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锘?p>Every famous saying is derived from the experience of the predecessors, and its value is very high. Because we are going to encounter many things that people have experienced before, so after learning their famous words, we can avoid some detours. Xiao Bian has also compiled 10 essays on 'A Revelation from a Famous Quote', let us learn and grow together in famous sayings.

One of my favorite maxims in the '600 words of a famous quote to me' is that the ruler has a short length. It is like a bright light that guides me to progress, always illuminating my way forward. It is like a wind-filled sail on the boat I am learning. I always cheer for me. It is like a companion to my life, always motivating. Let me move forward. The philosopher knows astronomy, knows geography, can count on the ruler, but he also has something that is not, that is, the ruler is short. Relatively speaking, the boatman is rough, but it can be said to be inch, but he is familiar with water, good nature, unrestrained, and can save the philosopher when he encounters water danger. Isn't that the length of the inch? It can be seen that the length of the size is not certain.

Things that are short and long are also visible everywhere. There is such a story in ancient times. During the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao's power was the most powerful, but his ambition still wanted to swallow Jiangnan and Cao Cao had a million troops. The soldiers had strong grain and the Sun Liulian army had only 50,000 horses. The food was not very good. It can be said that it was inch. However, Cao Cao's soldiers are all northerners, and they are not familiar with the environment in Jiangnan. Therefore, Sun Liulianjun used the advantages of time and place to repel Cao Jun, and the Three Kingdoms became the ultimate force. In real life, we should understand that the ruler is short and the length is long. Although we are not yet an adult, there is such a problem, but I believe that as long as we have perseverance, we can get rid of these shortcomings. Insufficient, remember that although you are a ruler, but also short, you are inch, but also long. This is the warning that this maxim gives me. We must be modest and uplift, use our strengths to help others, and correct shortcomings from them, and strive to be a good student with all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor. The second of 'The 600 words of a famous quote to me' saves time, which is to make a person's limited life more effective, and that is equal to prolonging human life. Yes, this is what the great writer Lu Xun said, and the famous saying that inspired me. Time, the seemingly simple two words are profound. There are a lot of people who don't care about time, and then regret it after wasting time; but some people regard time as life, save time, and finally benefit for a lifetime. There are many legends and stories about time. For example: There is a lost young man who has met the old man of time. He said: I am a teenager playing marbles, young people playing mahjong, now have nothing, give me another life! Finally, he gave the old man a sigh of relief. But for the second time, he still is still the same, requesting to return to the old age, the old man of the time has a heart, never give anyone a second, but also a second. Therefore, time is only once, just like today's sun sets, tomorrow there is no sun today, cherish time! Some students always complain that time passes too fast. In fact, everyone's time is the same, you can compare yourself. You don't have to stand for 5 minutes, you will find that time passes very slowly, you play 5 minutes of video games, you will feel that time is very short, this difference is very obvious. And in your daily life, how much 5 minutes is wasted like this day! There is only one life, but it is only about 30,000 days to live to 80 years old! Some people make these 30,000 days more colorful. Some people regard their lives as jokes, don't cherish time, let these 30,000 days flow away, just like the youth. Mr. Lu Xun is known for his importance, knowing the importance of time, cherishing time, and using time to achieve such a great achievement today! The third sentence of 'A Word of Implications for Me 600' is in my mind, I have recited many famous words, famous poems and famous sentences. But what impressed me the most was what Mr. Gorky said, I rushed on the books, just like the hungry people rushed on the bread. Because this famous saying is easy to understand, and vividly reproduces the reader's desire for knowledge. For me who have never loved to read, it is both an incentive and a spur. I remember when I was in the first and second grades of elementary school, I felt that my language scores were not bad. It was not important to read books. However, in the third grade, my Chinese language performance has always been at a low level, especially for reading questions. After a unit exam, my mother patiently analyzed with me the reasons why the language score could not go. Mom said: The knowledge of classroom learning is the foundation, but extracurricular reading is also very important. Usually, you should develop a good habit of reading more and thinking well, and constantly enrich your knowledge, so that your language score will gradually increase. After listening to my mother's teachings, I understood the importance of reading, and slowly became a good friend of my book. Now, whenever I finish my homework, I always love to dig into the study and swim in the ocean of the book. The book fascinates me, makes me forget everything, I seem to become Snow White, Mermaid, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood \u0026hellip in the book; \u0026hellip; sometimes because I am intoxicated by reading, I often forget the time of eating and sleeping, sometimes In the dream, I will also talk to the protagonist in the book. At this time, I really realized what it means to be sleepless and forgetful, and I also have a deeper understanding of Gorky鈥檚 famous saying about reading hunger. After a while, my academic performance has gradually improved, and the most obvious manifestation is essay and reading. Now writing will never feel that there is nothing to say, and reading questions can also quickly comprehend the full text. I want to make progress in learning because I love the good habit of reading. Reading has not only increased my knowledge, but also added a lot of fun to my study life. I love reading! I really want to pounce on books and absorb the nutrition of books like bread. The fourth sentence of 'The 600 words of a famous saying to me' has a famous saying that everything can be done with enthusiasm and complacency. This sentence left a deep impression on me and pointed me to two paths of humility and dissatisfaction. He is like a book, telling me that modesty makes people progress, and pride makes people fall behind. There are two things that illustrate this fact. I remember that the first number of exams for this year's school year was around the second week after school. Two days before the exam, my mother bought two sets of papers for me. I will do it seriously. After I finished, I will check it carefully and correct the mistakes in time to remember to be firmly. The day before the exam, I continued to do the papers until I had a meeting. The next day, when I was taking the math test, I would have done it all at first glance, so I quickly finished. There are still 15 minutes left to check, and I carefully checked it three or four times before handing it over. As soon as the results were published, there were two bright red characters on the scrolls. I thought: It鈥檚 really hard work. Before the second number of exams, I thought that as long as I do the papers, I will definitely test them.

So I went home to do the paper every day, but because the last math test was excellent, I am very complacent and very proud.

Being at the time of making a book, I am absent-minded, often looking around, half-hearted, and learning attitude is very wrong.

The night before the exam, my mother said: You should review the review again, and you will understand the questions that will not be made.

I said: I have already done the paper, so I will not do it.

Mom didn鈥檛 say anything.

When the second day of the mathematics exam, because I did not seriously make the papers, some questions were not thought out, and the papers were not very serious when checking the papers.

After the results came out, I was dumbfounded.

There is only one bright red word on the roll.

I went down home and told my mother about the ins and outs of the matter. My mother said: This is the end of your bad review. Next time you must take your own studies seriously.

Sure enough, all things can be done with humility and complacency.

We can only succeed if we are open-minded, so we must have a modest heart to do what we want to do.

The fifth sentence of 'A Word of Revelation to Me' is on my way of life. There is a sentence that has always inspired me to move forward. That is, modesty makes people progress, and pride makes people fall behind.

Remember once, the teacher said to us: To take a mathematics half-term exam tomorrow, we must hurry to review and add strength! I carefully reviewed the teacher's instructions, and sure enough, I finished the test paper easily.

The teacher announced the score, especially the whole class only Wu Xingyu 100 points, wow, I screamed, when I took the test paper, some of them fluttered, claiming that there are no bones in my body, my head and chest are up. I said that I was very proud of it.

Since I got 100 points, I was proud. I didn鈥檛 listen to the class, I didn鈥檛 concentrate on my thoughts. I thought that my mathematics is good, and I don鈥檛 know how to learn.

The next math test is coming again. When I answered the questions, I found that many of the questions were relatively simple, and I have done some questions, so I was happy.

After answering, I did it very quickly, and it took me about half an hour or so to complete the entire test paper.

At this time, I found that no one other than me can compare with me.

I sneaked a sneak peek at the squad leader, only to see her holding her chin in meditation.

I thought, you have been blocked by the roadblock! Haha.

I was laughing at the slow-moving classmates while playing a little trick and forgetting the exam.

After class, the first one will be submitted.

In the afternoon, the teacher distributed the test papers, only listening to the teacher reading Sun Wancang 100 points, Liu Yixin 100 points, Jiang Shuaihong 100 points, Yang Yuying points, Yang Yuxin 99 points \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; Why not me? More than half of the classmates have already received the test papers. Is it that \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; is the teacher forgotten? Maybe the teacher puts me in the end to praise me? I raised my ears and looked forward to the teacher's praise.

Wu Xingyu 78 points, how to test this time, my face brushed red, and my throat was like a green bean, and I couldn鈥檛 say a word for a long time.

After school, the teacher called me to the office and said to me with great enthusiasm: 'Children, don't be proud, you lick your test paper.'

I suddenly realized, sighed: Pride is really harmful! Since then, I have made humility make people progress, and pride makes people fall behind as my motto, guiding my study and life.

The sixth sentence of 'The 600 words of a famous quote to me' has such a saying: Books are the ladder of human progress.

This sentence has benefited me a lot.

Why is it that books are the ladder of human progress? Because it is shaped like a ladder that is set up, it is the same in spirit.

Since I read the first novel at the age of seven, I have slowly understood the meaning of this sentence.

From the little book to the present novel, I understand and understand.

The book is the sugar of human spirit.

President Mao once said that one sentence does not eat for a day, and there must be no books.

Does it also mean that there can be no books on human development? Books are the ladder of human progress.

The adventures of Dorothy and her friends in 'The Wizard of Oz' made me intoxicated.

Bing Xin鈥檚 'Little Orange Light' made me feel deep in love.

The friendship in Heidi was also taken by me.

I also made friends with Little Red Riding Hood, Heidi, Dorothy and other characters, and turned to meet the big detective of Forsyth, back? A look, Li Wei and other 108 heroes are beckoning to me, Helen talks with me, but the conversation is interrupted by Bolivia, I went to chase and met Nanxun \u0026hellip; \u0026hellip; I am in the ocean of books, enriching knowledge, It also has a long experience.

Books can be said to be my mentor and friend, my friend, and the double is like a key to open the door of wisdom.

I know that I only absorbed a small drop of water from the literary ocean, so I traveled through the literary world every day and met many friends: Harry.

Porter took me around and I met Benan.

Slowly, I also started writing a long way to sweep the floor, and published my own small article online, waiting for the netizens to applaud.

Now I have to admit that I am a bug, a small bookworm.

I still said: Book borrowing is the ladder of my progress.

I want to read more books and take myself one step further - the ladder of knowledge.

I wish you all the best in learning.

It gives me the revelation: read more, read a good book, and have more knowledge.

The seventh sentence of 'A Word of Implications for Me 600' is at my desk. On my guzheng, there is a word on my bedside: I am persevering, the stone is awkward; The dead wood is not folded.

This is my favorite quote. It always inspires me and spurs me.

When I first heard the soft tunes from the guzheng, I clamored to learn.

It鈥檚 easier said than done! I practice the same song over and over again every day, and I sit on the stool for an hour an hour.

At that time, I was a little taller than the zither. Every time I practiced, I had to put a small wooden bench under my feet.

The winter hand is frozen and unconscious, and the summer is hot and sweaty.

How cruel this exercise is for a lively and active person! I have no choice but to cry and make trouble.

Once, the zither was very difficult. No matter how I practiced, those sounds seemed to be more like me.

My temper came up again, and I slammed the string with all my strength. I only heard a bang, the strings were broken, and my hand was also ejected with a bloody print.

I was completely angry. I swept the guzheng in a random way, and I only heard a bang, and the horse fell down again, scaring me to cry.

What is it? what's wrong? Mom rushed over anxiously, glanced at the guzheng, and glanced at me again. She understood it all at once. She sat down beside me and said seriously: Wenwen, you are not the first time to cry like this. How long have you been studying before you think about it? You cry more often than you go to class! Then what do you want me to do? I feel aggrieved, learning the guzheng is too boring, I don't want to learn! Wenwen, you see you, have learned so many things, which one is not your own to learn? What is the same as learning? I heard this, I blushed and lowered my head.

(Short Literature Network) Wenwen, I want to teach you a word of perseverance, the stone can be smashed;

If you want to learn everything, but because it is too bitter, too tired and halfway, then nothing will happen in the end.

There are no shortcuts to success. If you want to succeed, you have to work hard and sweat.

Do you understand? Mother said while holding me in my arms, looking at me lovingly.

Since then, whenever I encounter difficulties, I will remember my mother's words.

One step at a time, and got a certificate of the tenth grade of Guzheng.

Perseverance, the stone can be smashed;

Now, this sentence has become my motto.

The eighth sentence of 'A Word of Revelation to My Words' is the victory. This sentence has brought me a lot of revelation.

This is also the motto that I encourage myself not to give up hope and stick to it.

On one occasion, Zhou鈥檚 grandmother was not at home, let me sleep peacefully with Zhou.

When we both played at 8 o'clock, we were hungry and wanted to eat hot, but we couldn鈥檛 have a big man at Zhou鈥檚 quiet home.

We came up with a bad idea: to make poached eggs.

Not doing it, we have trouble: how to open the gas? I thought to myself: The road is in people, and things are artificial.

will be successful.

I said with confidence: Nothing, try it.

will succeed.

But things are not going well.

We just came to the kitchen.

When I saw the gas stove, I couldn鈥檛 suppress my inner fear.

The eyes of Zhou鈥檚 serenity also showed a look of fear.

I guess she shouldn鈥檛 dare.

I was a little frustrated, but the desire to quit halfway made me hesitate.

Suddenly, I remembered that persistence is victory.

I opened my mouth and boldly slammed the switch.

Not open, but the first step I took made me overcome the fear.

I tried again and again, but the effort was too small, and the previous efforts ended in failure. The dark clouds that permeated my heart began to gather again. At this time, Zhou Wei, standing on the side, comforted me and said: Bao Ruyi, you are OK. Yes, failure is not terrible. What is terrible is that I dare not insist. I should take failure as a step to success and continue to move towards success. I suddenly realized that confidence and persistence have filled me with strength and success! I skillfully started knocking eggs, pouring oil, and waiting for the oil to be good. I immediately poured the eggs in, cut the onions, turned the eggs, and added the onions. After 3 minutes, a savory poached egg would be fine. In life, it is inevitable that I will fail. I can't give up because of a small failure. I should sum up the lessons in the failure and continue to stick to the end. This is the insistence that victory teaches me the truth. On the road of life, we always encounter various difficulties and setbacks. These difficulties and setbacks are like stumbling blocks on the road to success, affecting one鈥檚 learning and life. If the business is not properly faced, the setbacks will become a roadblock in our lives. Therefore, we should treat the setbacks correctly. This is the revelation I got from a famous saying. My famous words brought me the first time I remembered that I had an exam. I only thought that I could go home to watch TV when I handed in the paper. So I danced on the paper and I didn鈥檛 take long to finish it. Go home. The next day, the teacher made a paper. I thought I could test it well. The result was 70 points. My heart pounded, and Liu Zhilin took 70 points and lost no shame! A burst of ridicule came into my ears, and I was ashamed of it! Liu Zhilin, usually you are not very good? How did you take such a point, how to be a good student in the teacher's mind and the class cadre in the class! I remembered the famous saying: I firmly believe that I can succeed, and I will start. Since then, I have changed the bad habit of pride and complacency. Once again, I took the exam seriously. I carefully checked and achieved the first place. what! Quote, I thank you! Famous words, bring me praise one day, I am ready to help my mother wipe the glass. I brought a basin of water, soaked the rag, and began to wipe it up. I wiped all the glass again. When I looked down, the glass was not clean, but it became a big cat. I was so anxious that I was squatting. :what should I do! Mom will definitely marry me when I come back. I am like an ant on a hot pot, and I am in a hurry. At this time, a famous saying emerged in my mind, right! I firmly believe that I can succeed, just start! I changed a basin of water, washed the rag, wiped it again, and then wiped it clean with a dry rag. \u0026hellip; Finally, the hard work pays off, the glass is polished like a mirror. After Dad and Mom came back, they saw the bright glass and the well-organized room that I had cleaned up. I smiled happily: Liu Zhilin grew up and became sensible! I listened, and my heart was happy. what! Quote, I thank you! It is with this famous saying that I got the honor of the first place; it is with this famous saying that I got the praise of my father and mother. I believe that on the road of life, as long as you fall and bravely climb up, as long as you don't bow to difficulties, success will appear in front of you! The '100 words of a famous saying to me' is not difficult in the tenth, I am afraid of someone. This famous quote has inspired me a lot and has always inspired me. Therefore, it has become my motto. That day, I just happened to have a seven-day holiday on National Day. Therefore, my father and mother decided to take our sisters and brothers back home to go hiking. At eight in the morning, our family came to the foot of the mountain to prepare for mountaineering. At that time, it was just raining, and I thought: Great! It's raining. It鈥檚 raining! It鈥檚 raining! The bigger the better, the better, so we don't have to go hiking. My brother is as happy as I am. But Dad said: The bigger the rain, the more we have to go hiking, the spirit of conquering nature. what? No way! My brother and I cried in unison. I stood still and stood still. I looked up at the mountains that stood in front of me and could not climb. I looked at the wet land again. I thought to myself: How can such a high mountain, such a wet place go? As long as you are not careful, you will fall. However, my father and mother have already attacked Dashan, and our sisters and brothers have to follow them to the mountains. The winding mountain road is rugged, and it is harder to go than we usually walk. Finally, we came to the middle of the mountain, the rain stopped, but I was already tired and panting. so tired! Looking at the high mountains, I really want to give up and go back! So I slowed down. At this time, my mother seemed to see my thoughts. When I came to me, I said, Yingying, do you want to give up? One statement is like this: There is no difficulty in the world, only fearful people. As long as you have perseverance and perseverance, you can overcome difficulties and achieve success. Do you understand? I listened and nodded, and once again took the courage to walk to the top of the mountain step by step. After our efforts, I finally got to the top of the mountain. Although I was very tired, my heart was still beautiful. I can't help but yell at the sky and yell at me. At this time, the valley echoed my voice and made me feel happy. Through this, I understand the truth: as long as you work hard, you will be rewarded. Since then, there has been no difficulty in the world, and I am afraid of people. This famous saying has become my motto.

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