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One Xiaoyi period period special period 46: Chen Nan: The state is no match for the peak period Fan Weichen/China Youth Daily 11-13 font size super large standard small continuous 6 years into the final How hard is it? Durant: I don't know. I haven't experienced my sister's return to Los Angeles after winning the victory of the Chinese team yesterday afternoon. I am so wounded now, I can't leave for the time being. I have to wait for the Chinese Olympic team to return to China to accept the leadership. Reward, it is useless to stay here, and I have to cook for it.


I have to say that Cousins 鈥嬧€媔s really amazing! What center does this ball control play! .

There is no forced shot, he returns the direction of the free throw line.

But in the Lakers, players like Randall and Jeremy Lin can only be role players.

Diagne鈥檚 soldiers fell, and TEDA defeated Greentown 1-0 at home. Kobe, this is a check, 12 million, to sign a word. From today, your villa and helicopter are mine.

'Don't ignore Kobe's embarrassment, handing him a series of documents such as cheques and real estate transfer books. (To be continued.) The income of the alliance is generally no longer obvious after many years of continuous growth. Growth, entering the stage of saturation, if the player's income in the labor agreement will be reduced by a few percentage points next year, the contract that can be signed later will definitely be lower than now. Aspen: J Luo will undergo surgery after the America's Cup. The force is really bad, angry Playing 21 iron temporarily lead this season's single-game hit list, this will not say, the team winning streak is over, this does not say, even his continuous 40+ record is also broken, it is unlucky. Former Saints's Smith will receive an MBA diploma on his behalf. 'I also voted for my family.' The first guard in the West is selected from the library. His three-pointer is very good. The other defender is of course our family. The striker chooses Monroe, Anthony Davis and Griffin. The Eastern defender chose Juan's brother Long, Peyton, forward selection James, letter brother, Anthony, ok, submitted. 'Qin Zaoer is the most loyal fan of the strongest. After the start of the All-Star voting, I will definitely vote for it every day. As for other positions, she will vote for the person who feels the most powerful. Yulin missed the penalty, Evergrande 0-0. The home is boring and Yongchang. Guo Shiqiang: I hope that Sichuan fans will take care of the Liao fans and abandon the Spurs system. Of course not, this is your advantage, you can't change direction. Chamberlain asked him to come when he wanted to fight. He did not play the Spurs system himself, with Monroe as the core. Help other character players score. Mirror: Swansea intends to offer 16 million pounds to buy Bernie because of the lead two points, the coaching strategy of the old k coach is very routine, delay time, success rate, and then prevent it. Azar: look forward to playing against Muhammad Manchester United When vigorously defending the counterattack, he continued to hit the long-range shot, scored 22 points in a single quarter, plus the teammate's counterattack, the first quarter has not finished, the Chinese team has led 28 points, playing a 36-to-8 start. Late friendly, Bayern Finalizing the summer to warm up the third opponent in addition to the Lakers and the strong, other teams are also in full operation, because the huge salary cap and the Olympics and the two-month free market is hot. Post: Celtic wants 300 Ten thousand pounds introduced the Red Army teenager this crazy summer officially started! Di Mazio: Rome will renew the contract with Manolas. Watching Monroe with a skillful dribble, he breathed a sigh of relief, if not these two In the year, my progress has been very great, especially in the sense of the ball. I have to work hard on the wall every day, and I am making progress every day. At the beginning, his ball-handling technique was not good for a big center. Only dare to look directly at Monroe and Cousins 鈥嬧€媠ingled out, otherwise he will look at the two big center ball control techniques will blush. Dior Sun Spurs teammates dress up for a big photo. The Chinese team has a feature that is high, vigorous Both the shortest and the two are both one-eighth and two-two-two. Chen Nan: The Asian Championship final defeat was an accident. The Lakers management is very familiar with Messina, and Messina played in the Lakers in the 11-12 season. After the tactical adviser, his coaching ability is very well understood by the Lakers management. After communicating with 缁村缁村, Messina decided to combine the strong personal offense with the Spurs system, but on the integration of the Spurs system and the strong individual offense. There has been a big problem. Now people are expecting to be able to maintain the current average score, which is more difficult than Chamberlain鈥檚 single-season scoring average of 50 points per game.

But it鈥檚 not impossible to score 44 points in the second game in a single season history that Chamberlain maintains! There is also a strong effort to get 40+ for 15 consecutive games, and each additional one is refreshing the history! .

Alan: I don鈥檛 regret coming to China to play football. I am surprised that Guangzhou people eat dog meat.

Strongly and hard to get into the tactical system of Messina, this system proved in the Spurs that he is a mature and successful system, and in theory, no one will and this system Repelling, it can maximize the player's characteristics.

Aveloa: Mu Shuai is an important figure in breaking Barcelona's rule.

In the face of the big guy's Spanish Golden Boy Rubio defense, Guo Ailun's ball is not half-time, Liu Wei can be transported through the half, but other capabilities have deteriorated to the extreme.

Alian: We have a lot of shortcomings in the past three years. It is as simple as this. The principle is that patients with concussion can't stare at a point to observe carefully, and there will be a ghost, accompanied by brain pain.

Mirror: Tottenham is close to 11 million pounds to sign Wanma.

When Kobe entered the game, the audience once again sounded 'We want Kobe.'

The football rogue hits the European Cup.

The four teams in the b group are: Argentina, Brazil, Iran, Russia.

The Argentine national team arrived in the United States, and the owner of a room in Messi Aguiro only flew a red helicopter.

One Xiaoyi and one-time period in the special 46th Turin Chairman: Buying Imobili? I don't want to waste time Kang Jie is coming to the position! Backed by Anthony to the ball, the ball was passed over.

The Broncos continue to negotiate with the receiver Sunders and linebacker Marshall. Drummond has been teamed up by Yi Jianlian and Zhou Qi, fouled four times at halftime, and once again fouled directly to leave.

Mirror: Looking for a substitute, the Saints looking for a handsome coach was rejected by the Bournemouth coach.

Wall is going to be over! Listening strongly to Kupchak, Randall is his most powerful helper in the future, which means that the management is optimistic that Randall may exceed Monroe in the future.

Dentmont: Do you want to practice a free throw to prevent opponents from three points? The men's basketball bronze medal battle for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games will begin at 5 pm on August 18.


As one of the main players in the same national team, Kang Yu and the Rio after the Rio Olympics, the friendship is deeper, the relationship between the two is much better than before, and compared with the meticulous Kang Jie, Kang Yu and Dali Have a chat.

Diogu: Bynum's injury has a great impact. Because of his psychological shackles, he is naturally less happy.

Heavy penalty! R\u0026F foreign aid warm-up to the referee spit was banned for 8 games.

Take a mask to open the locker door and walk towards the player's passage.


'Mr. Zhang, although your nose bones are right, but you are still in a very dangerous state, you must go with a mask to protect your face, otherwise you will hurt your nose when you touch your nose, and we Go to the hospital for a thorough inspection.

'The doctor still wants to stop the strong play, which is his responsibility as a doctor.

Zheng Xiuyan: Marbury is like my big brother started in March 2014, and in April 2016, every month's data is carefully listed.

One Xiaoyi code period mid-term special 46-point three-pointer hit! Heavy! Zhou Qi announced that he will participate in the NBA draft from the beginning of September, Monday to Thursday, every day there are two tutors to teach Yaoyao, my sister deliberately made the bad, let Vanessa find all the flowers and beautiful women.


Anthony Ma uploaded to James, the US team countered! The Post: The Celtics want to introduce the Red Army teenagers for 3 million pounds. Because it is still a rookie player in a certain way, it takes 5 million a year and others don鈥檛 feel so bad. Curry takes 11 million a year. I feel that I am losing money.


'It seems that they don't stop signing today, even your first reporter in the United States has come.

'The relationship between my sister and Fanny is very good. The two have been working together for a long time, and the tone of speech is very easy.

Strong one-on-one singles Wall, the United States team in this big four small lineup, Wall's defense is the best, in theory only he can give a little interference.

Alan Zaixiu Chinese new paragraph: The early bird has a worm to eat 'That is of course, our Canadian team is the best team in the world!' Sacre said proudly to his big bald head.


Messina can only accept, he has a lot of theoretical knowledge.

And the experience of coaching in Europe.

He himself can see that if he makes changes to the team, he certainly has not done a good job now.


If the concussion symptoms disappeared.

The athletes can continue to participate, but the symptoms of concussion have been 'eliminated' when they were discharged from the hospital yesterday. The doctors of the Olympic Committee believe that the brain is once again hit by the brain during the game, causing the concussion to recur.


For the teammate Kang Jia who is vigorously in the national team.

The Los Angeles fans gave a very warm welcome, and Love House and Ukrainian are common throughout the world.

When the two names of Tunisia and Australia came out, the Chinese fans were relieved. These two teams are an African boss and an Australian boss. They are listening to the wind. In fact, the strength of the two teams is not good.

'No wonder!' I finally figured out where the awkward feeling I had in Changshan came from, because of this! Yanakis finally understood that his assistant professor working in the United States had heard that he had to coach Zhang Dao and let him prepare for it.

The last time such data appeared was in the ancient times of the NBA, in the 1960s! Intensively cut inside, attracted to the Saclay and Davis double-team, Monroe high-throwing, Randall air violent slam dunk, quite a rookie period Griffin's posture.


'Anti-orthogonal to your sister to talk about ok.

Counting these numbers, my head hurts. I will sleep again, and I will be in the Olympic Village at night.

Tomorrow's quarter-finals, playing Iran, it's much easier.

'Drug is really a headache, and when I look at something for a long time, the feeling of blurring the picture comes out again.


The time is very tight, the game is about to start, the strength has not yet begun to warm up, time is precious, but these pre-match preparations can not be sloppy, should be treated with great importance.

: I don鈥檛 know what it feels like now. It seems that I have entered a very magical state. He feels that he should vote! .

There is no doubt that Qin Zaoer鈥檚 opinion is not in charge. She can only recognize it.

(To be continued.


) Such a high salary cap, that is to say, the poor line will be particularly high, all teams have to sign players in order not to lose money in vain.


What is surprising is that the data of Jeremy Lin and Monroe are not lower than before. Monroe averaged 12 rebounds in November, and Jeremy Lin scored 12 points, 8 assists and 3 rebounds. Both played as well as before.

Randall also continued to play the role of insider assaulter, and the bench lineup also played well. Only the newcomers Dragic and Haggris in the past two years said they were not comfortable.

The loss of losing is mostly dissipated. It is common to lose in the regular season. It is very glorious to leave a record in the history of NBA.

The Grizzlies have lost their strength this year, and Howard, who is back, is 'old and old,' and in his 30s, he is no longer a magician.

Superman who completes all kinds of incredible dunks by physical quality.


(Aspen: Zidane asked Real Madrid to leave Cohen Trang).

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