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锘縶Keywords}#Title Segmentation#

The 20th grade of the ninth grade history (People's Education Edition) The next lesson plan: Lesson 19 Modern music and film lesson 1 download 2018 ninth grade history (People's Education Edition) The next lesson plan: Lesson 19 Modern Music and Film Lessons 1 Lesson 19 Modern Music and Film [Teaching Objectives] 1. Knowledge and Ability Through the study of jazz, students can understand the main forms of modern music and understand the relationship between music development and the times.

Understanding and mastering the history and current status of the world's film industry through studying in Hollywood. 2. Process and Method By enjoying jazz, students can enjoy music not only from the perspective of music but also from a historical perspective, understand music expression, and improve students' ability to comprehensively appreciate and understand music from a multidisciplinary perspective. Through the teacher to lead students to explore the reasons for Hollywood to dominate the world of film, to improve students' ability to obtain effective information in the process of reading textbooks. 3. Emotional attitudes and values 鈥嬧€媏nrich the students' experience of life from the music world by appreciating and understanding the historical process of jazz production and development. Evaluate modern pop music objectively and fairly.

In the process of feeling Hollywood blockbuster, form a correct understanding of his national character and spiritual world. In the search for the reasons for Hollywood's dominance of the world's film industry, the students' self-confidence to stimulate the Chinese film is stimulated.

[Difficulties in teaching] 1. Focus: Jazz; Hollywood.

Music is used to express people's inner feelings. This is a key to understanding jazz and a difficult point in this lesson.

2. Difficulties: Because students do not think much about this aspect, this issue has become one of the lessons.

[Teaching Point Dialing] This lesson introduces modern music represented by jazz and modern film art represented by Hollywood in the United States.

The textbook is a more detailed introduction to the jazz and Hollywood in this lesson, from which you can clearly understand the origin, development context, performance characteristics, influence and Hollywood's rise and fall history of jazz.

Students can get a general understanding of the above through self-study (reading materials).

If you are required to have a deeper understanding of the content of the textbook on this basis, you need to prepare in advance under the guidance of the instructor.

These preparations include jazz records (CD, VCD) and some of Hollywood's large films (VCD) and related materials.

There are many channels to access, such as online, audiovisual companies, TV recordings, various cultural institutions, and individual student collections.

This lesson is simple and flexible.

The teacher mainly cultivates the ability of students to analyze problems, and can organize students' activities by organizing activities or organizing discussions.

[Teaching Process] [Importing a New Lesson] (Telling) In the last lesson, we learned about the development of literature and art in the 20th century, all of which are visual aspects.

Today we take another perspective, let鈥檚 enjoy the 20th century music and movies.

From these two aspects, what is the profound memory of our lives in the history of the 20th century? [Telling new lessons] 1. Jazz music (playing music, telling) These musical styles are called 'Bruce'. What do you feel after listening? (Student answer) (telling) is a mournful, melancholy tune. The word actually comes from the English word 'Blues.'

'Blues' means 'blue, melancholic color' in English, and later became the collective name of the sad song, the Chinese transliteration is 'Bruce'.

We often find the names of Blues from American music, such as 'Blue Rhapsody', 'Blue Tango', 'Blue Love', etc. Their more accurate translation should be 'Melancholy Rhapsody' ', Melancholy Tango', 'Melancholy Love'... Bruce is an important form of jazz in the early days. Who can tell you what you know about jazz? (Students answer according to their own extracurricular knowledge) (telling) Bruce is an important form of jazz in the early days. It is the basis of the melody of jazz music. It originated in Africa and was brought to the United States by African blacks.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, Western colonialists sold a large number of black Africans to the Americas. These black slaves took history and culture from their hometowns and brought music.

The black slaves who live at the bottom of the society miss their distant hometowns and relatives. The feelings of depression, helplessness and despair are always with them.

In the field, in the labor, the black slaves miss their hometown and relatives, often sing a lamentation to express their lonely, sad voice.

What can you draw from this aspect of jazz origin? (Speaking by students) (telling) Music is used to express inner feelings. Music is closely related to life and the times. Any form of music cannot be due to the whims of a genius, always in the long-term life. Hone, accumulate, formed among the people.

With the other characteristics of jazz music, what other details can you see in your daily life? (Student answers) (telling) Because jazz music is produced in Africa, it more reflects the voices of black Africans.

Everyone can appreciate the wishes of black slaves: for example, impromptu styles - the soul of jazz, that is, free to play, they are eager to express their own ambition - to live freely and freely.

As another example, Ragtime - the rhythm of jazz music, that is, the rhythm style of the division, is divided into turbulence and instability, and is relatively calm and stable.

Black slaves live at the bottom of society. They want social change to be turbulent. This irregular rhythm is as if they are constantly attacking the real society.

(Show pictures, tell) Look at the instruments used by jazz musicians. One of the big features of jazz is to pay attention to 'improvisation' performance. This 'improvisation' expression is infiltrated throughout the performance of the work. It is the essence and soul of jazz music.

Why did this feature form? (Student thinking, discussing and answering) (telling) The early black jazz music was not well-recognized. It was only inspired by inspiration, and the familiar tunes were freely changed.

So it has a strong improvisational nature.

Because there are not many people, three or five musicians often work together for a long time, and naturally form a tacit understanding between each other.

This situation only changed later.

Improvements provide jazz musicians with the opportunity to vent their emotions and easily evoke emotions.

Everyone thinks that jazz originated in Africa, and in the homeland of black music, Africa does not have a modern music genre with far-reaching influence in the world. What is the reason? Why is jazz appearing in the US? (Student thinking, discussing and answering) (telling) Because the social development there is relatively backward, the cultural development is relatively slow and cannot be understood by the modern world.

The black people who came to the Americas, despite the early treatment of inhumane, the intangible influence of the multicultural and rapidly developing American social environment.

American black music is also evolving and developing.

With the liberation of black people, they absorbed advanced Western culture, mastered mature music theories and difficult instrumental skills, and finally created talent to create jazz. Jazz is widely circulated around the world, recognized by people around the world, and earned more understanding for black people. From this we can also come up with a theory that is in line with the development of our country. 'Only development is the last word.' Second, Hollywood (telling) In the 19th century, movies appeared and developed rapidly, and they became an integrated art that is closely related to people's daily lives. What are the stages in the development of film art? (Answer) (telling) The constant technological change has made the film more powerful and expressive. Where is the most developed film art today? (Answer) (telling) American movies are divided into many types like movies in other parts of the world. The most distinctive feature of American movies is the American Western movie. Do you know why this is? (Answer) (telling) Because the background of this film is based on the American Westward Movement. This kind of westward movement is a unique history of the United States, so a film based on this special historical environment has become a major feature of American cinema, and it is also the most representative of the American national character and individual heroism. The first Western film in the United States was the 'Trailer Robbery' filmed by Edwin Bout in 1904. It establishes a pattern of crime, chasing, and the ultimate punishment of criminals in such films. By 1914, Hollywood filmed the first large western film, 'The White Man of the Indian Woman,' with the characters on the screen that were later stereotyped: barbaric Indians, law enforcement whites, robbers stealing, villains, and bars. Revelers. Later Western films were repeated and imitated, and only some details were modified and refurbished. What kind of scenes in the Western West Movement described by these western films? What is the image of American Western movies and characters in your mind? (Student answers) (telling) Western history interpretation of a piece of history in the United States: in the second half of the 19th century, due to the discovery of gold mines in the west, the northeastern American population flooded into the western wilderness, prompting the western economy to flourish, but because of the imperfect legal system, robbers The rampage of gangsters, coupled with the resistance of the Indians, made it necessary for immigrants to use guns to protect their interests, thus generating a lot of romantic stories. The western film of the United States can be said to be the same. First of all, the characters in the film are mostly the same, always cowboys, sheriffs, ranchers, gangsters, Indian chiefs, prostitutes, ladies. Moreover, good and evil are distinct, not good people, they are bad people, and the directors conduct simple moral classification of characters. Second, the plot structure is mostly similar. At first, the kind-hearted white immigrants were often threatened by violence. The heroic cowboys fought back and the gangsters took the upper hand. The cowboys rescued the beautiful women and produced love. Finally, after the desperate struggle, the criminals were wiped out. In the meantime, there are some folk customs of the West Native Americans, which are colorful and lively. In the visual image, it is often the cowboy wearing tight clothes, wearing a wide-brimmed hat, and inserting a Colt burst pistol at the waist. At the same time, it is inseparable from the original train, the carriage with the canopy, the desolate desert and the straight rock. . The film is inseparable from such a lens: the Indians rode up and lined up on the mountain ridge, overlooking the cavalry, carriage or train on the plains of the mountain, the situation was immediate and tense. Although the western film of the United States is similar, it has produced some classic films, such as Ford's 'Iron Ride', 'Guanshan Feidu', Hawkes' 'Red River', Zinaman's 'Noon' and Stevens's ' Wilderness and other works. In the early days of the film, the American Western film was once popular, not only at home, but also won a large audience in the world. After the 1970s, it was silent for a while. In recent years, there have been signs of revival. Several western box office shots in Hollywood are good. The audience watched the western movie, which not only satisfied the nostalgic psychology, but also confessed their hidden attacking desires. Hollywood has dominated the film for such a long time, and it must have its inevitable reasons. So, what is the reason why Hollywood movies dominate the film industry? (Student take a test, answer) (tell) I can give you a clue here: 1. First-class film production technology, first-class director, first-class actors. 2. Launch a movie star to establish your position. 3. A large investment in Wall Street financial institutions. 4. Continuous innovation in production techniques, themes, and production methods. 5. Create different types of films to attract viewers. ... (Organization Discussion) On this basis, everyone is thinking about the current situation of Chinese film and how to go to the world. How can we make Chinese films achieve greater results? (Student discussion, end this lesson) [class summary] 1. The textbooks in this lesson are limited to the length of the text, only the representatives of modern music - jazz, the representative of modern movies - Hollywood. In fact, modern music and modern movies have other quite rich content. Therefore, it is necessary to guide students to obtain information from various channels. Teachers should instruct students to collect information from the Internet, books or media. For example, in addition to jazz, there are many popular forms of music in the 20th century, such as swing, rock, country music, disco, etc., which can be collected online or in books. Relevant information, afterwards, or charting, or sorting into outline notes. 2. Students are encouraged to ask a variety of questions about modern music and movies. Because the content of this lesson is close to the cognitive area of 鈥嬧€媦oung people, many of the students have more knowledge about modern music and modern movies than adults. Teachers can ask questions first, such as what is the future movie? 'What is the impact of the Hollywood business philosophy of 'one eye on the audience and one eye on money' on its development? and many more. Encourage students to ask more questions. It doesn't matter if they answer. The key is to develop students' ability to discover problems, ask questions and try to solve problems. 銆恡ypography design銆?

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