casino max avis:casino,max,avis,锘,Ladies,and,g:锘?p> Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, welcome everyone to attend the State Council policy routine briefing. Since May 1 this year, China has launched a pilot program for the reform of the camp in the four major industries of constructio

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锘?p> Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, welcome everyone to attend the State Council policy routine briefing.

Since May 1 this year, China has launched a pilot program for the reform of the camp in the four major industries of construction, real estate, finance and life services. So far, this work has made very positive progress. In order to help everyone understand the relevant situation, today we are very pleased to invite Mr. Shi Yaobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Finance, and Mr. Wang Lujin, Chief Accountant of the State Administration of Taxation, to invite them to introduce the progress of the pilot work on the comprehensive reform and increase the number of employees. Ask a question.

Please introduce Mr. Shi Yaobin first.

2016-12-0210:00:55 Dear friends, good morning everyone. The reform of the camp reform is a major measure that has taken the lead in the reform of the fiscal and taxation system. It has strong policy, wide coverage and far-reaching effects. The design of the project is difficult and the task of implementation is arduous and arduous. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to this reform.

The Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee will promote VAT reform as the primary task of improving the tax system.

On March 5, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang announced at the Fourth Session of the 12th National People's Congress that he would fully implement the reform of the camp and increase the scope of the pilot from May 1. To the four major industries of construction, real estate, finance and life services, and the value-added tax included in all new real estates is included in the deduction, ensuring that the tax burden of all industries is only reduced.

The first executive meeting of the State Council after the two sessions of the National People's Congress examined and approved the comprehensive pilot program for the reform of the camp. The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation issued a series of policy documents accordingly, and comprehensively launched the pilot program for the reform of the camp.

Since then, all business taxpayers have paid VAT instead, which has realized the tax conversion from business tax to value-added tax, which has reduced the burden on enterprises and enhanced the vitality of enterprises. To a certain extent, it has hedged the downward pressure on the economy.

From the real-time monitoring of the tax system operation, the pilot has achieved good results overall and achieved the intended purpose.

The comprehensive introduction of the pilot reform of the camp is to use the subtraction of government revenue, in exchange for the addition of corporate benefits and the multiplication of market vitality, which is a major measure.

2016-12-0210:01:24 First, the main task of supply-side structural reform.

A comprehensive pilot program for the reform of the camp will be launched. It is estimated that the annual tax cuts in 2016 will exceed 500 billion yuan. Under the current economic situation, it can effectively reduce the cost of enterprises, stimulate market vitality and increase effective supply.

In the first three quarters, the cost per 100 yuan of main business income of industrial enterprises above designated size was RMB, which was reduced by RMB.

By promoting professional division of labor and cooperation, the industry chain is extended, and some internal service links such as R\u0026D, design, and marketing are separated from the main business, and more focused on providing certain types of services, becoming more efficient and professional. The main body of innovation has spawned new technologies, new industries, new formats, and new business models. It has expanded the space for implementing innovation-driven development strategies and promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation. It has also created a more relaxed private economy and small and micro enterprises. Development environment.

In the first three quarters, strategic emerging industries grew by a year-on-year, and the growth rate was one percentage point higher than that of industrial enterprises above designated size.

Since May 1st, the number of new operators in the four major industries has increased steadily month by month, with a cumulative increase of 530,000, which has led to employment and entrepreneurship.

The second is a major move in the reform of the fiscal and taxation system.

To comprehensively push forward the trial of the reform of the camp, establish a relatively complete consumption-based value-added tax system, and build a national standardized and standardized value-added tax management system, which is another major achievement in the reform of the fiscal and taxation system.

By the opening of the value-added tax deduction chain of the secondary and tertiary industries, the value-added tax paid by the manufacturing enterprises for outsourcing services can be deducted, stimulating the enthusiasm of the manufacturing procurement service, and achieving the integrated development and mutual promotion of the manufacturing industry and the service industry. Together, it has accelerated the conversion of old and new kinetic energy.

At the same time, the further maturity and improvement of the taxation system and management methods will help optimize resource allocation, maintain market unification, promote social equity, and promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity.

The third is the important content of the reform of the management.

VAT comprehensively replaces business tax, simplifies the tax system and reduces the institutional transaction cost. The enterprise changes from managing two taxes to managing one tax, complying with cost reduction, and reducing the difficulty and risk of management.

Removing the distortion of VAT business tax on business operations, from the full amount of business tax to the value-added tax deduction of input tax, further clarifying the relationship between the government and the market, making the tax system more neutral.

At the same time, it also released a huge tax reduction space, which enhanced the company's self-consciousness to adapt to the market environment, self-management, and self-employment.

In the tax collection and collection of value-added tax, the taxation department further optimized the taxation service, and introduced 20 measures to optimize services and improve management four times, and specifically addressed the problems in the process of reforming the camp and increasing the tax service. Simplify the taxation process, improve the efficiency of taxation, and enable taxpayers to enjoy faster, more economical and more standardized quality services.

2016-12-0210:02:00 In order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and effectively implement the measures to ensure that all industries are only reduced or not, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation have made proper arrangements in the policy design stage. It can achieve comprehensive tax cuts in all industries, and most of the corporate tax burdens are reduced to varying degrees.

After the pilot has been fully promoted, on the one hand, training and supervision will be done to make the policy effective.

Arrange the finance and taxation departments at all levels to ensure that all policies are implemented without compromise.

Through comprehensive training, the fiscal and taxation cadres and corporate finance personnel will be allowed to eat through the policy requirements, avoiding the increase in corporate tax burden due to inadequate understanding of policies and inaccurate operations, so that enterprises can fully enjoy the reform dividend.

On the other hand, closely track the pilot situation and improve the pilot policy in a timely manner.

Rely on the comprehensive inter-ministerial joint meeting of the reform of the camp, and establish a platform for information sharing with relevant industry authorities, listen to the opinions and suggestions of various departments on the pilot reform and jointly study the countermeasures.

At the same time, arrange local finance and commissioner to track the pilot operation, select typical enterprises in the industry for analysis, and report the analysis report regularly.

In addition, I conducted field research on many occasions, listened to the opinions of enterprises and local finance and taxation departments, and mastered a large amount of first-hand information.

For the new situation and new problems of the reaction of all parties in the pilot process, the relevant departments will conduct timely analysis and research, and issue 4 supplementary notices for the problems of industry and integrity, and refine the pilot policies for the reform of the camp. .

To solve the problem of being a case-by-case and temporary problem, strengthen counseling for the company, help analyze the causes, and find solutions.

At present, the pilot operation has been more than half a year. From the operational situation, the reform of the camp has become the most powerful cost-reduction measure since the establishment of the current government. The effect of tax reduction and reduction has been and will continue to emerge.

According to statistics, from May to October, a total of 10.64 million taxpayers in the four industries newly included in the pilot scope completed the tax system conversion, and the accumulated value-added tax was 555.4 billion yuan. Compared with the payment of business tax, the accumulated tax reduction was 96.5 billion yuan. Yuan, 26 sub-sectors have achieved the overall target of reducing the total tax burden, and the tax burden has decreased by %; in addition to the tax reduction of the four major industries themselves, due to the increase in deductible input tax, the previous pilot has been 3+7 The industry reduced taxes by 93.9 billion yuan, and the original value-added tax industry reduced taxes by 96.6 billion yuan.

The above total, the tax cuts of 287 billion yuan from May to October, plus 84.7 billion yuan in the increase and decrease of the camp in the first four months of the year, and the cumulative tax reduction of the pilot reform in January-October 2016 was 371.7 billion yuan.

According to this calculation, it is estimated that the annual tax cut of this reform will exceed 470 billion yuan, and the urban maintenance and construction tax and education surcharge will be reduced. The total scale will exceed 500 billion yuan.

In the next step, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, together with the relevant departments, will continue to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, make the work of the pilots as detailed, and increase the incentives for the development of enterprises by reducing the policy dividends of all industries. All kinds of enterprises have more and stronger sense of gain in reform, and give full play to the positive role of tax reform to promote entrepreneurial innovation, promote industrial upgrading, and stabilize economic growth.

Thank you all! I am willing to answer your questions below.

2016-12-0210:05:14 Thank you Mr. Shi Yaobin for his introduction. Please enter the question section below. Please inform the news organization before asking questions.

2016-12-0210:10:46 I have a question to ask the Minister of History.

This year the Prime Minister proposed in the government report that the full implementation of the reform of the camp will ensure that the tax burden of all industries will not be reduced. Has this goal been achieved? What measures have been taken to achieve this goal? In addition, in the long run, will the tax burden of the camp reform be reduced? Is the ultimate goal of tax cuts? 2016-12-0210:15:11 Premier Li Keqiang mentioned in the government work report that this year's comprehensive reform of the camp will be carried out to ensure that all industry tax burdens will not be reduced. This is both one of the goals of the reform and also a A major political task.

Especially this year, global economic growth has slowed down. Due to the impact of the three phases of superposition, the entire economy is in the process of economic transformation and transition, and the downward pressure on the economy is greater.

The reform of the camp is a comprehensive tax cut measure introduced this year. Its significance is more extensive than the usual policy of introducing this policy during the period of rapid growth, and the effect of the impact is more prominent.

The goal of ensuring that all industry tax burdens are only reduced, from the statistics of May to October has been achieved.

In order to achieve this goal, first, the policy design, properly designed and properly arranged, the original tax incentives for the four major industries will be extended in principle, the old contracts and old projects will be policy-oriented, and the transition to specific industries will be formulated. Sexual preferential measures, etc.

The second is to implement the policy when it is implemented. On the one hand, grasp training and counseling. Let all taxpayers and financial taxpayers understand what is the policy of reforming the business, and use the policy of reforming the business. In terms of specific technologies, invoice management, and procedures for obtaining invoices, taxpayers will be better understood. To enable taxpayers to adapt to the VAT collection and collection procedures and collection and management requirements in the shortest possible time, as far as possible to achieve the best. On the other hand, we have also improved the pilot policy for new problems and new situations that have emerged during the implementation process. As of October, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, together with relevant departments, have issued four policy documents, which have improved the issue of deducting bridge fees and financial intercourse. We have also fully listened to the opinions of taxpayers. For some case-based and temporary problems, we have strengthened counseling for enterprises and found solutions. Just now you mentioned what the future goal of the camp reform is, and whether it will be reduced forever. The so-called tax cuts, if calculated from tax statistics or economic principles, are compared with the base period before the reform. After one year of pilot operation, all new tax systems were implemented. From a statistical point of view, the tax reduction effect persists compared with the base period, but compared with the previous year, the tax reduction factor is weakened. After the reform of the camp, the more neutral advantages of the tax system will continue in the long run, which is very positive for promoting China's economic development, transformation and upgrading, and the linkage between the secondary and tertiary industries of the enterprise, especially the promotion of the tertiary industry. At the same time, the tax reduction of the reform of the camp is important, but it is not the only goal. It has a positive effect on improving the tax system, promoting the sound development of enterprises, and promoting the administration of government agencies. It is a comprehensive reform. engineering. 2016-12-0210:18:36 My question is to the head of the Tax Administration. The company must have an invoice for the input to offset the input tax, so the invoice is a key tax deduction. At the time of comprehensively pushing up the reform of the camp, some taxpayers reported that the invoices were obtained, and there were problems in invoicing. Some were unwilling to open, and some were more congested in the tax hall. The billing time was longer. How does the tax department strengthen and improve? What is the current situation? 2016-12-0210:20:06 The question you raised, the operators and the society are very concerned. VAT implements the invoice tax credit system. Whether it can effectively obtain the deductible invoice according to law is very important for enterprises. In the process of the entire camp reform, the State Administration of Taxation attached great importance to the use and management of invoices and adopted a series of measures to effectively facilitate taxpayers. First of all, we have strengthened the propaganda and guidance for invoices. The State Administration of Taxation issued a special notice, requiring all localities to do a good job in instructing the taxpayers in the four major pilot industries. A lot of publicity and training work has been done everywhere. A lot of good methods and convenient methods for invoicing. I have a data here. The national taxation department has produced a total of more than 6.8 million invoices for the use of invoices. They are posted in a prominent position in the business premises, and the taxpayers are instructed to issue invoices quickly and accurately, so that the ticket sellers can obtain special invoices in time for Tax deduction. In the second aspect, we implement hierarchical classification management for the use of VAT invoices according to the taxpayer's tax credit rating. For example, for Class A and Class B taxpayers with good tax credits and high grades, Class A taxpayers can With a three-month invoice, a B-level taxpayer can receive an invoice for two months at a time. Of course, if necessary, you can apply it at any time. In addition, the VAT invoice tax credit has a certification process. We also cancel the invoice certification for the taxpayers of the three grades A, B and C according to the taxpayer's tax credit rating, which greatly facilitates the taxpayer. For the taxpayers of this year's new pilot, if they have not yet assessed the tax credit rating, from May 1 this year to April 30 next year, there is no need for certification. In the third aspect, the small-scale taxpayers who are more concerned about the situation, because they need to go to the tax bureau to open special invoices, the phenomenon of queuing is relatively large at first. We have taken measures since August 1st, in 91 cities. The pilot of the VAT small-scale taxpayers' self-opening special invoices was launched. On the basis of the pilot, this policy was introduced to the whole country in November, which greatly facilitated small-scale taxpayers and effectively alleviated the tax office. Crowded. Finally, we also promoted the network management, and introduced 20 measures to improve the service of the camp and increase the service, 8 of which are to simplify the invoicing procedures, reduce the number of invoices and improve the invoice processing process. We are actively promoting online application for invoices, offline distribution, on-line processing for invoicing, and offline delivery. All these measures facilitate small-scale taxpayers on the one hand and first-line tax services on the other. The office has a relatively large workload. 2016-12-0210:21:02 After the pilot reform of the camp is fully implemented, what measures will continue to be introduced in the next reform of the value-added tax? In addition, what are the plans of the relevant departments of VAT legislation? 2016-12-0210:25:29 This year, the pilot reform of the camp reform has been launched. VAT is the most important tax category in the turnover tax, and it is also the tax category with the largest tax revenue. This is consistent with the trend of international tax system development and tax reform. of. In the next step, VAT still needs to be reformed? How to do? I want to simply tell you something about it. The reform of the camp is currently a pilot. In the design of the pilot program, in order to balance the relationship between stable development and reform growth, and the tax burden of all industries is only reduced, the preferential policies of the past business tax and the preferential treatment of the value-added tax itself. The policies have all been inherited. In our words, it is called translation and translation. Therefore, there are still many preferential policies. On the other hand, our current VAT rate has four grades, with a 17% benchmark rate, a 13% tax rate, an 11% tax rate and a 6% tax rate. That is, depending on the industry, we choose to apply different VAT rates. At the same time, we have some areas for improvement in management such as collection management. In terms of policy, for example, the tax rate requires degenerate. In terms of preferential policies, some are staged preferential policies, some are immediate preferential policies, and some are preferential methods that require long-term arrangements in the future. The preferential methods include tax reduction, tax exemption, and differential taxation. For these preferential policies, which should be adjusted and which should be used as long-term institutional arrangements, we must make choices, and at the same time choose the appropriate way to reduce taxes or tax exemptions, tax incentives, and so on. These are the places where the next step of VAT reform needs to be further improved. It is not that the reform of the camp will be once and for all in accordance with the current policy announcement. In the future, it will be further reformed according to the needs of economic development, reform, and legislation. For example, we In order to simplify the tax rate, it is necessary to further optimize the tax incentives, not only to improve the intensity and effect of tax incentives, but also to avoid distortions in the business behavior of enterprises, and to avoid tax evasion. At the same time, we must further strengthen scientific collection and management, so that our collection and management system can be more perfect and more perfect. These are the main contents of future reforms. At the same time, it is necessary to consolidate the reforms according to the emerging and new problems in the pilot reform process. In other words, after the start of the pilot reform of the camp, the reform task is still very heavy. In addition, we must adhere to the rule of law and implement the principle of taxation. All future taxes will rise to the law. At present, the value-added tax is levied according to the provisional regulations and the pilot measures approved by the State Council. The work of the legislation needs to be integrated with the VAT reform pilot and reform program, and the VAT legislation should be started in a timely manner. The results of the reform and the effectiveness of the reform and institutional arrangements will be fixed in the form of laws to enhance the normative and mandatory nature of the tax system. Effectiveness. 2016-12-0210:28:06 Now, the pilot side of the camp reform has also reflected some problems. On the one hand, the Ministry of Finance should seriously study and solve it. However, there may be some problems. Just now, the Minister of History said that it should be standardized, resolved and improved in the legislation. Thank you. 2016-12-0210:30:32 There are a lot of taxpayers involved in this pilot. What tax collection and management measures have the tax authorities taken to ensure the smooth operation of the pilot? 2016-12-0210:32:56 This time, the number of households in the four major industries involved is very large. Before April 30, the national and local taxes were handed over to 10.11 million households. Just now, the Minister of History introduced that there have been an increase of 530,000 in these months, and now it is 10.64 million. This amount is quite large, and the number of households in the national taxation department has increased by about 42%. The work pressure after May 1 is very large, and taxpayers may not be able to handle taxes. The State Administration of Taxation attaches great importance to this work and divides the pilot camp into a number of stages. In May, it is a good ticket. In June, it is a good tax. On this basis, the entire tax burden should be analyzed. After September and October, it has entered a stage of improvement. In the middle of these stages, we have taken a series of measures. On the one hand, there is a new allocation of resources. There is a set of data here. The national tax and local taxes have increased the number of tax-paying windows by 17,386, increasing the number of tax-paying staff of more than 20,000, and increasing the number of self-service tax terminals by 20,000. Tax pressure. The second aspect is to strengthen counseling. The most important thing is to let taxpayers invoice and declare. As for the invoicing, I have just introduced a lot of work we have done in this regard. Regarding the declaration, we have set up more than 6,000 counseling teams for the reform of the camp, and distributed more than 40 million copies of publicity materials in various fields. More than 70 million mobile phone text messages were sent to the camp, and more than 10,000 QR codes were produced. A total of 21.3 million taxpayers were trained to achieve full coverage of taxpayer training, and some taxpayers were trained more than once. In addition, our 12366 tax service hotline has been very busy since April. A total of 372 hotlines have been added. During the camp reform period, the 12366 hotline has reached 19.12 million calls, with an average daily Wantong, an increase of 40% over the previous year. In the third aspect, we use innovative means to actively promote taxpayers through information technology. 2016-12-0210:33:23 Finally, the optimization process, there is also a set of data, we have a total of 15 measures to streamline the submission of information, optimize the form of the certificate, and 25 measures to optimize the process. At the same time, through the national tax and land tax mutual window, the national tax and land tax business, as well as the city's general office or even the province's general office, greatly facilitated taxpayers. After the Prime Minister announced on March 5 that the reform of the camp was fully promoted, our fiscal and taxation companies immediately prepared. After the State Council executive meeting, the entire tax system will act. Faced with huge workload and limited preparation time, the tax system, especially the grassroots tax authorities, has worked hard for 5+2, white and black for several months. It can be said that grassroots cadres are very difficult. In the middle of practice, the national tax system has formed a new spirit of reforming the spirit of the camp. A reporter has summed up us. This is the difficulty of advancing, sticking to the mission, and pursuing excellence. This kind of reform and reform is our precious. wealth. At the same time, I would like to emphasize two points. First, I am particularly grateful to the taxpayers. The taxpayers understand and support us very much. In particular, we still have some places that are not in place at the beginning. Taxpayers understand, support and cooperate with us. Improve. Then there are media friends, help us to carry out propaganda and counseling, policy interpretation, and do a lot of work, thank you all here. Thank you. 2016-12-0210:38:14 The principle of the reform of the camp is to increase only the increase, but the bank said that they will have an increase in taxation. They say that the tax burden is increased by 1 to 2 percentage points, and there will be 1 for the profit. To the impact of negative growth of 3 percentage points, can it explain the situation of the bank鈥檚 tax burden on the reform of the camp? Are there any special ways to help them also reduce taxes? 2016-12-0210:40:25 The tax reduction of the camp reform is only reduced for all industries. This goal has been achieved, including the financial industry. I think, you are referring to a specific financial enterprise or a financial institution. Will this happen? I think this is the case. In a certain enterprise, whether it is financial or other enterprises, the tax burden itself is changing. The key is to offset the input tax. The main reason for the increase in tax burden of some enterprises is that in the initial stage of the pilot, the deduction scale is lower than the average level, and the deduction is not sufficient. Moreover, the system conversion needs a certain adaptation period, which usually needs to be viewed from the overall production cycle. From a policy perspective, there is no policy that affects the increase in tax burdens of financial enterprises. We adhered to the principle of translation when designing the program. Secondly, during the entire pilot process, we have supplemented and improved the new situations and new problems discovered. I have just issued four documents, including financial issues, such as inter-departmental exchanges. The problem of increased tax burden has been solved very well. There is another case. Under the business tax environment, there are many reasons why financial companies have to pay some taxes and not pay them. After the business tax is changed to value-added tax, the value-added tax paid by the enterprise needs to be deducted by the special invoice for value-added tax. This strict deduction chain mechanism and the strict and standardized management of the special invoice for value-added tax enable the buyer and the seller to supervise each other and Constraints have improved the efficiency of collection. In the past, some enterprises have not paid the unpaid problems when applying the business tax. Therefore, individual companies will feel that the tax burden has increased. This so-called increase is actually just to return it to its original position, not the real increase in tax burden. Thank you. 2016-12-0210:42:55 Asked a specific question, the current industry and commerce implements a 17% VAT rate, the service industry mainly implements a 6% VAT rate, and the industrial and commercial service tax rates vary greatly. Many industrial and commercial enterprises call for What is the Treasury鈥檚 consideration of reducing the tax rate by 17%? Will it be down? Thank you. 2016-12-0210:43:17 I mentioned earlier that VAT currently has four tariff rates, 17%, 13%, 11%, and 6%. The design of multiple tax rates is mainly considered to ensure the smooth progress of the reform, balance the tax burden of enterprises, economic growth and tax reform, why the life service industry designed a 6% tax rate? The main expenditure for providing services is labor, machinery and equipment or real estate are much less than the business and manufacturing industries you are talking about. Because the amount of credit that can be deducted is small, a tax rate of 6% is set. The deductible input tax is large in the manufacturing industry, and the 17% tax rate is appropriate. Especially since the comprehensive pilot, the input tax from the four major industries has increased substantially. Although it is not a newly included pilot industry, the tax benefits actually enjoyed are also large. I have said that VAT is a neutral tax, and it is also a benign, relatively good tax. why? It is because it is deducted by the ring, it avoids double taxation. This mechanism is transmitted downwards by the ring, so we have to compare the tax burden of different industries or different taxpayers. You can't just look at its nominal tax rate, it depends on its actual tax burden. Thank you.

2016-12-0210:45:46 What specific measures will be taken in the next step in the reform of the camp? In the financial and construction industries that you just mentioned, what specific measures will be taken to expand the effects of tax cuts in response to problems arising during the pilot period? 2016-12-0210:48:12 I have already mentioned that the next step of VAT reform should be further improved. We now have four tax rates, and the tax rate will be simplified in the future.

There are many preferential policies, such as the preferential policies for inheriting the original business tax, and some preferential policies for the value-added tax itself. We must optimize according to the needs of economic development and the actual tax burden of enterprises.

Wang Lujin鈥檚 chief accountant mentioned that in the future, we must strengthen new problems and new situations. For example, we will take some measures from the collection and management to provide guidance to taxpayers, and we should study new situations and new problems. Some policy solutions.

2016-12-0210:50:36 Next, we will further strengthen counseling, especially for enterprises with low input tax deduction rate, targeted special counseling, corporate deduction rate increased, tax Negative nature will fall.

The second is to optimize the service to further streamline the tax process.

The third is the invoice, we will continue to introduce new initiatives.

For example, promoting the convenience of invoicing QR code scanning and accelerating the implementation of VAT electronic ordinary invoices will greatly reduce the cost of taxpayers invoicing.

For example, to continue to expand the pilot program for small-scale taxpayers to open special invoices, the small-scale taxpayers in the lodging industry have already opened up in the country in November, and will continue to expand the pilot industry in the future, so that small and micro enterprises can enjoy more invoicing. convenient.

For example, we must implement a rewarded invoice, and with the support of the Ministry of Finance, expand the coverage of the award-winning invoice and encourage consumers to obtain invoices.

We will also use the national VAT invoice inspection platform. After the platform is launched, everyone can check the authenticity of the invoices online, so that the fake invoices have nowhere to hide.

You may have noticed that the sale of fake invoices has been greatly reduced since the change of the camp. This is a very significant change.

Thank you all.

2016-12-0210:55:59 Time relationship, today's briefing is over, thanks to the two publishers for their very detailed and professional answers, and also to the media friends' attention.

Today鈥檚 briefing is over, thank you all.


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