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This kid doesn’t look like three and a half years old

People's education version of the ninth grade on the book language synchronization test: Fu Lei's book two simultaneous test 6 data download people's education version of the ninth grade on the language synchronization test: Fu Lei's two books synchronous test 6 language: 7 lessons 'Fu Leijiashu two' learning program ☆ text reading these two books, written in the son's depression and joyful success, from two aspects expressed Fu Lei's deep understanding of life, the son's high expectations; In two different styles, Fu Lei's deep affection for his son and his true feelings about music and art are revealed.

The first book, written in the depression of his son, comforts him how to face the trauma of feelings, learns to be calm; the second letter, written when his son has achieved great success, surrounded by flowers and applause, Encourage him to remain humble, not afraid of loneliness, and dare to climb the world of art. The former, such as the drizzle, the comfort of the money; the latter, full of joy, passionate.

The former is more rational and the latter is full of emotions. However, the main theme that merges and runs through the two letters is that the son must be a strong person. No matter what kind of ups and downs, contradictions and loneliness, he must maintain the unremitting pursuit of art and the heart of life. ☆Basic clearance one, pronunciation analysis 羲皇(xī)庸碌(yōnɡlù)扶掖(yè)涕泗横流(tìsì)谀词(yú)枘凿(ruìzáo)颓废(tuí)舐犊之情(shì)创痛(chuānɡ ) Swallowing cattle (dǒu) Second, the word interpretation of chisel: 'square 枘 round chisel' abbreviation.

Fang Shutou, round and blink, the two are not together, the metaphor is incompatible.

Hey, hoe. Chisel, wink. Unforgettable: The metaphor is kept in mind and never forgotten. Humility: Modesty, not arrogant (used for the younger generation to the elders). Nothing to be tired: beyond the detachment, not being tired by the world. Profile, wide. Repeat the same mistakes: refer to the mistakes of the past. Dance, step on.涕泗 流 涕: 涕, tears.泗: Booger. This article refers to the tears of the rapids. Derogatory words: flattering words. By hanging: remember the ancestors or past events on the remains. Fusui: support, support. Hand down: means doing nothing, doing nothing. Carry forward the light: the light is big, making it grand and grand. Make it more developed on the basis of the original. Decadence: The will declines and the spirit is weak. Awkward feelings: affectionate like a tiger and a calf. Metaphor affects the affection of children. Third, the interpretation of the sentence 1. I used to mention the ruin of your feelings in the letter, that is, you want to treat these things as the ashes of the soul, of course, you can't help but feel the touch, but don't hurt yourself, but like Facing the ancient battlefield, the general existence of the hanging heart. This sentence is intended to illustrate the need to control emotions. For the trauma of feelings, we must 'see it as the ashes of the soul', and 'like the heart of the ancient battlefield.' When the ancient battlefield was hoisted, the fire and the smoke were exhausted, leaving only the wreckage of the wall. The Jin Ge iron horse and the flesh-and-blood squid have been buried by the yellow sand of the years. Only a thousand thousand emotions, desolation and calm, deep and clear. This is the mentality we should have in dealing with the past. 2. The red child is lonely, will create a world, create a friend of many hearts! The heart of the child is the most pure, it removes selfish distractions, away from the desires and disputes, only accommodates the most beautiful and sincere feelings of the world, so 'always with The heart of the world is in harmony with each other!' The real life of the child may be in poor condition and lack of friends. The world around him makes him alone; but the purest and most beautiful feelings and thoughts of mankind are connected and perpetuated. The whole world will become his friends and friends. It is these friends and beautiful emotions of the soul that have become the broad and spiritual world created by the Reds. Fourth, the writer's work Fu Lei (1908-1966), literary translator, literary critic. Yan Anan, No. Roar, Shanghai Nanhui County.

Participate in the revolution in the early years.

In 1927, he went to France to study abroad. During his studies, he traveled to Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and other countries, and slammed the rule of the Northern Warlords.

After returning to China in 1931, he devoted himself to the translation and introduction of French literary works.

During the Cultural Revolution, the couple died in September 1966 due to political persecution.

Fu Lei translated a total of more than 30 kinds of works, mainly French literature, of which Balzac accounted for 15 kinds.

In the early 1960s, Fu Lei’s outstanding contribution to the translation of Balzac’s work was absorbed by the French Balzac Research Society.

All his translations were compiled into the 'Fu Lei Translation Collection'.

His translations are fluent in writing, expressive in writing, and rigorous in translation.

The 'Fu Lei Family Book' has also been published and is also eye-catching for readers.

V. Background Visiting 'Fu Leijiashu' is an excerpt from Fu Lei and his wife's family letter to Fu Cong and Fu Min. The writing time is from 1954 to 1966. It is a bitter and lonely teacher who is full of fatherly love. It is also the most influential family training in modern China.

Fu Lei, as a person who came over, contributed his own wisdom, life experience, and artistic sentiment without reservation.

The two doors were written by Fu Lei in 1954 and 1955 to his son Fu Cong.

Fu Cong was studying music abroad.

Fu Lei, through his form of family books, cares and educates his son, gives his son wisdom and encouragement, and at the same time reflects Fu Lei’s youthful heart and embarrassment to his son.

Six, stylistics on the writing format of the letter: (1) Fill in the zip code and the address of the addressee at the top left of the envelope; write the name of the recipient in the middle of the envelope, plus the title.

At the bottom right of the envelope is the return address and postal code.

(2) Text 1. Title: Top, some can also add certain restrictions, modifiers, such as dear.

2. Greetings: such as writing 'hello', 'whether the body is healthy or not'.

Independently, you cannot directly follow the instructions below.

3. Body.

This is the subject of the letter and can be written in several paragraphs.

4. I wish you a saying.

Take the most general 'sincere' and 'respect' as an example.

'This is the way' can be written in two correct positions. First, immediately after the body of the main body, no further paragraphs, no punctuation; second, another line of space under the text.

'Sorcerer' is written on the next line of 'This is the best'.


, an exclamation point should be added to indicate the sincerity and strength of Zhu Yu.

5. Name and date.

The name or name of the sender, written on the right side of the first to second lines below the Zhuyu language.

It is best to write the relationship with the recipient before the name of the sender, such as child × × ×, father × × ×, your friend × × ×.

Write the date on the next line.

☆Show your skills first, basic knowledge 1. The following phonetic transcriptions, the wrong one is () A. Yong Lu (lù) decadent (tuí) repeat the same (zhé) B. wound pain (chànɡ) 谀 (yú )方枘圆凿(nè)C.相契(qì) 扶è(yè)气吞斗牛(dǒu)D.涕泗(sì) 舐犊(shì) can't help (jīn)2.The following words have errors in adding words One of the words is () A. Vigorously worried about delays B. 羲 Emperor on the image like C. Repeat the same mistakes to inspire the microcosm D. Nothing to learn from the hang. 3. The following explanation is incorrect () A. Mediocre: Busy.

Repeat the same mistakes: step on.

谀词: flattering B. 枘 chisel: hoe.

By hanging: leaning, leaning.

涕泗: Tears.

C. Fusui: Support.

Drop your hand: Put it down.

Red: Chi Cheng D. Gas swallowing cattle: Big Dipper.

It’s not tired: it’s vast.

Decadence: Decay.

4. Fill in the words in the following horizontal lines in order. The appropriate group is () (1) mediocre people, life is like stagnant water.

(2) The climax doesn't overly make you nervous, but the low tide doesn't overwhelm you, so it's good.

(3) A person dares to face up to reality, face up to mistakes, use rational analysis, thoroughly understand, and not be eroded by memories.

(4) Strong, not afraid of failure, not afraid of setbacks, not afraid of blows.

A. Only...just if...just...just...only B. As long as...only...only...only...only C.only...only...just ...... Just as long as... Just D. Only... Only... As long as... Just as long as... Just 5. Please fill in the blanks according to the text selection.

(1) You will receive your letter in the early New Year, and we will all wait as a gift.

(A.Expected B.Budget C. Expected) (2) As long as the climax doesn't overly make you nervous, the low tide doesn't just make you, just fine.

(A. decadent B. Negative C. depression) (3) One person can only face up to reality, face up to mistakes, use rational analysis, and thoroughly understand, so as not to be remembered.

(A. Invasion B. Deception C. Erosion) (4) What's more, how many good teachers and helpful friends are around you, you.

(A. Support B. Support C. Fushun) Second, the overall perception 1. Fu Lei repeatedly mentioned in the book that Fu Cong learns to be 'strong', please combine the text to understand the meaning of 'strong'.

2. How to understand 'there is a contradiction that is a vivid demonstration of vitality.' 3. The incorrect understanding of the sentence in the text is () A. 'The sorrow in the heart is not vented in the letter, and where is the vent? The child does not complain to the parents who complains! We do not come to comfort you, who should comfort you?' Here are three rhetorical questions that show the parents' love for the son, and also show the father's comfort to his son.

B. 'Only this is the case, we need our day and night, the pursuit of life, hard training.

The 'only so' in the

' sentence refers to the pursuit of happiness and freedom.

C. 'Sure enough, I received your letter yesterday morning, and how much gratifying news.

'Sure' in the sentence 'Sure' shows the author's hope and joy in his letter to the son.

D. 'If you think these words are correct and have some inspiration for you, then in the future, when you are suffering from memories, take this letter and reread it several times.

' This sentence is the father's comfort to his son, telling his son that if he encounters difficulties in the future, he can draw new strength from his father's comfort.

4. Fill in the blanks.

(1) This article is selected from '___________', author ________, famous ________ home, ___________ home.

(2) The size and level of achievement are beyond our control. Half depends on ________ and half on ________, but as long as ________, it is not afraid of ________, not afraid of ________, not afraid of attacking - no matter in personnel , life, technical, learning - blow; from now on you can stand alone.

5. The contemporary philosopher Zhou Guoping said: 'Lonely, lonely and boring are three different realms, belonging to the level of spirit, affection and affairs; only those who are rich in the inner world have a persistent pursuit of spirit and soul. People, people who are full of love, can experience true loneliness; loneliness comes from love.

In the text

' Fu Lei wrote: 'The red is lonely, will create a world, create friends with many hearts! Always keep the heart of the red heart, and when you are old, you will not fall behind, and you will always be able to embrace the heart of the world.'

In conjunction with your understanding, talk about your views on loneliness.

Three, reading Cong in the class, dear child.

I am very pleased to receive the sixth letter sent on the evening of September 22.

We are not worried or upset about your previous letter.

I also told you in the eighth letter that this kind of mental depression will still exist in the future.

I am coming over and I will never make a fuss.

You don't have to worry about it, don't even have to press hard to tell us.

The sorrow in my heart, not venting at home, and where is the vent? Who does the child complain to his parents? We will not comfort you, who will comfort you? People have been in a climax for a lifetime - ups and downs in the low tide, only the mediocre people, life is like a stagnant water; or to have a very high level of cultivation, can not be tired, really free.

As long as the climax doesn't overwhelm you, the low tide doesn't just make you decadent, just fine.

The sun is too strong, it will focus on the grain; the rain will be too strong, and it will drown the crops.

We only ask for a fairly balanced mentality and not to be hurt.

You are not a person who can't climb up the muscles.

I expect that abroad will help you a lot in the past few years.

I will understand the pain mentioned in this letter; I am very sympathetic, I am willing to comfort you and encourage you.

How many times did Christopher go through this situation? Isn't he the epitome and crystallization of all artists? Slowly, you will develop another kind of mood to deal with the past: you can think of it and not be thrilled. You can analyze the cause and effect from an objective standpoint and learn from the future so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

A person can only face up to reality, face up to mistakes, use rational analysis, and thoroughly understand, so as not to be eroded by memories.

I believe that you will gradually learn this set and become stronger and stronger.

I used to mention the ruin [trauma, destruction] in your letter, that you want to treat these things as the ashes of the soul. Of course, you can’t help but feel touched, but don’t hurt yourself. And it should be like a hanged heart in the face of the ancient battlefield.

If you think these words are correct and have some inspiration for you, then in the future when you are suffering from memories (which must be inevitable), take this letter and reread it several times.

1. From the full text, the purpose of this letter is 2. If the article is divided into three parts, how to draw it in the text with '/'.

3. The father's advice to his son can be summarized into two sentences: First, maintain a psychological balance; Second, _________________.

4. After reading this letter, what you most want to say to the 'son' in the article is 5. From this letter, we can see what kind of father is Fu Lei? Fourth, expand reading Dear children, the next day after you leave, you want to write a letter, afraid that you are bothered, it will stop.

But I don’t want to miss you one day. I wake up at 6 or 7 in the morning every morning, and I can’t sleep because I can’t say why.

It seems that Christophe’s mother is alone at home, thinking of the image of the child’s childhood scene. My mother and I always want you a little story between the ages of two and six or seven or seven years old. I don't know how many can tell you, but I can't say it. Your age is everything that you are going to, and you don't want to remember it; our screaming past events in your diaper era will cause you to be annoyed. Children, I know everything, and my mother knows. It’s just that all of your life will be printed on our minds, and will float up whenever and wherever possible, like a picture of a small piece of painting that makes us happy and embarrassed. Really, this one and a half months at home is the most enjoyable period of our life; this happiness does not know who to thank, even though I have no religious beliefs, I can't help but thank God! I am happy that I have another friend; my son has become a friend, what can be compared with this happiness in the world! Although there will be less and more between you and me in the future, I am at least warm and not alone in spirit. I believe that I will not be too late, not too pedantic, not to annoy you. I also hope that you don't think that I think of what I have seen at the top of the peak. What I have seen is more unreal than yours. Older people will eventually look further into the future. Many things have made you feel that I have not seen it properly. It has been a long time, ________. Child, the lesson I have learned from you, I am afraid that it is not less than what you have obtained from me. Especially in the past three years, you have not made me have a lot of deep experience in life. I have learned from the process of getting along with you. I learned the skills of speaking and learned to sublimate my feelings! The next day after you left, my mother cried and her eyes were swollen for two days: this is called the tears of sadness and joy. We can tell you without being shy, or you can tell you without worrying about your annoyance. After all, people are emotional animals, and occasionally revealing is not a shameful thing. Moreover, the tears of the mother are always holy, loving! 1. Read the first paragraph and answer the questions below. (1) What do you mean by 'this kind of words' in the words 'We don't know how many can say this to you'? (answer with the original text, within 15 words) __________________________________________________________________________ (2) What is the first paragraph that mentions that the author is 'happy and embarrassed'? Why is it 'happy and awkward'? __________________________________________________________________________2. In the second paragraph, the author wrote: 'You are at home for a month and a half, which is the most enjoyable period of our life.' Read the second paragraph, what is the reason for the author to say this? (answer with the original text, within 10 words) __________________________________________________________________________ 3. From the language features of this article, which of the following should be filled in at the second horizontal line? Briefly explain the reasons. A. The reality proves to you that I am right. B. The reality proves that I am not wrong. ________, reason ___________________________________________________________4. The book reflects Fu Lei's views on how the two generations get along and answers the following questions. (1) Fu Lei believes that in the two generations, what attitude should young people hold? __________________________________________________________________________ (2) Fu Lei believes that in the two generations, how should the elders overcome their weaknesses? __________________________________________________________________________ (3) What kind of relationship does Fu Lei hope the two generations should establish? __________________________________________________________________________ 5. After reading the citation, combine the understanding of the subject matter of this article to write a sentence that you most want to say to your parents at this time. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ☆ 考 考 (2007 武 威 卷) 7. Read the following paragraphs and write your understanding and sentiment. (5 points) Human beings belong to the earth, and the earth does not belong to human beings. The living things in the world are interrelated. Just as blood links all parts of our body, the net of life is not compiled by human beings. Human beings are nothing but A line in this network, a knot. My understanding and sentiment: __________________________________________________________ Answer points: (1) The creatures on earth are not just human beings; (2) pay attention to protecting the environment, fear nature, and coexist with nature; (3) can not arbitrarily destroy the network of life, otherwise there will be nothing. ☆ Writing a small pen to select one of the books, to send a text message to the parents in the identity of Fu Cong, requesting the center to be clear, in line with the identity characteristics, about 300 words. ☆ composition material.

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