casino royal film:casino,royal,film,When,Sun,Qia:When Sun Qian entered their room, Bai Jie took the red arm: 〃 This is Mr ????? love, not all adhere to are worth the time: 2017-11-08 Source: Original Author: sounds TZ reading: 901 Xiaoxi engagement that day gave me Phone???: 'And????, w

casino royal film

When Sun Qian entered their room, Bai Jie took the red arm: 〃 This is Mr

????? love, not all adhere to are worth the time: 2017-11-08 Source: Original Author: sounds TZ reading: 901 Xiaoxi engagement that day gave me Phone???: 'And????, will you come when I am married????' 'Small 曦???, I am still not sure????.

'After finishing, I regretted it?????, I know that I will most likely not go to ???. It was a wedding that I didn't want to see at all.' 'And?? ?, our bet?????, I lost????.

Actually, I know that you will definitely not come????, others are also?????. I have been silent for a long time without talking????, Imagine that the little phone on the other end of the phone may be lowering his head????, fiddling with his clothes corner????, his face is full of helplessness???? , my heart is all 惭愧?????.

'Small 曦????, are you getting married??, are you happy?????' I spoke up. 'Not happy???.

' After a few tens of seconds????, three words came from the phone????, the voice is very low????, I heard it very clear????.

is the answer I expected.

'The bet is just a joke?????, don't worry too much?????.

Yes?????, bless you?????.

' 'But I know that you were all serious at the time, but I am also ???.

and?????, to be honest ???, I can't look down on this bad self now???.

' Xiaoyan’s voice is getting smaller and smaller. I even think that she is carefully holding the receiver on the phone, for fear of being heard by her.???? /p>

'Small 曦???, don't think too much?????.

” 02 Otaru is a Northeast girl I met after I graduated.

But she doesn't have the heroic and free-spiritedness of the Northeast girl, but she has the quiet and gracefulness of the southern girl?????.

I saw that Xiaoxi was on the second day of entering the company?????, she was late for my day????, that day, she stepped on high heels????, wearing a light blue dress? ???, intellectual elegance???

A lot of colleagues in the company started to sway?????: Look at?????, came?????.

Two newcomers who have just arrived are quickly becoming best friends????

She told me that she was a university in Lanzhou, and I said that I am also ???.

She said that her boyfriend is a native of Gansu, and I would like to congratulate you on becoming a daughter-in-law in the northwest.

She told me that her boyfriend’s name is Chu Ning?????, I said it’s nice.

She said that they have been in the past five years????, I said that it is really rare?????.

03 I met Xiaoxi for three months and saw her boyfriend for the first time?????, Chu Ning???, the person she hangs every day???, the name is very good. People???, the person she softly whispers every time she calls.

Xiao Yan took his arm and introduced me to me: 'And ???, he is Chu Ning????, my boyfriend?????.

' I opened my eyes???.

Small 曦 never told me that her boyfriend is handsome and boundless????, did not show me any photos of Chu Ning?????.

I only know?????, Chuning is Gansu's ???, I don't know where in Gansu????.

They are in love for four years, how deep is I don't know?????.

He lives far away?????, so Xiaoxi gets up early every morning to get on the bus to work.

We have dinner together?????, Chu Ning ordered a lot of dishes, and asked for three bowls of white leather noodles????.

I suddenly remembered that Xiaoxi said that she loves rice????, she rarely eats noodles?????.

'Small 曦?????, give you a bowl of rice.' I said?????. 'No need to use????, this store is delicious.' Xiao Yan stopped me????. That family is really delicious?????, but I am vaguely feeling that Xiaoxiao is eating very hard????. Chu Ning said that we would like to have dinner?????, but after dinner, it was a small purchase. I have too many doubts in my heart?????: Why is it that I am paying for the small????, because the small account management????? Why are there no exchanges during the meal????? Why is he going to give him a white skin???? He doesn't know that Xiao Yan doesn't like to eat noodles?????? Why didn't he help the little 曦? Why did Xiao Xiao’s eyes look strange when he talked to me with a smile???? I am not very embarrassed to ask these questions. 04 I called a lot of colleagues to dinner at home on the weekend???? Chu Ning also came????, as a family member of Xiaoyan????. Colleagues are the first time to see Chu Ning????, boasting that he is handsome?, by the way, accused Xiaoyan of having such a handsome boyfriend still hiding????, not enough???? ?? Chu Ning proudly laughs?????. Chu Ning chats with everyone in the outhouse????, from time to time, there are bursts of laughter???, but I haven’t heard him talk about Xiaoyan????? from beginning to end. Xiao Yan helped me pick up vegetables and wash vegetables in the back room?????, I was busy for two hours to make a full table of dishes, and also cooked a small hot pot?????. Everyone is politely praised for my ability. Chu Ning’s mouth is stuffed with vegetables. While opening the beer, he said?????: “This is the best table I have ever eaten in Lanzhou for so long...” I just want to be modest Said that he is too exaggerated to be too prized?????. Just?????, I haven’t had time to open it yet????, he suddenly said it seriously?????: 'You don't know?????, the dishes made by Xiaoyan can be difficult to eat?? ??, especially difficult to eat...' The atmosphere suddenly reached the extreme point, I feel the air has to solidify????. Xiao Yan took the dish in the bowl, and his face was hard to see. Our six-year-old female colleague immediately raised the glass to say hello to everyone: 'Come here?????, cheers????, don't let the food?????'. Everyone raises the glass? ???, Clinking ???, 仰头???, one drink and then?????, and then began to talk and laugh?????. A cup of wine under the belly????, it seems that no one has remembered what Chu Ning just said, and no one will pay attention to the expression on the face of Xiaoyan. On that day, everyone was drinking and chatting and making an afternoon?????, Xiao Yan’s face was red and red, and he walked and swayed?????. I will live in my house at night?????. Chu Ning left with others. Just a little later, he returned and said to Xiaoxuan????: 'Give me a taxi.' Xiaoyan pointed at her bag???: 'Take it yourself?????.' The money has not returned and left?????. I sent him to the downstairs?????, he suddenly said?????: 'In fact, I have no feelings with Xiaoxi.' After that, Chu Ning went to rent. Car???, leaving me with doubts and puzzles in my face. 05 I have cleaned up a messy house??, the end of the wash is 11 o'clock in the evening, and Xiaoxiao sleeps because of too much drinking?????. I helped her to be horned?????, she suddenly became confused and woke up?????. 'You have washed the bowl????, I still want to help you clean up????, how come asleep?????.' Xiao Yan said with a sleepy eye. 'Small 曦????, do you like Chu Ning?? or ???, does he like you?????' I think of what Chu Ning said????, I can’t hold my doubts. Curious?????, skip her words directly????. A little stunned?????, it seems to be sober?????, she hesitated for a long while said: 'Talk about love is too luxurious.' We almost did not sleep that night? ??. Xiao Yan’s first heartache told me everything, about her????, about Chuning???, about them?????. Xiao Yan’s second semester was with Chu Ning. She said that when Chu Ning gave her her first gift, she promised to be his girlfriend, because she just liked Chu Ning at the time. At that time, they were a small couple who were envied by everyone???? They split together three times during the university, but at the end they are still together????. After graduation, Xiao Yan did not care about the family's opposition????, resolutely left in Gansu. Xiao Yan said that she didn't really like this place????, but there is no way?????, here is Chu Ning???. Chu Ning changed seven jobs in the past year and a year?????, job-hopping addiction?????, resulting in serious eye-highs????, and finally do not go to work in the rental house???? ?, playing mahjong became his daily?????. Xiaoyan goes to work every morning and goes to work to make money????, her salary is not much????, but must bear the daily expenses of two people???. On the weekend, Xiao Yan ran out to send out flyers????, she said that the money for the leaflets was enough for her to buy a T-shirt for Chu Ning?????. I am angry and sad. 06 Chu Ning is still a leisurely stalker?????, all day mixed in various mahjong halls?????. Xiao Yanqi?????, rushed into the mahjong hall and flipped the mahjong table???, she slammed the Chu Ning slap in the face?????, Daxie???: 'You and Mahjong past. ?????.' Chu Ning blushes and slams into the hair of Xiao Xiao????, pulls Xiaoxiao out of the mahjong hall????, push her down to the ground?????, Pointing at her nose, she is like a shrew?????, Xiao Xiaoying didn't give him a face, so that he would mix in front of his friends. Xiao Yan with tears and hands to leave??, Chu Ning turned back to the mahjong hall to apologize to other people????, bowed down and said that they swept their own?????, and promised to manage in the future Her own girlfriend?????, do not let her be willful. Xiao Yan didn't go home after a big fight with Chu Ning, and lived in my house for two days. I asked her????: 'Small 曦???, why don't you break up with Chu Ning???? What are you insisting on????' She said????: 'I can't live without Chu Ning ??? I know that he is a jerk?????, without any responsibility?????. I know that we are very tired together?????, may be more tired after marriage????? But I can't help, from Shenyang to Lanzhou, I only have him?????. I can't imagine without him????' 'You just don't believe that you can take care of yourself.' ???, obviously you have been taking care of him????, you do not believe that you can leave this bad self when you leave him????, do not believe that you can still live without it, not even I am willing to admit that the persistence has always been worth noting???????. Xiaoxiao?????, how are you so stupid????.' The more I say the emotion is more exciting????. 'I just got used to it?????. Choose ???, I chose a lifestyle???? This is life.' Xiaoyan suddenly looked like a red dust?????. On the third day, Chu Ning called Xiao Xiao????: 'Come back???? I am wrong????, I will not play mahjong again?????.' Just pack up and get ready to go back?????. I advised her: 'Do you have a lot of time????, if you have a good time, you can find someone who loves you again. Don't be embarrassed yourself?????.' 'I choose The person?????, you have to be yourself?????. After getting married, and with the child????, he has pressure, naturally will work hard to improve? ???.' Xiao Yan said, he left. I can't figure out how to be obsessed with Xiao Yan's obsession, and I don't understand the insistence that they don't love each other but still together.????. 07 The winter in the north came to come. Xiaobao’s Taobao bought himself a thick coat of more than 100 yuan?????, but took me to the store to buy more than 800 down jackets for Chuning. ????. I looked at it like that, she was crying and laughing. The next day, I asked Xiaoxuan???: 'Is the down jacket that Chu Ning bought yesterday?????' 'The people say that color he doesn't like very much?????.' Xiao Yan understatement????. On the birthday of Chu Ning, he asked him to eat hot pot for more than 300 times. When he was a birthday, Chu Ning took a small bowl of beef noodles with six dollars. Most of Ou’s salary was lost by playing Chu Ning’s mahjong? Someone in the company is Chu Ning, who is a personal scum, and loses a good skin capsule?????, for the small cockroaches to fight the uneven????. Xiao Yan just smiles?????, never refute????. There are young customers chasing after a small 曦?????, Xiao Yan refused????: 'I have a boyfriend ???.' Chu Ning is still continually hopping ???, the job is less than three days to resign ?????, the reasons are varied????: The salary is too low?????, the environment is too bad?????, the boss is too embarrassed???, the manager is too stupid??? Too strict?????, promotion is too difficult... Xiao Yan sighs helplessly?????: Let him go?????. After that, Xiao Yan was engaged to Chu Ning back to his hometown?????. I can't say congratulations to my life and death???? On the day of the engagement, she called me ???, said less than ten minutes????, she said that Chu Ning went to a group of friends to play mahjong????, she said she is now numb???? The heart is dead?????. I asked her?????: 'Small 曦?????, in fact, you have long since loved Chu Ning?????, you are just used to????, used to have his days? ????, right???????” Xiaoyan didn’t answer me positively????, she just said????: “I might jump into the fire pit?????, I hate this now. Unexpected self?????.

' I don't know what to say???.

08 After Xiaoyan held a wedding with Chu Ning, I was not able to attend.

I sent her a red envelope????, wrote a sentence???: All love should be blessed???, newly married????.

She returned to me???: Abyss????, I recognized?????.

Colleagues 嘀嘀咕咕骂小曦 silly?????, thousands of miles wading through the water to marry such a person???, must be a problem with the brain????.

But love is this thing????, it’s always a wish to fight????, a wish?????, others are often unable to change the ending???, who can guarantee that they have not loved Human slag????

After I got married, I didn’t come to Lanzhou?????, she found a job in the hometown of Chuning?????, lived the marriage life of Chai Mi oil and salt?????.

It’s just that from time to time, she will call me to talk about it. For example, Chu Ning went to play mahjong for a few days and didn’t come back????, for example, she quarreled with Chu Ning, such as their credit card. I have already owed tens of thousands of ???, for example, Chu Ning’s home is based on pasta?????, she is not used to????, for example, she wants to go back to Shenyang to eat a meal made by her mother???? ??, for example, ????, she is going to go on??, she wants to get divorced????.

I can't see what she is like on the phone.

She has everything?????, I can never feel the same????.

But I still remember that one of her?????: That sunny noon????, Xiaoxi?????, I?????, there are several colleagues sitting Drinking and chatting together????, talking to Chu Ning???, she suddenly took the wine glass and said vowed?????: Come?????, we make a bet???, gamble?? ??.

After?????, if I marry Chu Ning???, I am not a person???, I will not be happy for a lifetime?????.

Colleagues say????: In the future, you have to marry Chu Ning???, we will not participate in your wedding?????.

I clap my hands and say good?????.

That day she just had a quarrel with Chu Ning, I know that she is talking about swearing words, but everyone else is serious?????, I am also????.

A long time passed, I can still remember the beautiful face of the sun that day????, and the crisp sound????.


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