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锘?p>09955 Hong Kong printing color source: Clay playoffs total score of 1000 points Fan Wuchen / China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard Peyton: want to NBA team Bring back to Seattle, Paul will start the game again: 'Look at this ball, Solomon, you should have passed the ball long ago, you are sure you can break through the opponent's full-back.' 'I understand.' Chen Yuxi's smile, beckoning the waiter, 'pay the bill!' She handed the waiter a few notes, saying 'don't look for it.' The waiter quickly left.

. After Paul returned from Brazil, he sent gifts to his friends. The gift of Che Xuelan was sent to Jon together. I am back, Leeds United! Passing Barcelona still hopes to introduce Las Palmas defender Paul, laughing: 'It's still early, Chris. You still have a week to have ball training, then the team doctors will make a decision based on your recovery, but don't worry. Walker now You can play in your position.' 'Nothing.' Paul smoked his cigarette and waved his hand. 'They are private schools, and you have a bachelor's degree and experience in acting. No problem, believe me.' Dan Zhi's wife: If you want to improve, you have to work hard. 'Haha, you can't believe it.' Joe Allen: I prefer people to call me 'Pirlo, Wales.' Elizabeth's flattering weeping smiled, her eyes wide-eyed and looked at Paul, holding his hand tighter. Yu Hanchao: The advanced ball is very important, and the team is expected to continue the winning streak. It was reported that China鈥檚 capital acquisition of Villa was blocked, and due to financial situation, Paul also deliberately gave the team a day off after the game as a reward for the players. It is really unnecessary to be so nervous now, and the most difficult period has passed. Yiwu: The Dragon Boat Festival rowing competition is strong. The 17-year-old David Weilan is from the Manchester City youth camp. Because of the stars in the Manchester City team, he can't get the chance to rent for a long time until Everton's meritorious coach Moyes. He bought him out, he broke out with amazing ability, played 27 times a season, scored 18 goals, was elected the European Golden Boy Award that year, this is another after Rooney, Gareth Reeves The Englishman was elected. When he moved to Manchester City at the age of 24, he was worth an astonishing 锟?2 million. Clay: I and Curry will respond later. 'Yes! Envy!' Physical coach: The men's basketball team will start the devil training Barbosa grinning and holding back. He thinks that coach Fogg is right. Mr. Hall always looks for someone to slap a month, just like the aunt of menopause. However, the head coach told you that you didn't discuss it, and that you didn't do it well enough. Crow's receiver Perryman's knee anterior cruciate ligament is partially torn. 'When you eat this way, you won't get fat, you can't be a model again.' Scared! Anhui Wenyi will sign three foreign aid. 'Oh--, Paul, you are here.' Lyon came in. 'I heard Carrera say, you are in the lounge.' Liu Xiaoyu: The international arena should take the initiative to find confrontation. Looking at the two strange names above, Carrera shook his head in confusion: 'Brazilian players, what did you find on vacation?' Casey was dissatisfied with the team's offense: too few transfer balls. 'I am leaving, Elizabeth, you have a good rest.' Paul said that he had picked up his luggage. Elizabeth, who was arranging the roses from the room with the songs in the room, quickly put down the things in her hands and walked over to him and hugged him: 'What, Paul, you are angry.' Lyon covered his mouth and smiled. I was so overjoyed that I could get such a result. However, he still barely kept calm and forced himself to be too excited. . 'Rocky's progress is great' on the training ground, Carrera said. . Tonight, Yatai Xiefeng is not worried about the old acquaintance Li Zhanghao: Guoan is not good. 'Aha---, does Mr. Rogue use violence? You come, I am waiting for you in Sao Paulo.' Yasen: Evergrande single-line combat is difficult to fight, wishing Scolari a success. 'You can try.' Paul smiled very lightly: 'You may not know me, I hate others threatening me.' Two years later, the first derby war, Hebei football development far exceeded expectations at this moment, Anderson felt that the head coach The female companion is as beautiful as an angel. She is so charming and noble, her charm is more than the sum of all the beautiful women on the beach at this time. Cleveland Brown will play the ground attack in the new season. The second volume of youth storms Chapter 3 pre-season training The Chinese Taipei Basketball Association intends to renew Davis. Leeds United Day defeated Rotherhamunited at Elan Road at 3:2. Gilles scored two goals for the team in the second half, 3:1 to seal the victory. Rosham United moved back to a city in 90 minutes, it was too late, they could not return to heaven. For the school! 'Campus Cup' Hubei Championship started on Sunday. For this situation, Paul can only helplessly shrug, through the club offer, Leeds United has no money, private contact with others can not see.鍞?--, the lower league is hard! 09955 Hong Kong Beijing printing color map source Three Lions Corps to welcome the death of Derby Rooney: Bell is the world's top 5 Paul's heart is a bit imaginary, is Kevin. He turned around and said a little embarrassed: 'Hello, Kevin.' The Celtics announced that the new training center referee will be next to this fall. He gave Leeds United's Rocky a yellow card. Take the lead, and gave Hartlepool's No. 7 midfielder G Green a yellow card, each playing 50 boards. Then they warned the captains of both sides to be honest. In the first two years, the first derby was launched, and the development of Hebei football far exceeded expectations. 'Well,' Paul bitterly, 'Would you like to shop first, I have a shopping voucher at several big shopping malls in the city of Izumi. I treat you, free shopping.' 'Well ---, I don't want to go out to eat. I just eat this pasta. This is the only food I can do. 'Is the Chinese men's basketball team forced to return to Luoyang? Northampton's goal is not over. In the 88th minute, Leeds United lost his fighting spirit and was defeated by the opponent's corner tactics. The opponent's central defender leaped high and broke the ball into the net. . Looking at the time, he called Elizabeth.

'Good morning, Elizabeth!' Crawford tweeted: The bench player is really important. After a few words, it was the turn of Peter Bourne. He was at a loss in front of his teammates, his body swaying back and forth, his feet constantly changing. Support feet.

Keta: Real Madrid and Barcelona are really interested in me.

'Hey---, Paul, how come you are now? Frozen me.' When I met, Chen Yu complained.


Paul whispered in his ear and said slyly: 'By, we are more innocent than tofu, you can't believe it.'

'Igdala talks about conflict: all I have to do is keep calm.' You mean Gary Holmes? Ha---, 'Krosse rubbed his hair and said:' He and Holmes have a surname, but he is far worse than him.

His header is good, but turning too slowly.

'09955 Hong Kong Beijing printing color map source '----' Paul Chang Shu breathed, do not know what to say.

Chris Johnson: The Cardinals have the league's best running back combination 'Hey--' Paul sinks: 'I don't know enough about this forward.


'How about Leeds, Jacob,' Paul asked in his pocket.

He鈥檚 black coat looks cool! Russia's big list: Zagoyev laughed because of the injured team members.


'鍞?--' The fans cheered on the pitch.

'What is the tall, seemingly honest guard on the side wearing a yellow vest? 'The second training session of the Shanghai Youth Training Coach started. Mes Xiehui gave a lecture. 'You think it is medieval. .

Really, Ryan.

I am coaching Leeds United. You know, there are 100:1 upgrade odds for the Leeds United team. Is there any interest in gambling? I will give you the cost, 锟?0,000. Lost me, win you and I will pay for it.


I will do this in the future? .

'No, Paul, are you so confident?'

'Hey, you are waiting,' Irene gnashed her teeth and pinched the business card.

'But, Paul, this is 1 million more than the original plan, 1 million pounds.

' 'Some people are subject to severe sanctions for violence outside the stadium! Carragher answered a reporter's question about the red card.

The Brazilian double star is still going on, and Paul鈥檚 attention is back to the team.

As he wishes, the first team will be seriously shrunk and the team will need to make up for it.

He used the super scouting tool to check the guard's rankings. The top ranked is Manchester United captain Phil Jones, but his price is also high and scary, basically the same as non-sales.

Frowning, looking at it for a while, finally found a favorite goal, John Brennan, 22, Irish, central defender, currently playing for the Scottish League's Dundee team The price is only 30,000 pounds (30K).

Paul calculated an account, he only had a total of 65,000 pounds, after deducting the 50K of the Brazilian double star, leaving 15,000 pounds. It seems that there is still a gap in funding.

What to do, do you want to sell players? The key is that the bench players didn't play the game last season. Will the team want it? They are not fools either.

Sell the main player? Do not make jokes! Paul also plans to take these players into the Champions League.

After the press conference, Hartlepool鈥檚 head coach Carragher complained that the referee鈥檚 time-out was too long: 鈥淚t鈥檚 obvious that the match time of the game should be reasonable after 3 minutes. Because of the disorderly behavior of some people, the time has to be lengthened.

I feel that my team's performance is fully worthy of a draw.

'A long silence, Paul woke up from his own meditation, 'Go! Let's go back! 'Paul turned.

At this time, he discovered that Chen Yu was already crying.


' Then you go to the bar and hook up a chick, passionate night, seven times a night, and say goodbye to your past?' Paul said.

Update Time: 2012-9-1914: 42: 57 of this chapter words: 5754: Russia turned down the invitation leaf 鏅洊灏煎熀鍒楀か Leeds, 'I have no plans to leave current team, I'm here Have a great time.'

He only moved to the current team in December last year, and he did not intend to leave in July.


'Haha, don't dream, Serginho, I am also a man.

'Anderson said happily that he breathed the air of the training base, and everything looked so familiar and fresh.

'There is something in the computer.' She reached out to open the computer. After a while, the computer passed a cheerful rhythm.


If the junior league does not play the play-offs, it is still relatively early. Paul has long let the team have a holiday.

He packed up his belongings in the office and was ready to go to Huddersfield to attend Jon鈥檚 wedding.

The last two teams in the play-offs have already come out, and the Colchester team will face the Nuneatonborough team on June 4.

Paul can only wish the Colchester team good luck, otherwise they will be a complete tragedy this season.

This bad guy will be counted by the fans on Leeds United.

Paul suddenly burst into anger and laughed and said: 'No problem, it must be successful! Ryan, you are waiting to enter the grave of love! Haha!' A few warm-up matches, the team's performance is good, complete Leeds United, who retained the main lineup last season, continued their play and played very relaxed.

However, this kind of game has always been a heavy process, not a result.

Paul saw a lot of positive things.


(Jordan had a bet with Pippen in advance knowing the results) 09955 Hong Kong printing color source.

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