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Obviously, the functionality of diatom mud has been increasingly recognized and loved by consumers. However, diatom mud has been plagued by various factors such as construction and price in the past few years of development in China, and it is relatively slow to develop. According to statistics at the beginning of 2016, the total market of diatom mud in China is about 30 billion, which is less than one tenth of the wall market.

First of all, from the environmental protection of the inner wall material diatom mud, first of all, the industry threshold is low and corporate brand awareness is weak. The introduction of diatom mud was in 2003. After years of development, it has been enough to counter traditional wall and latex paints.

Even so, compared with developed countries, the use rate of diatom mud in China is still very low. The huge market gives many small and medium-sized manufacturers the opportunity to fish in troubled waters. Chapter 1: Overview of diatom mud industry in China Overview of diatom mud industry Definition of diatom mud industry Function and use of diatom mud Industry chain analysis of diatom mud industry Comparative analysis of diatom mud and wallpaper, latex paint Diatom Mud, wallpaper, latex paint performance parameters comparison diatom mud, wallpaper, latex paint replacement analysis diatom mud, wallpaper, latex paint market penetration ratio 27, expand the scope of dealers: diatom mud brand to develop, it is necessary to establish channels If the company does not have channel resources, it is also a fantasy to talk about the development of the company.

Expanding the scope of dealers, not only adding brands from existing distributors, introducing relatives and friends, but more importantly, letting more agents with years of experience in the building materials industry join the diatom mud army. Top ten brands of diatom mud: Some 鈥渄iatom mud鈥?merchants are very frivolous in pricing, often with different prices in different regions, even in different places.

They used the development of agents as the criteria for judging the success of their marketing, blindly expanding the sales area, but their agents' behaviors were not only unified management and constraints, but they were intensified. This also shows why the same brand of diatom mud sold in the Northeast for three to forty yuan a square, in Guangzhou can be transformed into five or six hundred yuan a square. In this way, the 鈥渄iatom mud鈥?products of these merchants are extremely chaotic, and there is no uniform price. How to unify the quality standards from the price confusion, it can be seen that there are many confusions such as product production, product management, and enterprise marketing planning. Why this happens is because these businesses are speculative, do not take diatom mud as a real cause, and do not realize what is true diatom mud.

Green eco-friendly coatings are in line with the development trend of the times, national policy guidance and the overall needs of the market. As a representative of diatom mud, the development prospects are limitless. In the later development, diatom mud will inevitably be associated with latex paint and wallpaper, and will gradually replace traditional home improvement paint.

Report directory: North Xinjiang diatom mud has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 international environmental management system certification. The Beijiang brand has been awarded the honorary title of China's famous brand, China's famous brand products and China's top ten brands of diatom mud. It is invited by the relevant state departments to participate in the formulation of the national 'diatom mud interior decoration wall material' industry standard.

Apply for and obtain more than 20 national patents.

So what is the market outlook for diatom mud? Then we will analyze the market prospect of diatom mud from environmental performance. Through the analysis of the future development trend of diatom mud, we have always helped entrepreneurial investors to provide information basis and judge whether diatom mud enterprises will bring benefits to themselves. Through simple analysis and understanding, we can easily see that the expansion of the diatom mud market is not so difficult, and the key lies in the enterprise.

As a trend in the industry, diatom mud will become a key material market for interior decoration in the next 3-5 years. The understanding and acceptance of diatom mud has gradually matured and accepted.

With the improvement of living standards, consumers' demands for products are no longer simple for decoration, but more will put health and environmental protection at the forefront of selecting products. As for the price level, it is not a very important resistance.

Chapter 3: China's diatom mud industry development status and operation status analysis diatom mud industry development overview industry development process industry regional distribution diatom mud industry economic indicators analysis industry overall economic status industry profitability analysis industry operation capability analysis industry Solvency analysis industry development capability analysis diatom mud industry supply and demand balance analysis diatom mud industry supply analysis 40 (1) diatom mud production growth 40 (2) diatom mud production prospects diatom mud industry demand analysis 41 (1) Diatom mud demand growth situation 41 (2) diatom mud demand prospects diatom mud industry supply and demand balance analysis diatom mud industry operation status diatom mud industry economic benefit analysis diatom mud industry industrial gross output value analysis 43 (1) total industrial Output value growth 43 (2) Regional distribution of industrial output value 43 (3) Industrial gross output value Forecast diatom mud industry sales revenue analysis 44 (1) Industry sales revenue growth 44 (2) Industry sales revenue regional distribution 45 (3) Industry sales revenue forecast 45 and in developed cities such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou, consumers are more inclined to buy a relatively high cost performance Handicrafts, according to data from the Shenzhen Industry Market Research Center, the volume of second-hand residential properties in Shenzhen has been more than the first-hand transaction volume since 2010. In the first ten months of 2015, the number of second-hand residential transactions in Shenzhen has reached 10,000 sets, almost double the volume of first-hand residential units.

2, diatom mud solidification materials are different, resulting in different hardness of diatom mud (English: Diatommud) is a kind of interior wall environmentally-friendly decorative wall material with diatomaceous earth as the main raw material, with formaldehyde elimination, air purification, Adjust humidity, release negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, self-cleaning wall, sterilization and deodorization. Because diatom mud is healthy and environmentally friendly, it is not only very decorative, but also functional. It is a new generation of interior decoration materials that replace wallpaper and latex paint. Diatom mud is an interior wall decorative wall covering a wide range of applications.

Can be applied to the following places: family (living room, bedroom, study, baby room, ceiling, etc.), apartment, kindergarten, nursing home, hospital, nursing home, clubhouse, theme club, high-end hotel, resort office building, Style restaurant, etc.

As Chinese people continue to improve their health requirements, improving indoor environment and reducing decoration pollution have been valued by more people. Many households use so-called new building materials. The formaldehyde detection of a single building material does not exceed the standard, but a variety of building materials produce superimposed pollution of formaldehyde. The diatom mud is pure natural and can completely eliminate formaldehyde in the room. Diatom mud can adjust the humidity and temperature to reduce the use rate of air conditioners and deodorizers, and protect the atmosphere and save energy, creating a comfortable living space.

Due to the many drawbacks of the traditional decoration method, various problems have arisen, such as: 1. Moldy building materials caused by moisture in the building, deterioration 2, building materials caused by indoor dry air, furniture, etc. The chapped, deformed 3, the influence of indoor air on the body of the occupants, such as: wheezing, reactive dermatitis, neurological and digestive disorders, and even cancer. The '2016-2022 China Diatom Mud Market Status and Future' published by Zhiyan Consulting has seven chapters.

First introduced the concept and development environment of diatom mud, then analyzed the scale and consumption of diatom mud in China, then focused on the operation of China's diatom mud market, and finally analyzed the opportunities faced by China's diatom mud. And development prospects.

If you want to have a systematic understanding of Chinese diatom mud or want to invest in the industry, this report will be an indispensable tool for you. The data in this research report mainly uses national statistical data, the General Administration of Customs, questionnaire data, and data collected by the Ministry of Commerce. The macroeconomic data mainly comes from the National Bureau of Statistics. Some industry statistics mainly come from the National Bureau of Statistics and market data. The enterprise data mainly comes from the statistical database of large-scale enterprises of the National Bureau of Statistics and stock exchanges. The price data mainly comes from various market monitoring. database. The competition of diatom mud companies depends to a large extent on the competition of products. In the case of high homogeneity of products, competition can only be revealed in the details. The details affect the quality, the details reflect the taste, the details show the difference, and the details determine the success or failure. The precious value of the details lies in creativity, the ability to be unique, and the invincibility of the product competition. Almost all diatom mud brands are aware of the importance of refinement, the difference is whether it can be truly refined.

Chapter 4: Analysis of the marketing model of the diatom mud industry under the Internet trend Analysis of the Internet development trend Internet application 47 (1) Number of Chinese Internet users and Internet penetration rate 47 (2) Internet resource size 47 (3) Chinese Internet users The use of various types of network applications online shopping market development analysis 48 (1) China e-commerce scale analysis 48 (2) online retail market transaction scale mobile Internet development trend analysis 63 (1) mobile Internet netizen size 63 (2) mobile Internet shopping Market Internet impact on the home improvement industry Opportunities and challenges of the home improvement industry under the Internet 64 (1) Internet transformation and reconstruction of the home improvement industry 64 (2) Opportunities and challenges of the home improvement industry under the Internet Home improvement enterprises cut into the e-commerce strategic planning and mode Choose 69 (1) vertical platform class home improvement e-commerce model 69 (2) vertical self-operated home improvement e-commerce model 70 (3) platform + self-operated home improvement e-commerce model 71 (4) home improvement enterprise using third-party platform mode home improvement electronics Business leading case analysis 72 (1) Qijia network 72 (2) Tuba rabbit 72 (3) mushroom decoration 72 (4) Xiaomi home improvement home Analysis of the impact of the e-commerce industry on the diatom mud industry Analysis of the impact of the Internet on the diatom mud industry Analysis of the traditional sales channels of the diatom mud industry 74 (1) Overview of the sales channel development of the diatom mud industry 74 (2) Sales of the diatom mud industry Channel Analysis 74 (3) Diatom mud traditional sales channels problems diatom mud industry Internet sales report '> Internet sales channel analysis 75 (1) diatom mud industry e-commerce scale 75 (2) diatom mud industry Internet sales report '>Internet sales channel analysis 75 (3) diatom mud industry sales channel development trend of the Internet on the diatom mud industry marketing strategy 77 (1) impact on brand strategy 77 (2) impact on price strategy 78 (3 Impact on product strategy 78(4) Impact on promotion strategy 79 [Chinese diatom mud net] In the paint market, new paint products are constantly hitting the eyes of consumers, and people do not know how to choose. Industry experts have conducted a simple analysis of two products, water-based paint and diatom mud. Original title: 2015 diatom mud industry development trend analysis Chapter 2: China diatom mud industry market environment analysis diatom mud industry policy environmental analysis industry policy planning industry related standards diatom mud industry economic environment analysis China GDP growth situation 29 ( 1) China's GDP growth status 29 (2) Industry and GDP correlation analysis Real estate development investment status 31 (1) Real estate development and investment status 31 (2) Industry and real estate development investment correlation analysis Diatom mud industry technical environment analysis 32 (1) Industry technology development prospects 32 (2) Construction technology development environment Diatom mud industry market environment summary 35 Ready to live, green ecology and pollution-free has become an important reason for attracting many consumers to choose diatom mud.

The larger the diatom mud coating area, the more obvious the environmental green effect and the less indoor pollution. The right consumer guidance and the green ecological needs of consumers hit it off.

More and more consumers are choosing to paint diatom mud throughout the room.

In 2017, the number of diatom mud brands continues to grow. Merchants will invest more and more financial resources and manpower in the promotion of diatom mud. The awareness and reputation of diatom mud will continue to increase.

These will drive the rapid development of the diatom mud full-coating market.


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