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'You can die for me!' 'How, did Lu Ming finish their unit?' I asked

——Review of Wei Meifan in the Spring School Semester 2011 [Abstract]: In addition to the students’ IQ factors, there is also a psychological phenomenon that cannot be ignored. Quality factor.

The college entrance examination students refer to those who have failed in the college entrance examination or are dissatisfied with the university majors they have chosen. They hope to achieve their ideals through repeated efforts.

This is a special education group in school education. Most of them have had painful experiences of college entrance examination failure, suffer tremendous psychological pressure and anxiety, and need mental health education, get teachers, parents, Friends help them overcome psychological shadows, build confidence, win the desire to learn, and promote the success of the college entrance examination. [Keywords]: Tutors, mental health education, self-evaluation, harmonious trust, I served as the head teacher of the high school cram school, accompanied by 66 students in the high school (36) class, all the way through the road.

After the college entrance examination results, the success scores of the 'test scores' of different students have inspired me and comforted me, and also beat me and stabbed me.

I understand the truth more deeply: the mental health training of the tutor is the fundamental guarantee for the progress of the college entrance examination. We must not let psychological problems become the embarrassment that affects the results of college entrance examinations. We must pay attention to enhancing students' self-cultivation, doing mental health education, and promoting healthy and steady development of students, and confidently achieving good results in the college entrance examination.

This is my special reflection experience as a class teacher of the cram school. It is true, true and memorable only to select some case angles.

First, we must guide students to learn to self-evaluate.

People who have self-knowledge and who have good psychological training should first correctly understand that they can make an objective self-evaluation of themselves.

I will always remember the successful inspirational mental health education class.

On the evening of August 16, 2010, many tutors at our school had listened to the speech of President Mo, who respected, understood, understood, concerned, and encouraged the students in the “High School Tutors Conference”. “You are a frustrated person, not The loser! It is the brave!', 'Most of you are the people who have been temporarily buried!', the students got the spiritual spiritual support that the teacher gave to the teacher after the unforgettable experience of frustration! At that moment, the applause was as long as the thunder, and many of the students were in tears. The teacher’s explanations were filled with their repression, bitterness, jealousy, jealousy, inferiority, helplessness and unwillingness.

In order to enhance their expectations and self-confidence, President Mo analyzed the “three major advantages” of the tutors compared with the freshmen: they walked through the forest road and cleared themselves. After the tension, they were calm and the goals of life were clearer.

She happily told the students that our senior executives and teachers in Qinzhou No. 1 Middle School have a lot of experience in reviewing the practice of the college entrance examination. Over the years, they have created a brilliant performance in Qinzhou No.1 Middle School. I am confident that I will do my best to help everyone succeed! Really, the students experienced the frustration of the college entrance examination, and they have doubts about their knowledge, ability, and energy: in the family, they feel that they cannot face the parents; in the eyes of neighbors, they feel inferior; in the middle of the classmates, they feel that It is not as good as people; with the first come back and wait and see, the temptations and so on, the incompetent complex emotional distress, and the teacher’s respect, understanding and trust, and the distraction, the light, and the correct understanding of the self.

This is a very timely and successful mental health education. Stabilizing the military and increasing confidence and fighting spirit has laid a good foundation for the smooth implementation of the teaching management of the cram school.

I use the weekly class to guide students to self-evaluate their performance this week. At the same time, through the internal evaluation of the group and the evaluation of the class teacher, help students adjust properly and gradually help students to achieve self-awareness and training. The ability to objectively self-evaluate.

Second, encourage students to learn to comfort themselves.

Healthy, stable, and optimistic emotions are the basic content of mental health education.

But many students can't stand the slight setbacks and failures. For example, if a test score is not satisfactory, students should learn to rationalize their self-comfort and ease the improvement of bad emotions. For example: 'I got a chance to learn a lesson.' Now, I will do it more on this issue, and I will be more secure than others.

'Rational self-comfort can help students shift from passive to frustrated to active adjustment, thus getting out of pain and trouble, maintaining a healthy, stable, and optimistic mood.

A girl from my class came back with 27 points on the Super 2 line. The top grades in the last semester are in the top ten, and the top three in the class, our teachers and classmates are generally optimistic about her.

In the semester, the monthly test dropped more than a dozen in February. At this time, she exposed a heavy burden: self-subjective evaluation was not high, and the results were very heavy.

I think that my grades are not ideal, my grades are not as good as the top grades, and I am afraid that I can’t get a good university and I am afraid of my family.

Learning harder and harder, the city is insomnia for a few nights before the three models, the more you want to sleep, the more you feel scared.

I often feel nervous, depressed, sweating my hands, and my heart beats faster, but I feel that there are still many things that have not been reviewed yet. I am afraid that the next day will affect my study and I will not sleep.

The appetite is very poor, even if you can't eat, your body is very weak.

Tell me that I don't want to take the city's three-mode exam.

I talked deeply with her and learned a lot of questions that are not surprising to ordinary students. Try to create conditions to meet her requirements and eliminate other undesirable factors.

Help her to change the dormitory, approve her to go home for a few days, discuss with the parents, let the parents work together to help her adjust the state, to minimize the pressure to study.

Because the city's three-mode exam is the last major mock exam, chances are rare. If she does not participate, she may regret it later, and she will be more self-blaming.

I let her understand the truth, relax her mind and eliminate concerns, and participate in the city's three-mode test normally. The results are back to normal and self-confidence is enhanced.

In order to protect her self-esteem privacy, I try not to let my classmates know that the small-scale communication with the teacher of the department is more concerned with helping her. The geography teacher knows the situation and actively helps the doctor to take her to see the doctor. This kind of warm feeling is promoted. The student is getting out of the low status as soon as possible, and learning is more energetic.

After more than 20 days of comprehensive conditioning, the situation has improved a lot, and the academic performance has rebounded very quickly. I often saw her smile. After several consecutive weeks, the test was stable. Our teacher was glad to have handled a big case more successfully.

Who knows that the root cause of 'heart disease' has not been removed, leading to a more serious outbreak before the college entrance examination! On the evening of June 6, due to high tension, I could not sleep, my appetite was very poor, and the college entrance examination did not work properly. After the college entrance examination, I was very frustrated and blamed. The result was not one.

Another striking case is that at the end of November 2010, a female student in a remote mountainous area of ??Shangsi County suffered a family mutation. My father passed away. As a long-term daughter, she has two younger siblings, and her mother’s economic income is very low. The family is in trouble.

I will send a text message to her after I understand the situation. 'You are the eldest daughter, you must be strong! The teachers and classmates will help you overcome the difficulties and win the college entrance examination!', discuss with the class to decide to classmates in the class. My own heart donated money to help her, and our teacher also acted, raising a total of more than 2,000 yuan to help her through the difficult times.

She is also very strong, and she has quickly adjusted her status to return to the normal learning of the group. She is very self-reliant and self-motivated. The 2011 college entrance examination has 97 points more than last year and 548 points on the previous line. It has been successfully accepted into the Chinese language of Guangxi Normal University. Literature major.

She is very grateful for the struggle of this year. Her success is due to the help of teachers and classmates and her good self-comfort.

Third, we must be good at stimulating students to build confidence and learn to be confident and establish a reasonable goal.

Be good at discovering and tapping their strengths and potentials to help them build their confidence.

The college entrance examination is actually a test of confidence. Self-confidence is the internal factor that motivates students and is the most important psychological quality of success.

A confident, enthusiastic, energetic student will have a healthy psychological life. When you study, you can do your best, do everything you can, less suspicious, embarrassed, and cranky. Students with low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence I always doubt whether I can succeed. Then, if I study passively, I don’t concentrate, and I will be able to concentrate on my own analysis and evaluation.

At the same time, help them establish realistic life and learning goals for themselves.

At the beginning of the school, I gave our students a class teacher in my class. I introduced the teaching performance and teaching characteristics of each class teacher one by one, and told the students that our class teachers are experienced, dedicated and dedicated. To your future and hope.

At the same time, I ask each student to have a grateful heart for our class teachers, and work hard to learn and improve.

When I took over, I showed 'Reality Show'. I told my classmates in the class class of our class. I used to be with you, and I also came from the tutors. 'The battle of the rivers and lakes', 'I believe that the teacher must have a way to help him round the university dream!' I calmly and hard work hard to do my daily homework, climb the slopes, and finally changed from the previous year's junior college to the undergraduate course and successfully graduated from Guangxi Normal University, and achieved me in front of you today.

This example makes the students have the role models around them, and I am more comfortable with my work.

I ask my classmates to forget the identity of the tutors as soon as possible, adjust their mentality, take care of their own feelings, get out of the shadow of the failure of the college entrance examination as soon as possible, and give yourself a new beginning! Raise your head, eliminate distracting thoughts, fall off your worries and worries, and boldly shout out from the bottom of your heart, 'I want to succeed, I will succeed, I will succeed!' It must be step by step! It is necessary to pay attention to the practical methods and techniques of education and study examinations, strengthen mental health education and counseling for learning problems, and cultivate a good psychological quality of learning.

The main reason for the failure of the college entrance examination is that the learning method is unscientific and does not develop good study habits. At the same time, it also induces some psychological dilemmas due to unsatisfactory academic performance.

Therefore, it is also necessary to strengthen counseling on learning-related problems such as learning motivation, learning strategies and learning intelligence to help them develop good psychological quality of learning.

The teacher should sum up the regular methods of answering the questions, find out the attributions and coping skills of the wrong questions, and achieve the opposite.

A female classmate in my class returned to tutoring with a college entrance examination score of 323. Under the guidance of teachers from various departments, she quickly adjusted her mentality and mastered the learning method that suits her. Every step was very practical. Very trusting the teacher, pay attention to grasping the rules and skills of solving a type of problem through lectures, exams and exercises, and make steady progress. The more you learn, the better, several months of the test, from the three lines of the school line to Three to two, my face often squats to satisfy happiness.

I admire this fresh example and also stimulated many students to make continuous efforts to make progress. Her 2011 college entrance examination scored 410 points more than 87 points last year to achieve her three goals.

Fourth, we must create a friendly and harmonious class to create a level of competition for a talented atmosphere.

Creating a harmonious and fair atmosphere is the primary condition for ensuring effective education, and it is also conducive to students to form a positive attitude of active and enterprising.

I pay great attention to creating a harmonious atmosphere, and motivate students to create a unique 'class culture wall' theme as 'my home, my dream', inspiring each classmate to 'free the ideal, let go hope', each Students write their own ideal goals.

Every effort has been made in the harmony of teachers and students to communicate with students in a loving, stimulating and emotional language.

When I seriously correct the test paper exercises, I will write a short batch of emotions for the different situations of my classmates; after each monthly test, I will promptly find students to analyze the situation and focus on evaluating the students' efforts and progress. Enthusiastically communicate with students.

Unity, Mutual Aid, Friendship, and Harmony Classes will make all the students in the High School (36) class warm and cherish, and a good humanistic atmosphere can help everyone to understand depression, learn happily, and improve learning efficiency.

The atmosphere of fair competition is a prerequisite for a healthy development of a class.

I will use personal conversations, classes to launch, encourage and other methods, and strive to make the class form a learning atmosphere for you to catch up, form a healthy competition, and achieve common progress in the competition. The students tasted the sweetness of the competition and found that the results were unconsciously improved and the strength was even greater. In line with the responsibility and mission of growing up with tutors, the tutors of the tutoring class have been working for a year, so that they are more caring, more encouraging, and more diligent. From the needs of students, helping students, serving students, discovering with heart, feeling with heart, walking Enter the student's spiritual world, light up the student's heart and help students successfully realize their university dreams. My skin feeling is that we must do a good mental health education for tutors, achieve a win-win situation for teachers and students, better experience, taste the richness of life and life experience, improve education and teaching literacy, improve the wisdom and ability of educating people. Happiness and happiness.

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