casino background png:casino,background,png,锘,The,we:锘?p> 1 The weather in May, although the sun is shining, there is still a cool breeze. I sat on the ladder and swayed my legs, holding a lollipop in my hand, and the line of sight moved with a girl in a white dress in front. When the girl w

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锘?p> 1 The weather in May, although the sun is shining, there is still a cool breeze.

I sat on the ladder and swayed my legs, holding a lollipop in my hand, and the line of sight moved with a girl in a white dress in front.

When the girl walked into the classroom at noon, I turned my head and continued to bite the lollipop.

'Jiang Shubai, you are a real thing!' I turned to the person sitting next to me. Jiang Shubai threw the cans in his hand into the trash can behind me and patted the palm of his hand. He said with a smile: 'I think this word is more suitable for you than you care about Zhou Ao.

' I glanced at him, and once I turned down the ladder, I looked up at Jiang Shubai, who was still smirking at the top, and revealed a sinful smile: 'Use my vulgarity to complete your custom, one hundred sticks.' lollipop. 2 I took a bottle of canned Amanda and pretended to hand it to a person who passed by the road, and then pretended to be very casual to say: 'Handsome guy, help open the squat.'

' I felt that my weight was gone. I looked up and looked at the young man in white sportswear who had just come down from the basketball court. He pulled the ring straight and then drank it directly. Finally I looked at me. 'Although I know your purpose, this reason is quite new. However, it will be better to buy water next time. I took the cans that he was about to take off and landed in his hands, revealing the evil laugh that was infected with Jiang Shubai for too long. 'I think it would be better if you bought it next time.' Perhaps it was a girl who only confessed to him, and it was rare for me to see him as unconscious. He simply nodded, put his hands in his trouser pocket and walked in front. Then there was a voice that didn鈥檛 matter: 'Now Please drink beer. 'Okay.' 'I nod, behind him, my eyes are not far from the girl in a white dress, and Jiang Shubai with her always-on T-shirt with jeans white shoes. High-grade first-recognized Princess Mi Ge, senior second-year basketball team captain Zhou Ao, the school is most optimistic about a pair of golden boys and girls. Especially the two people prefer white clothes, walking together is even more natural. When I finished half a beer, Zhou Ao was just staring at me, but did not speak, just Pick up the rest of the beer and drink it, and touch my bottle by the way. 'You said, it takes a long time to dismantle you and her. 'I seem to carelessly ask. Zhou Ao squinted at me while drinking beer, and said with disdain: 'I have been with her for half a year.' If you are sitting in front of me is a peerless beauty, maybe I will answer it seriously. I stood up and smiled and shook my head: 'Zhou Ao, my name is Mi Tu, a month's time.' 'Don't leave this sentence and then grow up. People who have been paying attention for half a year, even if they don't care, but understand that my insight is not inferior to Mi Ge. 3 I began to blatantly chase Zhou Ao, even Mi Ge I didn't avoid it by his side, and I didn't feel embarrassed to follow behind them. In just half a month, I mixed most of the friends around him. Until Zhou Ao finally became impatient, turned his head and glared at me. : 'Don't be self-sufficient!' You haven鈥檛 even had the special curiosity that started to give me. I looked at the owner of the hand that was tightly held with him. She just turned her head. I snorted and then looked up and said to the proud eye of last week: 'I am chasing you, but not necessarily.' Everyone who chases you likes you. I am only responsible for doing this. As for your feelings and feelings for me, it has nothing to do with me. I don't know what effect this sentence has on Zhou Ao, but I saw in his eyes the flash of surprise when I met for the first time, and the injury in the eyes of Mi Ge. I was proud of them for the first time. Turning away. In Miji's dictionary, there will never be two words: give up. Regret. Sitting in the playground, I still lick sugar, I may have nothing, but there will be no sugar. This is not a hobby from small to large, but in the past two years, it has made me feel sweet, only sugar. 'You are really a woman.' Jiang Shubai sat naturally beside me. 'You are really a man.' 'I also learned his tone and replied to him, with a signature smile. If you don't see him and Mi Ge walking together, talk about the scene of laughter, pride is like me, break the choice of being so determined. The days of contempt and blindness behind others.

However, I don't care. The person I care the most is sitting next to me.

The most care, no one.

I know that with the character of Jiang Shubai, it is a matter of tenderness to a girl.

I have known him for two years and have always been commensurate with my buddies. In his eyes, I am not a girl, and he has never been gentle to me.

'Hey, are you serious?' For a long time, he came to me and asked with a look of optimism.

I tilted my head and took off the lollipop in my mouth. I answered very seriously: 'Jiang Shubai, I said that it is really a girl you believe.

' Otherwise, how can I like you for two years.

How can I be crushed for two years?

However, after listening to this sentence, you laughed and hurt me.

Jiang Shubai, in fact, you don't know, Mi Fu is a girl who lacks security and confidence. She can look down on all the people she doesn't care about in the world and face them with a high attitude.

For the person she cares about, she will become more and more cowardly as she cares.

4 I know that when Jiang Shubai and Zhou Ao fight in Houshan Square, I am killing old monsters in the game room.

A friend told me that I almost ran all the way to the square, and I forgot that there is still a kind of transportation in the world called a taxi.

When I arrived, Zhou Aozhen held a bottle of wine and slammed it to Jiang Shubai. I don鈥檛 know where the courage of the time made me believe that this bottle would go down and I could still have nothing to do and then rushed to the river. In front of white.

I feel that there is a sticky liquid flowing out spontaneously. I gently touch it with my hand, which is glare red.

My awkward smile at Zhou Ao: 'If I said that I just didn't want you, I was told by the police station that you believe it or not.'

' After turning around, I still haven鈥檛 seen Jiang Shubai鈥檚 expression. When I鈥檓 black, I鈥檓 not aware.

Jiang Shubai, I say so, will you be a little disappointed, but I am doing this, just don't want to see you hurt.

Even if it鈥檚 just a little, it won鈥檛 work.

Especially in front of me.

When I woke up, I sat next to Zhou Ao, and Jiang Shubai behind him. I never thought about it. After my mother left, I was admitted again. It was in this case.

'There is no sugar, Jiang Shubai, you are still not my buddy!' This is the first sentence I woke up.

Unreasonable and straightforward.

Zhou Ao looked at me with a puzzled look, then looked at Jiang Shubai's reluctantly and took two lollipops from his pocket and threw them into my bed, and finally showed a smile that reversed the sentient beings.

I peeled the sugar paper and stuffed the sugar into my mouth. I looked at it with a white look: 'You don't have to look at me like this. I know that I am more ugly now. When you learn to look at people with your heart, you will find me.' How beautiful it is.

鈥?鈥淣o, it鈥檚 already good now.

' Zhou Aoyu opened his mouth, and the two rows of teeth were white and neat, especially good looking.

'Then you are willing to be my boyfriend?' I tilted my head and asked.

Jiang Shubai, who has always talked with me and talks with me, is surprisingly quiet today. Even though Zhou Ao鈥檚 last special relatives touched my hair and said good, he did not say anything.

It鈥檚 just leaving without a word.

At the moment the door was closed, the smile on my face did not consciously converge.

As long as I am concerned about Jiang Shubai, I will never learn to control myself.

But Jiang Shubai, can I make you happy?

Can let her, give you happiness.

5 I don't like the taste of the hospital. I woke up and I was discharged from the hospital. Jiang Shubai didn't pick me up. I was swaying on the street with a gauze. I really wanted to meet him.

Just as my eyes were still looking around, two familiar figures appeared in sight.

My footsteps were fixed in place, and I couldn鈥檛 move. I watched Jiang Shubai always laughing and teasing the rice song that was crying.

The two of them saw me and Zhou Ao, and stopped their expressions. I just had a difficult smile. Zhou Ao had clenched my hand and took me to them.

'Congratulations, you have found happiness, and I can be safe with her.

' Zhou Ao clenched my hand, and in the words, there was no wording to break up, but it was even more hurtful.

In less than a month, I did it.

'Happiness?' Mi Ge smiled and looked at Zhou Ao, and then moved his eyes to my face.

Then nod, turn and leave.

The only thing that looks like me is that the same thing is done without any problems.

Jiang Shubai glanced at me and finally turned around and caught up with the people in front.

I thought that when I saw Jiang Shubai and his favorite girls, he would be happy with him.

But when the tears fell on my face, I realized that she was not a saint.

6 meters and Zhou Ao broke up, and then promoted Mi Ge and Jiang Shubai, Zhou Ao and Mi Tu two pairs of news suddenly made the students who have been optimistic about this golden boy and girl are caught off guard.

But fortunately, Jiang Shubai is as good as Zhou Ao, so Jiang Shubai naturally replaced the position of Jin Tong.

I immediately returned to school after the injury. During this period, I have never seen Jiang Shubai. Instead, I was intercepted by Mi Ge as soon as I entered the school gate. With her stubbornness, I followed her into an alley.

I know that Mi Ge is very proud and hearty, but my heart is very good. I always know it, but every time I see her, I can't help but think of the past, that is like a nightmare.


'This is the first time she has called me in two years. When she says it, her tears are coming out.

I turned my head and didn't look at her, letting her cry from silent to crying.

'I know how snobbish I am in your eyes, and I know that I am selfish, but I think I am not wrong.

But sister, do you hate me so much, you know the position of Zhou Ao in my heart, why do you want to do this.

'Mi Ge finally opened his mouth and looked at me all the time.

I looked up and tried to control my tears. I wouldn't tell her. I tried my best to break her up and Zhou Ao, just to give Jiang Shubai a chance.

I know that there are many relatives in this world, but in my heart, no one can match Jiang Shubai.

'I know that you hate Dad and I am sorry for my mother, causing my mother to jump off the building.'

I know that you hate me and didn't choose to leave with you.

But, I am not for money.

Sister, you know, you and mom are very similar, extreme, extreme.

So, unlike me, I am not loved by her. She is like a child to her rival.

From small to big, only Dad gave me love. I have no reason or no reason to leave when he loses his wife and a daughter at the same time.

I am wrong?

'Mige bites her lip, and these past events, she does not want to mention.

'You shut up!' I snorted and took a step back unconsciously.

If, for two years of persistence, two years of hate, there is not enough reason to support, what should I do.

'Now Aunt Zheng, she is very good.

She gave me all the maternal love, even if it was because she couldn't have children.

But Dad loves her, she also loves Dad, they gave me a complete home.

I chose to stay because of love.

I know that the money that my mother gave you is enough for you to spend a few years, but even if his father鈥檚 company goes bankrupt, he has nothing, I will not go with you.

I know that you won't come back, so my father and I have been secretly paying attention to you. I specially ran from Shanghai to Shenzhen, just to be in the same school as you.

Sister, no matter how you treat me, I have no complaints. I only hope that you can let go of the past and start over.

You ask yourself, are you happy now? 'Mergo goes further and is closer to me.

'Stop!' I stepped back and finally looked at Mi Ge. 'If you can give Jiang Shubai happiness, I will be happy.'

' Extreme, extreme.

I know that I have been doing this all the time, so I hate my own biological father for so many years.

But now, because of Jiang Shubai鈥檚 company, I understand that without love, there is no need to disguise, political marriage, can only blame my mother for losing her heart.

And I can't look back.

A few meters away from Mi Ge, I stopped and said to her: 'I am concerned about Zhou Ao, just watching him deserve to be worthy of you.

I don't want my sister to be cheated.

He is really good, but he doesn't love you enough. Even without me, you will be apart. No one is wrong, I don't hate anyone. Just, in the future, you, and him, don't look for me anymore, I will live very well. After escaping for two years, I finally had no courage to return along the same path. I know that they are still there, but the scenery is no longer. 7 I stand on the side of the corner and listen to the dialogue between Zhou Ao and Jiang Shubai. Slowly closed my eyes. All the conversations only merged into two dialogues. 'Who do you like?' 'She is surnamed Mi.' 'Why' 'She is different from others.' Jiang Shubai, I always know that you like Mi Ge, but when I hear you say it, I still can鈥檛 help feeling it. Isn鈥檛 it confession? If you leave, you don鈥檛 have to say goodbye. No end. Then, I wish you happiness. 'Jiang Shubai, you must be good to her. You are all people I care about. If you are enough buddies, promise me. If you are good enough, be nice to her. 'I hold the phone and say to the person who is standing away from me. I can't see his expression. I can only smile all the time. Without answering, I hang the line directly. But why, it seems like something falling in his hand.' It's not flowers, but sugar. 'You don't like me at all, right? ' Zhou Ao suddenly stood behind me. 'Is Jiang Shubai? Jiang Shubai, when did I start to know him, and when did I like him? It seems that two years ago, after the high school entrance examination, my mother jumped off the building and I left the life for fifteen years. The city came to Shenzhen. A friend told me that if I saw Jiang Shubai, I would love him, because to some extent, I am too similar to him. So, in the game room, Jiang Shubai looks I am a girl who is in a good position. When I look back, I show a sinister smile to me. Only this one laugh makes me willing to fall into the abyss. So, I rented a house near his house and entered him. I was admitted to the school, playing games with him, all night, skipping classes, and inseparable. I changed from a kitten with a claw to a docile sheep. But this gentle, I only let it buried in my heart, only about Jiang Shubai. From the age of fifteen to seventeen, I spent two years on a friendship about secret love. We call brothers and brothers, regardless of each other, the only limit is that they cannot be together. 'I turned and hugged Zhou Ao. I felt that he nodded. I finally let go of everything and burst into tears in his arms. Jiang Shubai, you won't know, there was a girl who was so close to you, she From seeing your first sight, to watching you leave at the end, even to the last moment of life, she is so, then I like you. 8 On a sunny afternoon, Zhou Ao sat on the floor playing computer, I From the kitchen, a cup of tea was placed next to him. He turned his head and opened his mouth and smiled at me. I smiled and stood up. He suddenly grabbed my hand and looked at me and said, 'You remember two years ago. I used the bottle of Lijiang Shubai to be blocked by you. In fact, I said at the time that if he was willing to take this bottle, I would be with you, and I asked him, just as he was preparing for you. When he confessed, he held a large bunch of flower-shaped lollipops in his hand. He said that his favorite person is surnamed Mi. He told me that he knows that Mi Ge is your sister. He always hopes that you have a normal family... 鈥hat happened to you? ' 'No. 'I broke his hand, tried to smile all the time, then turned around. The moment I turned around, the tears were raining. How can I forget to ask, why did Jiang Shubai fight with Zhou Ao. How can I forget to ask? How did he and Mi Ge know each other. How can I forget that I am also surnamed Mi. How can I forget that every time I feel sad, he will be the first to appear next to me. How can I ignore him? I have been carrying sugar. I can ignore it. For two years, he is good to me. How can I... How can I, so resolutely leave. If, if I can be bold, confident, no longer afraid to lose If, I can be careful, not just blindly immersed in my own world. If... Jiang Shubai, if I don't leave, will we be another ending. However, I know better than anyone else, this There is no such thing in the world. Now, I am here. End of the earth, where are you. Jiang Shubai. Time I promise you, when not together.

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