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锘?p> Beer alone, the lower fermentation process represented by Budweiser and Heineken ruling beer ruling the world's bars and food stalls.

There are a lot of male stomachs that love ball games. Germany's finely fermented lagag beer is just one of hundreds of types of beer, just like the yellow pheasant chicken rice is just one of the global cuisines.

But only the one-year net profit of Budweiser's parent company, Budweiser InBev, is as high as nearly 10 billion US dollars. This figure is equivalent to the yellow pheasant chicken rice that rules the stomach of all human beings. Due to the 鈥渕ulti-fermentation in the bottle鈥?process, Abbey Beer has a value that subverts beer cognition: the shelf life can be more than 10 years, in fact, it should be called the best drinking period. The 'material' of the three materials and the four materials of the monastery is not the same meaning. Therefore, the color of the three materials is mainly golden, slightly scented with flowers and grass, and the four materials are close to black, and the back feeling is thick and the layers are rich.

So three materials and four materials are recommended separately. There is a very important message here, which I call 'the paradox of hops and malt'. A variety of hops or a variety of malts can usually be chosen to increase the level and richness of the taste. Top category: Al Ale (the general name for fermented beer, the official industrial name for craft beer). Tuol rye and body salt blended wine (TolBlackMalts \u0026 BodySaltsBlackCoffeeIIPA, with sea salt and other accessories, is an excellent choice for Porter over) NICE (good praise) called China Instagram, Goose Island Brewery as a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch The beer brand on the fermentation process has placed advertisements for its Campaign. NICE is a position for the industry to find a precise audience. It can be seen that the fermented beer representing the level of beer brewing is still a small strategy even in the eyes of Budweiser InBev, the world's first wine merchant. Investment, far from the cash cow quadrant. Goose Island is not the only fermented brewery acquired by Budweiser InBev, which is an unknown Schr?dinger equation for beer hobbies. It can be said that it will be good or bad. Why does Fujia White Beer have sediment? In the case of problems, I explained to the guests that Hoegaarden white beer is made from wheat as the main raw material. It is brewed by the upper layer fermentation method and is not filtered. Therefore, the yeast in the beer is retained in the beer, which makes the wine body turbid and a little sedimentation. The beer taste contains the ester of fruit, the bubbles are full, and the mouth is slightly sour. And because the yeast is retained, the nutritional value of the beer is greatly improved. Does Fu Jia white have sediments to drink? How is the taste of Fujia white beer? The above is definitely not all the style of craft beer, just a representative one. Due to too many styles of craftsmanship, only the four mothers of the monastery, IPA, Porter and Shitao are recommended. The first period: the style period, 'When you know the wind, you will always see the spring.' Classification of raw materials: There is no need to use brains. The difference is that there are sub-categories of mothers, such as wheat beer, fruit beer, honey beer (basically negligible), and sub-categories will be different under different styles of parent. For example, under the parent class of Shi Tao: Milk Shitao, Coffee Shitao, Chocolate Shitao, etc. Under the mother class of the monastery, there are two Dubbel (two malt), three tripods (three kinds of hops), four quadrupe/ Abt (double the double material). Process classification: still must be an affiliated classification. The difference is that it is more attractive than the three BOSS above, which can be called the 'investor-level' sub-category. The three most important processes are barrels, storage and laboratories. The barrels contain bourbon barrels such as red wine, brandy, and whiskey. For example: Mickey Le barrel 1000 days Chardonnay Ai, the vintage dog laboratory abstract No. 19 over rum barrel mixed stuffed with pine, I think the longer the name, the more complicated the taste, the higher the price should have been discovered It is. 17. CASS beer keel high alcohol% vol is not only the West Fleet Lun 12, other barrels, hoarded, limited, laboratory high-priced wine, high-alcohol, high-scoring wine is not recommended for entry, or drink Get used to it, a lot of getting started will feel that the good wine can't drink. The skill is different from the food. When you eat the crabs, you can also get a bowl of Lanzhou noodles. Because wine is not a physiological necessity, it only solves the problem and does not quench your thirst. According to this logic, recommend several different styles for the first period of drinking. IPA style (equivalent to the 'fresh beer' in the craft, different from the monastery, to drink the recent factory, from golden to dark brown, smell the bitterness) American Roger Farm 7 flowers (RogueFarms7HopIPA, another 4 flowers 6 Flowers and 750ml of 8 flowers, 7 shades, 8 shades) Today's quality of life has changed a lot in the past. People in today's life are more eager to combine health and deliciousness, even if they drink alcohol. Drinking health is not just a happy drink. Belgian beer is very good in the health of beer. Among them, Fujia white beer is the most popular. Many people like to drink Fujia. The main reason is that The most original Belgian flavor of Fukjia, the Belgian beer has its own characteristics. It is like the German Caesar beer, with a strong local flavor, which is also an important reason to attract their fans. Roosevelt 10 (RochefortTrappistes10) I thought that the dark beer should be bitter and strong, but sucking a bite of foam and drinking a beer, the entrance is very wonderful and difficult to describe, the rich and rich (I want to use the word rich in layers), it seems to bring A little bit of sweetness, not the bitterness that I thought, I only have a bitter taste of beer in my mouth for a while, and it is still full of fragrance after a long time! There is only one word: amazing! Porter style (Porter is a porter's transliteration, because it was brewed for dockers in the early days, because of the roasted malt, there is smoky flavor) The first skill I drank was Chi Mei Red Hat, alcohol, general The light lager is only around. That feeling is like going to the Summer Palace for the first time, and seeing Kunming Lake from the North Palace Gate over the Wanshou Mountain. The original beer has such a rich taste, it is as rich as the red wine. The rich wheat is mixed with caramel, with a dark brown liquid with sediment. It is on the surface of the tongue, on the mouth, on the left and right, and through the throat into the esophagus. Different tastes, no want to fight, there will be back. This strange concept of global ranking comes from one of the authoritative craft media http://, which annually selects craft items and wineries, which is equivalent to the Robert Parker RP score for wine. Unlike RP, Ratebeer is not a story of the two founders, but also has the weight of the craftsman to score. In the Top 50 of the calendar year, there are not many seats in the abbey beer. Usually only Westvleteren12 (Xifulett Lun 12, once ranked first, because the beer in this monastery is sold in the self-operated bar, so the domestic can buy It is usually backed by human flesh, and the price is about 10 times that of the latter two), RochefortTrappistes10 (Roosevelt 10) and (St. Bernard 12), the latter two are the most suitable rations for entry-level crafts. Among them, St. Bernard 12 and West Fleet Lun 12 are relatively close to each other and have also been contracted for their work. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink Sifulett Lun 12 at the stage of fever. In many people's words, beer is so hard to drink. Why do you still love to drink some people and start to analyze what kind of feelings you have, what kind of mentality, in fact, those beer is very difficult to drink, because most people can not drink real Beer. ChimayGrandeReserveJeroboam, Cork, with ageing value, selected by friends at the party. Before you understand the style, simply consider the main classification of craft beer: American private brewer has a heavy fist IPA (BootleggersKnuckleSandwichDoubleIPA) Danish Tuole's final border empire IPA (TolFinalFrontierDIPA, the wine label of this winery is very artistic), especially recommended a light color Elsier three (WestmalleTriple, West Maier is a monastery double And the creator of the three materials) Enhanced classification: must be based on the origin, color, style, subordinate to a certain parent class. There are three BOSS players, that is, Strong Strong, Double Double (similar to double material), Imperial Imperial, such as: Belgian strong Ayr, red double IPA, oats Imperial Shi Tao, usually these three words At this time, the alcohol and bitterness of this wine (the important value of the taste of the brew) are not too low, of course, the price will not be very low. Style classification: need to move the brain to remember, the monastery (generally from Belgian beer), IPA, Porter Porter, Shi Tao Stout are the main four major categories, the other is collectively called the other good. Among them IPA (full name Indian Pale Ale), originally a sub-category of origin + color, because it is too popular, so upgraded to a mother, a typical daughter-in-law. In the past two years, 7-13 convenience stores and many indoor barbecue stalls have appeared in Fujia White Beer, Zhimei Red Hat, Blue Hat, Roosevelt No. 6, No. 8, No. 10, and the name of 鈥渕issing wine鈥? Crafted beer such as deep pink and light pink. These are all from Belgium, the craft beer that belongs to the monastery, and it is also suitable for getting started. American hornhead head 90 minutes (DogfishHead90minuteIPA, also translated as horned shark, hops for 90 minutes) Craft beer respects the culture of origin and innovates in all aspects of the brewing process, from the composition of raw materials, the way hops are placed, The number of fermentations went to the barrels, and even the two wineries took the wines. This kind of innovation with the origin of '闀i搻' dance has created a variety of beer taste. The deer month wild yeast three materials (StraffeHendrikWild, there is a normal version, relatively soft, this very wild). Speaking of the entry craft beer, starting from the first brew, private thought will be divided into three periods. The style of the monastery (including the Trappist style of the monastery and the Abbey style of the authorized brewing) Many people especially like Fu Jiabai. Indeed, the Belgian wheat beer represented by Fujia has the most flavor of Chinese consumers. But in fact, the best among the Belgian wheat beer is a heavyweight player, Vedett ExtraWhite. The white bear is produced in the DuvelMoortgat Brewery, and the beer fermentation process of the Dulwich Brewery is well known in the world beer industry. Taste classification: There is no need to use your brain. There are only a few minority groups, such as sour beer, smoked beer, and British bitter beer (also negligible). The three colors of the monastery color classification: also do not need to brain, the difference is that in addition to white beer, other colors are more subordinate categories, such as: American gold Aier. The so-called fermented beer, also known as Al Beer, contains a number of beer-style mothers, each sub-category has sub-categories, and sub-categories have sub-categories. All the beer in the fermentation process can also be collectively referred to as craft beer. Omnipolis, Sweden, IPI (OmnipolloFatamorganaOat/WheatIIPA, this winery wine label is very interesting) Abbey four materials Goose Island's Weibo, until April 14, 17th, only 1108 fans, the brush is too lazy to brush. The Budweiser brand has 12.06 million followers. This difference is the difference between the fermented beer consumer group and the lower fermented beer consumer group. This disparity is also the difference between the taste of the fermented beer and the fermentation. Far more than the difference between pure malt whisky and blended whisky, not even the difference between cognac and elegant. According to the saying, this feeling should be: 'Under the Chrysanthemum, you can see Nanshan leisurely.' However, Zhimei Red Hat is only a kind of abbey beer. The raw materials are simple, with few fruits, flowers, coffee, chocolate and other fragrances. Not only Nanshan, but also Dongling Xifeng Beihai...that is IPA, Porter, Shitao. Regrettably, under the original culture of a wine and wine, the beer industry is the most miserable wine by the economy. It is fortunate that the winemaking technique was invented very early in the morning, bringing countless hall-level painters and poets to the state between the self and the self, and creating countless famous works such as 'Lanting Collection'. After a few centuries of learning and dyeing, we have such a rich spiritual civilization. Otherwise, under the economically dominant human social order, even without artificial intelligence, the human body will gradually evolve into a currency machine. St. Bernard 12 () Because the difference between a single hop, a dry hop, a double, and an empire IPA is different from the span of the abbey and the three materials, it is recommended to be mixed. Napoleon allowed merchants to sell cognac to the world, leaving Yawen to drink for themselves. Brandy is still a wine with tasting value, even the cheapest of the famous luxury group Lu Wei Xuan. In the heyday, the Rothschild family acquired Lafite, the local government of Bordeaux, and the concept of branding, the new world countries changed the brewing techniques and tools. The first and the star gardens came into being. The wines based on dry red were still The most elegant micro media. The size of the sylvestris in the kitchen, which should have appeared in the kitchen, has not affected the status of sake in the consciousness of middle-aged literary youth. The Scottish single malt whisky, known for its peat smell, became the clear stream in the heart of the 'wine putty' after the unidentified Johnnie Walker and Chivas, the highest-profile wines on the nightclub deck. Lowland, Speyer, Highlands, Islay... Japan is a customary entry-level single malt advanced parabola. If the Belgian masterpiece-based monastery is a subtle style of brewing beer, let the beer lovers have the first time to watch the universe with the Hubble telescope, then evolved from the British Ayre, The IPA, which is enriched by American fine wineries, is a black hole. However, it is not as easy to accept a black hole from the monastery of Huigan to the excessive IPA. Because of the hierarchical structure of IPA, it is the bitterness of different levels of flowers and fruits derived from hops. Like Sodaji Kempi's famous book, 'Bitterness is Life.' If you can accept the bitter food of bitter chrysanthemum and bitter gourd, then accepting IPA will be very easy. A 750ml atypical abbey beer is recommended.鈥斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€?The monastery, IPA, Porter, and Shi Tao are the four big ones of craft beer. Classification, but it can't represent all, but there are more subdivisions in these four categories. Among the top 50 crafts in the world, these four categories account for a large proportion, especially the imperial Shi Tao in Shi Tao.

Drinking more than two years of experience, I know that I have gained a lot of knowledge of the craftsmanship, especially the high ticket answer under this question.

So come back and share the feelings of drinking more than two years.

Origin classification: It is not necessary to use the brain to understand that there are three main categories: English beer, American beer, Belgian beer.

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