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锘縶Keywords}#Title Segmentation#

[Famous School Classroom] 2016 Autumn Eight Grade Language Book (Language Edition Exercise): 18 'Destruction of Rainforest - World Disaster' Download [Premium Classroom] 2016 Autumn Eight Grade Language Book (Language version practice): 18 'The Destruction of the Rainforest - The World's Disaster' 18 The Destruction of the Rainforest - The World Disaster 1. please add Pinyin to the following character. On the verge of ( ) domestication ( ) ingestion ( ) the crust ( ) habitat ( ) 瑁?benefits ( ) Guang 琚?( ) worried about burning ( ) 2. Fill in the words on the following lines in turn, the appropriate group is () (1) Zheng Jie withstood the ________ of the opponent Aro Luo, also laid a good foundation for future competition.

(2) 'People set the day' is the most terrible sentence for us to go to ________. (3) I finally understood that Bailuzhou Middle School turned the college into a living monument in the most ________ way.

A. Test, destroy, properly. B. Test, destroy, properly, C. Inspection, destruction, proper D. Test, destroy, properly (Taizhou senior high school entrance examination) The following error in the use of punctuation is () A. 'Taizhou Evening News' published an article to answer how to declare the 'Youth Technology Innovation Mayor Award'? B. The city promoted the pharmaceutical industry chain to stretch forward, and fully built a large health industry cluster demonstration area integrating medicine, medicine, maintenance and tourism. C. Everything is alive, free: what to do, what to do; what to do.

D. The micro-movie 'People's Play', which was supported by the Taizhou Communist Youth League Committee, was successfully selected as the 'short film corner' of the 68th Cannes Film Festival in 2015. 4. (Southeastern high school entrance examination) One of the following sentences without a disease is () A. Natural disasters such as flash floods and mudslides have occurred in some places, which are caused by uncontrolled deforestation. B. Lao Zhang鈥檚 clothes are better than Lao Li鈥檚 clothes. C. In the new millennium, the people of southeastern Guizhou will work together to create an amazing miracle. D. Who can deny that learning traditional culture is useless to improve people's ideological and cultural qualities? 5. Indicate the method of explanation used in the following sentences. (1) The National Cancer Institute has identified 3,000 plants with anti-cancer functions, 70% of which are grown in tropical rain forests. ( ) (2) Japan is the world's largest importer of tropical timber, and it can build 10,000 houses with a large number of disposable wooden chopsticks produced annually from wood. ( ) (3) It is estimated that a 6 square meter Brazilian rainforest will be destroyed to exchange 100 grams of hamburgers. ( ) 6. Can the words added in the following sentences be removed? why? (1) There are 10 million or even 100 million insects, and most of them live in tropical rain forests. (2) The most recent one occurred at the end of the Cretaceous period dating back 66 million years ago, marked by the extinction of dinosaurs. (3) The rainforest was completely destroyed at a speed of 270,000 square meters per minute (equivalent to 38 football fields). 7. The poet's nature is as picturesque as poetry, but there are many acts that destroy nature in real life. On the occasion of the 鈥淲orld Environment Day鈥?on June 5th, 2016, the class will carry out the 鈥淏eautiful and Natural, My Home鈥?language comprehensive practice activities, please participate. (1) In order to make the activities more meaningful, the students have made suggestions. Please also come up with two activities. (2) During the event, Xiaolin showed the three materials he collected. Please read these materials, write the results of your research, and contact the actual and targeted public service advertisements. Material 1: It is reported that the 24th Hamburg World Ornithological Congress declared that about 2,000 species of birds in the world are facing a crisis in the survival of about 2,000 species of birds. In 2005 alone, the living environment of 175 species of birds was destroyed. Experts at the 25th World Congress of Birds in Brazil warned that in the next 50 years, on average, more than one type of bird will be extinct from the earth every year, and the number of deaths will increase year by year. Material 2: According to scientific research, due to noise, more than 70% of birds in the city have experienced the phenomenon of foreignization and genetic deterioration such as frequency conversion, noise, hoarseness, etc. The lighting and drugs have caused a large number of bird habits to be changed and collective poisoning. 'Unexpected' collisions and other phenomena. Material 3: Exploring the results of public service advertisements: (3) If you are rated as 鈥淕reen Little Guardian鈥? please write a winning speech to speak at the class meeting. (within 60 words) Read the text selection 'Why destroy such precious resources... It will cause more animal and plant deaths' and answer the following questions. 8. The first paragraph of the article lists the disposable chopsticks produced in Japan each year from imported tropical timber. The example of 鈥渃an build 10,000 houses鈥?is intended to explain what? 9. Can you remove the 'estimated' in the second paragraph of the paper 'It is estimated that the 6-square-meter Brazilian rainforest can be exchanged for 100 grams of hamburgers'? why? 10. Why is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas? 11. How does the author evaluate the dual consequences of deforestation and farm construction? What do you think of this? 鈥淟ung of the Earth鈥? Amazon Rainforest The Amazon Rainforest is located in the Amazon Basin of South America. It covers an area of 鈥嬧€? million square kilometers and occupies half of the world's rainforest area. It is 20% of the forest area and is the largest and most speciesd tropical rain forest in the world. The tropical rainforest has a very important ecological significance. It is like a huge throughput machine that devours a large amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the world every year. It is like a huge pump, which absorbs a lot of water from the soil and then transpiration. The water is dispersed into the air. In addition, forest soils have good permeability and can absorb and retain large amounts of precipitation. Freshwater stored in the Amazon rainforest accounts for 23% of the total fresh water. The Amazon rainforest is known as the 'Lung of the Earth.' Rainforests have high rainfall and annual rainfall exceeds 2000 mm. Due to its stable climate and abundant sunshine, it is basically hot throughout the year, which is conducive to the growth of different types of plants. Among the many evergreen trees, they are the tallest among the many trees, and they form the highest layer of shade. The arborous roots of the arbor are mostly rooted plants or vines and other strangled plants. The system is layered obviously, the trees are tall and the plants are rich in variety. Because the weather is hot and humid for a long time, and the rainfall is large, the plants can continue to grow, grow densely and grow green. The Amazon Rainforest is home to the world's richest and most diverse biological resources and is known as the 'World of Animals and Plants'. There are millions of insects, plants, birds and other biological species, many of which have not yet been documented in the scientific community. There are various species of trees in the lush vegetation, including fragrant peach, laurel, palm, acacia, rosewood, brazil and rubber trees. Mahogany and Amazon cedar can be used for quality wood. The main wild animals are jaguars, manatees, badgers, red deer, capybara, and a variety of monkeys. Some experts estimate that there are more than 75,000 trees and 150,000 higher plants per square kilometer, including 90,000 tons of plant biomass. Scientists have pointed out that there are about 96,660 to 128,843 invertebrates in Brazil alone.

The Amazon rainforest has the largest number of plant species in the world. Experts estimate that 1 square kilometer may contain more than 75,000 trees and 150,000 advanced plants, and 1 square kilometer may contain 90,990 tons of surviving plants.

The Amazon Rainforest is the world's largest animal and plant habitat.

One-fifth of the world's birds live in the Amazon rainforest.

Now, there are about 438,000 economically and socially beneficial plants found in the Amazon rainforest, and many more to be discovered and classified.

In the 20th century, Brazil's rapidly growing population settled in major areas of the Amazon rainforest.

Residents harvesting wood or opening up pastures and farmland have led to a sharp decline in rainforests.

In the 1990s, the Brazilian government and international organizations began to protect some rain forests from people's occupation, exploitation and destruction.

The reduction of tropical rain forests means not only the reduction of forest resources, but also the deterioration of the environment on a global scale.

Because forests have the function of conserving water, regulating climate, reducing pollution and maintaining biodiversity.

The Amazon rainforest is vital to the health of the world and all living things in the world.

Follow and protect the Amazon rainforest is to protect and protect your own home! 12. Please contact the full text to summarize the characteristics of the Amazon rainforest.

13. Why is the Amazon rainforest called 'the lung of the earth'? 14. The method of explanation for the use of lines in the text is ________ and ________.

15. Can the words added in the following sentence be deleted? why? About 438,000 plants with economic and social benefits are found in the Amazon rainforest.

16. Why is it to protect the Amazon rainforest to protect our homeland? 17. The combination of column numbers and comparisons can make things and things succinct and clear, and leave a deep impression.

Please choose a writing object from the side, and introduce it to your friends by using the number and comparison method.

[Writing Analysis] Column numbers are numbers that describe the characteristics of things.

It should be noted that when the number is listed, the number must be accurate. The number has the exact number (the exact number), the approximate number (the approximate number), the time when the number is used, and when the number is used. , to be clear.

Comparatives include analogy or contrast. The analogy of similar things is to illustrate the same point. The contrast of different things is to highlight the differences.

b墨n x霉n sh猫 qi脿o q墨 b矛 m脿o f茅n D A (analysis: 鈥淗ow to declare the 鈥榊outh Science and Technology Innovation Mayor Award鈥?is not a question, but a statement, applying a full stop.

) C (analysis: A sentence sentence churn; B item meaning is unknown; D item has a heavy negative, the meaning is reversed.

) (1) column number (2) example (3) column number (1) can not, because 'majority' means the vast majority, removed it becomes all the insects live in the rainforest, too Absolutely, it does not match the facts.

This reflects the accuracy of the explanatory language.

(2) No, the 'about' table estimates that if it is removed, it means that it did happen at that time, but now there is no conclusive evidence that does not reflect the accuracy of the language.

(3) No, 鈥渃ompletely鈥?emphasizes the extent to which the rainforest has been destroyed, and also implies the author鈥檚 regret and indignation of the destruction of the rainforest.

(1)1Into nature, learn about the status of local environmental pollution.

2 Enter the community and promote environmental knowledge.

(2) The destruction of the living environment, multiple pollution and human hunting have resulted in the alienation of birds, genetic degradation, declining types, and drastic declines in numbers. It is imperative to protect birds.

Protecting birds is the homeland that protects our human beings; birds are the maintainers of ecological balance, human beings cannot live without birds; birds are the elves of the earth, the wise men of nature, and the mentor of human beings.

(3) I am very happy. Thank you for your encouragement. In the future, I will do my best to be a good environmental guardian and drive more people to join us, making our life greener.

It is intended to show that Japan is the world's largest importer of tropical timber and imports are very large.

Can't be removed.

'Estimated' means that it has not been verified in detail, and after it has been removed, it becomes a real number, which is inconsistent with the actual situation, which reflects the accuracy of the explanatory language.

Because carbon dioxide absorbs heat reflected from the Earth's surface, it causes global temperatures to rise.

Example: The author believes that deforestation will reduce the oxygen content, increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, cause multiple disasters, and endanger global ecological security.

I think it is not advisable to destroy the forest to build a farm.

Because it not only causes natural disasters, it also has a big impact on the global environment.

Large area, high rainfall, and abundant biological resources.

Because it is like a huge throughput machine, it consumes a lot of carbon dioxide emitted by the world every year; it is like a huge pump, which absorbs a lot of water from the soil and then distributes it into the air through transpiration.

In addition, forest soils have good permeability and can absorb and retain large amounts of precipitation.

Example sub-column number.

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