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????? played the Zither, thinking the Chinese Year Time: 2017-11-10 Author: Emily Mexican children read: [9] One month still recall the year you first view Black wind high night????. 'Hey???, beauty????, why don't you run???? Isn't it just quite ok?????' Several savage big men forced a woman The corner ???, a face smirked and deceived before????.

Jinsei鈥檚 back is close to the wall. The watery eyes flashed a panic, but they were forced to calm down?????, both hands clasped the neckline????, finally In the touch of one of the big men, I couldn't help but scream 'ah????!', and madly kicked in a hurry.

'Oh?????, is still a small pepper???? But ???, 鐖?like????, beauty????, not today you are from the Lord ??? ?, to protect you from the spicy and spicy afterwards.

'A handsome man who was kicked after being kicked by Jin Se?????, not angry and laughing?????, once again reaching for the 鎷?鐟?? ?????, but unexpectedly by her Bite biting?????.

Dahan has a painful hand to stop ???, Jinsie took the opportunity to push him, and hurriedly ran away?????.

'Damn????!' The big man cursed a scream?????, holding the hand that was bitten by the sorcerer????, madly slammed against the command?????, 'Chasing? ????! Be sure to bring her back to me ???, or the main blame????, we can't live ???!' Seeing the distance behind us is getting smaller and smaller????, Jin He was scared by his heart, and he ran forward even more desperately. Who knows that he slammed into a warm chest? It hurts her to take a breath.

But now you can't care about the pain? Life-saving is the most important thing?????.

'The son saved the life????!' Jinser imitation of the life-saving straw????, hurriedly shouted????, the situation hid behind the man?????.

'Save your ?????? What are the benefits for me????' Su Jinchen, a pair of Danfeng eyes slightly pick up?????, looked at the distant big man who is approaching quickly?? ??, looking at the stunned stunned behind him, the tone is quite interesting.

'This...' Jinser stunned for a moment, and couldn't find a reason?????, looking at the big man who had already surrounded himself with the man???? To bite his teeth?????, grabbed his neck, and shouted loudly????: 'French????, they want to kill me????!' Su Jinchen Hey, hey, he suddenly laughed, and he smiled, and he couldn鈥檛 help but tighten his neck.

'Since they want to kill the maiden?????, then how can they kill them?' 'Su Jinchen's mouth is rising, and he bowed his head to the tassels,' Is it just that the lady is so arrogant????, how can the husband kill????' This is the sorrow of the sorrow?????, knowing that your life is saved?????, So I hurriedly loosened my hand, standing behind the man?????.

A few big men looked at each other and looked at each other's eyes.

There was finally a big man snoring ???: 'Since it is a group of ???, then all kill?????, do not leave a live????.

Brothers?????,涓?????! Su Jinchen snorted?????: 'Not self-reliant????.

' Then he squeezed out the sword to come to the ???, and in a flash, he resisted the attack of several big men, and took a sword flower????, he stabbed the talker without mercy. The big man's chest????, and quickly pulled out????, swaying a trick?????, Jinse only felt a flower in front of him, and when the blink of an eye, those big men have fallen to the ground? ??,涓嶆鐩?????.

'Thank you for your helplessness?????.

'Jinse took a deep breath, and walked up to the front of Su Jinchen, and bowed to a ceremony?????.

'Why do you want to be polite?????, it is a matter of righteousness to save the lady.'

'Su Jinchen's mouth evokes a cynical smile????, put the sword into the sheath, gently pinch the face of Jinser????, 'Come????, good lady? ??, then call a husband to listen to????.

鈥?鈥淭he son laughs????.

'Jinse stepped back one step further, avoiding the claws of Su Jinchen without any traces, 'Small woman Jinsell???, I don't know how to call the son???? The date will be reported to the public.

鈥?鈥淭here is no end to the fifty-string chords?????, one string and one column of Sihuanian?????.

'Su Jinchen sinks a sentence????, suddenly praised?????, 'Really a good name????! For the name of the husband, Huanian, Jinsisi Huanian, the husband did not know that the woman loved her husband?????.

Since this????, today鈥檚 grace, not as good as the woman鈥檚 body. 'The son is going to talk nonsense????! 'Jinse snorted a little annoyed?????, turned his back and stopped looking at him?????.

Su Jinchen doesn't feel a little funny????, continue to find her happy????: 'The girl is shy????? Isn't it a hot screaming?????.

' '...' I learned that Jinse is the singer of the Four Kings House, and lived in the Four Kings House??, Su Jinchen sent it all the way to the door?????.

Looking at the gate of Wangfu????, Jinse turned to face the airway of Su Jinchen????: 'Working tired of the son, the little girl has arrived????, the son please come back Ok????.

鈥?Su Jinchen shook his head ???, suddenly extended her right hand to her, and the palms spread out?????, hooked the fingers?????.

'Ah????' Jinse couldn't help but be dumbfounded. What does this mean????? Su Jinchen, a pair of Danfeng eyes come over???: 'Oh what???? You think that I am busy in the middle of the night to save you????? It is rare to have a black wind tonight, suitable for theft ???, the result has run into you???, messed up my plan????, you should not give me some compensation????' '鍛?.....' Looking up at Su Jinchen?????, sure enough, people can't look at it????, look like a handsome, really a thief????.

But seeing the other side with a cold face, thinking about it, putting the long butterfly earrings off his palm????

Su Jinchen carefully put the earrings in the sleeves to collect them?????, this is the smile of the face: 'The lady is really good for the husband?????, this is a token of love, for the husband Received?????.

It鈥檚 not too late????, the lady is still going back to rest early?????, I will come to see the lady when I have time.

' Jinsei rolled his eyes in the darkness??? I thought that I would not see you again in my life. Unfortunately, it鈥檚 a pity that I haven鈥檛 changed my mind. ?: 'Be careful on the road.'

鈥?鈥淲omen are caring for husband???? Rest assured?????, for the husband is very good?????.

'Su Jinchen's mouth is rising????, it is very pleasant????, 'This jade is for you, and as a token of love.'

' Speaking of indiscriminately, a jade with a green light was put into the hands of the sorcerer????, has not yet been reacted by the singer, Su Jinchen has laughed and raised the light? ?, has disappeared in a blink of an eye?????.

銆愯窗銆慖nto the Wangfu to explore the beautiful night, these days, Jinsie slept quite unsteadily?????, every time a little sound will wake up from sleep, ???, sleepless nights.

This night?????, Jinser had just fallen asleep for a long time, and there was a very shallow and shallow sigh in the ear????, the stunned Jinse鈥檚 heart trembled?? ?, conditioned from the bed to jump????, a foot to the black shadow of the bed????, hard to take it to the ground????.

'鍝庡懄????, the girl is really not good????, with so much strength to do????' Su Jinchen screamed and stood up, whispered complaining ??? .

Jin Seqiang resisted anger????: 'How come you in my room????' also let people not sleep?????! Fortunately, she has recently lost sleep?????, for convenience, did not take off clothes????, otherwise it is not seen by this rogue???? 'For the husband to think about the girl????, come to see if the lady is not ??????' Su Jinchen showed a pitiful expression????, homeopathic sitting on the bed????.

Jin Se is too lazy to care for him?????, bent down in the dark to find out his shoes to wear ???, stood up and carried his collar like a chicken???? , smashed it from the bed????, facelessly pulled to the door?????.

'What do you want to do?' Su Jinchen has a bad hunch, and he is not willing to let go.

'The power of a small woman's hand without a chicken????, what can you do for your Chinese New Year???? The little woman just wants to send the son to go out.'

'When you say it, you have to open the door.

'Don't????, don't?'

'Su Jinchen pretend to be flustered, and hurriedly lowered the voice to explain ???, 'I exposed the whereabouts???, Wangfu鈥檚 bodyguard is searching for me?????, you can鈥檛 sit idly by. what?????.

' It seems to be the same as Su Jinchen鈥檚 words?????, there was a knock at the door.????: 'Jinse girl???, someone broke into the palace to steal? Instructed to search????, also asked the girl to open a door?????.

' Jinsei looked back and looked at him? Su Jinchen looked at the face 'I didn't lie to you'?????.

Jinse couldn鈥檛 help but bow down????, and quickly walked back to the bedside, the sound was deep and tired????: 'Oh-?????, I said just There is a personal shadow flying over my window, it turned out to be a thief?????.

' The guards outside the door heard????, hurriedly asked????: 'The girl can see where the thief escaped.?????? 'The figure is just passing by, it seems to have escaped from the east.'

Hsu is my eyesight wrong?????, adults don't have to worry about it?????, I am opening the door for adults?????.

' 'No need to ???, Jinsei girl is a good rest????, the subordinate does not bother ???.

'The guardian hurriedly turned around?????, issued the order?????, 'that direction????, chase????! Listening to the footsteps of the guards leaving????, Jinser finally breathed a sigh of relief. He glanced at Su Jinchen?????, and his tone tried to be polite????: 'Hua Gongzi ????, I have cheated the guards?????, are you leaving soon????.

' Su Jinchen's mouth is slightly pumping, when did he not be so eager to see???? Would you please put your face together, and the tone of grievances reached the extreme????: 'Yangzi So I want to hurry for the husband to go?????? I want to say! I really want to???! Jinse wants to answer this question?????, but remember that this guy has saved his life after all, the tone is polite again?:' Isn't a small woman trying to catch a son????, but now you are found????, if you can't find you????, the Wangfu's bodyguards will not be willing to give up?????.

For the safety of the son, the son is going to go????.

鈥?鈥淥h?????, it鈥檚 the same????.

'Su Jinchen's pretense suddenly stunned?????, a shot of the brain, 'Hey, my brain????, I saw the lady excited to forget this????.

Since this????, I will not stay here for a long time?????, I am leaving now.

' Listening to Su Jinchen, a lady, ah, and husband, really wants to block this stinky mouth?????, but think about it, he is finally willing to leave? ????, or bite the teeth?????, endured?????.

Jinser slightly opened the window??, the probe looked out to see ???, after confirming no one, then turned to Su Jinchen Road?????: 'The son is going quickly????. /p>

鈥?Su Jinchen received a slightly rogue smile on his face????, he nodded when he heard the words?????, a jump jumped out of the window, and merged with the darkness? ??. Seeing Su Jinchen leave ???, Jin Se, this smashed the small mouth ???, closed the window ???, by the way, locked it?????, secretly shook his head?? ?: It seems that I have to get used to multiple lock windows in the future. On the second day of the morning?????, Jinser combed neatly, just opened the door and noticed the different atmosphere of the palace. ??. Four or five 涓瑹 鎴愪簡 鎴愪簡 鍫?? ? , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ? ????, listened to a few words???? 'I said why so loud last night?????, it turned out to be a thief?????. 'A whispered whispered, 'Can you enter the palace to steal?????, not the average person?????. 'Of course not an ordinary person?????. 'Another squeaky voice is low, so it is mysteriously authentic????, 'I can listen to the guards who said it?????, that thief is our famous thief in the North City 'ghost'? ?, never missed????. 'What did he steal at the palace this time???' 'This...???, who knows???? We are just a 涓瑹????, how come you know so much?????? 'One of the bright-eyed cockroaches seems to be reluctant to say more ???, and he wants to leave when he goes back to the sentence. He just turned around and saw the singer, hurriedly saluting????,' See you. Over the Jinse girl???. Jin Si smiled and nodded, and greeted a few words and left. ???. Huanian????, ghost head????, no wonder the martial arts club is so strong ???, the name of the ghost head in the North City However, it鈥檚 like a slap in the ear?????. [鍙乚 The days when the beautiful people sang in the four kings鈥?palaces have always been leisurely????, Jinser planted some flowers outside the hospital????? Nothing to do with watering flowers????, pass the time ????? On this day, Jinse is smashing a spoonful of water to the flowers?????, the housekeeper is in a hurry Busy to come?????, not standing still, panting and opening????: 'Today, the palace has come to the guests?, Wang Ye let you go to the back garden of the Le Shui Ting to help. Jinsi girl is still going to clean up?????, hurry up. Although there are a lot of guests coming to and from the Four Kings House all the time, but Wang Ye never told her to treat guests?????, the reason is that these people are not qualified to see the best of the first song of Beicheng. Faces?????. Today, this guest?????, I am afraid that the status is extremely high?????. Think about this????, Jinsuo quickly nodded????, turned back to the room Changed the light purple long skirt, and then reconsidered the hairpin????, this is the piano to go to the back garden?????. Far from hearing the Le Shuiting There was a burst of laughter and laughter?????, Dancer鈥檚 dance was finished, and after a tribute, he slammed Nana鈥檚 back?????, when he saw Jinsi鈥檚 bend, he bent? ??: 'Jin Sejie is going to go?????, Wang Ye must have waited for it.' Jinsie smiled and nodded?????, and then speeded up the pace. At this time, the sound of the four kings in the pavilion sounded????: 'Come on, please see how the Jinsi girl still not coming????. Jin Se hurriedly picked up the bead curtain in front of the pavilion????, bowed to the four kings.???????: 'Jinse is late?????, also ask Wang Ye forgiveness.' 'Well????, nothing.' 'The four kings waved to indicate the sorrow????,' This is the second king?????. Jin Se quickly and bowed down for a ceremony. The two princes smiled and personally helped the sorcerer????, this is the fun of the four kings ???: 'When I heard the first song of the North City, Ji Rong looks down on the city.' ???, today's seeing really deserved reputation????. You are really stingy for the four brothers????, never let the Jinser girl show up????. 'Where is it????' Isn't this bringing people to Wang Xiong???? 'The four kings quickly waved their hands????, and turned to the Jinser Road?????, 'The original 'Qing Xin' Wang is quite like????, sing that first today? ??. 'Jin Weiwei 鎰???, do not understand why the four kings specifically proposed this song????, not easy to say?????, had to go to the four kings to a ceremony????, went to the stone Sitting at the table, I tried the piano sound????, and I started to play the song. The sound of Jinse鈥檚 voice is fascinating, plus the singer鈥檚 life from urinating????, she The sound is very easy to make people enchanted, immersed in the song????. Qinyin 琚呰???, singing soft?????, a breeze Xu Lai ???, raised her waterfall Long hair????, lined with the picturesque scenery???, more beautiful and indescribable?????. One song, the second king first praised?????: ' Ok?????, it鈥檚 the first song of Beicheng. It鈥檚 so beautiful. It鈥檚 really a great thing. 'The voice suddenly turned a corner?' 'I just don't know that the girl can understand the meaning of this song????? In the heart of the heart of the police, the alarm bell is a big one?????, but the surface is not moving????, replied first????: 'The sorrow is blunt????, never realized????. 'Cautious and careful????, not proud of yourself?????. A good-minded girl??? 'Two princes patted the clap????, sincerely admired????. Four princes smiled?????, the tone is not easy?????: 'So it seems????? Jin Sai is the best candidate for this????. 'Turned to the Jinsi Road again????: 'Jinse girl???, now the emperor draft????, you can go to????? The body of Jinser whispered slightly, and then he slammed the daggers: 'Can you serve the princes as a blessing?' On the second day, there will be a father-in-law holding a sacred decree to come to the decree????, meaning nothing more than the beauty of the beautiful girl?????, dignified and generous?????, sealed as Qinqin and so on? ???. Jin Sehang first took over?????, no one saw her expression at this time?????, calm and gloomy???? Sitting in the sedan chair to the palace??? ??, Joseph found a jade from his arms, slowly rubbing it, and his heart was full of Su Jinchen????? Huanian???, sorry????, I can't tell you these things????. The emperor and the four kings of the battle?????, my position???, these things???? ?, I still bear it alone.. Jin Se looked down at the 'Su' word on the jade, a tear sneaked across the cheek????, happened to drop on the jade?? ??. Through the drop of crystal tears ???, Jin Se could not help but tumbling... 'You really want to go to the Longtan Tiger Cave???? 'Su Jinchen heard the news quietly over the wall????, eagerly grabbed her hand and asked?????. 'Yes, this is my mission???, I have to finish???? ?? 'Jinser looked at the hand held by Su Jinchen?????, there was a hint of incitement in the heart?????, some were unwilling to take out???? At this time she????, faded that The stocks are smart, and the faintness reveals calmness and stability.?? Su Jinchen鈥檚 sinister swaying flames seem to burn????, the voice suppresses deep anger? : 'Your mission?????? You keep saying your mission?, what is your mission????? With his innocent body for the four kings, it is worth????? Jin Sa bowed?????, whispering his lips whispered???: 'I'm sorry????, I can't tell you????, this is my secret?????. 'Secret????? 'Su Jinchen slightly blinked ???, sneer and dragged her into her arms????, 'Good????, I don't care what secret you have?????, I only ask you a sentence???? When everything is over????, you can leave with me?????? Jin Se closed his mouth?????. For a time, the terrible silence filled the darkness?????, time slowly passed????, long time Su Jinchen almost gave up????? She finally opened her mouth?????: 'I...willing to???. 'Qin Yu Niang????, the dry Cheng Temple arrived, please ask the girl to get off the car.' 'The grandfather of the sedan revered with a loud voice, and returned to the thoughts of the sorrow.' Jinsei faintly responded, and the hand of the father-in-law leaped lightly into the sedan chair. Step by step on the high steps????, stepped into the door of the temple of the dynasty????, Jinser stood in front of the emperor in three steps, the tone was calm. A little bit of waves?: 'There is nothing to do with you?' The emperor didn't mind her rudeness????, lying comfortably on the dragon chair????, shaking his head?????: 'No????, how can you be incompetent?' ??? You are too capable????, will be the four brothers as a spy on the side of the beggar????. 'A pause????, and again,' 'So????, what if you play a show with you???? 'This is the last thing I did for you?????, I left after the event.' 'Hanse is cold and cold?????, does not contain a trace????. 'This is natural????. 'The emperor promised to be extremely refreshing????. 閿︾憻榛樼劧?????, she clearly knows that she is the chess piece in the game of the emperor?????, and what can she do? ???, is to play her role???. Qinqin????, must be able to confuse the heart of the red water disaster????, only this way, is the satisfaction of the four kings ??? And what she has to do????, but it is to confuse the truth of the four kings, so that the four kings mistakenly believe that they have reached the desired result????. A few days later??? The palace is well known????, the first song of the North City, Ji Jinsi, the crown of the palace, the emperor even ignores the political affairs?????, night songs in the Qin Palace palace???? The chaos of the church, accused Qinqin as a disaster, the voice of the viper is getting higher and higher?????. And the emperor smells this?????, do not agree????? Still, I am still doing my own thing????, even after a month, Qinqin鈥檚 birthday????, I want to have a big banquet????, give Qinqin a grand dinner ???. Staying in your own bedroom all day????, the emperor gave her the task??? ?, but let her play with him??? Let Beicheng people know that he is a faint stunned man???? Nowadays, it is also a good achievement????, only one chance? ??, you can pull the second prince and the four princes at the same time. But on the surface????, she is still the traitor of the four kings, ?????, will be given every few days The four kings sent a message to report his latest situation ??? to show her loyalty. Naturally?????, these messages are mostly half-truths.涓€涓?濡?鐢?鐢?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?涓€涓?, understand the meaning?????, the woman who is unscrupulous in the heart?????. The night of the birth of the Jinser, the emperor set up a banquet in the palace, the Grand Minister of the DPRK ?????, celebrate the birthday of Qinqin???? The song and dance performed one by one, each person's face is filled with a smile????? As for a few minutes of true leave ????, it is not known ???. Beside the side?????, always hung a smattering of the ???, from time to time toasting toast?????, the surface is not vivid?????, my heart is very nervous????, The palm of my hand has already oozing a little bit of sweat. Finally, the sound of the warriors intertwined at the entrance to the palace gate?????, but after a while, the soldiers of the second prince and the four princes have already I rushed into the palace?????, surrounded the people in the palace????. Jinser stood up and came to the suburbs, subconsciously looked at the emperor, seeing his face as usual, Knowing that everything is under control?????, this is a little bit of relief. At the time when all the ministers were uneasy, the two kings and the four kings walked slowly. The four princes looked straight at the emperor on the high level????, Yang said: 'Imperial brother?????, I have surrounded your palace?????, you still write as soon as possible Zen 璇忎功鍚?????, so I can spare you a life?????.' The minister in the room sucked a cold air????, looking at the emperor who sat in the high position and never said a word? ????. Just as they were anxiously thinking about the retreat, the emperor suddenly smiled?????, slowly stepping down the steps????, the sound is steady and not majestic????: 'Two of you Silly emperor????, you haven't found out who the soldiers behind you are???????' 'Nature is my person????.' Four kings did not hesitate to answer? ?, and waved to the back ???, decisively reached the order?????, 'Up?????! Live the Emperor's rewards for two thousand?????, Feng Wanhu Hou????. 'After the scene is strangely quiet????, no one has acted?????, the four kings turned their heads and looked at the cold soldiers after the eyes????, finally found out that something is wrong????? I hurriedly stepped back a few steps with the two princes. I wanted to stay away from my own soldiers. However, the two soldiers stopped the retreat behind them. The emperor satisfactorily looked at the expression of the two kings and the four kings panicked, and finally said? ': 'I can still be satisfied with this surprise for you???' ??! This is simply impossible!!' Four Wang Ye cried in a panic????, gaze inadvertently picked up the Jinsei behind the emperor, seems to see the hope of shouting??? 'Jinse???, give me the emperor?????, fast????!' Jinser only glanced at him coldly?????, standing silently?? ??, the emperor turned his head and looked at the eyes????, smile more proud????: 'Jin Seben is the person who is arranged next to you????, you still count on her to save you ???, delusion?????.' Four kings fell to the ground, and their eyes were empty, and they showed a dead gray.

Is the Emperor鈥檚 eyelids sinking?????, just wanting people to push the two into the prison?????, the doorway mouth again came the fighting sound?????, more intense than just now? ??.

The emperor seems to have not expected such a change???, with a hint of doubt and horror in his eyes????.

But the emperor was not surprised how long?????, because that group of people had broken into the palace, quickly blocked any way to escape????.

Looking at the costumes of the group????, the heart of Jinser unconsciously pulled up the high-end, this group of people, clearly is the knight on the rivers and lakes?????.

There has never been any conflict between the court and the rivers and lakes????, today's situation?????, what is the situation???? A road is allowed in the crowd. A man slowly walks out of the house, and the white clothes wins and the shoes are not stained.

Jinse desperately suppressed the excitement????, gaze has not left his face since the man appeared????, deep inside is silent shouting?????: Huanian ?????, that is the Chinese Year?????! No one in the hall spoke?????, all of them held their breath????, the atmosphere did not dare to go out.

Finally, the imperial voice of the emperor broke the strange silence????: 'The three emperors of the embarrassed?????, you have been hidden for five years, and finally reluctantly appeared?? ?, I am so surprised.

' The big shock in the heart of Jinsei?????, everyone in the hall is well known, and the three kings have been hiding for many years, and they ignore the political affairs.

It turns out that he is the three kings who have never appeared before - Su Jinchen.

Su Jinchen licked his lips?????, a pair of Danfeng eyes no longer have the evil charms of the past, and some are just squats that are not bottoming out: 'The younger brothers come here?????, No malicious ???, just want to take away the wife of the younger brother????.

' 'Oh?????? 'The emperor raised his eyebrows?????, the tone revealed a little doubts.' 'I don't know who the emperor's wife is?????, can the emperor be so deeply loved???? Su Jinchen turned to look at Jin Se, affectionately, and suddenly mentioned that the light work flew to the side of Jin Se????, a handful of her thin waist?????, facing the emperor laughed??? ??: 'It is her, she is the only wife in my life.'

' The emperor looked at the sorrow a little surprised????, and then looked at Su Jinchen????, suddenly laughed: 'Since the girl is the wife of the emperor?? ?, then take her away?????.

' Su Jinchen looked up and faintly looked at the emperor?????, when did his emperor become so tolerant????? But since the emperor has already opened????, Su Jinchen no longer said more?????, taking the hand of Jinser striding out of the palace gate????, but did not notice the haze of the emperor's eyes????.

Jin Se looked down at the two hands and fingers together????, the inexplicable joy in the heart????, maybe this is?????.

She smiled?????, and immediately held back Su Jinchen's hand????.

From now on, this one????, is her day?????, her everything???.

[Wu] Hongyan early death tears towel 'Jinse???, we leave the North City, ???, go far away?????.

'Su Jinchen whispered to Jinse Road????, eyes are sincere and longing?????.


'Jinse happy to answer????, seems to feel that it is not enough, and added a sentence????, 'Jinse wants to be with Huanian?????, a lifetime???? ??,涓????, is born in the world?????.

鈥?Su Jinchen looked at her with a smile and smiled: 鈥淕ood????, born in the world?????.

' The golden sun is pouring around Su Jinchen????, Jinsei blinked at him, but he felt that the people around him were so dazzling?????, so dazzling????.

'Give the arrow to the ???!!' The emperor鈥檚 robes in the Ming dynasty stood on the high tower. ??? The words are cold and ruthless, 'The people below, ??? Don't leave ???!' 闇嶵ime arrow rain hit????, Su Jinchen rushed a spine to protect Jins behind him????, quickly pulled out the sword to block a shot of the arrow.

Jinsei smashed????, after the reaction, he slammed the high place of the emperor?????, raised his head and shouted loudly: 'Su Jinzhi????, you say And no letter????, 鏋変负鍚涚帇????! The emperor stood on the city building and looked up and laughed. It was full of arrogance?????: 'How can it be said without words?? ?? You can leave?????, but he can not be Su Jinchen?????!' Jinsie cold smile????, no longer say ???, is about to turn to find hiding places? ????, suddenly the eye-pointed to see the emperor in his hand took the bow and arrow????, the arrow aimed at the fighting Su Jinchen?????.

'Hua Nian is careful ???!' Jinser yelled and rushed over, while at the same time ???, the emperor's hand was loose, the arrow was off the string and directed at Su Jinchen. ???.

Jinse slammed Su Jinchen????, the long arrow shot from behind her back, running through her body.

Su Jinchen鈥檚 eyes widened?? I couldn鈥檛 believe that Jinser fell softly on his body?????, blood soaked her dress????, dripping in On the ground?????, enchanting and glaring.

'Jinse?????, what happened to you???? Don't scare me???, I am afraid of ???.

'Su Jinchen clung tightly to the sorrow?????, the eyelids were red?????, the voice with uncontrollable trembling????, 'Jin you don't sleep????, Don't sleep?????, don't leave me alone??, OK???? 'Hua Nian????,' Jin Sai pale, and turned his head and stared deeply at Su Jinchen?????, 'I'm sorry?????.

Is it easy to find you?????, but I have to leave????.

鈥?Su Jinchen shook his head????: 鈥淣o????, I don鈥檛 want you to leave me????.

Jinse???, have you heard that????? I am not allowed to leave you?????, not allowed????! 'At the end of the day?????, it is like a desperate roar????.

Jinther smiled hard and laughed?????, trying to raise his hand and stroke the face of Su Jinchen????: 'This life meets you?????, it is my luck.' p>

It鈥檚 a pity????, I can鈥檛 accompany you????.

' 'Don't say?????, don't say ???.

'Su Jinchen hurriedly interrupted her words???, incoherently?????, 'Don't say this unlucky words????, I will take you to the doctor?????, this Going to ???, this is going to go...' Jinser shook his head ???, tears blurred her sight???, she worked hard to open her eyes????, I hope that Su Jinchen鈥檚 voice will be forever Engraved in my heart?????: 'Next world, I am waiting for you?????.

Now on the bridge????, never separated...' Touching the face of Su Jinchen鈥檚 face fell, and Su Jinchen鈥檚 dumb voice screamed a few times, and he did not receive any response. Can't help but scream at the sky????: 'Su Jinzhi???, you must not die?????! 鈥斺€斺€?According to the records of the later history books, the Tianzhu ten years ???, the day of Qin Sheng鈥檚 birthday, the second king and the four kings rebelled????.

At the same time, the three kings who have been hiding for many years suddenly appeared at the Qinqin banquet and took the piano.????.

The palace is in a state of turmoil, and Qinqin was struck by the arrows when he was in trouble.????.

The day ???, the north city blood flow into the river ???, the emperor was stabbed and killed, and was smashed by the corpse?????, terrible?????.

The reactionary party took the opportunity to seize the power?????, for a time, the color change????, Jiangshan Yizhu?????.

And in the suburbs not far from the North City, there is a grave standing quietly?????.

There are several large characters on the tombstone, and he wrote 'The Tomb of My Wife and the Gods'.

Su Jinchen is sitting in front of the Jinsi grave????, reaching out and gently touching the tombstone???, the eyes are gentle and affectionate????: 'Jinse???, I avenged you? ?, the dog emperor was killed by me?????, you wait for me?????, I am looking for you?????.

' Slowly pulled out the waist sabre?????, Su Jinchen quietly looked at the half-?????, suddenly put it on the neck and force a touch, the blood spewed out from the neck ????, Su Jinchen took a few steps forward, fell to the grave????, easily laughed?????.

Jinse????, you know???????閭f櫄鐨勫姭鍖???锛屾槸鎴戞晠鎰忎负涔?????锛屾垜鐭ラ亾浣犳槸鍥涚帇鐖风殑搴曠墝????锛屾帴杩戜綘鏄垜鐨勭洰鐨????銆?







































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