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Hubei Province People's Education Edition Language Book 29, 'Blind Children and His Shadows' Reference Materials Download Hubei Province People's Education Edition Language Book 29 'Blind Children and His Shadows' References Twenty-nine classes of blind children and his shadow text discussion one, the overall grasp can be from the following aspects, the overall interpretation of the text. (1) The textual idea should grasp the key sentences that show the changing mood of blind children.

'His days are very lonely.' 'Blind children seem to feel the light and see the color.

He is very happy.

'' Ah, I saw it, fireflies... he has never been so happy.

'' The blind child looked at his shadow and screamed in surprise: 'Ah! My shadow, are you? I seem to see you! Really, I saw you!'' 'He saw everything around him.' (2) The plot develops blind children very lonely. The companionship of 'shadow' makes him happy, bringing him the love of fireflies, the love of shadows and the love of the sun and the moon in a warm dilemma, which gives him light. /p>

(3) The theme summarizes the care and help of blind children from the 'shadow' and 'firefly'. It is concluded that everyone should care for the weak. Only 'love' can make them feel the bright and beautiful theme of life. The 'shadow' finally gains life, summarizing the theme of giving happiness to others and getting happiness. Second, the problem study This is a beautiful fairy tale, it creates a pure and friendly atmosphere, with a poetic and artistic realm.

(1) The artistic conception of beauty.

Blind children love life, eager for light, relaxed and cheerful, and colorful, such as 'the cow is screaming, the sheep are screaming', 'picking wild flowers and wild fruits', 'listening to the sound of water ', fireflies 'yellow blue' and 'green' light, 'sun', 'moon', 'bending rainbow', 'flowers of various colors', 'green grass', 'dew beads' and so on. All of this has been woven into a beautiful realm that attracts and infects readers and gives readers a taste of beauty.

(b) The language of beauty. According to the sentence line, short, lively, jumping, like a stream flowing, natural and smooth, vocal, suitable for the performance of fairy tale content, suitable for children's reading psychology.

Use a lot of overlapping words, such as 'quiet', 'light', '娼烘胶', 'sinking', 'frozen', 'fascinating', 'floating', 'blurring', '韪夎笁璺勮穭', 'falling' 'and many more. These words not only describe the modality, but also ease the tone and catchy.

Exercise Description 1 The subject of the lesson can be understood from different angles. In the following two statements, can you agree? Do you have any other opinions? Let me briefly explain the reasons. 1. For people who are as lonely and weak as blind children, we should care for them so that they will feel the light and beauty of life. 2. While the blind child gets the light, the 'shadow' has also gained life and turned into a beautiful child, which shows that to bring happiness to others, and to be happy.

Intention to set the topic: to help students understand the theme of fairy tales more accurately and deeply. In the way of choosing the reason for peace talks, students can be inspired, reduce the difficulty, and encourage students to think and understand from multiple angles.

Problem Solving: A material, an article can understand its theme from different angles and draw different answers. So the two understandings listed in the exercise are correct. Of course, you can also love life, persistent pursuit and everyone's enthusiasm, everyone to give a little love and other aspects to understand the generalization, as long as it is justified, it should be affirmed.

Of course, the answer is high and low.

The first understanding is closer to the overall content of the fairy tale.

The two-pointer recites the text. It is best to match the appropriate background music.

Intention of the topic: Through the role of reading aloud, to stimulate interest, more importantly, the true feeling of the 'love' atmosphere of fairy tales, poetic mood. In reading aloud, inspiring the association of imagination, in each student's mind, reproduce the image of the picture displayed by the article. Role Assignment: One person reads the narrative language. If one reads 'blind child', if one reads 'shadow', then read a lot of 'firefly' words. The background music can be warm and cheerful, consistent with the emotional rhythm of the article. Teaching Suggestions 1. Through reading aloud, deeply understanding the text is the basis for further understanding and generalization.

Therefore, the 'quality' and 'quantity' of reading are very important. To read the tone, rhythm and emotion, read it several times, let the story be cooked in the mouth and live in the heart. Second, the understanding of the subject matter should be discussed. Teachers should encourage students to think more, dare to express different opinions, and cultivate students' habit of thinking and thinking.

Third, the words read and write, not limited to after-school exercises.

A large number of overlapping words can be extracted from the essay, which can be copied with sentences and then repeatedly read as a accumulation of linguistic materials.

Relevant information I. Author brief introduction Yuan Wei, born in 1916, Sichuan Xinfan, a mythologist.

There are 'Chinese Ancient Myths', 'Selected Interpretations of Ancient Myths', 'Shan Hai Jing School Notes', 'Mythological Proceedings', 'Chinese Myths and Legends Dictionary'.

'Ancient Chinese Myth' is the first monologue of ancient Chinese mythology in China.

The author analyzes the ancient documents of the vast expanse, examines the authenticity, corrects the errors, and compares and integrates them. The ancient mythology of the Chinese Han nationality is melted into a systematic whole, providing a feature of the ancient mythology of the Han nationality. Literature with style.

Second, the myth and myth is a story of the ancient people's understanding and imagination of natural and cultural phenomena.

It is an unconscious artistic creation in the early days of mankind. Myth is not a scientific reflection of real life, but because the level of productivity in ancient times is very low, people cannot scientifically explain the origins and changes of the world, natural phenomena and primitive social and cultural life, based on their poor life experience, with the aid of imagination and Fantasy the result of anthropomorphizing the natural forces and the objective world. The creation of mythology is closely integrated with the activities of the people of ancient times for survival and resistance to natural forces. It is closely related to ancient life and history, and often expresses the ancient people's struggle against natural forces and their desire to improve human ability.

Marx said: 'Any myth uses imagination and imagination to conquer the forces of nature, to control the forces of nature, and to visualize the forces of nature.' Myths are 'naturally processed through an unconscious artistic way through the imagination of the people.' The social form itself.' The ancient people lived together and created primitive tools, woodcut symbols, pictorials, original music and dance in collective labor and common life. They also created primitive myths, which were born in the primitive clan society and accompanied by a long The historical process is constantly creating and developing. The myth is full of magical illusions, which cast a strange color on the understanding of the ancient people and the growth and change of all things in the world. Most of the characters in mythology have the power of Superman, which is imagined according to the original image, the production situation and the understanding of natural forces and the requirements of improving their own abilities.

The original myth is a product of humanity under the unique historical conditions of childhood, and it is a form of understanding of nature and society by primitive people. It reflects the early thinking activities of mankind.

The ancient people in the era of obscurity cannot understand the level of understanding of the objective world beyond their low productivity and powerlessness against nature. Therefore, in the observation of natural and social phenomena, it is mostly intuitive, speculative and delusional. In the case of the level of social productivity and the high development of human intelligence, primitive mythology is generally no longer produced.

However, due to the development of society and the imbalance of people's cultural knowledge, in some practice, it is not possible to effectively control nature, and in the understanding and not scientific interpretation of the world's origins and changes in natural phenomena, ethnic groups, mythology The illusion is still inevitable or cannot be completely avoided. But these works are different from the original myths. In mythology, there are naive thoughts and pursuits of the ancient people, which reflect the primitive people's cosmology in many ways.

Often the elements of primitive science, primitive philosophy, and primitive religion. I believe that there are supernatural masters, believe in all things and spirits, believe in the existence of the original ideas and consciousness of the soul and the gods, as well as the factors that constitute the ancient people's worldview, such as totem worship, witchcraft beliefs, nature worship, and ancestor worship.

In mythology, all natural phenomena and even certain social beings are seen as being alive, and are given the characteristics of human beings and supernatural powers.

The mythical strange animals, strange monsters, and exaggerated and imagined forms such as clan gods, tribal gods, thunder gods, and rain gods cannot be separated from these concepts. In mythology, the understanding and imagination of the connection between humans and animals, between human beings and nature, between nature and nature, existed as manifestations of people's ideology in the mythological era.

Third, the records of the son-in-law in the ancient books, 'The Songs of the South, Heaven': 'The son-in-law has a body, the craftsman' Wang Yi Note: 'The son-in-law is the snake body.' 'Said Wen Jie Zi': 'Hey, the sacred woman of ancient times, the one who made all things.

銆嬨€婂北娴风粡路澶ц崚瑗跨粡銆婫uo Yu Note: 'Nvwa, the ancient goddess and the emperor, the human face snake body, seventy days in a day. 'Huainanzi, said Lin': 'The Yellow Emperor gave birth to yin and yang, and the upper eye was born to the ear, and the sanglin was born with a hand.

銆嬨€婂お骞冲尽瑙堛€嬪嵎涓冨叓寮曘€婇淇楅€氥€? 'The common saying that the world is open, there is no people, the female 濞叉姛 濞叉姛 浣?, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , . 'History of the History' volume three quotes 'customs and customs': 'Women's prayers are praying for the female media, because of marriage. 'Huainanzi路Mingming Pian': 'When the ancient times, the four poles were abolished, the Kyushu was broken, the sky was not overwhelming, the land was not overwhelming, the fire was not extinguished, the water was eternal, and the beasts ate the people, 楦稵he bird is old and weak. So the woman smelted the five-color stone to make up the sky, and the cockroach was enough to set up the four poles, killing the black dragon to help the state, and collecting the ash to stop the lascivious water. 4. The creation myth of creation mythology, also known as the myth of opening up, is a myth about the development of heaven and earth, the origin of mankind and all things. The creation myth is the naive interpretation and description of nature and the universe in the form of fantasy in human childhood. It reflects the primordial primitive ideas of the universe and the origin of human beings. The creation myth has two main aspects: explaining and describing the development of the heavens and the earth, including the formation of the world and everything; explaining the origin of human beings, including the origin of the nation. p>

The myth of the world was almost universal in the early days of the nation. Primitive people, because of their low production capacity and weak intelligence, cannot understand the origin of the natural universe, and can only imagine and speculate based on their poor life experience, thus producing this creation myth. Heaven and earth open up myths, which can be roughly divided into three categories: the gods to open up the heavens and the earth, the giants to transform the living things and the natural evolution to form the world.

Here are some of the myths about the metamorphosis of giants. In addition to the Pan Gu mythology of the Han nationality, there are also the Achang people's 'Shapa and Ma Mi', which tells the two men and women, two breasts become Sun Mountain, Taiyin Mountain, take off the throat as a shuttle, pull off the hair Weaving the earth, the blood flowing down the face turned into the sea, and the goddess used her meat to lift the earth.

This kind of metamorphosis myth, some also describe all things in the world for the gods, such as the Yi people, the giant of the creation of all things, the world, such as leaves, wormwood, wild grapes, morning glory Wild grass, fern, apes, humans, camels, bears, dogs, frogs, and birds are all born of Nicholas. V. Affection, Artistic Conception, Language, Writing of 'Blind Child and His Shadow' (Jin Bo) I started to publish works from the university age, most of which are poems.

Writing poems is good for me to write fairy tales.

The character of poetry is lyricism. If you can touch yourself, it is possible to write well before you can touch others.

The way in which poetry sends emotions is often straightforward. Writing a fairy tale will be tortuous, the author is hidden behind the work, and the author's feelings permeate between the lines. I often think that blind people are the most painful, without vision, just like losing the whole world. When I was writing 'The Blind Child and His Shadow,' I often closed my eyes and experienced the eternal night of the blind, which made me feel the pain of the blind.

I sympathize with them, love them, want to give them comfort, want to inspire more people to care for them, and in the process of caring for others, to enhance their life value.

This kind of thoughts and feelings have been stirring in my heart for a long time, which has become the emotional sustenance and motivation of my creation of this fairy tale.

I remembered that there was such an unforgettable scene in life: a blind child sat in the heart of the garden, listening to the crowds of his peers playing around, even though he was teased by their jokes, but more When he was more, he just listened in silence and he could not participate in their game. What I saw was his lonely, lonely expression.

He sat there motionless, dragging his long shadows around him. Only the shadow is with him. This scene reminds me of one of my own poems: 'Read Your Own Shadow': 'When I was young, I didn't know how to read, / I always liked to sit there, / read my own shadow, / like reading a fairy tale.' >

//Always read a black bear, / or a few black bunny, / sitting under my feet, / and I have a lot to say.

//Until the sun sets, the shadow disappears, and only the lonely one is left. / I know that tomorrow / shadow will come, / there will be new stories...' I relive the experience and fantasies of childhood, blending the two feelings of the past and reality.

In this way, I think the idea of ??a fairy tale is gradually becoming clearer. In conceiving the plot, I am both in the place, with the desire of blind children to care for, and with a healthy person's feelings of compassion for them. Therefore, in the way of telling the story, I focus on the inner feelings and the atmosphere, not on the ups and downs of the plot, but on the rendering of mood and mood. Because the protagonist is a blind person, he can only feel the environment with his hearing: he 'likes to listen to the sound of the birds at dawn, the sound of the spring breeze blowing from the ear, and the sound of the bees flapping their wings.' 'This kind of writing is visible in many places in the work.

The second is to write 'light' and 'shadow': when the blind child asks the shadow 'Where do you come from?' The shadow replies: 'I come from the sun, come from the moonlight, and come from the light...' As the shadow: 'Brightness is my mother, she let me come to you to accompany you.' Wait.


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