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2017 tonight 80 Talk Show mp3: Huo Nan: The bathroom can also pass positive energy Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard small Qidane: Real Madrid is ready Well, Michael Pierce decided to break through the captain of Leeds United and come up with a bad smell. . Paul and Tony Brown appeared together at the post-match press conference. The following reporters are already yawning. Leeds United's head coach Paul Hall has never been a newsmaker. Following him, reporting on news can make people sleepy. On the contrary, Tony Brown is a big news maker. The only fly in the ointment is that Teford's performance is not good, they just swim in the league, belong to the kind of team that wants to attract attention and has no attraction. The reporters at the bottom sometimes think about how good it is for the two to change positions! . If the first half of the game, Leeds United is a sleeping tiger, now they wake up with a very active sidewalker, and Peter is frequently plugged in with the young forward Michael Appleby.

Peter's style is very succinct and pragmatic, actively seeking cooperation with his teammates, rarely taking the ball to break through, which is in sharp contrast with Ingram on the right.

Ingram, after taking the ball, deliberately reduced the number of horizontal passes and changed to take the ball to make a breakthrough.

Eileen smiled and said: 'He is too narcissistic, Paul! I don't understand why a bowl of noodles can be eaten so fragrant?' Laughing, her chest ups and downs, a pair of baby constantly shaking.

Paul licked his head and Xiao Nizi was still so hooked, and could not provoke her.

Marcelo gives the Champions League medals and sneakers to the fans in the '11th district villa.' 'Looking out, Leeds United played like an ally, they were completely beaten by Birmingham. Oh, it鈥檚 not a fool. They The head coach seems to be not in a hurry on the sidelines. Although it is a face, we still can see that he seems very happy, it is a strange thing.' Luneng released the AFC Champions Sydney poster: Bao Jianfeng from the grinding out ! . 'Oh,' a few people are screaming, 'You really work hard, Andy.' Howard sent a deep affection to the Houston fans. Paul nodded and patted his shoulder to foresee. In the next few months, he would be very busy. He needs the help of the assistants. After all, he is not a versatile person. If you don鈥檛 understand, you need other coaches. To supplement the strengths and weaknesses, this is the team's cooperation mode. The third grade teacher runs 750 kilometers to bless the students' college entrance examination smoothly. Ziller: The main goalkeeper will compete with Little Schmeichel, the Daily Mail, which is a report. The article 'Youth Guards' screams for the victory of Leeds United and praises them for their hard-won honor. I hope that He Tianju will enhance the offensive ability of the ball. 'Cheers!' Paul raised his glass and took a drink with Luo Qi. 'Speaking, we haven't eaten together for a long time, Lee.' Horford: I won't be a big score when I am still in the pursuit of record-breaking Tony Brown, knowing that the young coach has seen something, face But I didn't move at all, saying: 'I don't grind your skin with you, see you on the court!' Wade signed Oladibo's signature '鍢垮樋' Ingram sneer after the game. 'Is training, training useful? My main position is not gone.' Huo Nan said: Hearing the praise will not swell the excellent performance of Andy Walker, and compare him with last season's best rookie David Welland. Machan-Brooks denied the renewal of the Jiangsu team. 'Dried Birmingham's grandson.' Luneng AFC Champions knockout opponents released: Group H head name Sydney FC. Elizabeth laughed. 'Your steward is also a beautiful woman!' He said that he still looked at Paul with great depth. Paul suddenly had a red face, and the words of afternoon tea were the secret of him and Teresa for a certain period of time. Qingdao men's basketball warm-up match regrets the Russian power. Paul smiled and said: 'What are you afraid of, you are my wife. Then let's go back, I really miss you.' Paul saw that such reports are generally scornful, whoever plays well, whoever holds the stinky feet, This is the consistent style of the football media. There is no reference at all. It is better to look at the latest column of Joseph Pine. There may be some things to learn from there. As the Leeds United Club protested Joseph Pine's show on television, he thought he was insulting the club's meritorious coach Paul Hall. The TV station had to terminate the contract with Joseph Pine early, but he quickly found a new job. The editor of the Daily Mail invited him to open a column on the Daily Mail to comment on the Premier League. The performance of each team 鈮?book () his sharp speech style is enough to increase the circulation of the Daily Mail. . 'I am also very happy to see you again, Mr. Alle Glini! Haha!' Paul smiled, and said in his heart: 'It鈥檚 just like new hatred and old hate.' Han Delong accompanied Liu Xiaoyu to celebrate his birthday. Paul said to him again: 'Tell everyone a few words!' Madrid surpassed Milan to win the European Championships in the Champions League. Paul said: 'If he is not your nephew, he has now been driven out of the Sopo Arch base. I am not here to make people to pick up girls, to pick up girls to go to Leeds city center.' Say, Paul is not so cool 鈻?es is originally a trainee coach, he should not appear on the training ground of the first team. Even if it happens, give your uncle a face, can't you keep a low profile? This is only a few days for his mother to do such a thing. I am afraid that things may really be what Solomon imagined. Paralyzed, in the era when the British concept of humanity is so open, it is not normal for a lonely man and a woman to have something to do. Yahoo: The Hawks and the 76ers are discussing that Teague for Noel Graziani did not celebrate, quickly rushed to the net and wanted to pick up the ball, but was stopped by Daniel Moreno. He deliberately hugged the ball and did not give Graziani. Wayne Ellington was awarded the Best Citizen Award. Paul shook his head, and this season, the Champions League is the focus. The words on Moore鈥檚 notes, but they always appear in their minds. Huang Bowen hits the free kick in the middle of the column. Anderson鈥檚 goal was still playing back on the TV, and now the fans are jubilant, as if responding to him. Wade: I love playing with Haslem to deal with nonsense reporters. Paul held a tactical meeting of the team. Obviously, if Lodge can be transformed into a single midfielder, he thinks it can be called one of the best in the world. character. In the past life, his two serious injuries were that he bid farewell to football in advance, and the media said that if he was not injured, what would happen and what kind of achievements would be achieved. Now is the time for him to break into the final step of selling the butterfly. 2017 tonight 80 Talk Show mp3 Hoiberg: I 鈥嬧€媓eard that the death of Jones made me sad. The next day, the news in the newspapers flew, the fans are watching this game No Juventus against Barcelona The result of the game has also come out, 2:1, Juventus scored 2 goals away, and the situation is very good. (To be continued.. Hornets manager: Renewing Batum is a top priority. Paul smiled and patted him on the shoulder. 'Continue to cheer. Lee, we still have a Champions League. I may have this season.' I prefer the formation of 433. I need you to improve a little on the defensive. You still have a lot of potential.' Ma Fusheng: The club should share more league income. Paul secretly laughed, 'Andy and I played with Shirley. Hot, listen to Cohen, the kid has sexy female fans every day to cheer him on the side of the field.' 'Go, enter the stadium' Hornacek: Anthony is still at its peak? See Steve Red outside the bar Faces, ancient neck, are ridiculing a few fans dressed in Birmingham jerseys. Leeds United club received the notice of a farewell party at night. Many people are a bit confused, do not know why they are doing well, The assistant coach will suddenly resign. But the person on the first-line team training ground can roughly guess. In fact, it is said that the coaching group, many people in the coaching staff have this opportunity, but not much A few people accept the invitation. There are coaches in the head coach who are calm, those who only see the head coach's scenery, do not see the head coach's high unemployment rate, high risk rate, need to support the family, who is willing to do Such a job. The Hornets coach: The battle between life and death is more physically confrontation. Paul holds Irene鈥檚 face, her lips are firmly sealed, and one hand unbuttons her pajamas. The proud mountain peaks are connected. The Magic Flute and Kovacic celebrate the cake in the national team. 'Hey, say something right!' Elizabeth's face was so red that it was about to drip out, and the breathing became a little short, but she also Remember to convince Paul. He said, he ran into the court with the permission of the referee. Cleverly was carried away by Manchester United's stretcher. South Korean coach: China is crucial in the first battle, will decide the trend updated: 2012-11-1318: 56: 49 words in this chapter: 52,442,017 tonight after 80 talk show mp3 椹厠鍏嬫媺浼?not independent broker, he belongs to the UK a large brokerage firm, by the company for the football circles 鈻?Emerging brokerage company They currently have no super-influenced players. The team's biggest player is now Leeds United's captain, Li Luoqi. By players are mainly young players. Their vision is gradually expanding to the world. After the defense, the Australian commentary spit: I trained for 4 weeks than they are strong. This activity has received rave reviews since the beginning. In the official statistics of the Leeds Club, more than 30,000 scarves have been exchanged, which is far beyond the official statistics of the League Cup. The number of Leeds United fans entering the day... Marathi-Richardson's market is bullish? 'The dull game, this game is not like the style of Leeds United, their head coach has always been the main attack. However, it is clear that their offense is not very smooth today, which is related to the beginning of a large-scale rotation of Leeds United. The season has hit, Leeds United wants to gain on many fronts. Rotation is an inevitable choice.' This is what Bass finally made Steve face up and down. He said with a worried look: 'The team behaves like a bowel movement, and a team like Birmingham can lose. Three balls. Ugh. 'Paul cleans up his feelings and continues his work. Leeds United has tied the game against the Spurs.

Cohen and Rocky's status has rebounded, and each of them scored a goal, and 2:2 and Tottenham shook hands and cheered away.

The team leader confirmed that Zhou Qi was postponed to return to the team: Humanized management Oscar snoring and breathing, it is really old, only after two people have a long shot, they feel that physical strength is not good.

He hit a crossbar on a long shot.

The fans of a Milan are more than sorry, but this Brazilian midfielder has been loved by fans after coming to a Milan.

He has a sharp long-range shot and a good passing vision.

Help the team get a lot of league points.

Old fans seem to have seen the disappearance of a Milan revival.

The only fly in the ointment is that he is 34 years old, and if he is only 24 years old, how good.


Leeds United will play against Liverpool in the second round after playing against Milan in the second round. Paul has to pay attention.


'Villa 11 District.


'Sorry, everyone, I have something to do and talk to Miss Yang alone.

'Paul separated the crowd and walked away from the crowd by holding the hand of Garley.

Galley also smiled and said goodbye to those people, but her hands did not have the slightest struggle, and Paul took her to her.

After losing the ball, Solskjaer tried to command the team to counterattack. The blood in Manchester United could not allow their players to give up after losing the ball. This is not the team that Ferguson and Mourinho passed down.

After leaving the scene of the disturbing press conference, Paul suddenly remembered the original assistant coach Carrera, when he was too lazy to cope with these rogue journalists.

Updated: 2012-11-610: 36: 05 of this chapter words: 5996 Paul lit a cigarette, smiled and said:. 'Well, Eileen, what could, and made so secretive

'Manchester United, Dortmund, Zenit, Bucharest Star.

Paul hangs a phone call to Irene. If she doesn't go to see her, she will be Leeds.

It鈥檚 not good to get Eileen鈥檚 boss.

But Paul, who is eager to study the game, is not in the mood to care about those.


Look at the time, the intermission time is almost the same, a group of people drink the remaining beer in the cup, and go to the stadium stands with high morale.

: Even after three days of fighting against Liverpool, Paul still had a day off. This is a moment worth celebrating. Isn't it? .

Paul will extinguish the smoke.

Explain: 'The talent of football is not only in Europe, but in Africa.

There are a lot of talents in South America, but they rarely have a way to land in Europe.

You see Portugal, the Netherlands, France, they have fewer restrictions in this regard, so their league players are not so high.

After a large number of excellent players, the price will naturally come down. Those giants will collapse easily if they don鈥檛 invest for a long time, which on the other hand can make the players鈥?worth and salary reasonable. .

Oh, inflation is an economic issue, and there should be no football for us.

''gool! The ball is in! A wonderful long-range shot from the Spanish Colin Cohen, he showed his superb shooting skills, a world wave! Congratulations! There was a rumor in January that Cohen's poor performance, Spain's coach Bosque is not ready to recruit this player to participate in the European Cup this summer.

It seems that it is impossible to not call.

Collin Cohen is in good shape.

He currently ranks second in the Premier League with 23 goals in the Premier League, surpassing Liverpool's striker Mark Clarke with 3 goals.

It seems that he has a great chance of reelecting the Premier League Golden Boot this year.


Paul stood on the sidelines, and it was not a problem. A Milan made adjustments, and now it needs to be determined.

'Wood' Gary said that the two talked about the recent transfer, and the members of the coaching staff began to walk into the conference room, which was the pre-war tactical meeting of the first game of the Leeds United League.


(Spurs will join Durant in this summer's battle?) 2017 tonight 80 talk show mp3.

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