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Neimu Fax Four Xiao Phase III will be out: Xu Limin: We are not prepared for difficulties Fan Fanchen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard small fee Shel official divorce, will pay a large amount The support fee Ingram laughed and shot Rocky鈥檚 shoulder and said, 'This is a good idea, Lee.' Brazil in this World Cup has replaced a number of main players in the middle and frontcourt Kaka, Nilma, Giuliano, Coutinho, and goalkeeper Renan Soares Reuter, and the defender Toroy (RafaelToloi) With the efforts of others, the convincing 3:1 eliminated Mexico.

. Rocky passed the football to him and looked up at the sky. 'Forget it, Colin, just want to be lazy, just say it. I didn't want to get up now.

It鈥檚 too cold.鈥?The results are similar to the phone, some domestic league teams, and some English B teams. West Relijiang: Falling down many times but never giving up 鈥淲hat's the matter? Brian. 'Paul's nephew was hoarse after talking for 2 hours. Ryan rolled his eyes: 'Don't tease me with your lame Chinese English. I know a lady who studies Chinese.' 'After the game, the reporter asked a humorous question. Zhou Qi. The 18-year-old Jacob Gilles is currently playing for the Sunderland team in the British crown. In addition to his excellent physical condition, as a midfielder, he has a bad ball and dribble. He became a frequent visitor to the reserve team, and occasionally transferred to the first team to play the bench. He Tianju arrived in the United States to officially start special training. 'Go to hell, you, Paul, you are a boring person. Anyone who wants to go shopping with this girl can go to the door of our university. 'Xie Pengfei talked about being beaten: I am a professional player and can't fight back. James' total number of steals in the playoffs is overtaken by Stoketon Matthew Jones, and Paul is given a bear hug: 'Thank you, Mr.' FA Cup: Quan Jian People and promotion, surpassing Shenzhen Zall and other outs, Chen Yu kicked Paul under the table and let you transfer the topic. The waiter sent the dishes all the time. Hot and sour soup, pork belly, British sparkling wine, Greek white Portuguese. Extra plus staple potatoes and roast chicken. Jia Cheng: Yang guides me to develop long-range ability 'Oh---, Paul, when you bought it, really good. The price should be higher there. Oh, it鈥檚 really Kevin, you are so good. 'Miao Lijie is getting married, and all the players are presenting blessings.' Your boy's mind is really bad, and there are companies that have finances. Let's be a staff member in the past. Chen Yu will stay in London for a few months. Don't leave me for the rest? do you know? Kevin, your brain is very bad. Hu Weidong: I hope that foreign aid will soon be integrated into the team 'Colin?' 'Paul looked at Cohen who pushed the door in. In his image, Cohen never came to his office during training time. The league investigated whether the crow violated the rookie labor negotiation contract. '鐮?---' football fast Off the ground, slamming toward the goal. Beasley used the grounding method of shooting, the pursuit of angle. After the game: Little Thomas slashed 42 points to refuse the eagle reversal. 19-year-old Italian midfielder, played for AC Milan's Christiana Christianiziani is at the top of the list. Graziani has a handsome style, handsome appearance and outstanding attack power. He was praised as 'Kaka II' by the Milan Sports News. He was chased by countless teams and worth. Up to 20 million pounds (20M). Paul doesn't look at it. Such a player is not what he can think about now. It is estimated that when he is in his 40s coaching club, others will be able to consider it.

From the beginning of the price, finally at the 18th place, he found a 0-price player Leroach.

Jennings: I have always said that Livingston is the starting point guard.

'Don't, big sister' Paul was shocked.

If Kevin turned back, it was estimated that he would come to Leeds City to kill.

'Paul, you have been watching me for five minutes.


Paul smiled, stood up and shook hands with Lormer: 'Thank you, Mr. Lormer, happy cooperation!'.

James: We hope that Frye will continue to hit the shot.

Cohen waved his hand and said, 'I don't mind,' Li, you can make such a foot with your feet. I invite you to eat.

'Sami Watkins went to the casino without training.

Exeter City (Exetercity) 30 Sun Yue Zhao Wei invited participating 'there is no other love' Updated: 2012-9-1914: 42: 55 of this chapter words: 5230 Khedira: do not believe Carlo Ancelotti Will want to leave.

After getting Davis, Paul had to face injuries.

Ingram's truce for 2 weeks, midfielder Piper's physical fitness is insufficient, Hill has a small injury.

To the 20th round of the league, Leeds United remained unbeaten.

But recently they have lost three straight games, including the second round of the FA Cup.

This is the power of injury, and the strong fortress is often broken inside.

Henes and his family went to France for a holiday and decided the future in July.

In the cheers of the audience, Paul in the coach's command area, his right hand slammed in the air, Carrera had no doubt, if he had a hat on his hand, he would definitely be out.

James: Looking forward to meeting Wade in the playoffs, Paul smiled: 'Okay, you can do things.'

I will ask them to send the information.

'It seems that he is still a newbie, making jokes in front of his hands.

Paul did not participate in the transfer operation in Huddersfield. He thought that the scouts were all in the transfer department.

Neimu fax four Xiao three must be out of SEG has persuaded Rodman to give up the idea of 鈥嬧€媠uicide, Paul also nod, this is a Chinese restaurant, in fact, it has long been Westernized.

Fan Bin: Very satisfied with the bloody nature of the team. Under Paul鈥檚 inspiration, Leeds鈥檚 offer of 200,000 pounds (200k) was granted permission to talk to Gilles about personal conditions.

Gilles is interested in Leeds United who can promise the main position.

After a bargain, Gilles signed and confirmed to join Leeds United immediately.

The Football Association announced that the national football team's 12th home game candidate list 8 cities compete for 5 places.

Brazil 2:2 tied with the Netherlands, the two sides did not score in overtime, and finally shot each other, Brazil won 5:3, hope to win the World Cup.

And Paul also sorted out his own bag and embarked on the road to London, when his personal funds had reached 50 million, not just the 6-digit number that Jon said.

'Go' Kevin blurted out 'Why don't you go.

Are you serious? Paul.

I can hear you drinking on the phone.

'cornerback Norman would not participate in offseason training Panthers Updated:? 2012-9-1914: 42: 46 words in this chapter:. 7149

The change to Piper's Leeds United attack has improved slightly, and the midfielder has been running a lot. There is no such situation as the first half, the ball is basically on the sidelines.

The avant-garde Gilles received Paul's new instructions in the midfield, and he was free to play without having to be defensive.

He was a midfielder when he was in Sunderland, and occasionally he also played a sideline and played very well.

But on the side of the road, his super physical fitness can still cover up his bad technology.

After the game: Wade scored 30 points and captured the first round of the group stage of the 2018 Russia World Cup.

Paul's eyes are just habitually sweeping on the computer.

The 31st-year-old Messi, Argentina鈥檚 top star, scored a goal in the first round.

The contender for this year's Golden Globe Awards, the German star David Odonkar, who played for Naples, was hot and the first round against Russia was 2 yuan.

Muller, who is partnering with him, also scored a goal.

Manchester United and England's double captain Phil Jones, who is 26 years old, performed well. The team defeated Denmark 3:1, and Manchester United and Chelsea's forwards Welbeck and Sturridge arranged all the goals.

The Brazilian team continues to advance under the leadership of the core Coutinho.

Strengthen the front line, pass West Ham 20 million euros to buy Baka.

Unable to use, this is Paul's view.

According to his thoughts, the first team can't use 27 people at all. Many people can only play the reserve team's game. But at present, no one dares to violate his discipline, nor does he have any Ways to get people into the reserve team.

This is not Fm. If you want to throw someone into the reserve team, you can lose it.

There is no suitable reason, it will only reduce his prestige in the team, and he still can't afford such a squandering.


Paul tapped his finger on the table with a rhythm, and for a moment, he said, 'Mr. Waters, I will give you 拢3 million, 45% of the shares.

I don't interfere with anything in the company.

If I want to sell shares, the first choice is for you.

'Modric: This is just the first game. 'There is 'Paul' trying to make his voice not sound like the one that hasn't woken up yet.

He needs to maintain a good image in front of his boss.

The admiral of the four-phase three-phase fax will be forced to 'force---' Fan Ziming: The peak game is a platform to show self-satisfaction, this goal may be the goal to determine the direction of the game.

Huddersfield will stay at the national league level.


Paul was embarrassed by his anger and said, 'Sorry, Ryan, I am not in a good mood.

See you in the afternoon.

'Jia Cheng will go to the national team, Sun Girl's love for the next three weeks, Huddersfield fans feel extremely happy, the team that has been sluggish this season has ushered in this season since the start of the season 5 Streak.

' Don't worry, sir, I will definitely score.

Then I left.' Football was swept to the door by Cohen. From the big screen, the pass was a bit behind. There was no Leeds United in a white jersey.

Walker gave the ball to Cohen before the penalty area and ran to the right. Ingram entered the penalty area.

Corner Norman will not participate in the Panthers offseason training Wallace continues to say: 'Mr. Watson, the team's situation is not very good, I used to call Hall a few days ago, he just did Guaranteed, but the tone is not certain.

The team needs to invest more, whether it is relegation or upgrade. This is the only way.


The Karp Training Ground has a total of 4 standard venues, all of which are artificial turf.

The first team members are training on the 1st venue.

Assistant coach Carrera led Paul to meet the players one by one, and Paul tried to match the faces in front of him with the data in the report.

The dark big man is the guard of the reserve team, Iancook, the central defender.

The very lively, smiling, golden-haired handsome guy is Carrera, the team's best-skilled forward Tony Davis, 180, but his body looks thin.

Captain Brian Butler鈥檚 beard is full of faces, looks like a bitter and deep, and is physically strong and can be recognized at a glance in the crowd.

The 17-year-old Ingram is childish and has a green smile on his face.

'It is estimated to be a sly boy' Paul commented in his heart.


The first volume of the low-level league road, Chapter 19, Rocky and Cohen.

Paul smiled and said: 'The situation is not bad. I will arrange for me to meet the players in the afternoon.

' 'This game, scored a goal, dedicated to your father, he is a great father.

' Wallace laughed and placed the contract on the table. Paul's reaction was in his expectation: 'Paul, I know, you want a contract from the head coach, but we have already with Mr. Barton. (johnbutton) reached an agreement that he will coach Huddersfield next season.

President Watson believes that you still need to study at your age, but he promises that the position of head coach of Huddersfield will be kept for you.

' 'Let Gilles advance, play left forward, Walker and Davis rotate right forward.

'Looking at Carrera to talk, Paul shakes his hand: Don't worry, Carrera, Gilles has good physical fitness, and his speed and reaction are enough.

In fact, this is basically a feature of black players. The only thing he has to worry about is that shooting is not possible.

These two days let him practice this position. 'Look at this ball, corner kick. This season, Leeds has repeatedly used corner kicks. The forwards of the team's forwards Walker and Davis are good. This game forward is played by Walker and Cohen. Piper took the corner and had three people in front. 'Barbosa looked up at Paul with a bad mood. He thought Paul was right. He didn't want to be the object of being degraded. The house must be covered with dust, and Paul hasn't seen his parents' cemetery for a long time. I don鈥檛 want to go, I don鈥檛 dare to go. He is afraid that he will suddenly persist, the future is dark, and life has no hope. But now, he can seek certain development in this capital-rich country. Now sit and wait for those stocks. Soaring, he can enjoy life without worry. Coleman did not enter the team's locker room, but took Paul through the player channel and came to the parking lot outside the stadium.: Li Luoqi waved his hand: 'Beyond me now Much, sir, you know, I need a lot of money. Paul was lying in bed, he was thinking about the morning when his parents had an accident. Last night the damn software gave a hint: 'You have two free opportunities to modify the player.' Since you are modifying a 23-year-old player, there may be unknown consequences. This software recommends that you modify players under the age of 20. 'Hey--, Chris, every time you train for these two days, you are left behind by the boss. What are you doing?' Does he invite you to dinner? 'No!' ''what? 'The coaches have talked about it, Paul did not wake up? Look at the standings, we will be taken down the abyss at any time. (Zhao Yanzhen talks about the national team's debut: very nervous) Neiwu fax four Xiao three must come out.

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