parents are distressed. I am only 16 years old. I can鈥檛 bear to go out to work in the factory. I also heard from my relatives that the illiteracy of this society is no longer ignorant of words, but not computers.

Parents don't want me to do nothing, just send me to a technical college in the next town to learn computer use.

At that time, the school promised us that we would go to work in Shanghai when we graduated for two years.

Shanghai, in my eyes, was a bright and colorful metropolis. The students in my hometown stayed in Shanghai to settle down in Anjiale, and it was as beautiful as heaven in my heart.

There is a beauty class in the beauty and hairdressing school. From the basics to the advanced level, it takes about 3-4 months. The specific time depends on your study. If you learn well, you can continue. After further study, the school will recommend your work for you after graduation, and you will be relieved of your worries. Although Xiaoying鈥檚 usual work does not appeal to customers, it is still possible. But when I saw A Qiao鈥檚 firm eyes, I decided to ask Xiaoying. After all, I definitely did not allow my beauty salon to have someone with problems. I found Xiaoying and called her to euphemistically ask her if she had done this. When I finished talking about it, Xiaoying was calm.

There is no excuse, no tears that have been shackled and no grievances.

Seriously, her reaction made me very disappointed. For a time, I even believed in Aqiao's words. So I changed the way I talked and began to question her. 'The money room in the Aqiao bag is what you take! Our beauty salon does not allow such employees who like to steal things. If you take it, you will hand it over and return it to her. I have never been jealous, and it is not an example!' The tone is serious.

Next, it is a matter of recruiting a beautician. If you are joining a beauty salon now, you don't have to worry about yourself.

(Hey, the times are different!) I remember that at the time, I took a small advertisement and found a place to paste.

During that time, although I was very tired every day, I was very happy. My heart was slowly squatting at the beauty salon. I thought that I finally had a beauty salon of my own. When I was dreaming, it seemed to be awakened. I also dreamed that one day, I will open a lot of branches in my beauty salon, and then drive to the north and south of the river.

After talking for so long, it seems that I haven't touched the theme I want to say.

(Hey, a bit of a problem) After a year of working as a clerk, he slowly picked up some money.

Although I am obsessed with the big Shanghai, I don鈥檛 have to spend money to play.

Seeing women around them will always dress, glamorous, and envy. Moreover, I found that they like to go to the beauty salon for beauty, and the skin is well maintained.

After several twists and turns, I finally found a beauty salon store belonging to us, two rooms and one hall, 1800 yuan a month, just outside the department store.

In fact, at the beginning, I didn鈥檛 know where to choose the storefront. I saw that there were five or six beauty salons of different sizes in the vicinity. I thought it should be good, otherwise it would not There are so many. They can all go to the beauty salon in this business, and I can certainly.

If it is now, the first time to open a beauty salon will certainly not have so many troubles, join a chain brand beauty salon, the company headquarters will have professionals to help find the storefront and design the store decoration, help open the business to carry out promotional activities, etc. , I would like to open a beauty salon like that at the time, everything needs to find a solution. After comparing the three aspects, we can conclude that beauty schools and beauty salons have their own strengths. The beauty school has a strong faculty to meet the learning needs of most people, but most of the teaching is based on theory and lacks practical experience. If the beautician still graduates after graduation, he still has to start from the basics.

Especially in many beauty salons, the techniques and products are different. Re-learning is a necessary stage. However, students who graduated from a beauty school have an advantage, that is, they have a strong understanding ability and get started quickly. If you are born in the class, it will be good for future development.

Tired and sleepy and hungry, I think I should first find a place to live. A girl can鈥檛 sleep on the street at night! It鈥檚 still eight or nine, and it鈥檚 not good to go to the hotel. I remembered listening to the teacher before. There are talent markets in big cities, where jobs can be found. I asked the people on the side of the road and found the bus in the nearest talent market.

Even if it was a road idiot, I asked hard, so I didn't take a lot of detours.

Fortunately, in the talent market, I quickly found a clerk's job. The key is to eat and wrap. I don't ask about the salary any more. Because someone wants me to do things, I am already excited. I felt really lucky at the time! After confirming the storefront, I didn鈥檛 have much decoration because I didn鈥檛 have much money. I bought some elegant wallpapers and posted them.

After thinking about waiting for the beauty salon to open, make money and then renovate it.

Then there is the purchase of beauty beds, equipment and equipment. As for the furniture that needs to be placed in the living room, many of them borrow the original landlord, but all the furniture has been cleaned again. Some of the decorations were too late to buy, and I used the ones I used before. After the decoration and cleaning with my little sister, the two-bedroom apartment gradually became a beauty salon. Looking at the warm little world that I have arranged, I am happy and excited in my heart! .


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