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Junior high school students self-introduction Fan Wenji Keywords: junior high school students, self-introduction, Fan Wenchu ??middle school students self-introduction Fan Wenji introduction: self-introduction is to show others that you introduce yourself well, or even directly related to your first impression of others It is also a means of knowing oneself. The following is a collection of junior high school self-introduction essays compiled by Xiaobian for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

Middle school students introduce themselves to the essay (1) My name is **, I am 13 years old this year, just on the second day.

I am medium, 1,66, and the tenth in the class. The long face is short and the nose is big. The eyes are big. The junior high school students introduce themselves to the essay collection. Details: [:] Self introduction is to others. It is also a means of knowing oneself to show you how to introduce yourself, or even directly related to your first impression of others.

The following is a collection of junior high school self-introduction essays compiled by Xiaobian for everyone, I hope to help everyone.

Middle school students introduce themselves to the essay (1) My name is **, I am 13 years old this year, just on the second day. I am medium, 1,66, and the tenth in the class, with a long face and a short nose, big hands and big feet, a pair of eyes that are not big or small, the eyes are especially god-like, a big mouth can be said, as long as one says Get up, say no problem for the last hour, not tall or short, the body is not fat or thin. In general, it is quite handsome.

I went to school in Beijing, and our school uniforms are not good-looking. They are all blue, so I am particularly convinced. I am a middle school student at first glance. My advantage is that I love to move. Every morning I go outside to exercise, run, play horizontal bars, etc., middle school students introduce themselves to Fan Wen (2) HI! Good classmates, my name is Mo Xiaobei. I can go to school with you in the future. I am really happy. Let me introduce myself to you. A round face, a bunch of ponytails, this image has been followed. My elementary school is 6 years old. I am 12 years old this year, already a junior high school student, but I still can't take off this childish face. My main hobby is to love reading.

Speaking of reading, I have a little story! When I was 5 years old, I saw a 'La Traviata' at the same table. I had longed for this book, but my father never promised me. My self-respect is very strong. I have never asked anyone since I was a child. This time, I have a hard scalp and I have to borrow from him.

Who knows, he said that it can be, you can get my 'Trojan Horse City' to exchange with him, I had to give him the book, asked him for the 'La Traviata'.

My shortcoming is to love crying. Oh, don't laugh, this is my hobby! The pet is dead, crying! Being bullied, crying! The exam is not good, cry! Reading the book to see the touching place, the nose is sour, and dropped two rows of 'Golden Peas'. However, I don't feel embarrassed. I like the phrase 'When I laugh, I laugh, cry when I cry, I don't have to cover up.' Frankly. To say that I hate, count the movement. Therefore, sports performance has also been bad. The softball can throw four or five meters at the farthest, and the test score never exceeds 70 points. This shortcoming, I must change it later. I introduced myself like everyone, would you like me? Middle school students introduce themselves to the essay (3) I am a very optimistic girl, I think we should share every minute of happy time.

When you are happy, you will feel that the sun is so bright, the blue sky is so clear, we are so energetic. Those who pursue happiness are constantly striving for it.

Those who pursue happiness will not be defeated by difficulties. Those who pursue happiness will bravely face everything... Therefore, under the guidance of teachers and parents, I know how to be grateful. Optimistic and persistent.

My greatest trait is persistence. As long as it is the choice of my choice, the path I have chosen, I will go very firmly. Similarly, I am also a moody, bold and generous, sometimes stubborn, sometimes weak. Sometimes cheerful girls. I like to learn English, but my grades are a mess.

I often think of strange things in my mind, and I often experiment with them myself. I remember that I had a bath in my hour. I had a whimsy. If I put the body lotion and soap on the toothpaste and the facial cleanser, I will start debugging. I happened to be Chinese in the day. Clear toothpaste, the kind that contains mouthwash, it is very cool and cool.

I accidentally added more toothpaste. The result was still cool after bathing. I feel very cold when I walk! My relationship with my father is very harmonious. My dad is a very 'fun' (I don't know if I use the word to describe it right). I don't usually call his father at home. I like to call his nickname and his name.

But these nicknames are all thanks to me. But he was never angry. At home, although I always had trouble with my parents, I was still a very awkward child. I was very obedient and would not just follow my own temper.

Because I know that it is not easy for parents to raise us, and love me so much, I can't make them angry.

Sometimes I do something wrong, I will apologize to my parents. Why do I have to count so much? Even if my parents do something wrong, I will be very generous and will not reluctantly ask them to apologize. After all, parents are not at heart. My parents are very open parents. So, I want to tell my parents, I love you. At school, I am a person who listens to the teacher and does not fight with my classmates. Listen carefully to class and observe discipline. After class, classmates play and play, and peace. The homework was completed on time, and the test scores were OK. It was a good student in the teacher's mind.

Of course, I will not treat myself badly. When I am tired, I will go out and play with the children. The sweat is running, but my face is full of happy smiles.

My hobbies draw, sing, listen to music, read books, etc.

My specialty is painting and singing. In my opinion, painting can cultivate self-cultivation, singing can cultivate sentiment... I am a girl who pursues sunshine like a sunflower. My outlook on life is happy every day, hope me. You can bring happiness to everyone! Middle school students introduce themselves to the essay (4) Oh! Gladtomeetyou. My name is Zhang Ming is a thousand, do you want to make friends with me? Don't worry, listen to my personal self-introduction. My age, I have spent twelve Children's Days from birth to now.

As for the man, hey, don鈥檛 look at my size is not high, but my weight is not light, I am now... Yeah, yes, the body is important, otherwise I will say it, you will laugh at the big teeth. Then, how can I meet acquaintances in the future! Don't look at me fat, but my facial features are particularly correct. Look, a national character face, two black grapes-like big eyes under the double eyelids are full of mischief, the nose under the eyes is like a sculpture, the mouth is not big or small, and can speak, so Dad always said that I am long Powerful as a actor.

Speaking of my five senses, everyone also sent me an nickname - 'Five Officials', you don't laugh, to be honest, I don't want to compare with Wu Guanzheng, the secretary of the CPC Central Committee, I am a little boy. What level can I have?

However, when I grow up... This is a postscript, let's not talk about it today.

Speaking of character, I am a lively little boy, but because of this 'lively', I also brought out a series of 'story'. Once, when the teacher was talking about the 32nd lesson 'Wangchao', I suddenly remembered the scene of going to Haining City with my dad in the summer vacation, so I couldn't keep my mouth shut. When the teacher turned and wrote on the blackboard, I I immediately shot my head at the same table. I just opened my mouth. I didn't expect the teacher to suddenly turn around. I can imagine the ending.

Just talking about this class, I don't know how much criticism the teacher has.

However, you should not underestimate me. If you listen to my strengths, you will smile. Look, there is me who is actively raising my hand in class, and I am very good at homework every time. Every time I have a top-ranking exam, I have the best student cadre in every semester. How about my advantage? More than the disadvantages.

To say my hobbies, 'bookworm' is another nickname for me.

You see, you must read the book in the morning, read the book during the meal, and often go to sleep before going to bed every night. For me, sometimes reading is more important than eating.

And in addition to books or books in my bed, my mom once ridiculed me in the book of 'the besieged city' and said that I am a faithful imitator of 'Great Man Mao Zedong'. Oh, I am so happy in my heart, who told me that I can鈥檛 live without it, let me be happy, let me worry, let me enrich my good friend who made me progress - the book.

In addition, I also like calligraphy and painting very much. If you don't believe it, you can come to my house to see. On the wall and on the door, I have my colorful and colorful 'masterpieces' to ensure that you can feast your eyes.

This is me, a little boy you are interested in, how about? Do you want to make friends with me? I dreamed of 'friends all over the world.'

Middle school students introduce themselves to the essay (5) A little girl, now 13 years old, is not everyone's show, its appearance is not good, was born in Liuzhou, Guangxi. The ancestral home of Zhejiang (for the hometown of Jin Yong) has never been involved in this place.

At the age of four, he went to Beijing with his father and entered the kindergarten of the Academy of Sciences. Unfamiliar in life, deceived by children, often tears in the corner, gradually change the habit of love and love, timid and cautious, until now.

I remember living in a small hospital at that time. My mother taught children to read the children's books, and I learned the lessons and learned the piano.

Six and a half years old, I am very happy when I am in the lower grades.

The class teacher鈥檚 surname is very embarrassing, and his partner is as close as a family.

Unfortunately, the good times are not long. When the third grade is transferred to the class, they will be merged into the second class. They will also move to the first place.

This class of students is indifferent, strong, and not sincere. When you move, your residence is far from the primary school, and you can't communicate with your classmates.

In this class, it is like a year, and I want to transfer to school. I have to study all day to be bored.

Often praised by the teacher, I do not know because of helplessness.

After graduation, he was admitted to Beijing No. 8 Middle School.

This place is beautiful and pleasant.

Most of the classmates are versatile and the whole class is harmonious. The teacher won the hearts of the students. On weekdays, my classmates talked a lot about it (I used to call it 'drip'), and I used to mix it with it. I don't love sports, I go to play computer to read novels. Life is full of academic enthusiasm, and it鈥檚 a pleasure! It鈥檚 now in the second day, and the future is not known.

I have a lot of hobbies from small to big, but none of them have become specialties.

Chess and calligraphy, only know one. There were some prizes in elementary school: in the city English science and technology competition, the first, second and third prizes were won once, and the third prize was won in the Singapore Mathematical Competition. The piano passed the nineth grade.

Nothing is gained after secondary school.

At present, there is no ambition, only the open-mindedness is the highest pursuit, and I like Mr. Jin Yong鈥檚 'Swordsman', and the poems of Li Bai and Xin Qiji.

I hope that I will live up to my own and my parents' expectations. I will be happy with small things, good things, and fewer mistakes. Middle school students introduce themselves to the essay (6) My name is xxx, which is the first (1) class of xxx middle school. In life, I understand politeness, love, dedication, and strive to send warmth and happiness to others. In learning, I have goals, determination, and gains, and endless treasures in the ocean of knowledge.

In the class, I am a teacher's 'little assistant', a good friend of my classmates, and a young pioneer with a sense of responsibility and justice.

I am lively, optimistic and confident, with many hobbies.

The comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, and beauty is the goal of my efforts. Below, I would like to share my growing history with you from the following aspects: 1. Harvesting love and moving with dedication Mother often tells me that one person only knows how to love others and respect others, and others will respect you.

I think so, and I did it.

At home, I am a polite child, respecting the old and loving the young, taking the initiative to learn and take care of the housework. On the roadside, especially when I see the old man begging for people, I will send the change from myself to his hand. In the process of helping others, I not only have to pay, but also continue to reap the love and touch.

I remember that May 12, 2008 was an unforgettable pain in the whole country. A devastating earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province. The whole country united and worked hard to provide disaster relief. Schools and social groups have extended their helping hands to donate money. I saw that Wenchuan鈥檚 students of my age lost their homes because of disasters, lost their favorite campus, and even lost precious lives. When I feel sad, I feel that as a young pioneer, I should shoulder a responsibility and should do my meager strength.

I took out the money that my mother had given me for a long time, and donated it without hesitation. When I saw that they were rebuilding their homes and returning to the new classroom, I felt that I had never had the happiness, because it contained my love. I haven't spent a penny since then, and I know I should leave it in a more useful place.

Second, use practice to hone character and perseverance. I live in a harmonious, united, friendly, and positive class. The class teacher is strict, kind, serious, and loving. The students are smart, lively, enthusiastic, and cheerful. I feel that Very happy, and very willing to contribute wisdom and strength to the collective. In the class, as a squad leader, I am like a teacher's little assistant, the classmates' waiters, taking on a responsibility with their young shoulders.

For the tasks assigned by the teacher, I can always overcome the difficulties and work hard to complete, so many teachers are very relieved to let me manage. For example, the class newspaper in the class is responsible for my completion, as well as checking the attendance of the students. When I work, I will rush to do the dirtiest and most tiring work, and work with my classmates to create a good learning environment. As a young pioneer, honesty and trustworthiness are my criteria.

In life, doing something wrong, I will courageously admit that even if I am accused by my parents.

When I was at the school, I was objective and fair. When I met a good friend and asked me to give them a high score, I would not hesitate to refuse.

Third, use the heart to climb the peak of knowledge As a student, I am hardworking, meticulous, and excellent in academic performance. I usually ask myself to do pre-class preparation, review after class; concentrate on listening to the class, actively answer the teacher's questions, make full use of the time to understand and master the knowledge; take the initiative to complete the teacher's homework after class. I will seriously study the problems that I don鈥檛 understand and the homework that I don鈥檛 understand, and I will actively ask the teachers and classmates. Usually read more extracurricular books, learn from them and constantly enrich yourself and broaden your horizons.

I have received many honors in my previous studies. But I never indulge in it, but I am down-to-earth, struggling, and climbing the peak.

Because I know that the path of learning is tortuous, only by fear of danger, one step at a time, can reach the culmination of glory. 4. Enriching my mind and literacy with interest. I am cheerful and have a wide range of interests.

I like to play the guzheng.

It can relieve my sorrow and bring me happiness when I am troubled.

At the Christmas and New Year party, I played my favorite songs to everyone and shared the fun with the students.

At the Beijing Art Festival competition, the music that I and the students of the Guzheng class played together won the second prize of the group.

This has inspired me to learn the guzheng. I have already learned the seventh grade. I will try my best to practice the piano and win the seven-level certificate. I hope that one day I can show you the beautiful music again.

My biggest interest is painting. My paintings have participated in various painting competitions many times. I also won the third prize in the 'McDonald's Cup' fire painting competition held in Beijing.

In the first Yanshan Painting Competition, my two landscape paintings won the Excellence Award and were selected for the Yanshan Paintings and Periodicals. The achievement of these achievements made me feel that only efforts can be rewarded. I like to learn English.

During the English study at Bo Rui Zhi Cambridge, he was awarded the 鈥淭riathlon鈥?student every semester.

I am also the small moderator of the performance in each semester class. In learning, I not only learned the knowledge but also exercised myself.

A great man once said that 'there is no lack of beauty in life, but the lack of eyes to discover beauty.'

A wide range of hobbies broadened my horizons and minds, enriched my mind and accomplishment, and gave me a pair of eyes that can identify, experience and appreciate beauty and health.

One point of cultivation, one point of harvest.

In the first semester of junior high school, I was honored to be elected as one of the top ten teenagers in the school (1). I am very excited and happy. I will continue to work hard, and will continue to strictly demand myself, overcome my own shortcomings, play an exemplary role in work and study, and drive the students around me to make progress together! 'From: Link: http:///news/Reprinted Please keep, thank you! See more related content >>.


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