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锘縶Keywords}#Title segmentation#

36 home education, there are always suitable educational methods without teaching bad children, only bad education methods.

Parents and teachers are often anxious because of the slow progress of their children. Therefore, they may wear hats that are stupid and difficult to change, or they think they are shallow and low-level, and they will not educate their children. In fact, as long as the method is appropriate, any child is excellent; as long as you use your heart, you can always find the right education method. 1Behaving a weak measure, letting the child act as a small adult. Parents often complain that the current children are indifferent to their parents and lack responsibility. They don鈥檛 know that the child鈥檚 sense of responsibility is cultivated from an early age. If you always show a storm in front of the child. Look, the child will think that parents do not need their care.

So, parents may wish to play a weak and occasionally ask for help. You will be surprised to find that the child has become a sensible little adult, and you can get a lot from the child's help. 2 Reinforcement meter allows children to become self-esteem and become confident.

The United States, California, PhD, James Doberlin proposed the law of reinforcement. When a person's behavior is satisfactorily produced, the behavior repeats. Therefore, when the child is recognized, his or her self-confidence will be stimulated, and the satisfactory behavior will be repeated until the self-esteem is achieved and become a good child with self-confidence. 3 inducer to help children cross the quagmire of tiredness. Almost every child is more or less tired of learning. This is understandable but not letting go, because this kind of emotion will hinder the child's enthusiasm for learning and bring an incalculable impact on the child's growth. However, forcing children to learn is not a good idea. It will only deepen the child's dislike. The smart way is to induce children's interest in learning and let the children learn spontaneously. 4 cold test gives the child a little self-control ability. Today's children are mostly only children, and they are cared for and cared for by their families. However, such a life has made children develop a habit of self-willingness. This bad habit will put a huge hidden danger on the child's future life. Experts suggest that children should try cold treatment when they are willful, which will make the child automatically temper due to lack of attention. 5 frustration gives the child a chance to experience failure. The American educator Karel Sandburg said: Of course, good people can be talented, but adversity can also produce talent. Moreover, children who have grown up in frustration and tempered in adversity are more competitive. In other words, in order to enhance the child's resistance to frustration, parents may wish to consciously create some modest frustrations for the child. This frustration education is beneficial to enhance the child's psychological endurance. Let's do it by yourself. Don't do anything for your child. Parents should try to let go and let the children do it on their own. They may not do it for the first time, but they will do it quickly and well. Don't do business with parents, let go of the opportunity and platform for children to create things, children can have self-reliance, parents will have less trouble. 7 Pampering allows children to develop their potential in mischief. Some parents complain that their children are too naughty to be ruinous. In fact, these children are often very clever, curiosity and curiosity are strong, and their willpower is firmer than the average child. Therefore, smart parents should try to indulge their child's mischief and sabotage behavior, and take the opportunity to tap their potential and cultivate interest. Maybe your child is another Edison. 8 penalties allow the child to face up to his mistakes. Educating children requires rewards and punishments. Children should be rewarded for doing well, but children must not tolerate them when they do wrong things. Even if they are only minor mistakes, they should be given appropriate punishments so that children can face up to their mistakes and correct them in time, so as not to be wrong. The deeper and deeper. 9 The cooling meter pours cold water on the conceited child. Conceited means that self-evaluation is too high and there is no one in the eye. This kind of psychology is extremely unfavorable to the growth of children. Therefore, once the child鈥檚 self-confidence is discovered, parents should use the means of refrigeration to timely pour cold water on the child and let the child learn to be rational. Evaluate yourself and know yourself correctly. 10 Inclusive programs allow children to feel the unconditional love of their parents. Children may not be smart enough, and there may be many shortcomings, but as a parent, you must not prejudice, humiliate or dislike your child. Be sure to be tolerant to your child, be confident, and you will get a child. 11 model parents should give the child a good first teacher. Parents are role models for children, children are mirrors of parents, and parents' behaviors and behaviors will affect children. Therefore, parents must be strict with the law, and do everything in their own way to set an example for their children to guide their children to grow up healthily. 12 Encourage the child to keep making progress. It is easy for children to lose confidence in themselves. It is easy to give up their efforts because of difficulties. Therefore, parents should constantly encourage their children, give them the courage to move forward and the confidence to win, so that children can correct their shortcomings with their parents鈥?expectations. progress. 13 Listening to the child to understand the child's feelings carefully Every child has their own voice, parents must patiently listen, in order to truly understand the child's thoughts, feelings, in order to make timely and meticulous physical and psychological problems and changes Processing. With such a foundation, parents and children can communicate well and establish a good and harmonious parent-child relationship. 14 rewards the good for the children to progress in praise. Educators believe that rewarding children is a more effective way than punishment. Therefore, they suggest that the reward should be used instead of the punishment error, and the negative advantage should be replaced by the positive advantage, so as to avoid harm to the child and make the child achieve better progress. The 15-point dialing skillfully reminds the child to consciously head to the right path. The preaching of the slogan, the parents who do everything for the children is the child's least favorite, smart parents will only be prompted to guide the child to solve the problem when the child encounters a problem or behavior error. In this way, the child understands the truth and the parents have achieved the goal of education. 16 virtual meters let the children produce my great feeling of self. Japanese educator Suzuki said: With the feeling of genius, you will become a genius; with the feeling of a hero, you will become a hero. The child finds the feeling of a good boy and he will become a good boy. Using virtual means to create a great feeling of self for the child, he will gradually get better. 17 Allows the child to learn more in the wrong. In life, children always have some mistakes and mistakes. Some are unintentional, some are intentional. If the nature of the child's fault is not very serious, then parents may wish to give tolerance and understanding, so that the child will not only correct the mistake more seriously in the self-blame, but also make the child form a good tolerance. 18 exegesis allows children to recognize mistakes and rehabilitate themselves. A child is a child, and various problems and mistakes will occur constantly. Some mistakes can be tolerated, and some mistakes cannot be tolerated.

The child must be reasonably and effectively criticized to ensure that the child no longer makes similar mistakes, even if the parents are more generous, this reasonable management can not be absent.

19 edifications give children a good influence in life.

Family is the child's first class, and the impact of family education on children is far-reaching and huge.

Thus, if parents can cultivate their children's healthy interests and hobbies in family life, such as storytelling, and cultivate their children's tastes and conducts, then they can let their children grow healthily.

20 grooming gauges allow children to become partners from opposition.

The success of Dagu's water control lies in the fact that it is not blocked, and parents can also get inspiration from this method.

Being too dictatorial when educating children will only cause the child to rebel, let the child confront you, but if you take a wise and open strategy, the child will be willing to cooperate with you.

[MVC:PAGE]21 Sons let children be closer to their parents.

The reason for conflicts between parents and children is often because parents do not respect the children enough, so that the children are afraid of and dissatisfied, and they have opened up each other's distance.

In fact, children also need to respect, then they will become the most popular parents.

22 Peer-to-peer communication with children.

The premise of good communication with children is to treat children equally and be good friends of children.

This way, the child will be willing to tell you what is going on, and the parents can help the child get rid of various problems in time.

If parents always have a parental shelf and authorize the child to obey themselves, then the door to parent-child communication will slowly close.

23 offensive and defensive measures to give the child a vaccination.

The art of warfare says that the best defense is offense.

The same is true when educating children. After having problems with their children, and then going to discipline and anger, it is better to give the child a vaccination in advance, improve the child's immunity, and let the child take less detours and make fewer mistakes.

24 training to help children overcome the arrogance.

Now the children are the little emperors and little princesses at home. It鈥檚 going to be windy and rainy.

Some children develop a habit of extravagance, spend money and don鈥檛 know how to cherish items. This habit is extremely unfavorable for the healthy growth of children. Therefore, parents should be confident in educating their children to save money and help them develop thrift. The habit of this is the real love of children.

25 companionship teaches good children in participation.

If parents can participate in their children's lives and spend more time with their children to do something, they can not only enhance parent-child feelings, but also encourage children, while parents can also learn more about children, which is to develop children's potential and cultivate It is very important for children to become talented.

26 anti-micrometer to make the child's small problems become a big problem.

In life, children sometimes have some minor problems, such as overbearing, rude, lazy, etc. At this time, parents should pay attention to it. The problem is small, but it must be strictly controlled, and the disease will change. When it comes to big problems, then parents want to let their children correct, it is not so easy.

Don't tolerate a child's small illness, and strict control is also a manifestation of love.

27 Persuasion and planning allow children and teachers to be tolerant.

There will also be some friction and misunderstanding between the teacher and the student. At this time, the parents will assume the role of the relationship and help the two sides to eliminate contradictions, misunderstandings, mutual understanding and mutual tolerance.

Let the child respect the teacher and the teacher continues to care for the child.

28 Legislation rules allow children to learn to control themselves with reasonable rules.

Children's self-control ability is poor, and parents don't want to do this. It is easy to cause children to be bored. Therefore, parents can establish a set of effective behavior rules for children, as a basis for children to judge their behavior. This will constrain your behavior.

29 weight loss is too much pressure for your child.

In life, there are more and more children with psychological disorders, and child psychologists point out that excessive stress is an important cause of psychological problems in children. It has become a top priority for children to reduce their burdens.

In order to keep your child healthy, parents are advised not to put too much pressure on their children.

30 stimulators let children love learning by stimulating their children.

Educating children to find the right way, when persuasion and preaching are not working, parents may wish to try this trick.

Using the child's ambition, rebelliousness and even psychology to deliberately stimulate the children, let them become active learning from not loving learning.

31 Acceptance allows children to like and accept themselves.

If a child can't fully understand himself and see his strengths, there will be many problems.

Inferiority, swearing, etc.

Therefore, parents should let their children see their strengths and let their children like themselves so that children can face life with confidence.

32 Use the ninja to gently correct the child's outrageous behavior.

Children often make some extravagant behaviors that parents can't tolerate, and squally education will only make children go to extremes. Therefore, parents can only use their urgency, suppress their anger, and understand more children. Inclusive children, guiding children on this basis, in order to lead the child to the right path.

33 Responsible for training the courageous personality of the child to explore boldly.

In life, it is often those who dare to explore and be bold and fearless to achieve outstanding achievements and happiness.

Therefore, parents should not always protect their children for the future of their children. Don't over-emphasize the children who are obedient, but give them more opportunities to exercise and encourage them to be brave children.

34 The sensitometer moves the child's heart with true emotions.

Educating children can't just be preaching, scolding, persuading, and sometimes having to be emotional, so that you can inspire your child's heart and achieve the best results in education.

However, it is necessary to change the child to be affectionate, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

35 Equality Plan to train a broad-minded child.

Now the children are mostly only children, all of them are small suns. They are used to being self-centered. However, such personality is extremely unfavorable for interpersonal communication.

Therefore, in life, parents should pay attention not to give children a special status, cultivate their spirit of sharing and cooperation, and gradually develop a broad-minded child.

36 bitter mills cultivate the child's will and perseverance.

The current child is faced with a competitive society everywhere, and many children often lack the courage to overcome difficulties because they are too comfortable.

Therefore, smart parents should let their children undergo some hardships and hardships to cultivate their tenacity and perseverance so that they can win in the future competition.

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