casino campione chiuso:casino,campione,chiuso,锘,Shand:锘?p>Shandong City, Zaozhuang City, Wulin Street, Middle School, the second grade of the ninth grade, the first unit of the book, '涔炰笎' teaching materials download Shandong University, Zaozhuang City, Wulin Street Middle School, nine

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锘?p>Shandong City, Zaozhuang City, Wulin Street, Middle School, the second grade of the ninth grade, the first unit of the book, '涔炰笎' teaching materials download Shandong University, Zaozhuang City, Wulin Street Middle School, nine grades of the next language The first unit '涔炰笎' teaching plan before class: 1. Please find out the words and phonetic words encountered when reading the text. 2, '涔炰笎' is an article --------, the author ---------, --------- national writer. 3. What other works do the authors have? 4. Accumulate words that describe the appearance of the characters.

Related curriculum standards: 鈥淧remimate literary works and enrich your spiritual world.鈥?鈥淥n the basis of reading the text, clear up the ideas, understand and analyze the main content, and appreciate and interpret the meaning of important words and phrases in the language environment. And role.' 'To express the feelings and images of the works, to express your own experience; to taste the expressive language in the works.

' Teaching Objectives: 1. Understand the characteristics of authors and prose poems, and remember the words and new words in the text.

2. Learn how to shape characters by positive description and side description.

3. Experience the sincere human love and cultivate a correct outlook on life.

Class schedule: 1 class hour.

Teaching process: First, a wonderful story, introduce a new lesson: Import: There is a very interesting story, what is the difference between hell and heaven? In hell, the ghosts gathered around the big table, and they all looked at the long chopsticks in their hands. The food caught with such chopsticks could not be put into their mouths, so everyone was hungry and all of them frowned.

But in the paradise, the angels are also eating around the table. The chopsticks in their hands are also very long and long, but they are caught in the mouth of each other when they catch the food, so everyone is full, Happy.

The story reveals that the truth is simple: helping others is actually helping others.

The reason may be understood by everyone, but in life, it is not so easy to be true.

Today, we will learn Turgenev's '涔炰笎' and believe that students will be inspired.

Second, preview results show: Author brief introduction Turgenev (1818 - 1883), Russian writer.

born in a noble family.

Early writing poems ('Palasa', 'The Landlord', etc.).

From 1847 to 1852, the 'Hunter's Diary' was published, exposing the brutality of the serf-owner and the tragic life of the serf, and was therefore exiled.

In the imprisonment, he wrote the novella 'Woodwood' and protested against serfdom.

After the publication of the novel 'Rooting' (1856), 'House of Nobles' (1859), the novella 'Axia', 'Diary of the Surplus' and so on.

In the novel 'Eve' (1860), the image of the Bulgarian revolutionary Insarov was shaped.

The novel 'Father and Son' was later published, depicting the ideological conflict between aristocratic liberals and civilian intellectuals.

The late novels 'Smoke' (1867) and 'Virgin Land' (1877), denying the aristocratic reactionaries and aristocratic liberals, criticized the incomplete Narodniks, but revealed pessimism.

In addition, the script 'Village January' and prose poems are also written.

Consolidation of words to the following words with horizontal lines: filth () abscess () () 鍛诲悷 () () tremble () prose poetry and both essay and poetry genre attributes, the most essential is still a form of poetry.

It uses the appearance and partial writing methods of prose to integrate with the language and soul of poetry to serve the theme expression; it is shorter than the prose in the usual sense, and does not have a fixed branch like poetry. The invisible and unconventional thinking emotions are externalized into the musical rhythm and rhythm of the author's mind and the plot relationship, thus presenting the expression realm closer to spiritual freedom. 1. The students draw the strokes of the characters in the text. .

2, students read and exchange.

3, clear: (1) appearance description: red and swollen eyes with tears, lips blue, wrapped in broken clothes, covered with filthy abscesses... he put a puffy, red and dirty hand Give it to me.

He took his red eyes and stared at my face; his blue lips smiled.

(2) Action, demeanor: He is jealous, begging for alms.

The hand he stretched out was shaking slightly.

I reached for my pocket, I touched the bag... I panicked, I was embarrassed, I held his trembling dirty hand tightly.

He also pinched my cold fingers.

(3) Language description: 'Brother, forgive me, I have nothing.

' 'Brother, where!' He whispered, 'I thank you for this - this is also Zhou Ji, brother.

'4. What is the role of these descriptions in the article? [Educational prediction] Students tend to ignore the description of the appearance of the confrontation. It is also a description of my side. The common sense of the description of the side should be reviewed in time.

Side description, also called indirect description, is the expression of the character from the side. It means that in the literary creation, the author expresses the object to be described by depicting the surrounding characters or the environment, so that it is conspicuous, that is, indirectly Characterize the description of the object. 1) Appearance description: The red eyes are filled with tears, the lips are blue, the tattered clothes are wrapped around, and the sputum is sore... He puts a puffy, red and dirty hand on me. He took his red eyes and stared at my face; his blue lips smiled. - Destitute and filthy; from the side, I highlight the respect for my demeanor and the value of goodwill. (2) Action, demeanor: He is jealous, begging for alms. - For the minimum survival, self-esteem has been abandoned. His extended hand was shaking slightly. - There is tension and expectation. I reached for my pocket and I touched the bag... - very careful and embarrassed. I panicked, very embarrassed, I held his trembling dirty hand tightly. 鈥斺€擜pologize and respect from the heart of 骞崇瓑 as an equal person. He also pinched my cold fingers. - The excitement of the heart is a silent gratitude. (3) Language description: 'Brother, forgive me, I have nothing.' 'Brother, where!' He whispered, 'I thank you for this - this is also Zhou Ji, brother.' - Brothers It is said that it shows the intimate exchange of feelings between each other and is an equal communication between people. Fourth, the gift of the rose, the hand to leave the fragrance: (comparative, inquiry, in-depth understanding of the subject) (a) word comparison, inquiry. 1. Students think on their own: What I am begging for is 鈥渁lms鈥? but I give him 鈥淶hou Ji鈥? What is the difference between the two? 2. Discuss exchanges. (I hope that this question will guide students to understand the theme. The students' understanding of the connotation of the two words may not be sufficient. The teacher can guide the emotional color of the words.) 3. Clearly: 'Alms' has a gift meaning, including The recipient鈥檚 contempt, while 鈥淶hou Ji鈥?refers to an equal help that includes respect for the recipient. In comparison, 'Zhou Ji' is more kind. He believes that he is getting 'Zhou Ji', which shows his inner feelings and gratitude for the respect and goodwill that I have given. 4. How to understand 'I understand that I also got Zhou Ji from my brother'? 5. Students exchange ideas before and after. (The answer to this question has involved in-depth understanding of the subject, students may not be able to accurately understand. With the communication between students and students can inspire and complement each other. Teachers can guide students to contact the above and lead analysis and interpretation.) 6, the teacher-student exchange clear : Because he got the most valuable trust and love between people from the shackles. Yes, the charity was ashamed of not giving anything to him, but he did not adopt a condescending arrogance, but he apologized to him with an equal and sincere attitude. This attitude made him a relationship with him. Equality. Therefore, I feel satisfied, and we can understand his understanding and gratitude for true love and compassion. Any charity is equal, and any help is mutual. When the alms gives material help, he also gains spiritual satisfaction and reward. This kind of reward is diverse, and a thank you is also a kind of warmth, a kind of reward. In fact, people need such a spirit to satisfy. (II) Comparison and Exploration of Articles 1. Reflections on Students: What is the difference between the attitude of 鈥淚鈥?in dealing with 涔炰笎 in 鈥滀篂涓愨€?and the attitude of people in Kong Yiji to Kong Yiji? If it is you, how would you treat such a 'bitter person'? 2. Group discussion, whole class exchange. (The answer to the previous question should be more in place; the latter question can encourage students to speak the truth and swear the truth. But the attitude towards the 'bitter person' should pay attention to prevent extremes, and focus on guiding students to cultivate sincere sympathy for the weak. But also to guide students not to abuse this sympathy.) 3, clear: 'I' is a sincere sympathy and goodwill based on respect, while people treat Kong Yiji is ruthless mocking and indifference. Teacher added: Compassion is a virtue, a kind of feeling derived from the instinct of love and mutual help. Sincere sympathy can give the weak and the poor the courage and strength to overcome difficulties. This kind of help is not only material, but more importantly, the seeds of love are sowed in one's heart, so that one understands. In this world, in addition to disaster, selfishness, and indifference, there is a kind of warmth and care. This warmth may not be a very difficult thing for the giver, but it can be enjoyed for the given person. However, in terms of expression, sympathetic love is often reflected in the strong, the weak, the rich to the poor, the high social status of the people at the bottom of the society, which is inevitably mixed with a 'gift', ' The color of giving. Sympathy, if it has such a color, is not a true sympathetic love, but rather a performance or show off. We often say 'sympathy', sympathy and 'heart' are the kind of true sympathy. The sympathy unrelated to 'heart' is disgusting, because there is no 'heart' sympathy, often to the recipient. Saying it constitutes inequality in personality. Although sometimes the recipient will be reluctant to accept this sympathy under the pressure of survival, he will feel a strong humiliation in the spirit, such as the well-known story of 鈥渢he food of the coming鈥? In addition, sympathetic love is a kind and beautiful emotion, but it must be meaningful to those who really need sympathy. If we do not distinguish between right and wrong, we will not only endanger this society, but also harm ourselves. The story of the farmer and the snake in Aesop's Fables is familiar to everyone. For those who are wicked and bad, you may be sympathetic. You may be sincere, but the snake will use your sympathy to achieve your own purpose. This is counterproductive. Lost the meaning of compassion. (3) Clear theme 1. Students will summarize themselves. 2, the teacher concluded: 'I' road encounter, although no money to give, but gave him sincere sympathy, equal respect. While 'I' gave him sincere sympathy and equal respect, 'I' also received spiritual satisfaction and reward. V. Test feedback: A: 'My uncle Yule' B: '涔炰笎' (1) In [A], the mother said: 'I know that this thief will not have a good future, will come back sooner or later. We are dragging our .... From these words, we can see what kind of person is the mother? Answer: __________________________________________________. (2) [A] in the article 'I am silent: 'This is my uncle, my father's brother, my Uncle and uncle, 'What is this description? What are the three words of meditation that express the 'I' mentality? A: _____________. (3) [B] In the text, 'this is also the charity, brother' in the sentence 'this' Refers to ________; 'I understand, I also got the charity of my brother', the specific meaning of 'alms' is _________. (4) (b) in the text 'I am horrified, shy abnormal' reasons What is it? A: __________________. (5) (B) There is a word in the text that is similar to 'Goth', please find out. A: ____________________. (6) (b) The subject of the article is ________. (7) Imitation For example sentences, write your own correct understanding of money, ask for the same sentence, write two sentences. Money can buy a house, but can't buy a home; money can buy jewelry, but can't buy beauty. Answer:. p>

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