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锘?p>Miss White whirlwind 201768: Green responds to Adams: Thank you for thinking that I am annoying Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard small Dudley: 5 million annual salary can make me Paul Unhappy said: 'Are you sure you want to listen?'.

'Your bodyguard and babysitter, I have already ordered, there is a bank card in the bed of your bedroom, there is about 5 million pounds, the password is your birthday, you have a small flower.< /p>

If something happens, be sure to call me the first time.' Paul snorted.

. For the first time, Leon listened to his memories from his grandfather's mouth. He used to say that he himself saw it.

Lorymer鈥檚 eyes contain tears.

'The final glory of Leeds United is O'Reilly's youth guard, but it is still a pity that we don't have any champions.

' 'Yes, Mr. Hall, they said that after the start of the season, Brennan's performance was good, so the price, they need to add a floating clause, if Brennan played for Leeds more than 20 times, we An additional 锟?0,000 will be required. Chalmers: James will watch a lot of video footage. 'If Cohen feels tired?' 'I also said that the coaches' work arrangements for a while, the time soon reached 11 o'clock, this is already the time to get off work. French media: Paris president contacted Atletico coach Simone. 'A few days ago, the reporter Johnson also put He blew into the sky, and now he can't do it at a critical time.

The SB reporter.


Li Qiuping: The most important thing is to play to your own level.

'鍛?--' Paul's head 'Revolving with Skali, Skali's growth this year is a bit small.

'Wall sells his own clothing to raise money for charity.

Sbez: For the time being, I don鈥檛 consider the free market. 鈥淭he referee signaled the stretcher to enter the scene. It seems that Ingram is not hurt.

'The TV screen followed Ingram, who was being lifted out of the field. The young man cried with a sullen face and tears clearly visible from his fingers.

Former Guangdong teammates refused to retired Wang Shipeng 'beautiful, Ingram is beautiful, oh--, he passed another one, he intends to go it alone?' Zhu Rongzhen led the list of China's preparation for the World Youth Championship '100% return on investment, use The time is 2 years.

I am sure that after two years, Leeds United鈥檚 stock will rise.

'Biba Monster: I want to be the leader of the Spanish team in the future.' Cohen is not for sale.

' Paul smiled and looked at Cohen, who was running on the field.

His performance in the new season is far better than his partner Gilles.

Under Paul's careful training, he has become the hottest forward in the first season of the league, and all teams are studying ways to stop him.

Scola: The referee also wants to do his job 'I am optimistic about Peter's future.

'Paul said.

Ramos: Spain is eager to continue writing legends.

The media below is still one of the few.

Johnson sat down and laughed at his colleague: 'I bet, if this is the Super League, Paul Hall must have been all over the UK overnight.

However, that hook is really beautiful.

'Chalmers: James will watch a lot of video footage.

This playboy was hollowed out by the wine, how could it be Paul's opponent.

Paul three times and five divided two, he hit his nose and face swollen, and he took him to the bottom of the steps.

Fighting champion Ali died in CBA players to pay tribute to the legend.

Paul shook his head. He never seriously knew Elizabeth as he did today, recognizing her strong inner heart and recognizing her independence.

The end of a pleasant conversation, Paul began to deal with the team's things.


There is a joke, and Serginho has come over again, and he has to stop and talk.

Paul gestured and signaled Eileen to translate: 'What's the matter? Serginho'.

Zhu Fangyu: The Guangdong team is discussing the renewal.

Carrera nodded: 'Should.

' During the recent period, the Leeds United Club rehired a coach, a goalkeeper coach, and a fitness coach.

It is really necessary to sort out the duties of the coaches.

Jin Shuhao chooses three conditions: happy is the most important.

'鍠?----' Anderson said with delight: 'It's really good news, Pawar.

' I thought it would be a promising labor permit after a season, and it was very exciting in half a season. It was really exciting! UEFA asked Atletico to wear the home team uniform to participate in the finals. Elizabeth hugged from behind. Paul, his hands around his waist: 'Don't smoke, Paul, bad for the body, you have already smoked a box.'

If you don't like it, I won't go to any party anymore, ok? 'European Cup - Bell blast free kick world wave half-court Wales 1-0 lead.

The club currently has less than 锟? million in capital (1M), and this season's transfer fee is 锟?5,000 (65K), and 70% of the transfer proceeds are available for him.

Less than when he took over the team last year.

Rabisie: I am the strongest in this year after two or three years.

'Cheers!' The old wine shop in Henan Province signed the Earl-Clark car snow blue and smiled and looked at Jon. Jon said: 'It is scheduled to be next year.

The time depends on the arrangement of our two work.

'Miss White's whirlwind 201768 Japan announced the preparation for the Olympics finals list 'Talk about it' Paul put his mobile phone on his shoulder, he is still writing his memo.

Zhu Fangyu: Tonight's game, when the last game played for half an hour, Ian Crosse stopped the game and waved the players back to the locker room.

If the player is escaping from the training ground, the rain is really too big.

Stuttgart midfielder Kosti? is close to joining Valencia.

Elizabeth said softly: 'Nothing, Paul, Hollywood has many companies.

' When Paul slammed his players, he received a call 'Come to pick me up, Paul.

I am at the airport in Leeds.

'Yang Xuezeng: The pressure of the Liaoning team is bigger than us? Paul will start the game again: 'Look at this ball, Solomon, you should have passed the ball long ago, you are sure that you can break through the other side. Guard.


'Cut!' Paul said uncomfortably: 'If you are a public figure, I can enter the Hall of Fame.

'When Elin and the taxi driver negotiated, Paul gave the euro directly to the driver.

He opened the door for Irene, and when she sat in it, she said, 'And, I forgot to tell you.

If there is an anecdote with you, my friend will laugh at me too much.

'Menno: Fighting for Yongchang, winning the confidence in the AFC Champions League A Born smiled and nodded. This question is also what he wants to ask. What do you value my son? If you are looking for him to try, you can understand .

It鈥檚 hard to understand when he comes up and asks him to be a rotation team for the first team.

Owen: The defensive splash brothers need the team to work hard.

The round-headed defender reluctantly withdrew from the backcourt.


'鍛?--' Paul's head 'Revolving with Skali, Skali's growth this year is a bit small.

'Stephen Curry will withdraw from the Rio Olympics 'Well,' Paul bitterly, 'Would you like to shop first, I have a shopping voucher at several big malls in the city of Uzbekistan.

I treat you, free shopping.

'Miss White's whirlwind 201768 Chen Yujiao said: 'I have seen photos, I have never seen a real person.

I haven't seen Kevin for a long time.

'Exposure Everton is interested in Lester City goalkeeper Schumacher if Barbosa wants to find one of his most admired people throughout Leeds United, that is Lodge.

This person's eyes are very special, like a fire.

And he is always filled with a passionate desire for a good life.

People who get along with him can feel this attachment.

He trained the earliest and walked the latest. When everyone was on holiday on Sunday, he would follow the plan given by Fogg鈥檚 coach and train himself to practice.


Paul waved his hand and was too lazy to say to him: 'Do you know Nani of the Portuguese national team? Practice as he does.

Well? Dave hasn't come yet? 'Zhejiang team won the invitation to the Chinese Taipei runner-up' 'Okay! '.

'Wolf team guard Michael Dennis (michaeldennis) can handle both sides of the road, his speed is not bad, the Wolves have indicated that they are willing to rent this player.

Norwich's central defender Davidwood is listed by the club and we can try to rent it first.

'Paul whispered in his ear and said slyly: 'We rely on, we are still innocent than tofu, you can't believe it.'

'Fang Shuo: Inherit and carry forward the men's basketball predecessor style' I said, do you still remember that Ndah? When she left, she and her boyfriend came over and sent us.

I heard that her boyfriend is a company of Sty, oh--you said that someone would look at her, I can鈥檛 understand it.


'No, this invitation is hard to get, boss' Ingram screamed.


Ingram nodded and he needed further improvement.

'Have you seen David Silva playing in Manchester City? He is doing very well, and he is known as 'transportation like God.' You can learn two tricks like him.

How to protect yourself and how to play.

'Paul took out a CD. 'This is a clip of his game that I edited. You can take it back first.

I have been busy recently. When I am free, I will take the time to tell you. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Russia鈥檚 Yepgenijilev refused the invitation of Leeds United. 鈥淚 have not planned to leave the current team. I have a very happy time here.鈥?He only moved to the present in December last year. The team, he did not intend to leave in July. Ingram scratched his head and left the plate with a 'haha!' Paul smiled and said: 'That must be, otherwise, Jon this kid will not go to Elland Road every time to give me a favor.' 'By relying on ---' Paul can't smile, can the British newspaper's ghosts be able to believe? Since the 'Sun' entertainment has no limits, the circulation has increased greatly, and the paparazzi has swept the entire British mainland, plus the previous year's The second time the eavesdropping incident, can the newspaper believe? The professional ethics of the reporter has long had no bottom line. 'Okay! 'Carrera did not continue to express her opinion. Paul patted the shoulders of his partner. He was very satisfied with Carrera's work. Paul, who decided to support Elizabeth's acting career, intends to help Elizabeth enter the school. So Elizabeth is here. The road to the future is much broader. After the two discussed, Elizabeth also agreed. In fact, there is still a reason for Paul to say nothing. These days he has learned what a cosmopolitan film company is. It is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment Co., Ltd., and such a company has acquired a veteran film company like MGM. No doubt, they are now the boss and leading company in Hollywood. Although the vice president of the Columbia Film Company The permissions should not be too big to go there, Paul is still very worried about the safety of Elizabeth. 'Ah? Paul stunned. He was in China's impression of the big man who was known as the 'second Hiller'. Marshall became famous, but he never got the honor, or he was not decisive. In the big game, he scored some decisive goals. He is the main force in the club, but in the England national team he has been pressed by the predecessors of Welbeck and Sturridge, Carol, and when they are old, they come out again. Superstars like Gareth Reeves, Davidwhelan, Michaelappleby: 'Hey----' Paul closed the door and went away. 'You- ----' Irene was almost mad at the car, but she has lost all her belongings now. If this will go on, she will have to go back to the hotel. She looks at the hand. A business card with Paul's name, position and personal phone number. No matter who you are, you see your girlfriend coming out of a strange man's car and listening to him saying 'Remember the evening date.' . 'What do you think? There is no trace of association? Remember, it is what you see with your own eyes, what you hear, not what you hear. Lorimer pointed to Leon, who smiled and said, 'You know each other, I will Not introduced. We are ready to eat! Under the Christmas Devil's schedule, the shortcomings of the team's personnel were insufficient. The loss of the last round of the league was enough to explain the problem. It was already 2:0 lead. As a result, the physical strength dropped too much and was recovered by Cambridge United. One point. Paul was forced to order the team to defend, with the back waist Serginho replaced Barbosa to increase the defensive strength. Finally, the score was held to the end of the game. A hard-won three-pointer! When training in the morning of the morning, Tony Davis knew that there was a secret in the team. The head coach Mr. Hall was in love, so he looked very good all day. 'Crap! 'Paul stood up with a smile and said, 'Don't drink, don't smoke.' 'Take two steps and go back and say:' Your captain Butler is there, will you say hello in the past? '(Zhu Yanxi takes steel nails next week: closer to the stadium) Miss Bai whirlwind 201768.

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