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锘?p>First: How to communicate with customers? Teach you to grasp the basic skills of customers In the post-industrial era of rich products and saturated markets, customer relationships are the most valuable assets of merchants, and thus become the most important pursuit goal of knowledgeable businesses. If you don鈥檛 see it, recruiting marketers鈥?ads will make more and more customers have a wide range of social relationships. Broadly speaking, the relationship is almost a sign of the culture of the quintessence of the country. But when the Chinese do not know the power of the relationship, most of the people's encounters are soaring and there is no invisible relationship.

It should be said that the skills of the relationship, the Westerners are far from our opponents. Their relationship skills in the business field are also some of the tricks that Chinese people disdain for, and there is nothing comparable to our large-scale, three-dimensional, long-term, ingenious, and profound relationship. Therefore, I naturally don鈥檛 take the opportunity to make a difference in the relationship skills with Chinese characteristics, even in the commercial field. What I want to explore here is the little tricks that Westerners have accumulated in the long-term market economy practice, that is, purely from a professional perspective, to see how to cultivate and maintain customer relationships, as a small embellishment for our national quintess, for Everyone learns from pure business operations.

After all, the composition of the market economy continues to spread in China, and the relevant laws will always play a role within a certain scope and to a certain extent. Especially on the Internet, for SMEs, I believe that there is still considerable value. To develop customer relationships, you must have a long-term perspective. In other words, the customer relationship can not be cultivated overnight, it is a slow work, a fine work. This principle is in line with our long-term, fishing big fish relationship learning skills. Regardless of the size of the fish and the small fish, the development of the relationship has the patience of fishing, and it is not possible to fish for two days in three days. So, how is this long-term law? In advertising, you must first plan for a long-term plan and have a long-term plan. The basic steps and key points of online advertising have been mentioned before, and they are not repeated here. Suppose you are all done and ready to start in several media in one or three. Well, you have to build a detailed database to record the time, location, frequency, effect, and progress of the ads. You can't just do a row arrangement. Marketing practice proves that you need to appear at least three times in the eyes of potential customers, and people may start paying attention to you. At least seven times, people may be really interested in you. Like the real business environment, there is an increasingly fierce competition on the Internet. You must persist in the war for a long time in order to occupy your place. If people say no, don't rush to delete this person's record. Don't worry, wait a while, after two or three months, change the way to contact again. Perhaps this time, people are preparing to go on a business trip, and the boss is in a bad mood \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; In short, since people have responded, it means that some point in your advertisement has touched people, then it is time to contact and explore this point. Behold, keep in touch with others until you finally realize consumption: the first time, the second time, your own consumption, and the consumption of people around you \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; the cost of sending an e-mail is so low, what reason is not good to use ? As for the effective way to maintain contact, I have already introduced it in the email marketing section. Please turn it over and see it. Going along this line of thought, your customer (potential customer) group will get bigger and bigger, the popularity of your products (services) will get higher and higher, and your business will naturally become more and more prosperous. The second part: Communication skills with customers Master the skills of communication with customers The first one is passion. Here, please remember that one word is: enthusiasm is the foundation of service, indifference is the beginning of customer abandonment, everyone, when you are enthusiastic Time is the foundation of service, whether it is pre-sale, sale, or after-sale, so enthusiasm is the first key, and the indifference is the beginning of all the abandonment. The second one is concern. Only when we are concerned can we make a relationship. No matter what business we do, it is a business of interpersonal relationship. If you do a good job in interpersonal relationship, you will have a huge Push, because we sell any products are traded by people, I am here to tell you one person. Joe Gillard sells an average of six cars a day. He is hailed as a legendary figure who can sell any product to anyone at any time and place. Such a great person has also not seriously paid attention to the needs of his clients. Also lost business. I told you a story about him. A customer came to him to buy a car. When he talked about the problem of payment at the end, when he started paying cash, the customer told him that my child鈥檚 academic performance was very high. Ok, my child is very smart, but he just looks at the customer's money-saving action. He just puts his eyes on the customer's money, not the customer's voice, so he sees the customer put the money again. Going in, everyone, when you see this situation, do you feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Certainly uncomfortable, it is better to not come out. After this incident, Joe Gillard strengthened his self-cultivation and paid full attention to the needs of customers. So the key to the second simple and effective super customer service is attention. How much you care about your customers, how much you know about your customers. How much you know about customers, you know everything you do. Everything you say, every plan you launch is in line with its needs. When you meet all of this, the customer will be dragged by you and will make the decision you want. The third choice of communication skills with customers: If you want to get a very simple and effective super customer, the key is to like it. Like it is the heartfelt willingness to accept your customers, feel the customer from the heart, not the customer to buy your product, you like it. But regardless of the customer's presence and absence, you are thinking of him in your heart and giving you a positive feeling. This is like, today we assume that when we don't like a customer, when our inner and outer are not unified, our influence will be greatly reduced, is it still? So every friend we have here, what is the customer? The simplest and most effective way is three words. 1, really heart. How important is true? Feelings of the heart, the heart of the people, the heart of the people, everyone respects. When you care for others, the hearts of others will melt you. When your heart is closer to others' hearts, you can exchange more hearts to walk with you. 2. In the end, it is most important to like him. What do you like about him is the most important thing. You praise other people's five advantages. It is not as good as five repetitions to praise him. I have spoken in many places and I am praised by many people. Many people say that I have a good word, but I don't usually remember it very easily. One of the students I remember is very deep. When he often calls me, when he often meets me, he tells me something he said. My favorite is your smile. I haven't seen each other for a long time. I asked him what happened. He said that I haven't felt your charming smile for a long time, so he praised me for countless times. This is very specific and makes my memory very profound. 3, modest, when you praise a person, if it is over, others will be very uncomfortable. When you praise a person, you can't match his strengths and identity. He still feels better than not praising. Because your praise is not in harmony with his current situation, when you like customers, you will trigger your customers to like you. Now China's current products are becoming more and more homogenous, assuming you are encountering similar products. Willing to buy someone you like, or willing to buy annoying people, everyone? I believe that everyone is willing to buy products that like people. 4. Tolerance, these two words are known to many of our friends, but they are not necessarily able to be done. Just as many people know how to write two words of success but still can't succeed. Many people know how important these two words are, but not There must be very good knowledge, so I have to tell you a word: This is what I often share with myself. This sentence has an impact on my life. I also hope that all of you here and friends can have it. The help customers are sent by God to practice tolerance for you for free. Why do you say this? Because there are many customers who think that the product he bought you is God, he can send you some temper, may have some unfriendly way for you, because he paid the price, he did support for you. The decision, if you can't give him a good response, can't give him a good service, he has some complaints about you, do you think it is normal? normal. One must be quiet, you can relax, you should not be very angry when others lose your temper. The fourth: tolerance, when you are tolerant, when the customer does all the things for you, he will be guilty, he will buy the product, not only as his own needs, this time he will not ask you And will continue to buy. The fifth: Respect, these two people may know, but we must do it. Everyone learns, but people know that only by constantly doing it, we can get it, is it still? Yes. Learning to be a prerequisite for a person's success, to be a process after a person, to get is the result of a person. Once a person is grateful to you, he will be grateful to you with specific behavior, and respect is an important core key to the customer. Because the deepest desire of mankind is the feeling of being an important person. Do you have any customer who feels very important, whether it makes your customers feel big and you give him this important feeling, and when the competitor does not give him this feeling, I believe that your customers make choices. At the time, when he is compared with competitors, his emotional part will be inclined to your place. If we can learn more good communication methods and skills when dealing with customers, then our friends will More and more, our business will grow stronger. The following is a set of tutorials on the principles of negotiation based on NLP's three-win theory. It has achieved good results in the training process for the company. Let's share with you and your business friends, I hope to help. 1. Understand the theme, purpose, and negotiator of the negotiation. 2, use the empty cup mentality, listen to the other party's language, movements, eyes to understand each other's real ideas and major objections. 3. Use neutral independent thinking to separate the customer's motivation and position, before and after, and between people. 4. Consider all possible objection resolutions and work with the other party to develop terms that are acceptable to both parties. 5. Negotiate from the perspective of values ??and beliefs in order to resolve the negotiation objections in an intrinsic manner and reach an agreement. 6. In the negotiation, everything is based on three wins (winning the company, winning the customer, winning by you) as the starting point and goal. How to communicate with customers, let the business get more and more fire, customer: other people's home goods, cheaper than you sell? You are also cheap, but the quality of the product is not as good as this. Would you like it? In fact, most people are not bad for these two money, but people have a price to bargain. We have to learn to pay attention to his bargaining, and then talk about how good the family's products are, and to tell him some professional knowledge to distract him. Second, treat each and every one of your customers with sincerity. In this world, the biggest fool is someone who treats others as fools, so don't deceive your clients at any time. You deceive him. Once you let him know, you will lose all the friends around him. These are your potential customers. Third, don't look down on people. This person does not buy today, not to buy tomorrow, does not mean that he will never buy, perhaps he does not need it now. Even if he doesn't buy it, he may introduce you to others and let people around him buy them. These people are your potential customers. So don't look down on anyone. Fourth, focus on emotional marketing. When talking to customers, don't just talk about products. For example: Your previous customers used WeChat, or mobile phones to call you to order, do not talk around the product, have to chat more, for example, ask the other party's recent situation? Sincerely care about your customers. 5. Be a helpful person. Wechat is different from Taobao. Taobao does not know who the boss behind the store is. WeChat is people-oriented. He bought it for you, so if you want to sell the product, sell it yourself. WeChat is a process from weak relationship to strong relationship, which requires cultivating feelings with each other, just like cultivating feelings between couples. So if the customer has what we need to help, we just want to help, we have to do our best to help. Sixth, treat customers like first love. Treat customers like your first love. Always keep the temperature. For example, at least make a phone call with your customers every month, or contact us on WeChat. Seven, send a blessing when the festival is over. The big festival and the small section are not pulled. 8. Don't refute customers. The customer complained or criticized you, we should not directly refute him. For example: Miss Wang, the coat you wear today is too beautiful, but I think this color is not suitable for you. We are determined not to use but, but, to deny others, whether in the process of marketing or in daily life, we must learn to praise others. For example: We can say this: Miss Wang, the coat you wear today is very beautiful, and if you can wear a yellow silk scarf, I want to bring out your temperament.

We must not deny the other party: You are wrong, you are not right.

Think about who will go with the money! Nine, vote for it.

For example, who is the other person, if you are a fellow with him, you will feel very close.

For example, if you like to travel, there will be more topics. You can talk about travel together, have more topics, and become friends more easily.

Ten, strong self-confidence.

A good salesperson must have strong self-confidence.

Your customers will never be more confident about your products than you.

So we must be confident and confident? 1. Your voice is louder than your customers. If you speak loudly, you will have confidence and the magnetic field will be different.

2. Have enough knowledge and understanding of your products, Mao Zedong once said a word: people have to prepare for the embarrassment.

3. The biggest difference between a winner and a loser is that the winner focuses on positive and good things, repeats the positive world in the mind, imagines good results, enters positive information, and makes them The behavior is corrected to the front, resulting in good results.

So say to enter positive information for yourself every day.

Treat each of your clients as God and serve every detail.

I believe that your customers will be your loyal fans.

11. Life must be continuous learning, learning, and learning.

Only continuous learning will make you invincible.

1. Read more books, look at books that are useful to you.

2. Listen to the lesson and learn to have the experience of others.

3. Use time to make mistakes, explore, and have the experience of others.

Which one is coming faster? The second is to listen more.

12. The highest level of sales is not to say, it is to listen.

You have to calm down and listen, what do your customers really need? It is most important to give what others want.

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