casino barriere paris:casino,barriere,paris,锘,The,ci:锘?p> I. The cities with the 30th ranking in the guiding ideology have not disclosed the 2016 budget implementation and the 2017 budget report in this city. Most of them are only in the main body of the report. The total amount of some item

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锘?p> I. The cities with the 30th ranking in the guiding ideology have not disclosed the 2016 budget implementation and the 2017 budget report in this city. Most of them are only in the main body of the report. The total amount of some items was introduced, but the basic details were not known. The cities ranked lower are also underperforming in 鈥渙ther important financial information鈥? and it is difficult to meet the requirements and expectations of the central and public public for the disclosure of financial information. Among them, Shangqiu City, Zhumadian City, Henan Province, and Jinchang City, Gansu Province ranked the last three.

(iv) Performance orientation.

Standard project setting, strict project establishment, performance management throughout the entire process of budget preparation, implementation and supervision, and strengthen spending responsibility and efficiency awareness.

Strengthen the performance appraisal work, pay attention to the application of performance appraisal results, and scientifically and effectively improve the use of financial funds. The budget balance of the year: local fixed income of 493.394 million yuan, plus grade subsidy income of 1.25 million yuan, plus annual balance of 55.33 million yuan, plus transfer to the budget stability adjustment fund of 141.91 million yuan, plus transfer of funds of 300 million yuan, total income 224518 Ten thousand yuan.

The expenditure arrangement for the year was 214.235 million yuan, the expenditure for the upper level was 15.83 million yuan, the debt service was 87 million yuan, and the total expenditure was 224.518 million yuan. [Owen Han] The steel and coal industries are important basic industries for China's economic operation, and have made outstanding contributions to China's economic and social development. The country will not forget. In 2017, the Ministry of Finance will continue to implement relevant fiscal and taxation policies, timely allocate special award funds, conduct special investigations on the implementation of relevant fiscal and taxation policies, strengthen the supervision and management of the use of special award funds, and urge local governments and related enterprises to use them well. The fiscal and taxation policies will promote the work of the steel and coal industries to resolve excess capacity. (4) Properly arrange various reform expenditures and improve the treatment of cadres and workers. First, the reform of the comprehensive docking agency, according to the municipal institutional reform plan, the departmental budgeting unit and the municipal finance bureau will be adjusted accordingly, and the departmental budget (draft) will be prepared in strict accordance with the institutional reform regulations and reported to the municipal people's congress and approved. . Second, all units must prepare the basic endowment insurance contribution budget in accordance with the relevant provisions of the 鈥淣otice of the Ministry of Finance on the Implementation of the Budget Management Issues Concerning the Reform of the Endowment Insurance System in Governments and Institutions鈥? and the full financial support. Part of the basic endowment insurance contribution unit of the personnel, after the budget is paid to the unit according to the 20% of the total salary, the unit will pay the agency鈥檚 self-employment insurance. At the same time, the full financial allocation unit shall set up the 鈥減ayable occupational annuity payment鈥?for reference. Record the occupational annuity of the current and accumulated staff members, and establish an occupational annuity account for each staff member. The non-financial full appropriation unit shall pay the staff occupation annuity in full and on time according to the regulations. Third, according to the 'Notice of the Yueyang Municipal Finance Bureau of Yueyang City on the Further Strengthening of Social Basic Medical Insurance' (Yuerenshefa [2015] No. 1), the medical support unit of the financial support personnel After the budget is paid to the unit according to the 7% of the total salary, the unit will pay the medical insurance center by itself. At the same time, the medical subsidy of the civil servant (including the public) will be used by the municipal financial unified budget to the municipal medical insurance center. Fourth, the units that intend to implement the official vehicle reform should arrange for the approval of the maintenance and repair of official vehicles and the official transportation subsidy funds within the quota of public funds, and accurately compile the corresponding budget expenditure subjects. After the bus reform subsidy is finalized by the municipal government, the financial settlement is based on the scope, standards and units of the subsidized personnel.

Five, in accordance with the spirit of the State Council issued [2016] No. 62 document, from July 1, 2016, adjust the basic salary standards for staff of government agencies and institutions, and increase the retiring expenses of retired staff of government agencies and institutions.

In order to ensure that wages are paid in full and on time, in the preparation of the 2017 departmental budget, the basic salary, subsidy for subsidy or performance pay of the staff and institutions in the institutions and institutions shall be arranged according to the criteria approved by the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, and the sources of funds shall be arranged according to the original channels. .

In 2017, the full-budget staff of the unit should be included in the scope of the unified financial salary in principle, and resolutely put an end to the fact that some of the personnel in the unit will not be found in the unified system. The budget will only be settled with the salary management center, and the basic budget will not be disbursed. Pay to the unit.

If an individual unit cannot be included in the scope of the unified situation due to special circumstances, it must be reported to the municipal government for approval.

19. State-owned capital operation budget: It is the income and expenditure budget of the state that obtains the operating income of state-owned capital in accordance with the law and distributes the income. It is an important part of the government budget.

I. Implementation of the central and local budgets in 2016 (5) General public budget arrangements for the municipal development zones.

In 2017, the general public budget revenue of the development zone was 64.20 million yuan plus subsidy income of 20.42 million yuan, with a total income of 84.62 million yuan.

Reducing the expenditure of the upper solution is 28.42 million yuan, and the general public budget expenditure of the development zone is 56.2 million yuan.

(1) Strictly control administrative costs and promote the construction of a conservation-oriented government.

To fully implement the policy and regulations of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial party committee, the provincial government, the municipal party committee, and the municipal government on improving work style, closely contacting the masses, and practicing diligence and saving, against extravagance and waste, will save and deepen The reform of the fiscal and taxation system is closely integrated, and the implementation of the fiscal and financial system is promoted.

Strictly control general expenditures and continue to prepare the 鈥渢hree public funds鈥?budget in accordance with the principle of 鈥渮ero growth鈥?

Insist on the 'tight days', do not build new government buildings, strictly control the establishment of institutions, improve the official card system, control the administrative operation costs, and promote the long-term, normalization and institutionalization of the work.

What other policy measures to benefit small and micro enterprises are worth looking forward to this year? Can corporate social insurance rates drop further? In the fields of environmental protection and pension, what other plans are there for financial support? At 15:00 on March 8, 2017, the Director of the General Office of the Ministry of Finance and the spokesperson Owen Han visited the Chinese government network and exchanged information with netizens on the 2017 budget report.

The central general public budget revenue is 100 million yuan, which is 100% of the adjusted budget, which is the same as the growth in 2015.

In addition, the central budget stabilization fund was transferred to 100 billion yuan, and the central government fund budget and the central state-owned capital operation budget were transferred to 100 million yuan. The total income was 100 million yuan.

The central general public budget expenditure is 100 million yuan (including the central government's expenditure of 2.7404 trillion yuan, the central government's return to local taxes and transfer payments of 100 million yuan), and the percentage of the revised budget is increased by %.

In addition to supplementing the central budget stabilization fund, the total expenditure is 100 million yuan.

The total amount of revenue and expenditure is offset, and the central government's fiscal deficit is 1.400 billion yuan, which is in line with the budget.

The central reserve budget for 2016 is 50 billion yuan, the actual expenditure is 100 million yuan, and the remaining 100 million yuan is transferred to the central budget stabilization fund.

At the end of 2016, the central government's fiscal bond balance was 100 million yuan, which was controlled within the annual budget limit of 100 million yuan; the central budget stabilization fund balance was 100 million yuan (including 100 million yuan through the recovery of the central government's carry-over funds).

In XX years, in the face of the adverse impact of the international financial crisis, we took the initiative to adapt to the development and changes of the new situation, actively explore new ideas and new ways, continuously deepen the reform of the fiscal system, strengthen the management of fiscal revenue and expenditure, and achieved new work. Achievements.

The main focus is on the following aspects: [Owen Han] Governing the haze is a tough battle that must be won.

Get rid of the smog, except for the help of the sky, it is even more important.

The Ministry of Finance attaches great importance to this and has adopted a series of policy measures, including actively supporting renewable energy development, promotion of new energy vehicles, straw burning and comprehensive utilization, giving full play to the role of taxation policies and improving government procurement. Policies to encourage accelerated replacement of traditional energy sources and reduction of pollutant emissions.

For example, last year, the special fund for air pollution prevention and control was specially allocated 11.2 billion yuan to support the implementation of the air pollution prevention and control action plan, and according to the improvement of the local atmospheric environment quality, etc., to guide local governments to increase investment.

[Owen Han] The third is to increase funding for the pension service system.

In recent years, the central government has supported the construction of urban community welfare institutions, community pension service facilities, rural five-guarantee facilities, and rural happy homes through special lottery public welfare funds and welfare lottery public welfare funds.

Starting from 2016, on the basis of continuing to arrange the welfare lottery public welfare fund to support the construction of local old-age care institutions, during the 鈥?3th Five-Year Plan鈥?period, the central government will arrange a central special lottery public welfare fund of 1 billion yuan each year to select a group of regions to carry out home and community. A comprehensive pilot program for aged care services encourages local exploration of feasible models for the development of home and community aged care services.

The old people have placed their enthusiasm on the people. In the next step, we will work together with relevant departments to actively promote the construction of the old-age service system, support the improvement of the level of old-age services, and jointly depict the 'old-age' beautiful China. dream.

In 2017, the expenditure arrangement will continue to be based on the principle of 鈥減ay-as-you-go, balance of payments, overall consideration, and focus on key points鈥? Priority will be given to staff funding and basic operating expenses of the unit, as well as compulsory education school security mechanisms, urban and rural residents鈥?medical insurance, and new rural insurance. Three rural and other people's livelihood supporting funds are in place.

(5) Open and transparent.

Strengthen the department's budget and final accounts, improve the information disclosure system, implement the government, department and 鈥渢hree public鈥?funds, final accounts, borrowing debts, transfer payment funds, actively accept social supervision, and standardize budget management.

(III) Expenditure Arrangement [Owen Han] Resolving excess capacity is an important content and task of the supply-side structural reform, and it is a threshold that must be overcome for substantial progress in industrial transformation and upgrading.

According to the central decision-making deployment, in 2016, the Ministry of Finance and the relevant departments will issue relevant regulations specifically, and clarify a number of fiscal and taxation policies that support the steel and coal industries to resolve excess capacity.

One of them is the content that this netizen cares about. In the past two years, the central government has arranged a special fund for industrial structure adjustment of 100 billion yuan, which is mainly used to dispose of the resettlement and employment of enterprise employees in the process of overcapacity.

Others also encourage enterprises to restructure and bankrupt, and support various policies such as the separation and transfer of state-owned enterprises, the separation of labor and the collective reform of the factory.

(2) Overall consideration.

Standard full-caliber budget management, implement internal and external budget funds, other funds, unified management of government funds and expenditures, make overall arrangements, revitalize existing funds, and closely integrate stock results with budget preparation. The departments and units will reduce the scale of public funds or project expenditures in the next year according to a certain proportion, and free up more funds for wages and people's livelihood.

(5) Increase the overall management of non-tax revenues.

First, increase the use of government funds into the general public budget.

The second is to abolish the special provisions for special maintenance income such as urban maintenance and construction tax, sewage charges, water resources fees, education surcharges, mineral resources compensation fees, exploration rights and mining rights, and price. .

The third is the comprehensive deduction of income from administrative and institutional fees, fines and penalties, and disposal of state-owned assets (resources). All income is paid into the national treasury and is included in the budgetary arrangement. It is no longer directly returned to the obligatory units and disposal units.

In 2017, the total fiscal revenue was 847 million yuan, an increase of 76.65 million yuan, an increase of 10%.

Among them: (1) Local fixed income arrangement was 493.94 million yuan, an increase of 56.55 million yuan over the same period of last year.

(2) The central government's income arrangement was 279.15 million yuan, an increase of 28.02 million yuan year on year.

(3) The provincial-level income arrangement was 73.91 million yuan, a decrease of 7.92 million yuan year-on-year.

(1) Income Arrangement - On July 25, 2017, at the 30th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th People's Congress of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (1) According to the law.

Insist on financial management according to law, and strictly implement laws and regulations on budget management, government procurement, people's congress review, and implementation of economy.

Insist on the compilation, the government's income and expenditures are all included in the budget management.

[Moderator] Environmental issues are also of the utmost concern to everyone, especially water pollution, which has caused great harm to the health and lives of ordinary people.

Water pollution control is inseparable from financial support. So, what measures have been taken to prevent and protect water pollution? What other work considerations are there in the next step? [Owen Han] You have raised a question that everyone is very concerned about.

With the economic and social development and the improvement of people's living standards, as well as the increasing pressure of China's population aging, vigorously develop a multi-level pension insurance system including basic pension insurance, supplementary pension insurance and commercial pension insurance. An important part of the construction of the pension insurance system.

According to the '13th Five-Year Plan' and the relevant documents of the State Council, since 2015, we have been working with the State Administration of Taxation, the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the People's Bank of China, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other relevant departments to defer personal taxation. Research on relevant policies and technical issues involved in the pilot of commercial pension insurance has basically formed policy recommendations.

(10) Advance the advancement of financial supervision and establish the use of financial supervision to track the effectiveness and use afterwards.

According to the new 'Budget Law' and the 'Provincial Supervision Regulations of Hunan Province' adopted by the Provincial People's Congress in December 2016, establish and improve the mechanism for budget preparation, mutual restraint and mutual coordination, and accelerate the establishment of a financial expenditure monitoring mechanism embedded in business processes. Actively promote the department's budget preparation and simultaneous supervision and inspection mechanism. In accordance with the principle of 鈥渢ime ahead, full intervention, and highlighting key points鈥? we will intervene in supervision from the budget preparation and deployment, focusing on the comprehensive inspection of all departmental budget units and the selection of parts. Units that are related to people's livelihood and large amount of funds carry out key inspections to improve the rationality and scientificity of budget preparation.

Through special inspections or spot checks on departmental final accounts, strengthen supervision over key departments, key industries, and key fund accounts, check the authenticity and legitimacy of final income, check whether final expenditures comply with laws and regulations, and evaluate the use of financial funds. benefit.

Improve and correct the problems in the final review and review, improve the authenticity and accuracy of the final accounts data, strengthen the department's final accounts as an important basis for the audit department's budget, and give full play to the role of final accounts in strengthening budget management.

(3) Focus on the activation of the transfer mode, and play the role of fiscal policy guidance [Ewen Chinese Finance Department Director, spokesperson] The host is good, everyone netizens, everyone.

I am very happy to come to the Chinese government network again to exchange views on the budget report and the related work that netizens care about.

Under, I am willing to answer your questions.

The guiding ideology for the preparation of the 2017 budget is to fully implement the budget law and the reform requirements of the central, provincial and municipal governments to deepen the fiscal and taxation system, closely focus on the decision-making arrangements of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, further optimize the structure of fiscal expenditures, and adhere to the basics and pockets. The bottom line, promote fairness, give priority to safeguarding people's livelihood, major policy implementation and key expenditure needs, strictly control the 'three public funds' and other official expenses; improve the government budget system, strengthen the use of fiscal funds, and increase the investment in precision poverty alleviation through multiple channels. Poverty alleviation; effectively revitalize existing funds, strengthen full-caliber budget management, accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive, standardized and transparent budget system; strengthen financial discipline, strengthen budget constraints, strengthen budget review, comprehensively promote performance management, improve the use of fiscal funds, and strengthen the government Sexual debt management promotes the sustainable and healthy development of the city's economy and social harmony and stability.

(3) Highlight key points.

Strongly focus on the entire city center to coordinate financial resources, highlight key points, and ensure the implementation of major decision-making arrangements for key areas and key projects as well as municipal and municipal governments.

Further optimize the expenditure structure, ensure that new financial resources are used for people's livelihood expenditures, concentrate financial resources to do major events, and promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the city's economy.

[Owen Han] First, gradually establish a subsidy system for the elderly.

In 2014, the local people's governments at all levels were explicitly required to gradually establish an old-age subsidy system to provide subsidies for the elderly for elderly people with financial difficulties and disability.

The second is to implement tax incentives and fee reduction policies.

The maintenance service provided by the nursing home is exempt from business tax, and after the 鈥渃amp reform鈥?pilot is fully promoted, the original offer will be extended accordingly.

Temporary exemption of property tax and urban land use tax for real estate and land used by eligible service providers.

For the construction of non-profit pension institutions and the construction of for-profit pension institutions, the administrative fees will be exempted and halved in full, and the pension services provided by the pension institutions will be appropriately reduced or exempted from administrative fees.

(9) Strengthen government debt management and stock debt settlement.

All departments and units shall strictly control the scale of debts in accordance with the requirements of Guofa [2014] No. 43 and Lin Zhengfa [2014] No. 6, and actively carry out government stock debt swaps, reduce debt interest, extend repayment period, and ease Repayment of interest and interest pressure to resolve debt risks.

The replacement bond is based on the principle of 鈥渨ho uses debt and who is responsible鈥?to clarify the responsibilities of the relevant departments.

In addition to determining the replacement projects that should be financed, other units that use replacement bond funds are responsible for the repayment of principal and interest, and the debt collection and expenditure is included in the departmental budget management.

Entrusted by the State Council, the Ministry of Finance submitted to the Fifth Session of the 12th National People's Congress on March 5 to review the 'Report on the Implementation of the 2016 Central and Local Budgets and the 2017 Central and Local Budgets.'

The budget report is the 'book' of the country. It is the 'window' of the NPC deputies, CPPCC members and the people to understand where the country's money comes from and where it goes.

[Owen Han] Small and micro enterprises are an important pillar of the national economy and the main battlefield for employment.

Like the current Chinese economy, small and micro enterprises are in the stage of climbing and swaying, and they need strong support from all sides. The Ministry of Finance also attaches great importance to the support of small and micro enterprises.

In 2016, the central government took measures to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

For example, through the open competitive evaluation method, 15 new micro-enterprise entrepreneurial innovation base demonstration cities have been added nationwide, the number of demonstration cities has expanded to 30, and the award-winning funds have been allocated to promote the innovation of small and micro enterprises. Service support capabilities.

As another example, the National SME Development Fund was set up and operated, and the establishment of three sub-funds was completed. At present, a total of four sub-funds have been put into operation, with a total scale of 19.5 billion yuan.

The fund is mainly invested in seed-growing and start-up growth SMEs.

In addition, the relevant departments will carry out special inspections on the clean-up of local enterprises' fees and charges, and urge all localities to cancel, suspend, and exempt 90 administrative and institutional fees and 82 standards, and reduce the burden on enterprises and individuals by more than 190. 100 million yuan.

This year鈥檚 report focused on social concerns and made it clear to the people where taxpayers鈥?money was spent. At the same time, the report was detailed, well-analyzed, easy to understand, and let the people know why the government was spending these Money, how finances arrange spending.

Director, Deputy Director, Members: I am entrusted by the Municipal People's Government to report to the meeting on the preparation of the 2017 budget (draft), please deliberate.

The main reasons for the changes in financial resources in 2017 are as follows: First, the balance transfer payment and the county-level basic financial security mechanism award fund increased by 26.37 million yuan. Second, the budgetary adjustment fund was transferred to the budget and adjusted funds increased by 46.45 million yuan. The third is the full implementation of the 鈥渞eform of the camp鈥?and the adjustment of the VAT business tax sharing system. After the tax increments digested the 2014 reform year base, the local income and financial resources increased by 470,000 yuan. Fourth, after the fiscal year 2017 continued to replace some of Huilin's debts, Huilin's income was transferred to public finances of 300 million yuan, an increase of 180 million yuan over the previous year. Fifth, debt service payments increased by 62 million yuan. Implementation of the 2016 budget General public budget balance The plan for decomposing into the collection department is: the State Administration of Taxation, 450 million yuan, the local taxation bureau, 250 million yuan, and the Finance Bureau, 147 million yuan. In 2017, the district's social insurance fund's current income budget was 1,24,4110,000 yuan, an increase of 10,000 yuan, plus a surplus of 416.03 million yuan in the previous year. The total income was 1,640,140,000 yuan. Second, the preparation principles (6) improve the quality of budget performance management, improve the use of financial funds. Continue to implement the budget performance appraisal system, strengthen the expenditure responsibility and efficiency awareness, and realize the organic combination of budget performance management and budget preparation, execution and supervision; use the performance evaluation results as an important basis for adjusting the expenditure structure, improving the fiscal policy and scientifically arranging the budget; The combination of the results of the large performance evaluation and the budget arrangement will promote the performance evaluation results to the government and the National People's Congress and make them available to the public. In the preparation of the 2017 municipal departmental budget, the budget performance targets will be compiled simultaneously, and the departmental budget will be 鈥渟ame as reported, reviewed, and approved鈥? The budget department prepares the overall expenditure budget performance target of the department, and fills in the 鈥淒epartment (Unit) Overall Expenditure Budget Performance Target Declaration Form鈥? All funds with a budget of 300,000 yuan (including 300,000 yuan) for each level of the budget should prepare project performance targets and report the 'Project Expenditure Budget Performance Target Declaration Form'. All departments and units should actively cooperate with the financial department to do a good job in key areas and project performance evaluation, further improve the evaluation results feedback mechanism, supervise the problems found in the rectification evaluation, and report the relevant information to the financial department for record. At the same time, the Municipal Finance Bureau will increase the application of project performance review results. For projects that have been reviewed or reduced for performance review, if there is no special reason, the project funds will be arranged according to the results of the performance appraisal, and the funds will not be used for other projects of the unit. . -- On April 28, 2017, at the 3rd meeting of the Standing Committee of the 17th National People's Congress, Wu Tianxing, the director of the Finance Bureau, achieved rapid growth in income. The district's fiscal revenue collection and management department actively responded to the impact of tax cuts such as economic downturn, business tax and value-added tax, and seized the opportunity of the integration of taxation and taxation in urban areas, blocking loopholes and literacy areas, and the local general public budget revenue was 100 million yuan. The same caliber increased by %. Among them, the tax revenue is 100 million yuan, accounting for 70% of the general public budget income; non-tax revenue is 100 million yuan, accounting for 30% of the general public budget income. [Owen Han] A good ecological environment is the most fair public product, and it is the most inclusive benefit of people's livelihood. For water environmental protection, the central government attaches great importance to it. According to the 'Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan', the Ministry of Finance has increased its support for water pollution prevention and control work. First, integrate relevant funds to set up special funds for water pollution prevention and control. Support the ecological environment protection of lakes with better water quality, prevention and control of water pollution in key river basins, protection of centralized drinking water sources in urban areas, prevention and control of groundwater pollution, etc.; Formulate the 鈥淢easures for the Management of Special Funds for Water Pollution Prevention and Control鈥?and carry out the construction of project reserve banks. The second is to accelerate the construction of the compensation mechanism for the horizontal ecological protection of the upstream and downstream of the basin. With the approval of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance and the relevant departments issued the 'Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment of Compensation Mechanism for Horizontal Ecological Protection of the Upper and Lower Reaches of the River Basin' to guide local implementation of relevant work; expand the pilot scope of the horizontal ecological protection compensation mechanism for upstream and downstream watersheds, and promote the Kyushu River The Tingjiang-Hanjiang, Dongjiang, and Yinjinjinjin river basins established a compensation mechanism and continued to further promote the pilot work of Xin'anjiang. I. Financial statements in 2016 (II) Available financial resources and balance (7) Promote the department's pre-determination (information) to disclose information and improve budget transparency. Except for the classified units, all departments that use financial allocations should disclose the budget and transfer funds of the department. The department's budget and final accounts are all disclosed to the expenditure function classification item level and expenditure economy classification level level subject. Increase the public funds of the three public funds, and all the 'three public' funds allocated by the financial allocations must be disclosed in detail. Strengthen the department's main responsibility, and all departments are responsible for publicizing the department's budget and final accounts of the department and its affiliates and the 'three public' funds budget. The disclosure of transfer payment funds is subject to the timely disclosure of higher-level subsidies and funds arranged at the same level according to laws and regulations. Among them, special funds (including special transfer payments) should implement the whole process of system approach, declaration process, assessment results, distribution results, performance evaluation, etc. Publicity; the release of people's livelihood funds such as agriculture, forestry, water, education, health care and family planning, social security and employment, housing security, energy conservation and environmental protection, science and technology, culture, sports and media should be disclosed to the public. The department's budget and final accounts and the 'three public' funds budget and final accounts shall be disclosed within 20 working days after the approval. (2) Actively revitalize existing funds and promote the coordinated use of financial funds. In accordance with the Notice of the Hunan Provincial Department of Finance on Promoting the Revitalization of Financial Stock Funds (Xiangcai Pre [2015] No. 27) and the Interim Measures for the Management of Financial Appropriation and Balanced Funds of the Budget Department of Linxiang City (Lin Zhengfa [ The relevant provisions of 2015] No. 9) continue to increase the overall use of carry-over funds, and establish a mechanism for combining the management of carry-over balance funds with the annual budget preparation of the department. After the closing of the account at the end of the year, the treasury centralized payment of online and actual accounts to carry over the balance of funds, based on the project funds transferred to the higher level for more than two years or project funds that do not need to be used according to the original use, all of the city's financial co-ordination The second is to deal with the departmental basic expenditures of the department's basic expenditures in two cases, 100% of the previous year's arrangements, 50% of the current year's arrangements; the third is the department's project expenditures The transfer of funds shall be handled in two cases. For the project funds that have been carried over for more than 2 years, the financial department will take back the funds and make overall arrangements for use. For projects that require annual payment due to construction in progress, pending government purchases, etc., the unit shall first apply to the finance and verify it by the relevant business unit of the Finance Bureau, and may retain it; the remaining project expenditure is based on the balance of funds 10 % deduction. For units with surplus carryover funds that remain high and useless all the year round, the financial department will reduce the scale of the annual financial appropriation budget accordingly. 4. Promote reform and innovation mechanisms and improve management. The first is to strengthen budget reform. The county's 76 first-level budget units and 31 townships and towns budgets (including 鈥渢hree public funds鈥? are fully publicized, and the financial operation mechanism of budget preparation, implementation, supervision and mutual restraint and mutual coordination is established; fiscal special funds inspection is strengthened, and accounting is deepened. Supervise and standardize financial and economic order; consolidate and save results, strengthen the management of 鈥渢hree public funds鈥? reduce administrative costs, and promote financial management according to law. The second is to revitalize the financial stock funds. With the main goal of stabilizing growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure, and benefiting people's livelihood, we should make good use of increments, revitalize stocks, adjust and optimize the structure of fiscal expenditures, and continuously improve the use of fiscal funds. In the first half of the year, the budget targets of the budget units at the end of 2016 were comprehensively cleaned up, and a total of 74 million yuan of unit budget indicators were cleared. The third is strict government debt management. Formulated the leadership organization and policy measures for the regulation and strengthening of local government debt management in our county, and established an early warning mechanism for government debt risks. According to the 'State Council's Opinions on Strengthening Local Government Debt Management' (Guo Fa [2014] No. 43) and the 'Notice on Further Regulating Local Governments' Debt Financing Activities' (Caiyue [2017] No. 50) and other documents stipulated for our county The guarantees or commitments provided by the financing platform debts are cleaned up and rectified. The fourth is to reduce general expenditures. According to the relevant regulations of the State Council and the provincial government on the reduction of general expenditures, the general project budget of our county to be included in the scope of reduction in 2017 is 441.77 million yuan. Calculated according to the proportion of 5% of the project expenditure in the 2016 budget that should be included in the scope of reduction, our county should reduce the general project budget of 14.96 million yuan in 2017, all of which are used for the expenditure of the people's livelihood and poverty alleviation project in our county. . The fifth is to strengthen the financial supervision of townships and towns. Further implement the 'Regulations on the Financial Management of Townships in Anhui Province', strengthen the supervision of financial funds in towns and villages, and combine the feedback from the Provincial Committee's inspection team to comprehensively carry out special rectification work in the areas of people's livelihood, engineering, and enforcement of financial disciplines, and seriously consider existing problems. Rectification. (8) Refining the government procurement budget and strengthening the procurement budget constraints. In 2017, the government procurement budget is compiled in parallel with the departmental budget. All budget units must attach great importance to it. When handling government procurement affairs, they strictly follow the Budget Law, the Government Procurement Law and the Implementation Regulations of the Government Procurement Law (State Council Order No. 658). ), the implementation of 'no budget does not purchase, no purchase does not pay.' According to the 鈥淏udget-Plan-Purchasing-Payment鈥?workflow, all budget units must use the financial funds and their supporting funds to purchase goods, projects and services within the centralized procurement catalogue or above the standard, and the government procurement budget should be prepared first. Then, according to the budget arrangement, the specific procurement plan can be applied to implement the government procurement, sign the contract, and finally apply for the payment of the procurement funds with relevant materials. If there is any doubt during the preparation process, please communicate with the Municipal Finance Bureau (Government Procurement Office) in time. Projects that do not have a government procurement budget will not be able to declare government procurement plans and implement government procurement. Financial disposable financial resources: The available financial resources of the year was 21,423.5 million yuan, minus the non-financial income, which was 176 million yuan (including the return of the industrial park tax system of 29 million yuan, the farmland occupation tax deed tax of 40 million yuan, and the fiscal non-tax revenue). 107 million yuan), minus the special transfer payment expenditure of 61.47 million yuan, minus the provincial finance, the special transfer payment for 2017 was 567.97 million yuan, minus the previous year's carry-over arrangement project of 128.25 million yuan, the actual disposable financial resources of the year was 120.966 million. Yuan, an increase of 20065 million from the 2016 budget. The financial resources available in the year: local fixed income of 493.394 million yuan, plus grade subsidy income of 1.25 million yuan, plus annual balance of 55.33 million yuan, plus transfer to the budget stability adjustment fund of 141.91 million yuan, plus transfer of funds of 300 million yuan, total income 224518 Ten thousand yuan. Less than the upper-level expenditure of 15.38 million yuan, minus the debt repayment of interest payments of 87 million yuan, the available financial resources of the year was 214.235 million yuan. Third, the preparation of key points Fourth, the budget arrangement [Owen Han] This netizen asked this question is very important. Fiscal policy is an important tool for macroeconomic regulation and control. In the face of increasing economic downward pressure, the central government decided to continue to implement a proactive fiscal policy in 2017 according to the needs of economic and social development. Compared with previous years, the positive fiscal policy in 2017 is more active and effective, focusing on rational adjustment of policies and efforts, fully reflecting the overall tone of the work under the new normal of economic development, further stimulating market vitality and ensuring the need for key expenditures. . In terms of policy arrangements, it can be described as 'two reductions and one expansion'. The so-called 'two reductions' is to reduce the burden of corporate taxation and payment. (3) Standardizing the project expenditures and reporting, insisting on doing what they can, and preparing the annual budget scientifically and reasonably. It is necessary to have a deep understanding of the current situation of the municipal finance, firmly establish the idea of ??a tight life, and persist in doing what it takes to do what it takes. In 2017, the fiscal need to digest the reform funds for the institution鈥檚 pension insurance system, wage system, bus and township subsidies in 2016. The resulting large gap, therefore, in the preparation of the 2017 budget plan, all project expenditures are first cleared according to the principle of 鈥渮ero-based budget鈥? and then all kinds of project expenditures are selected according to the priority and selected according to the financial situation. . In addition to the projects required for the livelihood support as stipulated in the higher-level documents, as well as the work items of the key centers determined by the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the budget for the special funds for the units in 2017 will not be reduced in principle. The 2017 fiscal deficit budget is 3%, of which 65% is the central deficit and 35% is the local. In 2017, the national general public budget revenue was 1,686.3 billion yuan, an increase of 5%. Together with the transfer of funds of 243.3 billion yuan, the total income is 17106.3 billion yuan. The national general public budget expenditure was 1,948.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. In 2017, the deficit was 2.38 trillion yuan, and last year was 218 billion yuan, an increase of 200 billion yuan. From the central and local deficit levels, the 65% deficit is the central government and 35% is the local government. In 2017, the central general public budget revenue was 786.12 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. In 2017, the central budget stabilization fund was transferred to 135 billion yuan. The central government fund budget and the central state-owned capital operation budget were transferred to 28.3 billion yuan. It is estimated that the central general public budget revenue will be 804.5 billion yuan; the central general public budget expenditure 95754 100 million yuan, an increase of %. The total revenue and expenditure were offset, and the central government deficit was 1.55 billion yuan. The balance of the central government's national debt is limited to 100 million yuan. The central budget stabilization fund has a balance of 100 million yuan. The local general public budget income of this grade was 901.8 billion yuan, an increase of 6%. In addition, the central government's income from local tax return and transfer payments was 656.5 billion yuan, and the local government allocated 80 billion yuan. The total local public budget revenue was 156.468 billion yuan. Local general public budget expenditures were 1,647.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. The local fiscal deficit was 830 billion yuan, an increase of 50 billion yuan over 2016. The increase was partially offset by the issuance of local government general bonds. The local government's general debt balance is limited to 100 million yuan. The expenditure arrangement for the year was 214.235 million yuan. The specific sub-project arrangement is:

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